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Arm Fat Removal Surgery Cost

Can Liposuction Replace A Brachioplasty

This Laser Gets Rid of Arm Fat in 25 Minutes

As with other parts of the body, it depends on the skin quality and elasticity. If there is any relaxed or loose skin present, liposuction alone worsens the appearance of the upper arms. This is often the case after significant weight loss.

However, if your skin is elastic and able to tighten itself after fat removal, you might benefit from liposuction alone. Dr. Abolmaali helps you make the right decision.

What Will My Brachioplasty Recovery Be Like

New Look New Life patients heal very well from arm lift surgery, though you will naturally experience limited and uncomfortable use of your arms in the days following. You will want to rest at home while the temporary pain and discomfort pass.

Those who work at a desk will be able to return to the office one week after surgery. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise will be limited for longer.

Before And During Brachioplasty Surgery

Before the procedure, your plastic surgeon will meet with you and draw small lines where they plan to remove fat and skin from your arms. This gives you a chance to see what the surgeon will do in advance, and guides them during surgery.

During the surgery, your plastic surgeon will:

  • make an incision from your armpit to the top of your elbow.
  • remove any extra fat either by cutting it out or by using liposuction.
  • remove any extra skin by excising it.
  • tighten and reshape the muscles and tissues with internal sutures .
  • close the remaining skin with stitches that either dissolve or will be removed.
  • put a compression wrap around your arm for recovery.

The procedure takes about three hours. It is an outpatient surgery, which means you wont need to stay in the hospital overnight.

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Am I A Candidate For An Arm Lift

Before &  After: Arms Liposuction

Excess skin and stubborn fat tissue in the upper arm area is a very common problem after significant weight loss. If you are medically healthy, but:

  • Are bothered by the appearance of your upper arms
  • Have difficulty in finding a good fit in your clothing
  • Would like to reduce the circumference of your arm

then consider a consult with Dr. Abolmaali for brachioplasty.

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How To Get Rid Of Fat In The Upper Arms

There are a variety of different methods that can be used to enhance the look and feel of the upper arms. Non-surgical options are a great method to contour the upper arms without the need for invasive cosmetic surgery, and often offer permanent results. These methods include CoolSculpting for permanent fat removal, and Thermage for skin tightening. Fat can also be removed from the upper arms through surgical methods, though any surgical procedure would require general anesthesia, recovery time, and avoidance of strenuous activities for several weeks post-surgery.

How Long After Upper Arm Lift Surgery Can I Start To Exercise Again

Within 1 to 2 weeks after surgery, most of the swelling and bruising that have occurred will be gone. You may return to many of your normal activities at that time but need to be careful not to put stress on incisions for at least another week. Many patients are advised to wear their compression garments for 6 weeks and to resume exercise slowly, beginning with activities that do not require the arms to stretch very far or lift heavy objects. When resuming exercise, it is imperative to listen to the body and stop the activity if discomfort occurs.

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Making The Right Decision

So that you know exactly what to expect from the results of this surgery, we encourage you to share your expectations with your consultant as early as possible. This should help you to establish a clear indication of what is realistically achievable with this procedure.

We will never pressure you to make a decision. To give yourself time to decide whats right for you, we recommend you leave at least 2 weeks between your consultation and booking your surgery.

What Are The Main Risks & Complications

This Underarm Liposuction Costs $10,000 | The Plastics | Harper’s BAZAAR

Before patients consent to having surgery, it is important that they consider the arm lift risks and complications. Surgeons typically recommend that patients take two weeks after the initial consultation to think about all aspects of an arm lift procedure before having your second consultation to answer any further queries and confirm the surgical plan. The risks include the following:


A seroma is a pocket of fluid that collects under the skin. This pocket often develops under or around the area where the incision is made. Although not very harmful, if a seroma becomes too large, the surgeon may have to drain the excess fluid using a needle and syringe.


As an arm lift requires the surgeon to make surgical incisions, patients will be left with a scar. The incision lines for this procedure are purposely put in places that are as discreet as possible. If scarring is a particular issue, patients may consider having the mini Brachioplasty, which produces the least amount of scarring, however, it is not suitable for all patients.

Patients should also be aware that there may also be some asymmetry in the scars between the two arms, but the surgeon will do their best to reduce this.

Some patients experience more severe forms of scarring called keloid or hypertrophic scars. It is important to notify the surgeon if patients have had this type of scarring in the past.

Swelling and bruising


  • Problems with anaesthesia.


Fat, tissue or skin necrosis

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Should I Be Concerned About The Side Effects Of Sono Bello Laser Lipo

Lets take a closer look at the pros and cons of undergoing Sono Bello laser liposuction.

