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American Board Of Cosmetic Surgery

What Does It Mean If A Surgeon Is Board Certified

Questions to Ask at a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Being a Board Certified or Diplomate surgeon means that he or she has successfully completed an approved surgical residency training program and successfully passed a rigorous written and oral evaluation process designed to assess crucial knowledge, skills and experience necessary to provide quality patient care in a particular surgical specialty or subspecialty.

Why Should My Doctor Be Board Certified By A Recognized Board

It is up to the patient to ask the right questions and check on the qualifications of the doctor who will be making permanent changes to their body. On the surface, a procedure may appear cheaper or easier from some non-Board Certified doctors. The old Roman saying, Caveat emptor , still rings as true today as it did more than 2000 years ago.

Definition of Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Due to the confusion in terms, the following definitions are provided:

Board Certified simply means a physician has been given a Board Certification by an organization called a Board. This includes formally recognized entities such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery but may include unrecognized or other entities calling themselves Boards. This can create significant confusion with the terms .

Board Certified in Plastic Surgerymeans that a surgeon has been awarded Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery is awarded only after finishing a formal residency in Plastic Surgery and also passing a rigorous and a difficult oral examination which includes cases from a surgeons own practice .

Board Certification in Plastic Surgerycan only be awarded by the The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

How do you know your surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery?

Also, only Plastic Surgeons awarded Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery may state Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons Are Residency Trained + Fellowship Trained In Cosmetic Surgery

The training, experience, and knowledge required to become a board certified cosmetic surgeon reflects specialization above and beyond what it takes to become board certified in a related discipline, such as plastic surgery. Each surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has completed a 1 year, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery certified fellowship training exclusively in cosmetic surgery. During this fellowship, surgeons receive thorough training in all cosmetic surgery procedures of the face, breast, and body, plus non-surgical cosmetic treatments, performing a minimum of 300 individual cosmetic surgery procedures. This fellowship training is in addition to completing a 3-5 year residency program in a related discipline.

Because any licensed physician can legally perform cosmetic surgery, regardless of how they received cosmetic surgery training, it is extremely important to do your research when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. To find the most qualified doctor for a specific cosmetic procedure, you must compare doctors overall training, experience, and proven competence with respect to that specific cosmetic procedure.

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Why Join The American Board Of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

The American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery awards certification to surgeons who are uniquely qualified to safely perform cosmetic surgery of the head, face, and neck, as well as nonsurgical aesthetic treatments. We hold our diplomates to the highest, most rigorous benchmarks of training and experience.

There is no weekend course or conference that qualifies ABFCS diplomates. Qualifications for challenging the board are some of the most rigorous of any board, requiring years of medical education, surgical training, hands-on experience, and proven aesthetic mastery.

Not All Plastic Surgeons Are Board Certified In Plastic Surgery

Standards matter

Not all physicians claiming to be plastic surgeons are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and any licensed physician legally can call himself or herself a cosmetic surgeon.

Some may be on track for Board Certification in Plastic Surgery but may not yet have accumulated the cases or practice requirements after plastic surgery training, which may take several years.

Many doctors are in practice today who claim to be Plastic Surgeons and have not, and never will, finish a Plastic Surgery residency. Some may have finished training but cannot pass their exams, or may have other reasons for not finishing the requirements for Board Certification in Plastic Surgery.

In the United States, physicians are generally licensed as medical practitioners by the State Medical Boards. Federal laws do not govern the quality of specialty training or dictate the procedures a physician may aspire to perform. In effect, a medical school graduate with a medical license can legally claim to be a specialist of his or her own choosing, with or without residency training in that specialty.

This means that, legally, even a doctor only trained in another field, such as general surgery, can legally place breast implants, a dermatologist can do a tummy tuck, or a pediatrician can legally do facial lasers

The state licensing boards, such as the Medical Board of California, grant medical licenses only.

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Cosmetic Surgery Training Is Obtained Separately From Plastic Surgery Training

As cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery each have distinct practice goals built around a specific procedure set, it only follows that the training and certification process for a board certified cosmetic surgeon will look very different from that of a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Our Surgeons Dedicate All Or A Significant Portion Of Their Practices To Head Face And Neck Procedures

Our diplomates do not dabble in facial cosmetic surgery, but they have dedicated a significant portion of their practice to treating facial cosmetic conditions. ABFCS surgeons have a clear understanding of the underlying anatomic causes of cosmetic concerns and are able to provide aesthetic improvements via surgical modalities as well as with non-surgical treatments.

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Facts About Abcs Surgeons

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery prides itself on setting the highest standards for surgeons in the specialty of cosmetic surgery. After you read through what it takes for a physician to become board certified by the ABCS, youll see why choosing an ABCS surgeon means youre choosing a genuine cosmetic surgery specialist.

