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Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Matt Gastric Sleeve Before And After Photo

Gastric Bypass Surgery Before and After Video — South Miami Hospital Weight-loss Surgery Program

Had gastric sleeve surgery Dec 29, 2016, Working out again! Feeling great!

Mexico Bariatric Center . I cant say enough about the kickstart you gave me. I am smaller and stronger now at 47 than I was at 22 in the Army.

Just gotta keep at it. Another 55lbs to go. Thanks to Mexico Bariatric could not have done this without yall.

  • Heaviest Weight : 345 lbs.
  • Starting Weight : 305 lbs.
  • Current Weight : 217 lbs.
  • Goal Weight : 200 lbs.

When To Call The Er

  • Fever over 101.5 with shaking or the chills.
  • Pain that increases over time.
  • Redness, warmth or pus draining from incision sites.
  • Persistent nausea.
  • Inability to swallow liquids.

Remember, dont hesitate to call your surgeons office if you are worried that something is wrong. Youre not bothering them.

This article walks you through the details of recovery from gastric sleeve surgery.

Patient Stories Before And After Photos

The UCLA Center for Obesity and Metabolic Health Program in Los Angeles, CA. provides advanced surgical and nonsurgical options for sustained weight loss and a better quality of life for you and your family.

We take great pride in being able to share a few of our patients’ stories with you.

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results. Read full disclaimer.

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New Eating Habits Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Since the weight loss surgery makes your stomach smaller, it will take much less food to make you feel full. Additionally, while youre healing, your stomach will only be able to handle small amounts of soft foods and liquids. Solid foods can be added back in slowly, over time.

To put it simply, your diet and eating habits will need to change drastically, or youll risk stretching out your stomach.

Gastric Sleeve Pros And Cons

Kimberly celebrates 215

Pros of gastric sleeve surgery include:

  • Weight loss because you will only be able to eat about half a cup of food at a time
  • It is a permanent surgery
  • Can improve the health of individuals who have had trouble losing weight and keeping it off
  • May help improve long-term health concerns like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Death due to gastric sleeve surgery is rare

However, there are cons to be aware of. It’s still possible to eat too much after gastric sleeve surgery. If you do, you may not lose much weight. This procedure may not help with long-term health conditions and you may experience complications.

Your surgeon will give you a post-surgical plan. Following the plan can help reduce the risk of complications.

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How Do I Get Ready For Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Your healthcare team will need to make sure that gastric sleeve surgery isa good option for you. Weight-loss surgery isnt advised for people whoabuse medicines or alcohol, or who are not able to commit to a lifelongchange in diet and exercise habits.

Before having surgery, youll need to enroll in a bariatric surgeryeducation program. This will help you get ready for surgery, and life aftersurgery. Youll have nutritional counseling. And you may have apsychological evaluation. Youll also need physical exams and tests. Youwill need blood tests. You may have imaging studies of your stomach, orhave an upper endoscopy.

If you smoke, you will need to stop several months before surgery. Yoursurgeon may ask you to lose some weight before surgery. This will help makeyour liver smaller, and make surgery safer. Youll need to stop takingaspirin, ibuprofen, and other blood-thinning medicines in the days beforeyour surgery. You shouldnt eat or drink anything after midnight beforesurgery.

S Of Male Gastric Sleeve Patients


  • Review the 7 Sets of Pictures Below

See below for weight loss photos of men before and after gastric sleeve surgery:


  • Review the Updated list of confirmed gastric sleeve celebrities below

Many celebrities, including former professional athletes, have undergone weight loss surgery. The following celebrity before and after pictures show results from surgery patients you may recognize:

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Blended Or Pureed Diet

Step 2 also lasts one to two weeks and includes blended or pureed food that is high in protein and low in fat . This includes:

  • Lean meats: Chicken, turkey, tuna, etc.
  • Soft foods: Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, etc.

While the thought of eating blended or pureed food is hard for some people, patients have been on a liquid diet for so long by this point that theyre usually just happy to be getting solid food in their body, Lisa said.

Also, even though the liquid diet step is over, its still important for you to maintain the commitment to drink 64 ounces of fluids per day to avoid dehydration . This must be a lifelong commitment.

Melanie Gastric Sleeve In March 2017

Gastric bypass surgery: the results

I had my surgery March 28, 2017. I am down 45 lbs. and I feel amazing! Thanks so much to Mexico Bariatric Center and its amazing staff!

I am beyond happy with the results!!

Thank you México Bariatric Center for changing my life!!

  • Heaviest Weight : 230 lbs.
  • Starting Weight : 217 lbs.
  • Current Weight : 166 lbs.
  • Goal Weight : 160 lbs.

Before: March 2017 | After: May 2018

Before: March 2017 | After: February 2018

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Kerris Sleeve Bariatric Surgery Before And After Photo

  • Type: Bariatric Sleeve Before and After Female Picture
  • Date of VSG Weight Loss Surgery: February, 2019
  • Start weight: 240 lbs
  • Weight Loss: 90 lbs
  • Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Weight loss surgery before and after picture female shows 90 lbs of weight loss after sleeve surgery.