As with any medical treatment, possible side effects should be taken into consideration. When it comes to laser liposuction, common side effects include sensitivity or tenderness and bruising in the treated area. In some cases, patients experience irritation of the skin, scarring, and infection. Be sure to consult your practitioner on how to avoid such cases.

Possible Side Effects:

  • Bruising in the treated area
  • Irritation of the skin

Important Facts About The Safety And Risks Of Brachioplasty

The decision to have arm lift surgery is extremely personal and youll have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if the risks and potential complications are acceptable.

You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure you will undergo and any risks and potential complications.

The risks include:

  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Sutures may spontaneously surface through the skin, become visible or produce irritation that require removal
  • Possibility of revisional surgery

These risks and others will be fully discussed prior to your consent. It is important that you address all your questions directly with your plastic surgeon.

It is natural to feel some anxiety, whether excitement for the anticipated outcomes or preoperative stress. Discuss these feelings with your plastic surgeon.

When you go home

If you experience shortness of breath, chest pains, or unusual heart beats, seek medical attention immediately. Should any of these complications occur, you may require hospitalization and additional treatment.

The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. Although good results are expected, there is no guarantee. In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve optimal results with a single surgical procedure and another surgery may be necessary.

Be careful

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Full Body Liposuction Cost :

  • Neck Liposuction prices for the neck area range from $1,000 to $4,000.
  • Stomach The minimum cost of stomach liposuction is $4000. It can go as high as $8000 for a very large abdomen.
  • Love Handles Removing fats from this area can cost between $2500 and $8000.
  • The Stomach and Love Handle Since the stomach and love handles are major treatment areas, the costs are double that of the cost of each target region alone which means the price range is anywhere from $5,000 to $16,000.
  • Chin The average cost of the chin is $1,400.
  • Double ChinRemoving double chin through liposuction can cost $950 and $5,000.
  • Arm For this area, the treatment cost is between $2,000 and $5,500.
  • Face Facial liposuction, which could cover the cheeks, chin, jowls, and neck, costs anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000.
  • Thigh For the anterior thighs and knees, the cost is $2,500 to $6,000. For the inner thighs and knees, its between $3,300 and $6,500.
  • Belly For the belly, liposuction can cost around $3,000 to $8,000.
  • Back The cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,500.
  • Flank For the flank, liposuction is priced at $2,500 to $6,000.
  • Buttocks For the buttocks, the cost is anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.
  • Cheek Same with other treatment areas in the face, the cost for cheek liposuction is between $2,500 and $5,000.
  • Breast For the breasts, the treatment can cost $3,000 to $8,000.
  • Large Volume Liposuction prices are higher for larger body areas. Large-volume liposuction, for instance, costs approximately $10,000.

Will I Have Any Type Of Scarring If So Will This Heal

Before &  After: Arms Liposuction

The greatest consideration for this procedure is the extensive scarring that is somewhat difficult to conceal.

While a short-scar brachioplasty exists, this technique is limited to patients whose loose skin is at the upper posterior arm near the armpit. This scar can be hidden with short-sleeved shirts.

The more traditional brachioplasty scar extends from the armpit to the elbow either on the very back of the arm or on the inside, facing the chest wall. Therefore, the scar is longer and somewhat more difficult to hide in short-sleeved shirts.

However, for healthy patients who do not smoke, the scars should heal well and fade over time. Protecting the scars from sun exposure with sunscreen or long sleeves is key to helping the scars become as light as possible.

Last medically reviewed on October 25, 2017

4 sourcescollapsed

  • Bouhassira J, et al. . Body contouring surgery in a patient with EhlersDanlos syndrome.

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Safety & Risk How Safe Is Laser Liposuction

Laser lipo is a commonly used procedure that is widely considered to be safe and has produced favorable results in many patients. However, there are exceptions where the treatment has gone wrong.

It is important to be aware of potential risks, such as scarring, infection, numbness, discoloration, and discomfort. Always make sure your doctor is board-certified and that the equipment used it up to par.

Are You A Candidate For Brachioplasty

If you have lost a significant amount of weight and youre left with SIGNIFICANT sagging upper arms, you may be a good candidate for a brachioplasty.

If you have a mild amount of loose skin, and are most concerned with the fat and fullness of your arms, you may be a better candidate for an arm liposuction procedure. Your surgeon will help you to determine whether a brachioplasty surgery and the resultant scar is the right arm contouring procedure to achieve your goals.

