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Average Cost Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

What Is Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Actual carpal tunnel surgery costs

When nonsurgical treatments do not reduce pain and numbness, a doctor may recommend surgery to prevent permanent damage. The surgical procedure cuts the ligament forming part of the carpal tunnel, increasing the size of the passageway and relieving pressure on the median nerve.

A person usually undergoes the surgery on an outpatient basis. A surgeon may choose to use general anesthesia, which puts someone to sleep, or local anesthesia, which merely numbs the hand and arm.

There are two types of carpal tunnel release surgery. Open carpal tunnel release involves a small incision in the palm to cut the ligament, whereas endoscopic carpal tunnel release involves one or two smaller incisions and the use of a tiny camera to see inside the wrist.

The most common complications of carpal tunnel release include infection, bleeding, and nerve injury. Most people who undergo surgery experience an improvement in symptoms, although complete recovery may take up to a year.

Each part of Medicare offers coverage in specific areas.

What Are My Surgery Options

There are two main types of carpal tunnel release surgery: open and endoscopic. In both cases, your doctor cuts the ligament around the carpal tunnel to take pressure off the median nerve and relieve your symptoms. After the surgery, the ligament comes back together, but with more room for the median nerve to pass through.

  • Open surgery involves a larger cut, or incision — up to 2 inches from your wrist to your palm.
  • In endoscopic surgery, your surgeon makes one opening in your wrist. They may also make one in your arm. These cuts are smaller, about a half-inch each. They then place a tiny camera in one of the openings to guide them as they cut the ligament.

Because the openings are smaller with endoscopic surgery, you may heal faster and have less pain. Ask your doctor which operation is best for you.

Whats The Surgery Like

First, youâll get local anesthesia — drugs to numb your hand and wrist. You may also get medicine to help keep you calm. .

When the operation is finished, your doctor stitches the openings shut and puts a large bandage on your wrist. This protects your wound and keeps you from using your wrist.

Your doctor and nurses will keep an eye on you for a little while before letting you go home. Youâll likely leave the hospital the same day. Overnight stays are rare.

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What Happens If Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is Left Untreated

If left untreated, CTS can lead to permanent damage to the neuromuscular tissues of the affected region. Over time, as the damage to the median nerve increases, the symptoms get worse and last for a longer time. Eventually, the numbness increases to the point that the patient has difficulty even picking up a pen and writing.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Aftercare

How much does Carpal Tunnel surgery cost?

Before you leave hospital, your nursing team will advise you on how to take care of your hand as it heals. You will need to start moving your hand, as advised, as soon as possible after your surgery to reduce swelling and stiffness. Our nursing team will advise you to:

  • Keeping your hand dry until your stitches have been removed
  • Keeping your hand up when you arent using it
  • Keep your hand mobile by performing light activities, such as cleaning your teeth or brushing your hair

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Factors Affecting The Average Cost Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery In Your State

If you already have medical insurance, it’s a simple matter to call your carrier and directly ask,”What will my carpal tunnel surgery cost?”

They will enter your appropriate information and give you the average cost of carpal tunnel surgery for your plan. This price may or may not include the cost of complications – so be sure to ask.

The rest of this discussion is for out-of-pocket patients. In other words, it’s the average cost of carpal tunnel surgery for patients who are NOT insured.

What Are The Advantages Of Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome patients may have learned to deal with the pain, numbness, paralysis, and tingling that it can bring. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be relieved without surgery in some cases. Others, on the other hand, report that their problems are just getting worse. Carpal tunnel surgery may be beneficial if youre still suffering despite conservative therapy options.

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Costs: Lost Job Time & Wages

When calculating the final cost for carpal tunnel surgery, almost nobody thinks about lost wages due to down-time from the job. Its one thing to pay for the surgery. Its quite another to have the income to make those payments.

Youwillhave down-time at work regardless of the type of surgery you have. Some patients are lucky. Usually they’re the ones who hadendoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. And some can go back to work even while they still have stitches in their hand . But thats if their job doesnt require much manual work, especially on the operated hand.

In contrast, if you had open carpal tunnel surgery and your job requires manual labor, assumeat least1 month of down-time. And thats if your operated hand isnt really required on the job. Double that time if it is.

These estimates also assume the best possible outcome. Its not unusual for workers to take 6-9 months away from work in order to recover.

Finally, it bears mentioning that 23% of patientswho had carpal tunnel surgery wereunableto return to their former occupation. They had to find another job within the same company or with another company.

This isnt surprising given that their occupation probably caused their carpal tunnel syndrome to begin with. This is another variable to be factored into the final cost for carpal tunnel surgery.

Deductible Coinsurance & Copayment

Carpal Tunnel Surgery – Everything You Need to Know

When discussing insurance we use a few industry terms that require explanation. You should be familiar with them.

