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Average Cost Of Plastic Surgery

Premium Care And Customised Cosmetic Surgery Costs Average Prices Cost Differences

What Is the Average Cost of a Facelift | Dr. Angela Sturm
  • Typically involves surgery performed in a fully accredited Australia Private Hospital .
  • A highly-experienced and popular Specialist Plastic Surgeon with a long-standing reputation in Australia and a local clinic that has positive online reviews.
  • The surgeon typically has AHPRA accreditation and recognition as a genuine FRACS . e.g, a bonafide Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  • Surgeons in this price range tend to have current membership in ASAPS, ASPS, ISAPS and more.
  • The surgeon will have performed an extensive number of the procedure over many decades
  • Online REVIEWS of the Plastic Surgeon across social media platforms report highly recommended and 5-star patient care standards
  • Scars and recovery are properly managed by the Plastic Surgeon and their skilled Surgical Nurses.
  • TIP: Review your Plastic Surgeons Google Reviews and other social media reviews
  • Recognise Cosmetic doctors are NOT equal to Plastic Surgeons in terms of training/accreditation/medical board recognition.

Implant quality

Example of premium Breast Surgery

Plastic Surgery Average Costs And Statistics Table

Cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic or reconstructive surgery, isnât just for the rich and famous anymore. If youâve considered plastic surgery as a way to correct a physicalabnormality, improve your appearance, or repair bodily damage as a result of disease or trauma, youâre not alone. Thousands of men and women around the world opt for procedures ranging from minor treatments like hair removal and collagen injections to reconstructive procedures such as re-shaping the nose, breast augmentation and cellulite removal.

Below is a table that breaks down the different plastic surgery procedures, their recovery time, plastic surgery costs, and even if the procedure you are looking into is right for you.

Surgical Procedures

The Fees And Costs Of Having A Mommy Makeover

When you see a surgeon for a mommy makeover consultation, part of your appointment involves talking about costs and ways to pay. Before you make the final decision about having surgery, you should also receive an itemized list that details all the fees and costs of the surgery. Make sure to ask questions if theres anything you dont understand, or just want more details about.

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How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost And How Are The Prices Decided

Many people interested in having plastic surgery to improve or repair their body are interested in learning how much these procedures cost before deciding whether it is right for them. Google searches for breast augmentation cost and how much does rhinoplasty cost are very common search terms and it is sometimes difficult to find accurate information. Published lists of average prices only include the surgeon’s fee and may neglect to mention other costs like the operating room charges, anesthesiologist and implant fees. Published average costs include city surgeons and rural surgeons, brand new surgeons, and ones ready to retire, as well as those who charge top prices. So the averages posted tend to be lower than you might encounter in real life in a busy metropolitan or suburban practice. The last thing you want is to have a great consultation and be excited for surgery, only to find it costs twice as much as you planned. Wouldnt it be helpful to know true costs prior to showing up for the visit?

Here are some average price ranges for totaltruecost of common plastic surgery procedures in the United States in 2020:

How much does rhinoplasty cost? $7000-$15,500 is the range most people pay in total for a nose job in the U.S.

How much does a facelift cost? $9,000-$19,000 is the range most people pay for facelift or neck lift surgery in the U.S.

How much do breast implants cost? Breast augmentation total fees in the U.S. can range on average from $7,500-$12,500

The Surgeons Education And Experience

Plastic surgery cost Americans $8 billon in 2016, and it

As with any job, the more education and experience someone has, the more skilled they are, and the higher their fees. This is one reason plastic surgery costs can vary from clinic to clinic. Surgeons who have just completed their education and are just starting out in their careers may charge less because theyre still learning and building their skills. Conversely, a surgeon with decades of experience who has performed hundreds or even thousands of procedures and is very skilled will likely charge more.

When you consider these factors, its likely youll agree that a surgeon with more years of experience is the one you want performing your procedures. In the hands of an experienced and highly skilled surgeon, its more likely your results will be better, and youll feel safer as well. In addition, the more skill the doctor has, the less likely it is there will be need for any kind of follow-up surgery should the results not be optimal.

At TCC, our doctors are not just general surgeons. Theyre specialists in their chosen fields. We take great care to hire only the best plastic surgeons in Toronto. The doctors on our staff have each accumulated decades of clinical operative experience.

Before you undergo any type of cosmetic surgery, we highly recommend you do some research, and compare notes among clinics. Reputable clinics will be able to readily answer the following questions:

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Frequently Asked Questions On Plastic Surgery In Ghana

Who is The Best Plastic Surgeon in Ghana?

Find the Best Plastic surgeon based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here

What is plastic surgery cost in Ghana?

Plastic surgery cost in Ghana depends on required surgery. Contact here for cost estimate

How to Book Appointment with Plastic surgeon in Ghana?

Book online appointment with leading plastic surgeons here

Can I get Plastic surgery Before and After photos in Ghana?

Yes. Doctor will directly share to you during consultation.

