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Best Doctors For Lasik Eye Surgery

The Lasik Surgeon’s Office: That Personal Touch

Over 45 and considering LASIK, Lens replacement or Cataract surgery? All you need to know.

While you might hear of a terrific surgeon who practices outside your area, it really is best and far more convenient to find someone close to home. If you do have a rare complication that requires ongoing attention, it will be much easier for you if you can avoid traveling long distances for appointments or even routine follow-up care.

“As with any relationship you have with someone in the medical profession, it has to be one of trust,” said Penny Asbell, MD, ophthalmology professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and director of Cornea Service and Refractive Surgery Center in New York. “You have to feel that you trust the person and that they’re personally interested in you.”

She said it’s normal to be concerned if you think you lack rapport with your eye surgeon.

“If everything goes well, you probably won’t have to see that person too often, and that’s the end of it,” Dr. Asbell said. “But if for any reason you’re not happy with the quality of the result, or there’s any issue with healing that’s going to require more attention, you want to know that you have someone who is personally connected to you and is working hard to address your concerns â someone who isn’t just running a mill where they don’t even remember who you are.”

Assessing the presence of that “personal touch” may be an important step to take before you commit to any eye surgeon.

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Schedule an exam

Get A Lasik Consultation

A LASIK consultation is your opportunity to visit the office, meet the team, and discuss your vision correction goals with the eye surgeon. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about the practice or the doctor after meeting them, that could be a big indicator that you should keep looking.

We proudly offer all our Bay Area patients free no-obligation LASIK consultations at NeoVision Eye Center. You want to provide all our patients with the opportunity to learn more about the LASIK procedure and help you understand what you can expect.

What Are The Preparations To Be Taken Before Lasik

Following are a few of the steps an individual should take before the surgery:

  • Should not use eye makeup or lotions on the day before surgery.
  • Clean your eyelashes daily a week before surgery.
  • Few initial tests such as corneal mapping, measuring corneal thickness, eye pressure, and pupil dilation are performed before the surgery.
  • Should eat light food and take the medications as prescribed by the doctor.

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Ask For The Lasik Surgeons Credentials

If you plan on having LASIK laser eye surgery, you will want to find a highly qualified ophthalmologist to perform your procedure. Board-certified ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all eye and vision conditions. Their qualifying credentials should be made readily available to you and can be verified by medical organizations such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Our medical director at NeoVision, Dr. Shobha Tandon, MD, Ph.D., is a highly trained and board-certified Ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She was even named as one of Americas Top Ophthalmologists by the Consumer Research Council and voted the Ophthalmologist of The Year.

Your Pupils Are Not Too Large

Best Lasik Surgeons Laguna Hills

Common post-LASIK symptoms include glare, halos, and starbursts at night.

Previously, eye doctors linked these symptoms to pupils that were larger than the LASIK treatment zone, particularly in dim light. However, many studies show that with modern LASIK procedures and wider treatment zones, large pupils do not significantly affect visual outcomes.

The eye surgeon takes your pupil measurements into account when determining your vision correction procedure plan. Another thing to keep in mind is that your pupils are larger when you are young and get smaller over time.

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Best Lasik Eye Surgeon How To Choose: 6 Major Criteria

By: Jacksoneye

Entrusting your eye surgery to the best LASIK eye surgeon that you can find is the key for a successful outcome of your operation. Keep in mind your eyes are the main source of mobility, so we should only get a top-notch eye specialist to do the delicate surgical procedure.

There are many factors that will tell how credible a LASIK eye surgeon can be from the rest, but I have narrowed them down to 6 major criteria for your convenience and quicker understanding. Take time reading them and create your own list of qualifications before putting yourself into their hands.

Our Lasik Eye Surgeon Near You

Our surgeon, Mitchell Jackson MD, is a board-certified Chicago ophthalmologist that has performed over 30,000 laser vision correction procedures. Over 95% of his patients have achieved 20/20 or better vision. His focus is on the individual patient and making sure that each person receives the best quality care and visual outcome possible. JacksonEye proudly offers LASIK laser vision correction to the greater Chicago area: Libertyville, Arlington Heights, Rockford, Round Lake, Lindenhurst, Schaumburg, Lake Villa, Tinley Park, Oak Park, McHenry, Gurnee, North Chicago, Grayslake, Skokie, Aurora and beyond.

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Not Everyone Is A Candidate For Lasik

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, they recommend a surgeon who is selective on whom they do surgery on. Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK in fact, 15-25 percent of patients dont meet the qualification standards. Certain medical issues, such as diabetes or thin or damaged corneas, may rule out LASIK as a good option for some people.

Consider Their Experience With Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery should be taken off market, former FDA adviser says

When searching for a LASIK provider you will want to ensure your surgeon has an abundance of experience performing the procedure. It is not uncommon for LASIK specialists to have performed over 10,000 LASIK surgeries in their time. But the number of surgeries performed will not always be enough.

You will want to entrust a surgeon who has a superb LASIK success rate in both vision correction and patient satisfaction. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Tandon has a 99% success and patient satisfaction rate for LASIK eye surgery.