Deductible:This is the dollar amount you pay out-of-pocket within a year before the insurance company begins paying expenses. The insurer will then start paying for the expenses, either totally or as a percentage. When it’s a percentage, you must make up the difference with a Copayment .

Coinsurance:This is the percentage of a cost that you must pay for out-of-pocket. This comes to 20% for Medicare Part B .

Copayment:This is a fixed dollar amount that a person who has insurance pays out-of-pocket. It’s above and beyond any other coverage when you receive a treatment. If you have Medicare, the Copayment usually applies to prescription medicines.

When it comes toMedicare, there are certain parts of it you need to be aware of. Each part offers coverage in specific areas. The program consists of: Parts A, B, C, and D

Medicare Part A:This is essentially hospital Insurance. It pays for hospital stays and other related in-hospital services .

Medicare Part B:This essentially covers outpatient medical services .

Medicare Part C:This isalso known as Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare+ Choice. It lets patients tailor a custom plan to suit their medical situation. The Part C plans provide everything in Parts A and B. They may also offer additional services like vision, dental, and hearing treatments. Part C works with private insurance companies for some of the coverage.

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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery Cost In Pune

Carpal tunnel release surgery is the most successful solution for carpal tunnel syndrome. The surgery has proven effective in eliminating all symptoms of the condition and avoiding any damage to the median nerve.

The average cost of carpal tunnel surgery in Pune ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000. However, the cost of the surgery can vary, depending on facts such as the surgical technique used general fee of the surgeon and hospital expenses.

When choosing a surgeon or hospital for carpal tunnel surgery in Pune, outcome of the procedure and satisfaction with the results are important factors to consider. So, it is advised that you consider the doctors expertise, experience, patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes. You should also consider the quality of care at the hospital where your surgery will take place.

Which Surgery Will You Have

Your doctor will also determine which carpal tunnel surgery you’ll have.That’s because a surgeon specializes in one or the other type. The type of surgery makes a huge difference in your final cost.

There are two main types carpal tunnel surgery:

The endoscopic procedure is more expensive. Thats because it requires special training and specialized instruments. But in the long run, the endoscopic procedure results in less pain, faster recovery, and less rehabilitation time.

Considering this could translate into fewer lost work days and wages. So it might actually be the more cost effective surgical option.

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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery Cost In India

  • Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery Cost
  • Lowest Cost

    Average Cost Rs 65,000

    Highest Cost

    Resume work in :5-7 days

    Chances of recurrence :Negligible

    Get Cost Estimate for Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in India

    Resume work in : 5-7 days

    Chances of recurrence : Negligible

    Do you have a burning, tingling feeling in your wrist, palm, or fingers? Do you have trouble holding things due to numbness in your wrist? If so, you might be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome .

    Book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctors near you to get relief from carpal tunnel pain and to get an accurate estimate of the cost of carpal tunnel release surgery near you.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, also known as median nerve compression, is also known as median nerve compression. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway formed by the bones and ligaments in the palm of the hand. The median nerve controls the motor and sensory functions of the thumb and fingers .

    In the early stages of the condition, it can be managed via conservative treatment through medicines and physical therapy. However, in the later stages, surgical treatment becomes necessary to prevent permanent paresthesia and paralysis of the wrist.


    How Can I Save Money

    Carpal Tunnel Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, Complications, and Cost

    Look for outpatient services instead of a hospital to avoid paying higher hospital fees.

    You may want to check with your medical insurance provider to see if they cover the procedure. If its deemed medically necessary, it may be covered.

    If you dont have health insurance, some hospitals will offer a cash discount if paid up front.

    Consider talking with your doctor for alternative methods. This type of surgery should be your last resort as most mild cases can be remedied with a simple splint corticosteroid or lidocaine injections or by using anti-inflammatory medicine such an ibuprofen. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons actually recommends you try all nonsurgical methods first before considering any surgical procedures.

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    What Are The Extra Costs

    To help the muscles relax and to sedate the patient, a local or general anesthesia will be administered. General anesthesia, which will be administered at the hospital, can cost anywhere from $400 to $900 and will commonly be billed separately. A local anesthesia will be used at an outpatient center and will be much cheaper.

    If the surgery is performed in a hospital, there will be an additional fee added each day stayed overnight.

    Depending on the circumstances, physical therapy sessions may be needed, and the average cost of these procedures can cost $100 to $250 each without insurance. Aftercare treatment can cost another $1,000 to $2,500.

    A brace or splint will be needed after the procedure and may be included in the billing. Some may bill this separately

    A follow-up appointment, usually a week or two later, will need to be scheduled to have the stitches removed.

    What To Expect On The Day Of Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery In India

    To begin, youll be given local anaesthetic, which will numb your hand and wrist. You may also be prescribed medication to help you stay calm.

    When the operation is finished, your doctor closes the wounds and wraps your wrist in a big bandage. This helps to shield your wound while also preventing you from utilising your wrist.