Average Cost Of Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Are you looking to have a plastic surgery procedure performed, but arent sure how much you should plan to budget? The cost varies depending on the type of procedure you choose, but below is a breakdown of the average national cost, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Procedure Average CostLaser Skin Resurfacing $2,222 ablative, $1,113 non-ablativeLaser Hair Removal $329Botox $365 per area treated

It is important to remember that costs can vary widely throughout the United States. The fees listed above do not include associated costs for anesthesia, operating room facilities or other expenses.

Often times, a surgeons price will vary based on his or her experience or geographic location, says Dr. Andrew Miller, a top plastic surgeon. When looking for a surgeon to perform your surgery, it is very important not to hunt for the cheapest price. Surgery is surgery, whether it is a triple bypass or a tummy tuck. There are always risks involved with anesthesia and recovery time, so you want to be sure your surgeon is the most experienced and well-qualified, not just the cheapest.

To discover the average costs for surgery, you can visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or refer to the Healthcare Blue Book. Much like the Kelley Blue Book for cars, the Healthcare Blue Book will provide ballpark figures for commons surgeries so you can plan accordingly.

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What Is Not Included

We do not include required pre-surgical lab work that may be required for your surgery depending on the procedure, including mammogram, blood work or EKG. Each patient is unique and a customized surgical plan is create for you to help you reach your goals. Our fees are based on the complexity of your surgery, any specialty supplies required and the amount of time Dr. Nick Slenkovich estimates your procedure will require. We provide a definitive quote at the time of your consultation when your surgical plan is created by Dr. Slenkovich.

Average National Costs Of Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic Surgery: The Cost of Beauty | 101 East is an online hub that allows users to ask questions and share personal experiences about cosmetic surgeries. Physicians who are registered with the site are able to post responses. A common question that many users post is in regard to pricing. Many cosmetic surgery patients across the U.S. post the final costs of their surgery which RealSelf aggregates to display averages.

Here are the average national costs of the most popular procedures :

  • Any included medications or post-surgical compression devices
  • Follow up appointments

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Examining Plastic Surgery Cost Relative To Experience

Most people would not consult an automotive technician to perform brain surgery. Likewise, you should not choose a less-than-qualified plastic surgeon to operate on you.

An educated and experienced facial plastic surgeon will always answer your questions regarding his or her background. And, you should always ask.

Dr. Jon Chadwell offers a transparent view of his educational and training portfolio, which can be accessed directly on his website. While exclusively educated and trained in plastic surgery targeted to the face and neck areas, here are some additional highlights to note:

  • Attended undergraduate years at Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • Attended medical school at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH
  • Held an internship at The University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, Department of Surgery
  • Completed his residency at The University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Completed his fellowship at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship
  • Board certified with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Board certified with the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

Prior to any facial plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Chadwell makes sure to conduct a full consultation with his patients. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask the important questions on your mind, such as:


Cosmetic Surgery Financials How Much Does It Costmay 16 2022

Medically reviewed by Susan Kerrigan, MD and

In the 2010 movieRepo Men, debt collectorsplayed by Jude Law and Forest Whitakerrecover artificial organs when recipients fall behind on their payments. We havent reached the 2025 dystopia depicted in the filmyour breast implants wont be seized if you default on a plastic surgery loan. Still, when paying later for todays improvements means spending thousands on interest and late fees, you might still feel like a part of you has been ripped away. Do your research and take the time to learn about cosmetic surgery financial choices. Here are some options.

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Why The Price Of Cosmetic Surgery In Australia Varies

You may have seen low-cost advertisements for cosmetic surgery promoting breast surgery specials and discount consultations, these consultations are considered inducements to surgery. In fact, you could argue that discount surgery specials and no-cost consultations are in breach of Australian medical codes regulating the cosmetic surgery industry.

Additionally not all surgeons who advertise are actually Plastic Surgeon Specialists, many are just General Practitioners or skin disease doctors who have not completed the 12 to 14 years of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery training. Many take a year-long or even a weekend course in plastic surgery, and due to the lack of regulations any Australian doctor can use the title cosmetic surgeon but only a genuine qualified plastic surgeon is able to use the Plastic Surgeon title and name.

The Real Costs Of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism


In the United States, elective cosmetic surgeries are not covered by medical insurance, leaving the financial responsibility up to the patient. A Google search of low-cost cosmetic surgery, produces a list of facilities in countries all over the world that offer low-cost, all-inclusive vacation packages for cosmetic surgery procedures. This type of travel, known as medical tourism, has experienced increased growth over the last decade, leading more patients to place price over their own safety to achieve their desired appearance.

In certain regions where plastic surgery is more competitive, some providers may offer procedures at very low cost, says , MD, associate professor of surgery in the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Director of the Plastic Surgery Residency program at Washington University School of Medicine.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast enhancement surgery in the United States is around $3,950. This cost is only part of the total price and does not include anesthesia, hospital or surgical facility costs, implants, surgeons fee, post-surgery garments, prescriptions and other related expenses. With all these costs considered, a patient may end up paying upwards of $15,000 for their entire treatment. In Tijuana, Mexico, surgeries are advertised at a fraction of the cost.