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Consider Other Refractive Procedures

In addition to the above concerns, you also need to consider the surgeon’s versatility and competency in a variety of refractive procedures. LASIK isn’t the only game in town, and it isn’t the best procedure for every person.

Choose a surgeon who is comfortable and experienced with several procedures â such as LASIK, PRK, LASEK and clear lens replacement â and the latest technology. If your doctor displays a thorough understanding of these different procedures, he or she can confidently choose the one that will be best to correct your particular vision problems.

If you’re considering a surgeon who doesn’t perform a particular procedure you’re interested in, ask for an explanation of why, beyond “I don’t do that.”

It’s also a good idea to know if a surgical center has had any unusual or ongoing outbreaks of eye infections, which potentially can be quite serious. With strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the increase, it’s essential that surgical center personnel observe impeccable standards regarding sterilizing instruments and equipment.

It’s also appropriate to ask if the surgeon performs procedures at his or her own surgical center. Surgeons in this category likely have considerable experience because they perform enough procedures to support a center of their own. If a surgeon needs to travel to an outside surgical center or share a laser, then this may be evidence that he or she performs fewer refractive surgery procedures.

Why Choose Dr Manager:

Dr. Charles C. Manger III is the best LASIK doctor in Southern California, whose practice is 100% committed to LASIK. Dr. Manger performs LASIK 5 days a week, 49 weeks a year, in one office location. Industry reports tell us that out of 64 LASIK surgeons in Orange County, Dr. Manger performs 35% of all LASIK procedures in Orange County. He has personally done over 90,000 LASIK procedures and has superior outcomes, with 99.7% of his patients seeing 20/20 or better . Dr. Manger is the best LASIK surgeon and routinely does 200 to 300 LASIK procedures each month. He utilizes the most advanced LASIK technology with eight different lasers to customize each patients treatment. Patients who come to Dr. Manger appreciate quality, the best patient care, and of course, good vision for the rest of their lives!

Now you know how to find the best LASIK eye surgeons and have a better understanding of the difference between LASIK practices, schedule your FREE* LASIK exam with Dr. Manger to find out if you are a LASIK candidate!

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How To Find The Best Lasik Surgeon: Factors To Consider And What To Look For

Did you know that nearly 700,000 people in the United States have LASIK eye surgery every year? This elective surgery has remained popular since its FDA approval in 1999 because it can reduce your reliance on glasses or contacts.

If youre thinking of LASIK surgery, though, you may feel overwhelmed with all the advertisements you see for surgeons in the area. It can be hard to pick the best LASIK surgeon when many seem to promise you excellent vision for an affordable cost.

Thankfully, researching some information about the surgeon, clinic, and patient experiences can help you make a more informed decision. Read on to learn how to find the best LASIK surgeon.

Optician Vs Optometrist Vs Ophthalmologist

Best Lasik Surgeons in Stone Oak Tx #lasiksurgery

There are 3 different grades of eye care practitioners.

  • Optician: This is a healthcare professional trained to use prescriptions provided by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to design and fit visual aids, such as eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Optometrist: These clinicians provide primary vision care, including eye exams, vision tests, corrective lens prescriptions, the detection of certain eye conditions, and can carry out some strictly defined surgical procedures. An optometrist trains at an optometry academic facility, not medical school.
  • Ophthalmologist: The highest grade of eye care practitioner. They train for at least 8 years at medical school. They carry out eye surgeries and conduct scientific research into causes and cures for vision problems and eye conditions.

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How To Find The Best Lasik Surgeon

Looking for a good LASIK surgeon is easy. Referrals from friends and family members are a good start. Your optometrist or primary care provider is another reliable source. However, finding the best LASIK surgeon takes a little research. Dont worry, were here to help. Weve listed a couple of must-have requirements and what to look for when searching for a highly-qualified surgeon.

How Does Lasik Surgery Perform

  • During LASIK Eye Surgery, the patient is given eye drops that are local anesthesia to numb the area and the surgery takes around 10-15 minutes to be completed.
  • Initially, eye surgeons create a thin corneal flap with the help of an instrument called a microkeratome.
  • Then, the surgeon draws the corneal flap to expose the underneath corneal tissue for reshaping.
  • With the help of an excimer laser, the reshaping of corneal tissue will be done.
  • The corneal flap is gently placed back to the position on the cornea without sutures.
  • After the surgery, surgeons might prescribe eye drops to avoid eye drying, infection, and inflammation.

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How To Find The Best Lasik Eye Surgeon

Here at Saddleback Eye Center, we know how important your vision is to you. We understand that finding the best doctor for LASIK eye surgery to perform your LASIK eye surgery can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. To make researching easier for you, we have provided a breakdown of the four main categories of LASIK eye surgeons.