Gain A Partner In Accreditation

Safety Tips for Performing Blepharoplasty – Dr. Mo Banki – Patient Safety Awareness Week

Accreditation is more than the pursuit of healthcare excellence. Our collaborative, educational survey approach helps organizations understand their strengths and deficiencies, enabling them to develop a thorough Plan of Correction to maintain ongoing compliance.

Accreditation is more than the pursuit of healthcare excellence. Our collaborative, educational survey approach helps organizations understand their strengths and deficiencies, enabling them to develop a thorough Plan of Correction to maintain ongoing compliance.

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Why Choose A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

As we mentioned, board certification isnt a requirement to legally be a plastic surgeon. Since cosmetic surgery is outside the traditional medical system , it is extremely important to do research and choose a surgeon that is board certified.

Board certification shows that the surgeon has taken additional steps to perform cosmetic surgery safely and ethically. They have completed the additional residency, as discussed above, and commit themselves to upholding safety and ethical standards as part of their certification.

Gain A Collaborative Partner For Obs Accreditation

Whether in a physician office, dental office, or another procedural setting, we have strategically created a collaborative survey and accreditation process that will build your practice and convey a superior level of excellence to your patients.

Increasingly, states are mandating accreditation for any healthcare setting performing procedures that require any level of mobility-limiting anesthesia. ACHC is here to guide and educate you on achieving accreditation, with a process as straightforward and painless as possible.

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Why Dr Jason Cooper

Dr. Jason Cooper is a well established, highly experienced, American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in the areas of Plastic Surgery to the Face & Breast. Dr. Coopers Facelift and Necklift surgery volume is consistently in the top 1% of all Plastic Surgeons in the United States. His detail and results oriented philosophy and natural aesthetic leads to surgical outcomes that are natural, predictable and safe. In addition to his extensive training in the Harvard Plastic Surgery program, Dr. Cooper is consistently on the cutting edge and incorporates best practices and the newest techniques being developed in Plastic Surgery around the world.

Dr. Cooper has a practice philosophy developed from his nearly 20 years of experience which centers around highly selective patient qualification and an individualized and detail oriented surgical plan and process with the goal of the best outcomes and patient experience possible. Dr. Cooper limits the number of patients he will operate on in one day and is highly regimented in his lifestyle in order to ensure that he is always at his best for his patients.

Dr. Cooper reside in North Palm Beach, Florida with his wife and two daughters and also spends time in his home in Park City, Utah. Dr. Cooper enjoys spending time with his family while alpine skiing, skinning, mountain biking, and hiking.

Aacs Abcs And Csf Respond To Usa Today Articles About Cosmetic Surgery

Get to Know the American Board of Laser Surgery

What Patients Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery and Their Cosmetic Surgeons

Jayne ODonnells articles of September 14-15, 2011 entitled These Women died after having liposuction and Cosmetic surgery gets cheaper, faster, scarier: Commoditization opens door to dubious practices jeopardize the safety of your readers considering cosmetic surgery. The Article is filled with false information, and misleads patients regarding how to choose a cosmetic surgeon placing patients at risk.

In order to protect cosmetic surgery patients who read your Article, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery , American Board of Cosmetic Surgery , the Cosmetic Surgery Foundation for Education, Research and Patient Safety , and the cosmetic surgeons who represent the specialty of cosmetic surgery on the American Medical Association House of Delegates, respectfully urge USA Today to correct the false and misleading statements contained in the Article. The authors hereof, and the groups they represent, share the goal of patient safety through education. We were disturbed to learn of the tragedies subject to the Article, and it reminded us why we tirelessly advocate to ensure that only physicians who obtain the necessary education, training, and experience perform cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, Ms. ODonnell was misinformed, and the Article relies on anecdotal information rather than peer reviewed articles and fact based evidence.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Are Not the Same Thing.

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What Board Certified Means

Surgeons have different board-certification requirements depending on the board that certifies them.

Real board-certified plastic surgeons have been credentialed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery . ABPS provides a plastic surgery certification under the American Board of Medical Specialties, which has maintained standards since 1933. ASPS members are certified under the ABPS.

Board-certified plastic surgeons have completed at least six to eight years of specific training by an accredited plastic surgery training program in the United States that is regulated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education . The ACGME accredits most graduate medical training programs in the country, he added.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is the other major society certifying plastic surgeons.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery certifies surgeons exclusively in cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons may not have board certification to call themselves that. Any doctor from a dermatologist to an oral surgeon can call themselves cosmetic surgeons, Rohrich told Healthline.

quite amazing and astounding as we dont have any regulations on who can call themselves what in the USA, Rohrich said.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Having An American Board Of Cosmetic Surgery Diplomate Perform Cosmetic Procedures

A: We encourage patients to seek medical professionals that specialize in a specific field. The American Medical Association recommends that patients choose a health care provider based on his training, education, experience, and demonstrated practice history.