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Average Cost Of Blepharoplasty

$125 $775

As with many other cosmetic procedures, the cost of Botox varies from patient to patient due to unique individual needs. Botox treatments are priced according to the number of Botox units used during the procedure. The more units needed, the higher the total cost of the procedure will be. A more accurate comparison for Botox would be to compare unit prices, but unfortunately this data was not available.

There are a couple of factors that influence how many Botox units a patient will need:

  • The number of facial areas treated
  • The strength of the targeted facial muscle

You Get What You Pay For

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a life altering event. While the cost of surgery is an important factor to consider, it is also crucial to remember that you will live with outcome of the surgery for the rest of your life. Your highest priority should be on finding the best provider for your specific needs. Specifically:

  • Choose a surgeon with an abundance of experience and documentation of previous surgeries. For a plastic surgery procedure, choose a plastic surgeon rather than a doctor from another specialty that performs plastic surgery.
  • Look for a surgeon that you are comfortable with and agree with how he or she plans to perform the surgical procedure.
  • It is important to ensure that the physician you choose understands the goals you have in mind and agrees that they are realistic and attainable.
  • Make sure your surgery will be performed in a properly credentialed operating room.
  • It is important to select a physician who is using high quality products from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Be weary of physicians who offer pricing significantly lower than national or regional averages or bargain/gimmicky prices, such as Groupon or deal of the day offers.
  • Be certain that the quoted price you receive includes all expenses .

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How Much Does Post

The cost of plastic surgery following dramatic weight loss varies by surgeon, geographic area, and the number and type of procedures you undergo. Be sure to ask your surgeon what the approximate cost will be for your specific surgery during your consultation.

The average costs for common post-bariatric procedures are as follows. However, there are generally cost savings when combining procedures versus getting individual procedures.

  • Liposuction: $2,584*
  • Upper Arm Lift : $4,675*
  • Thigh Lift : $5,292*

*The above statistics come from the 2020 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank Statistics, which were compiled using Aesthetic Neural Network data from 288 participating plastic surgery practices across the US. These numbers only reflect standard procedure costs and may not include fees for anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, or other miscellaneous costs related to your procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Botox

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures and Their Costs

Although there are some medical reasons that Botox injections are covered by insurance Botox for cosmetic surgery is not covered under any major medical insurance program. This is the case with almost all cosmetic surgeries: they are not covered under health insurance as they are not seen as mandatory.

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How To Avoid Exorbitant Plastic Surgery Costs

If youre struggling with body insecurity but you dont have the money or time it takes to get a traditional plastic surgery treatment, HD Body Sculpting might be an effective solution for you. Belle Medicals body sculpting procedure is a noninvasive, nonsurgical method of removing stubborn, unwanted fat from problem areas such as the love handles, buttocks, stomach, thighs, and more. Body sculpting also allows for something called a Fat Transfer, in which you can transfer your own fat from one part of your body to another to achieve a natural breast or buttocks augmentation.

Because body sculpting is nonsurgical and noninvasive, it typically costs a fraction of what conventional plastic surgery would cost. The recovery time is as little as 24 hours, meaning you wont have to take much time away from work, if any. In addition to being significantly cheaper, body sculpting is safer, and its method of breaking down and removing fat cells using ultrasound technology makes for a permanent weight loss solution that requires little maintenance, saving you even more money down the line. If youre ready to experience the magic of an HD Body Sculpting and/or Fat Transfer procedure, make an appointment for a free consultation with Belle Medical. Our experienced specialists will work with you to find an effective, affordable solution for those hard-to-lose pounds and help you achieve the body of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery.

Hospital Or Clinic Surgical Facilities

Plastic surgeons will perform cosmetic surgical procedures in one of two placesa hospital, or an accredited operating room in their practices clinic. Not all cosmetic clinics have operating rooms, but TCC does. In fact, this is one of the distinct advantages TCC has over other cosmetic clinics in Toronto and elsewhere.

The operating suites at TCC were designed by experts in operating room architecture, in close collaboration with surgeons and surgical nurses. They were built large enough to accommodate all the necessary surgical equipment while still allowing surgical staff to move about freely and comfortably.

This increased comfort extends to you, the patient, as well. Youll find our surgical facilities to be aesthetically pleasing and well organized. Most importantly, youll appreciate how clean our operating rooms are.

One of the biggest risks of any surgery is infection. To counter this risk, our surgery suites were built in accordance with strict guidelines to ensure a sterile and pathogen-free environment, and we make the cleanliness of our operating suites a daily priority. We do not take our patients safety lightly.

If, for certain health and safety reasons, the doctor determines that the surgery should be performed in a hospital rather than in TCCs own surgical suites, this can affect the plastic surgery cost. Hospital operating rooms cost quite a bit more to maintain and use than clinical space.

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