Kerrys Transformation Success Story

Kerri found Jet Medical Tourism after doing online research on bariatric surgery centers in Mexico. She had seen a few friends go through the process and being overweight herself, 240 pounds total weight and climbing, she desperately needed an intervention. A lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits led Karri to sleep apnea, resulting in a dependency on a CPAP machine at night to be able to breathe. For her this was a turning point and she came to Jet Medical to lose weight. Karri had surgery in summer 2019 with Dr. Jorge Reyes at the pristine INT Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

We are happy report that not only does she no longer need her CPAP machine, she also has discovered many more benefits to her surgery that she had not anticipated. She followed all the dietary guidelines, including the prescribed pre op diet, post op diet and the initial liquid diet.

Can It Be Stretched

You can stretch your stomach after gastric sleeve surgery. The inside of your stomach is lined with rugae. These are folds of tissue that expand and contract in relation to the amount of food that enters your stomach.

When they expand, your stomach sends a signal to your brain that you are full. When they contract, they push the food into your intestines for further processing. Once the stomach is empty, a hormone called ghrelin is released that triggers hunger again.

These signals can get skewed when your stomach is constantly stretched from too much food. This article details how this happens and why its important to get back on track quickly after binging.

Below are a few tips to reduce the risk of stretching your stomach.

  • Drink water an hour before and an hour after you eat.This gives your body time to digest the food and make room for fluids and vice versa. Dont eat and drink at the same time.
  • Dont drink carbonated beverages.The carbonation can put unneeded pressure on your stomach.
  • Eat small, healthy snacksif you get hungry in-between meals.
  • Plan your meals.Focus on small portions of nutrient dense foods. Nutrient dense foods keep you full longer and give you the nutrients that you need.

Remember, if you overeat once, you havent ruined your new stomach. Get back on track as quickly as possible.

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What Happens After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Youll likely go home the day after surgery. You will be on a liquid dietfor the first week or two. Your surgery team will give you a schedule oftypes of meals over the next weeks. Youll go from liquids to pureed foods,then soft foods, and then to regular food. Each meal needs to be verysmall. You should make sure to eat slowly and chew each bite well. Dontmove too quickly to regular food. This can cause pain and vomiting. Workwith your healthcare team to figure out whats best for you to eat. Afteryour stomach heals, you will need to change your eating habits. Youll needto eat small meals for your small stomach.

People who have weight-loss surgery may have trouble getting enoughvitamins and minerals. This is because they take in less food, and mayabsorb fewer nutrients. You may need to take a daily multivitamin, plus acalcium-vitamin D supplement. You may need additional nutrients, such asvitamin B-12 or iron. Your medical team will give you instructions.

Youll need to have regular blood tests every few months in the year aftersurgery. This is to make sure you dont have low blood iron , highblood glucose, or low calcium or vitamin D levels. If you have heartburn,you may need to medicine to reduce stomach acid.

Exercises To Speed Recovery

Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photos

The single most effective way to shorten recovery time is to get active right away. Simply walking short distances and even changing positions in bed promotes circulation. Good blood flow enhances healing and discourages the formation of blood clots.

Perform the following exercises at least once every hour after surgery. It’s also a good idea to practice these movements before surgery to promote lung function and agility.

  • Beginning the first night after surgery, sit up and dangle your feet, then stand at your bedside with the help of your nurse or physical therapist. This may hurt but will become easier each time. Your strength will return and your pain will lessen every day.
  • The day after surgery, you’ll be asked to get out of bed and walk. After that, walk at least three times per day and perform leg and breathing exercises hourly. You may not feel well enough to go for a walk, but try to do as much as possible.
  • Your nurse will teach you how to cough and breathe deeply, and you’ll be shown how to use an incentive spirometer to help expand your lungs. Coughing and deep breathing loosen secretions that may accumulate in your throat or lungs and can help prevent pneumonia. Deep breathing also increases circulation and helps your body eliminate the anesthetics that were used for surgery.

How to breathe deeply:

  • Inhale as deeply as you can, letting your belly not just your chest expand.
  • Hold your breath for two seconds.
  • Exhale completely.
  • How to exercise your feet and legs:

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    Why Might I Need Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Gastric sleeve surgery is used to treat severe obesity. Its advised forpeople who have tried other weight loss methods without long-term success.Your doctor may advise gastric sleeve surgery if you are severely obesewith a body mass index over 40. Your doctor may also advise it if youhave a BMI between 35 and 40 and a health condition such as sleep apnea,high blood pressure, heart disease, or type 2 diabetes.

    When To Get Care

    If youve had gastric sleeve surgery, youll have several appointments with your doctor in the weeks and months after the procedure. After the first year, your doctor may conduct annual or biannual follow-ups.

