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Average Settlement For Shoulder Surgery Nyc

Was The Motorcycle Rider Entitled To Compensation For Being Unable To Work

Lawsuit Value Of A Shoulder Surgery – What Is My Case Worth Series

The motorcyclist was 33-year-old male, unemployed at time of accident. Prior to date of accident, the motorcyclist had worked various types of manual labor, sales jobs, and truck driving.

The orthopedic surgeon performed surgery on my clients knee at the hospital, my client treated with him for a short period of time. I called the doctors office. The office manager told me that my clients injuries were not permanent.

My client chose to switch his orthopedic surgeon to Jorge Cabrera, MD.

Doctor Cabrera was one of the many orthopedic doctors in Florida who would treat people who are injured in accidents. I spoke with Dr. Cabrera. I then sent him a questionnaire that had my questions and his answers.

Dr. Cabrera said that the rider would will need a knee replacement within the next 20 years.

Note: Some attorneys believe that a knee replacement is needed in 5-10 years. The orthopedic surgeon did not agree with this in this case.

The orthopedic surgeon said that the distal fracture of my clients finger was not uniting however this did not really present a problem for the claimant.


Because the motorcycle rider was a on again off again trucker and employee.

I consulted with an independent orthopedic surgeon that I personally know. Fortunately, he didnt charge me.

The doctor asked me for the x-ray from the hospital. He also wanted any x-rays that doctors did during surgery.

Why not?

Here is an x-ray of his lower leg after the surgery:

That doctor said:

Slip And Fall Cases Settlement Amounts

You must be thinking about how much do slip and fall cases payand the answer is. Slip and fall settlement amounts aim to cover the losses caused by the victim. The amount depends upon the victim, about the payment and compensation.

Important things to know about slip and fall settlement amounts are the following:-

1. The victims compensation will decrease if they blame their wounds.

2. Compensation amount is necessary for the victims benefit, not to punish the defendant.

3. Usually, the compensation amounts are settled out of court by producing an agreement.

Slip and fall settlement compensates for your medical expenses and other damages. Slip and fall settlement amounts vary because the situations and injuries are different. Vital injuries will get high stakes as compensation.

How Much Personal Settlement Herniated Disc And Rotator Cuff Tear

A herniated disc occurs when the gel-like center of a disc ruptures through a weak area in the tougher outer wall, causing pain. A rotator cuff tear is a tear of one or more of the tendons or muscles that surround the shoulder joint, resulting in pain and reduced mobility. The amount of personal settlement for a herniated disc and rotator cuff tear can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the state in which the injury occurred.

It is a collection of muscles and tendons that are located in the shoulder. These muscles and tendons are frequently damaged by trauma. Falls, lifting, and repetitive arm action are all possible causes. In 2021, the average Rottweiler Cuff settlement was around $1.25 million. A claim for rotator cuff injury can have a very different value than a claim for non-ritiprocal hip injuries. The severity of an injury is one of the most important factors to consider. A surgical procedure is generally more valuable when it comes to rotator cuff cases.

At first, the settlement should range between $100,000 and $175,000 for pain and suffering from a torn rotator cuff, which requires surgery. As a low point, it could be if little treatment was available prior to surgery and you later developed limitations and disabilities as a result.

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Slip And Fall Settlements Without Surgery

Slip and fall or trip and fall is any incident where a person gets injured due to another partys negligence. The compensation could be less if the injury happened at the victims fault. Slip and fall incidents can happen anywhere, residential buildings or business properties. A child slipped on water in the school bathroom and hit his head. He gets cured with a brain bruise in the hospital. His family had to pay $24,260 for various medical expenses. The principal was aware that the accident had occurred but did not inform the parents. The family got $90,000 in a settlement.