What To Look For In A Lasik Surgeon

Refractive surgery: LASIK laser eye surgery vs. lens surgery

While cost will, for most people, be a necessary consideration, this certainly shouldnt drive your decision of LASIK surgeon. The key is to find a professional you feel comfortable with and that you trust. While it might be convenient to choose a local practitioner, it might be that the best person may not be in your neighborhood. When it comes to something as crucial as your eyesight, traveling to get the right LASIK treatment is a small price to pay for peace of mind and ultimate results.

Be sure to ask many questions of your proposed practitioner. These should include:

  • Asking about their qualifications

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Ask For Patient Outcome Information

When you contact any prospective LASIK surgeon, request information about patient outcomes such as the success rate and any complications.

LASIK typically has a success rate of over 90 percent, meaning that these patients end up with a vision of 20/20 or better. Be wary if the surgeon gives you a lower rate since this can indicate they either accept patients who are poor candidates or they dont possess the right skills and expertise.

LASIK complications such as dry eyes, glare and issues with overcorrection or undercorrection happen. So, youll want to ask your doctor about what kind of complications they see most often and how often they occur under their care.

Pay Close Attention To What Others Say About Your Surgeon

You might hear advertisements about a laser eye clinic that touts fully satisfied customers. But you need to do careful research yourself to see what actual patients are saying.

A quick way to do this is to explore customer testimonials on the clinics website. But to get a more complete picture, also check the clinics social media pages, physician review websites, and even news stories.

It also helps to ask your current optometrist or ophthalmologist if they recommend the surgeon and what their reputation is like among eye care practitioners. Friends and family may also have experience with the surgeon and can provide their opinions.

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Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre

Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre, founded by none other than Dr Natasha Lim herself, specialises in Implantable Collamer Lens a vision correction procedure for those who are not suitable for laser eye surgery due to extremely high refractive errors .

Dr Natasha Lim also specialises in LASIK in Singapore and uses the iDesign Wavescan system instead of its Wavescan predecessor to map out cornea aberrations.

Laser technology used: LASIK is done via the iFS Intralase Femtosecond Laser + VISX Star S4 IR Excimer Laser ICL is done using the Visian Implantable Contact Lens.

Price with GST: LASIK costs $3,423 for both eyes. Eye evaluation costs $130.

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 6pm Sat, 8.30am to 1pm

Location: 101 Irrawaddy Rd, #19-01/02/03/07, Royal Square Medical Suites, Royal Square @ Novena, Singapore 329565

The Real Cost Of Cheap Lasik Eye Surgery

Top doctors 2017 Boston

Weve all seen advertisements for best LASIK surgeons in Los Angeles for as low as $799 per eye! Unfortunately, this is misleading and known as bait-and-switch. If you are farsighted, have astigmatism, or fall into one of the numerous other categories which exclude you from their advertised price, the price is quickly and drastically increased. These LASIK surgeons near me centers exist by offering low prices and are very comfortable cutting corners on surgical expertise, technology, medications, and after-care at your expense. Dr. Manger sees 5 to 6 patients every month who went to a budget center and are unhappy with their vision. Half of the time, Dr. Manger can fix their problem, and the other times he cannot. When deciding to have LASIK, you have to choose low price or quality- because you cant have both.

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What Are The Different Types Of Lasers Used In Lasik

An ultraviolet laser called an excimer laser is used in LASIK surgeries.

LASIK is a delicate surgical procedure where an extremely thin flap of corneal tissue is created, allowing the surgeon to use laser energy to gently reshape the cornea. The flap is repositioned and acts as a natural bandage to speed healing.

In some LASIK surgeries, the flap is created with a laser tool called a femtosecondlaser. In others, the surgeon uses a fine metal blade called a microkeratome.

The femtosecond laser may be referred to as an IntraLase femtosecond laser. This instrument is favored by many surgeons as a way to perform blade-free surgery that is accurate and safe.

There is some debate and differences of opinions among surgeons about these two approaches. The microkeratome or automated knife was originally the instrument of choice for LASIK surgery. Now, a femtosecond is more commonly used as it is considered a safer method for creating the corneal flap.

Talk with your doctor to find out what they use and how it may affect your comfort. With advancements in laser vision correction, many of the top clinics rely on laser technology for optimal outcomes, rapid healing, and safe procedures.

Asia Pacific Eye Centre

Formerly known as Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre, Asia Pacific Eye Centre was a result of the joint venture between Parkway Pantai Hospitals and ISEC Healthcare. The centre is still under the care of Dr Lee Hung Ming, previously head of LASIK surgery in Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National University Hospital , as well as Dr Tan Yar Li.

APEC focuses on LASIK surgery using iDesign machine to map out cornea aberrations to provide better wavefront-guided LASIK. The clinic also offers Implantable Contact Lenses as another alternative.

Laser technology used: LASIK is done via the iFS Intralase Femtosecond Laser + VISX Star S4 IR Excimer Laser sometimes known as iLASIK.

Price with GST: LASIK costs $3,724.67 for both eyes.

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 5.30pm Sat, 8.30am to 12.30pm

Location: Gleneagles Hospital, Level 3 Hospital Block, 6A Napier Rd, Singapore 258500

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