    If youre experiencing GERD symptoms, these appointments are a good opportunity to talk with your doctor and let them know. Its worth mentioning your GERD symptoms even if theyre mild, since symptoms can worsen over time.

    Your doctor can help monitor your symptoms and offer treatment options. If you dont have a follow-up appointment scheduled and GERD is affecting your daily activities, contact your doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

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    Gastric Sleeve Celebrities Before And Afters

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  • Gastric sleeve surgery has been gaining increased prominence as many celebrities are turning to it as their go-to weight loss procedure. The gastric sleeve procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach using staples to create a sleeve-shaped stomach which is typically the size of a banana.

    With this new size, the portion of food one eats is severely limited one can only hold about a cup of food which helps an individual to limit what one eats because they fill up very quickly. While the amount of food consumed is physically limited, digestion and absorption remain reasonable.

    What To Expect After Gastric Sleeve

    NJ man loses 238 pounds following gastric sleeve surgery

    These before and after pictures, testimonials, and success stories should give you a sneak peek into life after gastric sleeve surgery. If you are still on the fence, here are more key components to expect from the vertical sleeve gastrectomy . Also, if you have a success story or progress that youd like to share, please comment below!

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    What Should I Eat Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    The pre-op diet is your food-consumption plan for the period leading up to your gastric sleeve procedure. Your diet is critical to the surgerys success for three reasons:

    • It makes the procedure safer and easier. The pre-op diet helps reduce fatty deposits around the liver, which improves surgical access to the stomach.
    • It lowers the risk of complications. Obesity increases the risk of medical complications during and after surgery weight loss can counteract that risk.
    • It starts you on the habits youll need to make a lifelong commitment to weight control. Youll gain the confidence that comes with settings goals and achieving them.

    In many cases, you should begin your pre-op diet for a gastric sleeve surgery three weeks before your procedure. Please talk to your program dietician or coordinator for more details on when to begin your diet.

    What Should I Expect Before Surgery

    Before surgery, you will meet with several health care professionals, such as an internist, a dietitian, a psychiatrist or psychologist, and a bariatric surgeon.

    • The internist will ask about your medical history, perform a thorough physical exam, and order blood tests. If you smoke, you may benefit from stopping smoking at least 6 weeks before your surgery.
    • The dietitian will explain what and how much you will be able to eat and drink after surgery and help you prepare for how your life will change after surgery.
    • The psychiatrist or psychologist may assess you to see if you are ready to manage the challenges of weight-loss surgery.
    • The surgeon will tell you more about the surgery, including how to prepare for it and what type of follow-up you will need.

    These health care professionals also will advise you to become more active and adopt a healthy eating plan before and after surgery. Losing weight and bringing your blood glucosealso known as blood sugarlevels closer to normal before surgery may lower your chances of having surgery-related problems.

    Some weight-loss surgery programs have groups you can attend before and after surgery to help answer questions about the surgery and offer support.

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    Kendalls Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Before And After Photo

    • Type: Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Before and After
    • Date of VSG Weight Loss Surgery: October 17, 2019
    • Start weight: 200 lbs
    • Weight Loss: 90 lbs
    • Location: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

    Weight loss surgery before and after picture female shows 90 lbs of weight loss after sleeve surgery.

    Kendalls Transformation Success Story

    Stepping on the scale, Kendall M. found herself staring down 200 pounds total weight and a mounting social anxiety at the thought of being around people. She felt so uncomfortable in her own skin and hoped that bariatric surgery would help her lose excess weight and get down to her ideal weight of 135 pounds.

    Kendall reached out to Jet Medical Tourism and in mid-October she made the trek from her hometown of Potomac, Maryland to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico where she met with Dr. Gonzalez and his team. They were all so great, she says. The hospital was pristine, I felt safe getting my procedure done.

    Four months later Kendall is happy to jump on the scale and see herself only a little over 10 pounds away from her goal! Down to 110 pounds, Kendalls BMI has dropped from an unhealthy 31 percent to now 23 percent putting her within the normal range. Im making new friends, she says. Ive gained so much confidence and Im proud of my appearance.

    With good lifestyle habits, you will not get rid of obesity, but also improve your blood sugar levels and other health conditions such as sleep apnea.

    Caron Gastric Sleeve Before And After Photo

    15 Captivating Weight Loss Surgery before and after Sleeve

    I reached my goal weight today! Thank you Mexico Bariatric Center all the way from Aoteroa, New Zealand. It feels like yesterday that I was asking a million questions about overseas sleeve surgery. August 23rd, 2017 was when I had my sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Mexico Bariatric Center. I am the slowest loser ever!! 2 years, 4 months. 54 kilos gone.

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    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    After surgery, your healthcare provider will schedule some follow-up appointments with you to check on your progress and recovery. However, you should reach out to your healthcare provider immediately if:

    • You have a fever
    • Your legs are swollen or red
    • You are having difficulty urinating
    • Pain medication is not working effectively
    • You have been throwing up for 12 hours

    If in doubt, it’s always best to reach out to your healthcare provider.

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