The average payout for slip and fall injury

The average payout for a slip and fall injury varies from person to person. Victims get $10,000 to $50,000 for minor injuries. The settlement amount defines the intensity and depth of the damage. Each case is rare and different. So we cannot determine the exact amount. The amount of compensation depends upon the weightage of the victim. If the victim got bad injuries, then the reward price will be different. Check the full article, on What Is The Average Settlement For Slip And Fall Injury?

Many factors are responsible for slip and fall settlement. The accountable have to pay for this, and they should be responsible for the victims welfare. The victim may be minor or significant, but the compensation is always based on the amount of loss.

Slip and fall herniated disc settlements.

How Are Shoulder Injuries Valued In Car Accident Settlements

Auto Accident Shoulder Injury Settlement Amounts

Unfortunately, valuing a shoulder injury after a car accident means arriving at a reasonable guesstimate of what a jury would award to you in a lawsuit or what an insurance company would pay out in a shoulder injury settlement.

The major factors in valuing any shoulder and arm injury case is how severe your damages are, and what the chances are the jury would find the defendant liable when/if the case goes to court.

However, estimating what you could receive in a car accident shoulder surgery settlement or car accident rotator cuff surgery settlement can be challenging for one big reason: During a trial, it is usually the jury that will decide the amount of money the insurance company or defendant must pay you.

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Symptoms Of A Shoulder Injury

The shoulder joint has the most mobility out of all other joints in the body. Even though its extremely useful, the shoulder joint is more prone to injury due to its great range in motion. When an individual has been involved in a serious car accident, medical professionals often examine the victims shoulders and the surrounding areas of the body in order to ensure that they have not been injured there. If you are experiencing shoulder pain as a result of your accident, its important to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Not receiving medical treatment for the injuries you may have sustained can prolong the pain and even worsen the shoulders condition with time.

Symptoms of shoulder injuries include:

  • Stiff or tender muscular pain in the shoulder area, which may worsen at night.
  • Difficulty moving shoulders and/or arms freely.
  • Change in color of the shoulder area .
  • Pain in the shoulder that worsens when carrying out physical activities, including lifting objects.
  • Tingling sensation or lack of feeling in a specific area of the shoulders.

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How Much Is Your Claim Worth

Estimating the value of any claim is an imperfect science at best, and rotator cuff claims are no different.

According to one source, the average cost of rotator cuff surgery repair in the US is $21,800 . This does not include additional costs including physical therapy, medications or follow-up visits.

Beyond the statistics, there are a number of other factors which can significantly affect the value of your claim. A few of these are:

  • Was your accident with a passenger vehicle or a commercial one? Policy limits can vary quite a bit between these two.
  • Did you immediately seek medical treatment? The quicker you were treated the better the odds your claim will be accepted and paid in full.
  • Did your injuries prevent you from returning to work? If your job is physically demanding lost wages can add up quickly, not to mention permanent diminishment of earning potential.
  • What does the police report say? This will play a big role in determining fault, a key component of how your claim plays out.
  • Would the other party likely be found liable in a trial? The value of your claim goes up considerably if its clear the other party was in the wrong.
  • Another way try to ballpark your claim is to review comparable cases and check the corresponding settlement amounts. Here are a few examples:

    Example 3 TexasDriver A was stopped at a red light, driver B was looking at her cell phone and failed to brake in time slamming into the back of driver A.


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    What Is The Rotator Cuff

    A rotator cuff is a group of four tendons and four muscles that surround your shoulder and provide stability. The different groups are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor.

    The rotator cuff has several functions.

    The supraspinatus muscle and tendon help you lift and elevate your shoulder and arm. They are located between the humeral head and the acromion, attaching with the greater tuberosity portion of the humerus. The acromion is part of your scapula and connects with the clavicle to form the acromioclavicular joint.

    The supraspinatus muscle and tendon are vulnerable to degenerative changes because of their location and how often they are used. These factors make a rotator cuff tear more likely.

    The infraspinatus and teres minor muscles and tendons help rotate your shoulder and arm externally . These tendons also attach to the greater tuberosity portion of the humerus.

