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Average Cost For Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik Cost With Insurance

What Is The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Each vision insurance plan may provide slightly different benefits. Remember that your primary health insurance may contract with some of these vision plans to offer coverage.

If you already have health insurance, you can contact the company to see if they provide vision coverage.

Here is an overview of what different insurance plans offer:


VSP Vision Care provides 15 to 20 percent off standard prices or 5 percent off promotional LASIK pricing.

Under this plan, members will not pay more than $1,800 per eye for conventional LASIK or $2,300 per eye for custom LASIK. Enhancements or touch-ups are included at no additional cost.


EyeMed provides 15 percent off standard LASIK pricing or 5 percent off promotional pricing.

They also offer $800 off a custom LASIK treatment, but you cannot combine this with other discounts. You get free lifetime enhancements on most LASIK procedures.

EyeMed members can access these LASIK benefits through the U.S. Laser Network, which partners with over 600 LASIK surgeons nationwide.

Davis Vision

Davis Vision partners with QualSight to offer members up to 40 to 50 percent off traditional LASIK procedures compared to national pricing.

They also offer significant discounts on custom or bladeless LASIK procedures.

According to Davis Vision, their members pay less than $1,000 per eye for traditional LASIK. They pay about $1,400 per eye for custom LASIK. QualSight has an extensive network of about 1,000 LASIK surgeons to choose from.


Pay Less Than The Cost Of Glasses & Contacts

Over a lifetime, glasses and contacts can end up costing you a sizeable fortune. On average, a new pair of glasses is needed every two years, which can balloon up to $2,500 over 10 years. Moreover, a 12-month supply of contacts can end up costing you over $300 a year. Since LASIK lasts a lifetime, its easy to see the financial benefits of vision correction compared to the never-ending cycle of glasses and contacts.

**Based on average lifetime expenses of glasses & contacts.

What Is The Recovery Process From Lasik

The recovery from LASIK is generally quick and not painful. Immediately following the procedure, your doctor will conduct an eye exam to see if the surgery was successful. You will then be able to go home, but someone else must drive you.

You will have a few follow-up appointments to assess the quality of your vision to determine when you can begin driving again. You will also be prescribed eye drops to help your eye heal properly. Itâs recommended that you donât participate in strenuous exercise or wear eye makeup for at least a week.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Contacts And Glasses

On average a person will buy a new pair of glasses every other year and spend anywhere from $200 to $600 per pair. That means in 20 years timeif you replace your glasses every yearyou could be spending $2,000 to $6,000 on glasses. This is only over the course of 20 years imagine what you will spend throughout your entire life!

Initial Consultation: Free Or Fee

Astigmatism Laser Eye Surgery Cost Uk

Many practices offer free initial screening consultations. Because there is no guarantee that the person who comes into the office for a consultation will become a patient, some laser eye centers do charge a fee. If your research of the surgeon shows that he or she is highly qualified, that should not dissuade you from seeing them. Their time is valuable. A surgeon who charges a consultation fee may be less likely to push for LASIK surgery than one who does not charge one. Many of those practices that do charge a consultation fee will apply it to your LASIK fee. In those cases, we recommend that you have to verify or ask that the consultation fee to be applied to any surgery performed by that practice.

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Con: The Flaps Can Be Injured

Flaps created during LASIK arent secured, so patients should not rub their eyes while they heal. Any trauma to a flap could dislodge it even years after surgery, Hood says. Visit your eye doctor immediately if such contact occurs.

Because no flaps are created via PRK, those patients dont have that risk. Athletes and active individuals might pursue that option to perform at their best.

Pro: Lasik Eye Surgery Is Quick And Safe

Performed as an outpatient procedure, LASIK might take about 20 minutes and most of that time is spent getting set up for surgery, Hood notes.

Recipients, who remain awake, may be given a Valium to calm their nerves. For protection and peace of mind, the laser is designed to shut off if a patients eye makes any sudden movements that could prompt error or injury.

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Lasik Cost In Boston: Average Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery

Blurry visions or Eye pain! LASIK Eye surgery is the permanent solution for such vision corrections. How Much Does LASIK Surgery Cost in Boston? And does the cost of surgery is covered by health insurance plans? To buy health insurance may help a lot in sharing burden of costly medical facilities required in medical emergencies. To buy health insurance plan in Boston in itself is a big responsibility. You must read the conditions mentioned in health insurance cover in detail.

In the coming section read about Average Cost of LASIK Surgery in Boston. LASIK eye surgery involves use of highly precise laser technology for reshaping cornea and for correcting vision defects like myopia , hyperopia and astigmatism .

Options For Paying For Laser Vision Correction

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

First, find a refractive or laser vision correction surgeon you are confident in. Have a thorough consultation to evaluate the health of your eyes and vision. From there your surgeon will tell you if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. While at the consult, it is a good idea to ask a few questions about the cost of LASIK or another laser vision correction procedure he or she is recommending. Then, explore these options for paying for laser eye surgery:

Do you have a vision insurance plan?