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery diplomates are surgeons dedicated to the art of cosmetic surgery. Their approach and mindset, along with a strong knowledge base, high level of training, and practical experience, place them amongst the most qualified surgeons to perform safe and proper cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic surgeons also offer a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to patient care that brings breadth and depth of expertise to the field.

Ultimately, you should choose a surgeon based on the procedure you desire. How often does the surgeon perform the procedure and how well is it performed? If it is performed often and well and your interest is peaked, find out if the surgeon is properly trained and licensed. If all checks out schedule a consultation and move forward as you feel appropriate. Overall you will likely find many qualified surgeons. Visit their offices and see if the feel and service is what you expect. We dont recommend shopping prices but rather shopping results and service as this will likely provide you with the best overall experience.

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Get A Competitive Advantage

ACHC has real-world experience regarding procedural care in a business occupancy setting. We have formulated the best approach for meeting and overcoming the challenges of getting accredited. ACHC Office-Based Surgery Accreditation gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors by demonstrating your concern for achieving and maintaining the highest quality of care. Elevate your practices standing, quality of care, and reputation.

What Is Plastic Surgery

We love cosmetic surgery… and it shows!

Plastic Surgery: Focused on Repairing Defects to Reconstruct a Normal Function & Appearance

Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is, by definition, reconstructive in nature. While many plastic surgeons choose to complete additional training and perform cosmetic surgery as well, the basis of their surgical training remains reconstructive plastic surgery. In fact, in 1999, the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons changed its name to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to more strongly communicate the message that plastic and reconstructive surgeons are one in the same.¹

Types Plastic Surgery Procedures:
  • Congenital Defect Repair: Cleft Palate, Extremity Defect Repair
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Scar Revision Surgery

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One Of The Most Important Decisions Youll Make When Considering Cosmetic Surgery Is Who Will Perform Your Procedure

When considering cosmetic surgery, patients are almost universally unaware of the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. For this reason, they may easily be misled to believe board certification in plastic surgery evidences a physicians competence to perform cosmetic surgery. This is not always the case.

The truth of the matter is that a label or name does not guarantee a good outcome for the patient. To add to the confusion, many physicians use the term cosmetic surgeon loosely even though they are not specifically trained or certified in Cosmetic Surgery.

A patient seeking cosmetic surgery should know that a fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon, who specializes in the procedure you are seeking, is the most qualified surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery. A fellowship is an elite qualification that only a small percentage of surgeons performing cosmetic surgery can claim.

A surgeon who has had additional fellowship training has completed a focused and intense specialized training in a particular area of interest. This underscores a surgeons interest, commitment, and experience in performing procedures in that area of specialization.

The American Board Of Cosmetic Surgery

In the case of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is the only written and oral American certifying board devoted to examining a surgeons skill exclusively in Cosmetic Surgery of the face, breast, body, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic surgical principles, and patient safety. It is an independent sub-specialty board that examines and certifies surgeons who are already board certified from well qualified disciplines including facial plastic surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, oculoplastic surgery, and oral-maxillofacial surgery.

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Q: What Is Cosmetic Surgery

A: Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on appearance enhancement through medical and surgical techniques. Its goal is achieving, maintaining, and enhancing normal appearance. Cosmetic Surgery is a subspecialty that has arisen from multiple fields such as ophthalmology, dermatology, and head and neck surgery disciplines. Each specialty has had a major contribution such as eyelid surgery, skin resurfacing, and rhinoplasty. As no one single specialty can claim to know it all, the specialty of cosmetic surgery was formed to share and promote the most current thoughts and techniques of the many contributing fields of medicine. As procedures such as liposuction and Las Vegas breast augmentation correction continue to evolve, surgeons throughout the world present these enhancements to cosmetic surgeons to be evaluated, perfected, and placed into practice.

Choosing The Right Cosmetic Surgeon For You

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Raises the Bar for Patient Safety ...

Qualified cosmetic surgeons will welcome your questions about their background and be pleased that you are concerned enough to ask. Here are some guidelines to assist you in selecting a qualified cosmetic surgeon:

  • First figure out what you want to improve about yourself
  • If unsure, interview a few doctors since there are different ways of performing a procedure
  • Ask about the surgeons experience with the procedure you are considering
  • Ask how many procedures of this kind has the surgeon performed and how many does he/she currently perform per year?
  • Look at before and after pictures and make sure that it is theirs. This may give you some indication of the surgeons ability.
  • Ask about previous patients that you can speak with regarding your procedure.
  • Ask about the anesthesia and the facility. Find out who will be administering the anesthesia and where will the procedure be performed.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable with the personal rapport between you and your surgeon. In addition, you should feel at ease with the staff. You should always feel that your concerns are being addressed.
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