    The subscapularis tendon is the only rotator cuff tendon that does not attach to the greater tuberosity. Instead, it attaches to the humeral heads lesser tuberosity, near the long head of your biceps tendon. The subscapularis muscle and tendon help you move your shoulder and arm internally .

    The rotator cuff muscles and tendons are supported by several nerves such as the suprascapular, axillary, and subscapular nerves, each of which come from the brachial plexus.

    Treating A Shoulder Injury Suffered In A Chicago Car Crash

    Workers’ Compensation Settlements for a Shoulder Injury

    To determine the correct treatment path for shoulder injuries, you will need extensive testing and consultation with your doctors and specialists.

    They will give you a comprehensive set of options to treat the immediate and recurring pain and suffering you may experience due to the shoulder damage.

    Your path to recovery will be determined by the severity of your rotator cuff injury, as well as your age, overall health, and occupation. You might even need help from a physical therapist if you are looking at surgical procedures.

    Some of the most common treatments for shoulder injuries include:

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    What Impacts The Value Of Rotator Cuff Cases

    Several variables can impact the value of your rotator cuff injury settlement, such as:

    • The severity of your rotator cuff injury
    • Whether you suffered a partial or complete tear
    • Your age at the time of your injury or diagnosis
    • Your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions
    • Whether you required surgery to treat your injury
    • Your wages at the time of your injury or diagnosis
    • Your employer, their insurance provider, and how they handle your claim

    How Much Of The Settlement Was For Pain And Suffering

    The motorcycle riders medical expenses that he owed were about $52,000.00. Therefore, I assume that the insurance claims adjuster was paying $393,000.00 for pain and suffering.

    If Im correct, about 88% of the settlement was for pain and suffering. This makes sense. Pain and suffering is of often the largest part of a motorcycle accident settlement.

    Since a truck hit the motorcyclist, he did not have to prove that he had a permanent injury in order to be entitled to money for pain and suffering.

    Future Medical expenses: The adjuster stated that he was not offering any money for future medical bills unless the motorcyclist was examined by a doctor chosen by their insurance company.

    I argued that there was a lost wage claim and loss of future earning capacity claim. However, AIG rejected my argument.

    It was my position that the truck driver was liable for violating the motorcyclists right of way.

    AIGs insurance adjuster argued that motorcyclist was also at fault. His basis was that the police report. Again, it said he was going 35 mph when the speed limit was 30 mph.

    The case settled for $445,000 before a lawsuit. We settled about 3 months after the motorcycle rider was at Maximum Medical Improvement . This case settled quickly.

    All things, equal motorcycle accident settlements tend to be higher than car accident cases.


    Because the injuries tend to be bigger. This case is the perfect example. Most car accidents dont result in two surgeries.

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    What Factors Increase Pain And Suffering Values For A Spinal Fusion Surgery

    • More than one level is fused.
    • The surgery wasnt successful.
    • The injured person treated much more than 10 months or so.

    On the other hand, if the level that was fused had prior issues or the case had causation issues, the pain and suffering value would likely be reduced accordingly.

    An example of a causation issue would be if the vehicles involved in the accident had little or no damage to them.

    Possible Settlement Range Of Your Claim

    Six figure settlement for below shoulder amputation after restricted ...

    If you have received medical treatment such as surgery after sustaining a shoulder injury, you may be able to recover compensation in order to cover these medical costs. A car accident lawyer will review your case and determine which damages you could be able to claim after your car accident. Recoverable expenses that can be claimed include:

    If you have undergone shoulder surgery after your accident, its likely that you are entitled to compensation in order to cover these costs. One of our experienced attorneys will examine your medical bills and use them as evidence in your personal injury case. At The Law Place, we believe that everyone has the right to a fair settlement if they have been involved in a car accident that wasnt their fault. Call us today for a free consultation with a skilled attorney at our law firm to receive invaluable legal advice and assistance in filing your lawsuit.