Check with your insurance carrier or benefits manager to find out if you have benefits for laser vision correction. PRO TIP: Check if your surgeon is in your provider network.

Do you have an FSA or HSA?

Look into your employee benefits to see if you have access to Flexible Spending Arrangements or Health Savings Accounts . These accounts let you set aside tax-free money for qualified health expenses. PRO TIP: Laser vision correction is a qualified medical expense for FSAs and HSAs.

Are you expecting a bonus?

A recent salary boost, a signing bonus from a new job, a gift of money, or maybe a tax refund are great windfalls to help pay for laser vision correction. PRO TIP: People are setting aside government stimulus checks to help pay for laser eye surgery.

Have you been saving up for a vacation you didnt get to take during the pandemic?

Borrow wisely!

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Here Are Some Tips When Talking With Various Practices About Your Cost Of Lasik:

  • Dont just look at the price you need to understand what you are getting for that price to make sure it is an apples-to-apples comparison.
  • Ask specifically what type of technology will be used to make the flap during your LASIK procedure. Will it be a blade or a laser? A laser is todays standard of care, but it requires a significant financial investment on the part of the practice.
  • Once you know your flap will be made with a laser find out specifically what laser. There are several and many improvements that have been made since the release of the original IntraLase. Dr. Mozayeni introduced the IntraLase laser to Charlotte back in 2003 but Providence Eye has since replaced it with the advanced proven WaveLight FS200 laser.
  • What postoperative appointments will there be and is there an enhancement policy that will care for you in the future should you have any unexpected vision changes.
  • Look carefully and ask questions to avoid any hidden fees or starting at prices.
  • Consider the lifetime value of LASIK versus the one-time LASIK cost.
  • Once you feel good about making this investment in your vision, you need to look into the eye of your potential surgeon and listen to your heart and your gut to determine if this is the surgeon you trust to do your LASIK surgery.

Con: Some Lasik Risks Are Possible

Although LASIK may cause dry eyes for up to three months , the odds of it becoming a permanent issue are rare. Another uncommon side effect: nighttime glare or halos.

Still, says Hood, the risk is much lower than it used to be and the technology is much better. The treatment zone is much larger now, covering the entire cornea.

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Is Lasik Eye Surgery Always Successful In Correcting Vision Issues

LASIK successfully provides 20/20 vision in over 90 percent of patients and 20/40 vision to over 99% of patients. Someone will rarely need vision assistance following the procedure but discuss success rates with your doctor before getting surgery.

If you still need assistance correcting your vision post-LASIK, you can use eyeglasses or contact lenses both are safe to use, but itâs advised to wait at least six months before using contact lenses, and you should always speak to your doctor beforehand.

How Much Does Lasik Cost

LASIK Eye Surgery Costs 2016

Since you’ll be paying out of pocket for LASIK, it’s important to understand the financial burden you’ll be faced with. On average, LASIK costs range between $2,000 to $3,000 per eye.

While the cost seems steep, it is a one-time expense that includes everything from pre-surgery care, the operation itself, and any post-op examinations and care which may be cheaper in the long run compared topenses like glasses, contacts and other supplies should you not have the operation.

With an average cost of $2,199 per eye for LASIK in the United States, that cost can fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the surgeon, where you’re getting the procedure, quality of equipment, and specific eye conditions.

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Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery Without Insurance At Different Clinics

Clinic & Location

LASIK Cost Without Insurance

Diamond Vision, New York City, New York

The fees listed above also cover the cost of any postoperative visits or checkups you may need for up to one year. These prices are only covered if the checkup checkups occur at the clinic that your surgery was completed. In addition, these offices all offer free consultations with a doctor before having the surgery to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

Average Cost Of Lasik In 2022

The average cost of LASIK surgery performed in the United States is $2,199 per eye, according to Market Scope.

One of the first considerations consumers have about LASIK or laser vision correction surgery is the cost.

The actual price you pay depends on many factors, including the experience and reputation of your surgeon and the type of technology used for your procedure.

Here are six things to consider when shopping for LASIK.

1. Enter the Process Focused on Both Eyes

Some ads dont stress that a price is per eye. To estimate the cost, youll need to double what you see in the promo.

2. Look Closely at Bargain Prices

Advertisements promoting LASIK for less than $1,000 per eye are common, but its likely such pricing is for procedures correcting mild nearsightedness only. It also doesnt cover all fees or it applies to procedures performed using older technology. If you have farsightedness, an astigmatism or another condition, the cost might be a lot more than advertised.

3. Get a Written Quote Itemizing Everything in the Offer

Read the fine print and ask about all potential extra fees before starting the procedure.

The price should include a pre-operative exam to evaluate your prescription and shape and thickness of your cornea follow-up care for up to a year after the procedure and prescription eye drops and any medications, regardless of astigmatism or other issues.