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What Is A Brachioplasty

A brachioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to refine, define, and contour the appearance of the upper arm. In an arm lift, a plastic surgeon will remove excess skin, excess fat, and tighten underlying muscle and tissue to reduce the appearance of aging, sagging skin due to natural aging or significant weight loss. Liposuction can be combined with an arm lift and used for fat removal. The results of an arm lift will be a smoother, slimmer arm contour.

What Is The Average Recovery Associated With An Arm Lift Procedure

Tumescent Liposuction for Fat Removal

The recovery period following an arm lift is typically a few weeks. Drains will be removed after one to two weeks at which time most patients return to work. Compressive bandages will need to be worn for two to three weeks. Exercise and normal activity levels can typically be reintegrated by six weeks post op.

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Recovery Time After An Arm Lift

The average down time associated with the arm lift procedure is three days to one week before returning to work, and two to three weeks until normal activity can be resumed. Take care not to lift heavy objects or take part in any vigorous activity requiring large amounts of arm movement for up to six weeks. Your plastic surgeon will instruct you to follow a recovery regimen including elevating the upper body and placing ice packs on the incision area. The full effect can be seen about two moths following the surgery, and should yield a far more attractive arm shape without the saggy skin.

Arm Lift: Getting Rid Of The Underarm Flab

Every woman bemoans the extra bulge she carries under her arms, which is why plastic surgery to lift the arm is becoming a popular cosmetic procedure. Only the super-fit and genetically blessed among us can get away without developing the under arm flab.

Whether itâs a result of aging, genetics or weight loss, for some, thereâs no avoiding what Oprah calls, the âham hocks.â Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, can remove the unwanted extra fat and skin from sagging arms and help make sleeveless shirts a little more flattering. Be aware that scars will be visible, which is the greatest drawback of this particular plastic surgery procedure.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Arm Lift Surgery

In general, arm lift candidates have:

  • -Significant upper arm skin laxity
  • -A BMI of less than 30, in an ideal world a BMI between 20-25 is our goal
  • -Good health with no conditions that may compromise healing and recovery
  • -Quit smoking or a non-smoker
  • -Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

Where Will My Scar Be After Arm Lift Surgery

Cosmetic Arm Lift Brachioplasty QLD

If the excess skin is limited to the uppermost part of the arm, then a minimal incision arm lift may be appropriate for you. In this technique, the scar is hidden in the armpit crease. If the skin to be excised extends to the elbow, then the incision involves the entire length of the upper arm to achieve the smoothest result. Dr. Abolmaali discusses with you the positioning of the incision either on the inside of your arms or the back of your arms. Your propensity to heal is a factor in the outcome of this surgery. On your consult day, Dr. Abolmaali asks you many questions to determine how well you will heal and which scar improvement techniques and products may improve your outcome.

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How To Remove Fat From Arms

One of the most exciting discoveries in cosmetic dermatology was that of permanent fat removal through the freezing of fat cells in the body. The most popular fat reduction technique for fat cell reduction, including arm fat, is that of cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis was discovered by two Harvard medical researchers who observed that children would develop dimples in their cheeks after consuming ice pops. This indicated that fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than surrounding cells, laying the groundwork for CoolSculpting applicators. CoolSculpting can eliminate stubborn fat by freezing fat cells within the treatment area, allowing the body to permanently excrete these fat cells through the bodys own natural metabolic processes.

Where Does Arm Fat Come Fromis Arm Fat Genetic

Arm fat can be caused by a variety of different factors, including aging, hormonal changes and genetics. One hormone which has been associated with arm fat in women is the decrease in testosterone in the body, which also contributes to having an increased amount of loose skin. As testosterone helps to release fat from fat cells into the bloodstream, patients with lower testosterone levels often find that stubborn fat pockets develop in many areas of the body, including the arms. These fat cells, which can accumulate between the armpit and the elbow, often are difficult to target via traditional weight loss methods like diet and exercise.

Another aspect of flabby arms is a loss of skin elasticity that happens as a part of the natural aging process, with the loss of collagen and elastin. This aging process can lead to bat wings and loose skinor a combination of excess skin and excess fatthat sags, making some patients feel as though they must limit movement or hide their upper arms in order to feel comfortable. As women age, there is an increase in total body mass, and the fat cells tend to increase significantly in the upper arms. Additionally, excess skin can occur after a large amount of weight loss, when excess skin and stubborn fat cells remain on the upper arms.

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Who Is Not Eligible For The Treatment

Obese or overweight people are not eligible for the treatment. The sole reason being that the amount of body mass removed during liposuction is limited. Therefore, a large amount of fat liposuction will usually be ineffective. Pregnant women, people allergic to lidocaine and those with underlying health problems are also precluded from receiving the treatment.

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Liposuction: procedure, scars & how much fat can be removed

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