    Before allowing you to go home, your doctor and nurses will keep a close eye on you. Youll most likely be discharged from the hospital the same day. Overnight stays are quite uncommon.

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    How Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treated

    Non-surgical treatments of carpal tunnel syndrome can include behavioural changes such as resting the wrist partially or completely , taking medication to reduce symptoms , or injecting cortisone into the carpal tunnel. Non-surgical treatments are especially effective in less severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Surgical options may include open surgery or endoscopic surgery. Both interventions reduce pressure on the median nerve by cutting the transverse carpal ligament. The carpal tunnel them becomes less narrow and there is less compression on the median nerve. Both procedures are effective, but endoscopic surgery generally allows for quicker recovery. With a surgical camera, the surgeon can peform the procedure through smaller incisions. Scars are smaller and heal more quickly, reducing postoperative pain. Surgery aims to restore normal function to the fingers and hand. Dr. Mario Luc and Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus are among the few surgeons who perform endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery in the Montréal area.

    Does Medicare Cover Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    Patient education – Carpal tunnel surgery

    Home / FAQs / Medicare Coverage / Does Medicare Cover Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    Medicare can cover carpal tunnel surgery when treatment is medically necessary. Carpal tunnel is an ailment that may cause numbness, pain, and tingling in the arms and hands. Pain occurs when the median nerve squeezes while traveling to the wrist. Carpal Tunnel gets worse with time an early diagnosis and therapy plan is essential. We know understanding Medicare coverage for Carpal Tunnel can be challenging. Were here to clarify your benefits. Below we give you all the details on how Medicare covers carpal tunnel.

    Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

    We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

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    How Much Does Carpal Tunnel Surgery Cost Privately

    The price of surgery with a private orthopaedic surgeon is usually between £2000 and £3000. A procedure for one wrist will most likely cost less than a procedure for both wrists.

    Prices can change depending on pre-existing health conditions, the surgeon’s expertise and which highly rated CQC hospital the procedure takes place. After a consultation with a surgeon, patients will be given a customised price for their surgery.


    What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by pressure within the small passage of the wrist and palm called the carpal tunnel. This pressure compresses one of the nerves of the hand, leading to pain, numbness and weakness in the hand and occasionally in the arm.

    Several nerves pass through the wrist and into the hand, but only a nerve called the median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel. As the median nerve only functions in certain parts of the hand, only these areas are affected in CTS .


    Symptoms start gradually and, without treatment, can get progressively worse. This progression can take months to years, with symptoms coming and going. Patients often get used to the pain and have their own ways to cope with symptoms like shaking the hand to relieve the pain, for example. This means it is common for patients not to seek treatment until the symptoms have become unbearable, which can be years after the first symptoms were noticed.

    The symptoms of CTS are usually confined to the hand. In some cases, people may suffer those symptoms throughout the arm, to the elbow and, in rare cases up to the shoulder. Most patients complain of symptoms more at night, which is thought to be caused by bending the hands when sleeping.

    Mild to moderate CTS symptoms in the hand:

    • Pins and needles
    • Feeling swollen and sensitivity to temperature changes
    • Aching and pain
    • Dry skin on fingers

    Moderate to severe CTS symptoms:

    A more detailed look at CTS

    Why are only parts of the hand affected?

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    Will I Need Occupational Therapy

    If you do, your doctor will suggest it once your bandage comes off. Youâll learn exercises to improve your hand and wrist movement, which can also speed up healing.

    Some people find that their wrists arenât as strong after surgery as they were before. If this happens to you, occupational therapycan help increase your strength.

    Show Sources

    Do I Need A Medical Visa For Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery In India

    WALANT Surgery Information

    The Indian Medical Visa is a travel document that gives India access to all visitors in the country who wish to receive medical treatment. You will have sixty days to visit India three times during the period if you decide to obtain this. Because of the tedious paperwork, we know you can frustrate to have your document, so let us help you.

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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery Procedure

    • You will lie on your back with your arm outstretched by your side on an operating board
    • A tourniquet will usually be wrapped around the top of your arm and inflated this will stop the blood flow down your arm during your surgery, which will reduce bleeding
    • A local anaesthetic will be injected into your wrist to numb it
    • Your surgeon will check that the local anaesthetic is working before they start the surgery you may still feel some pressure but you shouldn’t feel any pain if you start to feel any pain during your surgery, tell your surgeon so they can give you another local anaesthetic injection
    • Your surgeon will make a cut below your palm and cut your transverse carpal ligament to release the pressure on your median nerve
    • Once the surgery is complete, your surgeon will stitch together the cut and apply a sterile dressing

    Pain after carpal tunnel surgery

    As with any surgery, youre likely to feel discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off. But youll be given painkillers to help you manage this in the following days.

    Your hospital stay

    Youll be able to go home on the same day and wont need to stay in hospital overnight. Youll be given your follow-up appointment details before you leave this will be around two weeks after the surgery.

    After your carpal tunnel surgery

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