4. LASIK Cost May Vary Depending on Technology

5. You Can Lower Your LASIK Surgery Cost

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The Microkeratome Vs The Intralase Laser

The microkeratome has been used to create the incisions in the first step of LASIK surgery for more than two decades. The handheld blade creates a three-side flap that provides our surgeons access to the underlying layers of the corneal tissue so it can be reshaped.

Then, in 2001, the FDA approved the Intralase®, a femtosecond laser that is capable of creating a more precisely measured flap and reducing the risk of complications. Patients can choose to undergo treatment with either the microkeratome or the Intralase® laser, with the cost of the microkeratome being the less expensive option.

What Is Included In The Cost Of Lasik

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Really Cost? | Lasik-Eyes

Our fee is a global fee, which includes all your pre- and post-operative care for 1 year. The fee also includes the cost of an enhancement procedure, if needed, within the first 2 years from the date of the original treatment. Also included in the fee are measurements taken utilizing iDesign 2.0 software.Here at our practice we pride ourselves on the fact that there are no hidden fees associated with your LASIK surgery. The cost of your procedure includes all your pre-operative measurements, including those measurements performed utilizing the iDesign 2.0 technology. This technology allows us to customize each treatment based on a patientâs precise and unique visual needs. Also included in the cost are your post-operative visits for the first year following your surgery. In rare circumstances where a retreatment is needed, the cost of an enhancement procedure is included in the cost if performed within 2 years from the date of the original surgery.

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Does Insurance Cover Lasik

Aside from prescriptions, insurance typically does not cover LASIK because its considered elective surgery. However, many employers offer a health savings account or flexible savings account , which allow you to set aside pre-tax funds throughout the year to be used for medical expenses such as LASIK.

This is why January is a popular time to have LASIK because many people have access to their funds in the new calendar year, says Dr. Shamie.

Why Should I Choose You For Lasik Surgery

The iDesign 2.0 is the most advanced, highest definition, way of mapping and treating the cornea. Dr. Kraff helped develop and took part in the 2012 clinical study that helped get the iDesign approved by the FDA. Additional effort helped with the development of iDesign 2.0, which is where the technology stands today. Dr. Kraff has played a key part in developing both LASIK and PRK surgery over the years by working with the FDA on customizing treatments based on the patientâs specific unique characteristics. Dr. Colman Kraff is a pioneer of LASIK and PRK surgery and has participated in dozens of studies over the past 3 decades to help with the advancement of these procedures. With having performed over 70,000 procedures, you will not find another surgeon with as much experience as Dr. Kraff his experience is second to none.

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Who Is Viable For Lasik

While LASIK may not be a viable option for certain patients, it is advisable to consult your optometrist to find out if youre a candidate for this procedure. However, as a result of remarkable and continuous innovation in treatment methods and technology, more and more people are now eligible for laser eye surgery.

Candidates for the LASIK include:

  • Patients over the age of 18
  • Patients who have had a stable vision prescription for one year or longer
  • Patients who are not experiencing any eye diseases
  • Patients who have an adequate amount of corneal thickness to undergo the treatment

Does Your Health Insurance Plan Cover Lasik


While most health insurers do not cover LASIK, it never hurts to ask, since even partial coverage can save you money.

Here’s a tip: If your health insurance covers some LASIK providers, but not others, and you choose to go to another LASIK provider who is not part of your health plans network, ask the practice if they will offer a discount to offset the partial coverage from your health plans provider. Other health plans have discount offers for certain LASIK providers in your network. If you have a health plan that offers discounts for LASIK providers and are considering a surgeon outside of your network, ask that surgeon if they will honor the discount.

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Factors That Influence The Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery

There are a few factors that influence the cost of LASIK eye surgery. If you are on a budget, itâs essential to know what may be causing higher prices at some clinics over others. Three factors that we found that may be altering the cost of LASIK are the kind of technology used to perform the surgery, the patientâs prescription, and where the clinic is located.

Your Doctors Technique And The Type Of Technology They Use

During LASIK eye surgery, your eye doctor will use a laser or microkeratome blade to separate the top layers of the cornea, making a thin flap.

LASIK performed with a blade is usually more affordable than bladeless LASIK performed with a laser.

Cutting-edge laser technology often costs more, simply because the device is more expensive. Some lasers even have a click fee or use fee that gets passed on to the patient.

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Lasik Costs Can Vary Based On Technology

Most refractive surgeons in the U.S. charge one price for all vision correction procedures performed with an excimer laser to reshape the cornea of the eye.

In other words, additional technology such as the use of a femtosecond laser to create the flap in the cornea for bladeless LASIK is included in a single fee and not priced separately as an “extra.”

Other LASIK surgeons, however, base their prices on the specific technology used during the procedure. For example, they may charge more for all-laser LASIK or custom LASIK that employs wavefront technology for a more customized procedure.

A small percentage of surgeons base their laser surgery prices on the strength of your eye prescription. With this kind of pricing, patients with stronger prescriptions will pay more than those with weaker prescriptions.

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