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Best Plastic Surgery In Tijuana Mx

How To Find A Professional Surgeon

Looking for the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana Mexico? (trusted by hundreds of patients)

Finding a professional plastic surgeon seems to be a difficult task, especially when you are looking for thebest plastic surgeon in Tijuana. Actually, it is easier than you may think, but first, you should look for the clinic where the surgeon works since this may influence the surgeons perception.

Returning to the previous point, when a person wants to perform a cosmetic procedure, it is essential to investigate and know which are the best or most recommended clinics. The reason is that knowing the opinions of actual patients is much more reliable than just being guided by advertising.

Of course, this does not mean that the surgeon who is going to attend to you is totally trustworthy you must make sure that the surgeon who is going to work with you has two crucial things: 1) Professional degree and valid certificates, 2) Necessary experience. These factors are paramount when looking for a professional plastic surgeon, especially the experience part, as this will represent a real difference to your experience.

Another thing you can do to find thebest plastic surgeons in Tijuana is to ask a family member, friend, acquaintance, or anyone you trust who has had plastic surgery or who knows someone who has undergone plastic surgery to tell you about their experience. This recommendation can also help you feel more confident when looking for a good surgeon.

Is Tijuana Good For Plastic Surgery

Tijuana is a popular destination for plastic surgery due to its close proximity to the United States and its reputation for offering quality treatments at affordable prices. The city is home to a number of well-respected and experienced plastic surgeons who specialize in a variety of procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuction, and facelifts. Additionally, many of the clinics in Tijuana are accredited by the Mexican government and offer a wide range of services, from aesthetic treatments to reconstructive surgery. Patients can also rest assured that they will be in good hands, as the city is home to some of the best medical facilities in Mexico. Whether youre looking for a nose job, liposuction, or any other procedure, Tijuana is a great option for plastic surgery.

Dr. Salvador Medina, a cosmetic surgeon for over 40 years, is the founder and leader of Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. The Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic surgery procedure that we at Angeles Hospital have recently introduced. Fat can be removed from troublesome areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomens by our surgeons. Hospital Angeles Tijuana is one of the most prestigious plastic surgery centers in Mexico. We have the only fully certified hospital in Tijuana, thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities. With a facelift, you can improve the appearance of cheek folds, loose skin around the neck, and wrinkles. Every year, 80,000 Americans undergo tummy tucks.

Who Are Best Plastic Surgeons In Tijuana Mexico

Are you looking for the best board-certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana Mexico? Getting quality care is essential when it comes to any kind of surgical procedure, and this is why many people choose to visit a location like Tijuana. With world-class surgeons and top-notch facilities, you can have peace of mind knowing that your health and safety are always taken into account. Our goal today is to provide an overview of the best board-certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana so that you can make an informed decision about where to get the treatment you need.

These surgeons are best plastic surgeons in Tijuana Mexico


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How To Choose A Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a surgeon, it is best to find out if they are board-certified, male or female, and how many procedures they perform a day.

Many people tend to undermine how many procedures the surgeon performs a day. Obviously, the more procedures the surgeon performs a day, the more fatigue they can get. This can result in lower quality surgery performance. The general rule of thumb for surgeries performed per day is 2-3.

They can only get board-certified once they passed this exam licensed by the government. This exam involves them taking a series of trials and tests and has gained recognition by the government for their work.

Our website provides a list of certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Mexico. Please note that one should still do their research to choose the one that best fits them.

Best Plastic Surgeons In Mexico

Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Plastic surgery has the ability to improve ones body part in how it looks. When done correctly, it can transform lives for the better and bring the results one wants. On the other hand, when done incorrectly, it can give a completely different result than you first expected.

Not everyone is born with amazing looks, but with the advanced medical technology the surgeons have access to today, we can change the way one looks with plastic surgery

A lot of people dont take into consideration the expertise when choosing a plastic surgeon. This results in them not getting the results they were looking for. This can either be the surgeon doesnt have enough experience or the technology they use is so outdated. The worst part is they have to live with the results they dont want for the rest of their life.

If you are looking for the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, check out our list of top Tijuana Plastic Surgeons for all your aesthetic procedures.

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After The Plastic Surgery Procedure

It is vital that you strictly follow the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon. For example, in the days following the procedure, you cannot make strenuous moves. Some particular procedures require much less movement than others. Hence, make sure someone will be around to help you with things like moving around the house, preparing meals, and whether your surgeon allows you to shower right away.

Meet the prescribed rest time and attend each of the appointments marked by your surgeon, so you can find out if your recovery is progressing satisfactorily. Although post-surgery infection cases are rare, if you notice any abnormalities, contact your surgeon immediately to avoid any complications.

As your recovery progresses, your surgeon will tell you when to resume physical exercise. During the first few weeks, the wounds are still healing. Granted, you should not make any vigorous effort. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice the results you expected in the first few weeks. Remember that the area where the plastic surgeons focused on is still swollen, but it will gradually decrease that inflammation, and you will be able to enjoy the results.

Psychological Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Never forget that good communication and confidence in your medical team ensures you an entirely satisfactory result. The medical team must meet your expectations and the goals for which you are coming to them.