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    The Effect On Your Life

    A rotator cuff injury claim is usually paid based on how much it will affect your daily living. For example, can you still work, attend school, and take care of yourself?

    On the other hand, would you need to hire help, at least temporarily? If so, the compensation you receive would be greater than someone who could do all daily things without assistance.

    Getting Back On Track And Back To Work

    The pain and disability resulting from a shoulder injury can be life-changing. Even though you cant ask for pain and suffering from the workers comp claim process, you can still make sure your costs are paid. You can also get a good portion of your lost wages. However, your time to negotiate a workers comp settlement is limited.

    If you or a loved one has suffered a work-related accident resulting in a shoulder injury, you need to act soon. State law imposes strict deadlines for workers compensation claims.

    Contact a qualified workers compensation lawyer in your state today for a free consultation and evaluation of your workers comp shoulder injury case.

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    New Shoulder Injury Pain & Suffering Settlements $300000 And $200000

    Update: Following our recent post on shoulder injuries, now comes a new report on two claims that settled after trial one for $300,000 and the other for $200,000.

    In Crisostomo v. The Salvation Army, a 40 year old man was driving his car with his 37 year old wife as a passenger when they were rear-ended by another vehicle.

    Mr. Crisostomo sustained tears of his anterior glenoid labrum, rotator cuff and supraspinatus tendon of his right shoulder.

    He underwent arthroscopic surgery and six moths of physical therapy. The jury awarded him $600,000 for his pain and suffering, evenly split between past and future. While post-trial motions were pending in which the defense asserted that the jury award was excessive, the parties compromised and settled for $300,000.

    Mrs. Crisostomo sustained a partial thickness rotator cuff tear, underwent arthroscopic surgery for a subacromial decompression and bursectomy and then six months of physical therapy.

    Subacromial Decompression Surgery:

    The jury awarded $350,000 for her pain and suffering and then, while post-trial motions were pending, like her husband, she compromised, and she settled for $200,000.

    Maximize Your Compensation For A Shoulder Injury Requiring Surgery

    Personal Injury Lawyer Settlements: $$$ Now or Wait to 10x your claim ?

    To maximize your compensation for any claim that caused you to undergo shoulder surgery, you need:

    Imaging films & surgical demonstratives of the shoulder surgery

    An orthopedic doctor familiar with shoulder surgeries including shoulder replacements

    Strong non-economic damages case development to highlight your specific life changes and losses

    Please make sure whomever you hire as your lawyer understands and is capable of fulfilling these requirements.

    If the injury was in a nursing home setting, you also need to investigate the failed safety issues that let this happen to you or your family. Thats a complicated conversation that extends too far beyond shoulder surgery compensation amounts to get into in this article.

    If you need help, reach out to me via or using the contact form below. I am here for you.

    I wish you a successful settlement for your claim.



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    Slip And Fall Settlement Calculator

    Every mathematical digit has its method of calculation. The primary method of calculating trip and fall lawsuit settlements is by reflecting general damages and adding loss wages to them. Special damages refer to monetary damages. The losses caused by the liability can get reduced with the help of money. The loss of funds due to the absence from the workplaces is general damage.

    There are many other damages caused to the victim. The mental trauma caused by the victim cannot end. The damages caused by the relationships of victims can never get reduced. These have a direct impact on the victims life, and these get included in general damages. The more severe accidents and injuries use the multiplier method to calculate damages. It is a scale up to 5 based on the severity of the wound.

    Most people accept the money during personal injuries and give up the legal claim. The order and benefits that the law offers will take time, and the people focus on saving their precious time. They will try to cut their effort and accept the offer from the liable party.

    There are other situations where people go to the jury to get their money. The primary reason is the lack of compromise and affection towards the liable. Other things considered are future medical expenses generated on the victim. Future loss of money is also calculated during compensation.

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