Tummy Tuck

San Francisco, USA


Tummy Tuck


Fat Transfer To Buttocks

After the harvested fat has been purified, your surgeon performs fat transfer to the buttocks to enhance the volume and shape of the derrière. He re-injects the donor fat into the areas of the buttocks that require enhancement, usually the upper quadrant of the buttocks. During fat transfer, he carefully blends the fat throughout the treatment area, adding more fat as needed, to provide a smooth, perkier profile of the posterior. Once your plastic surgeon is satisfied with the fuller, rounder appearance of the derrière, he dresses the treated area with bandages.

Before and after Brazilian Butt Lift

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You Deserve The Best Treatment

Our medical team is aware of the importance of undergoing surgery for you, so we want you to be sure that you will receive a kind, cordial and professional treatment. If you decide to undergo a procedure in Tijuana, rest assured, knowing that plastic surgeons in Tijuana are top-rated, and their countless delighted patients with extraordinary results speak for themselves.

Call now our Health & Wellness Bazaar experts at 779-2552, or you can email us at . We will be happy to answer any concerns to help you look spectacular!


Faqs On Cosmetic Surgery In Tijuana

Best Plastic Surgery Experience in Tijuana
How much is plastic surgery in Tijuana?

The cost of plastic surgery in Tijuana varies depending on the type of cosmetic procedure.

If you are from the US, Tijuana plastic surgery costs up to 70% less expensive.

A simple and quick procedure like a rhinoplasty in Tijuana costs $3,000, while in the US, it is over $7000.

Even the price for Tijuana plastic surgery mommy makeover is 60% less than in the US, which means you can save 12,500 USD!.

How much is a tummy tuck and lipo in Tijuana?

$4,000 $9,000.

The cost of lipo along with tummy tuck in Tijuana is $5,000.

Is it safe to get cosmetic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

NCBIAssessing Cosmetic Surgery Safety

Our partner surgeons are board certified and highly experienced. The facilities have the modern infrastructure for plastic surgery procedures.

Whether it is rhinoplasty Tijuana, tummy tuck Tijuana, or BBL in Tijuana, Mexico, you can expect to achieve desirable and predictable results at a fraction of the US cost.

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How Is A Bbl Performed About The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient surgery performed under general anesthesia.

The first step in Brazilian butt lift surgery is to perform liposuction on the regions around the buttocks. For instance, your plastic surgeon may remove excess fat from the lower back, flanks, and other areas of the waist, hips, or thighs. Doing so provides a slimmer contour around the derrière, which, in turn, accentuates the feminine curve of the posterior. Performing liposuction also supplies the plastic surgeon with the donor fat used to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.

What Is The Most Important Job Of A Plastic Surgeon

The most important job of a plastic surgeon is that each procedure performed ensures the satisfaction and safety of each patient. In this way, you will enjoy peace of mind and see excellent results.

Therefore, before undergoing an aesthetic procedure, the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana will guide you and offer you the necessary suggestions.

However, these top-rated professionals do not have a magic wand to erase every single imperfection and make patients look precisely as they have dreamed. Patients play a vital role in ensuring satisfactory and even extraordinary results.

For example, patients are required to follow specific care at home, depending on the procedure they underwent. Some procedures are simple, and patients can return to their everyday activities and exercise.

In contrast, some more complex surgeries require that patients have complete rest at home, avoid lifting heavy things, walk for long periods, or be under the sun for prolonged periods even with sunscreen with high protection.

Clearly, the patient’s compliance to follow all the recommendations from the plastic surgeons will go hand in hand with the doctor’s experience, skills, and credentials. Please visit our blog, where you will find incredibly useful information about recovery periods, wound and scar care, things to avoid, and when to return to a normal routine and exercise.

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What’s The Success Rate Of Facelift Procedures In Tijuana

Approximately 80% to 90% of people who had a facelift is reported to achieve a positive result after their procedure. However, although great results are expected after a facelift, there can be no guarantee. In some cases, you may need more than one surgery to achieve your desired result. To make sure your surgery is successful you need to ensure your surgeon is skilled and experienced. You also have to follow your surgeons instructions, from the preparation to the aftercare.

Note that the results of a facelift are not permanent because no cosmetic procedure can stop aging. Your facial skin may begin to droop again as you age. The average facelift lasts between 7 and 10 years before you have aged enough to need additional work.

As with other surgical procedures, a facelift can carry some possible risks and complications, which may include nerve injury, hematoma, scarring, skin loss, and hair loss. Some of these risks can be managed with appropriate care and medication. However, you need to be aware of the long term and permanent complications. While they are rare, they may alter your appearance significantly.

Does A Bbl Last Forever

Liposuction Tijuana

Results from a Brazilian Butt Lift are long-term and can be permanent for many patients, depending on your body and your recovery. The answer to Is BBL permanent? is not as simple as a yes or no because of fat survival. Since you are receiving your own fat, there is a possibility that it will be reabsorbed or decrease if you lose a substantial amount of weight, just like fat anywhere else in your body.

Most patients lose around 40% of the fat in the first weeks post-surgery. After this and when the swelling has gone down after your BBL surgery, you can see the results that will likely be permanent. Our expert surgeons recommend not sitting down the first 4 weeks after surgery and maintaining a healthy weight in order to maximize fat cell survival.

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Mommy Makeover: Mexico Plastic Surgery Options

Having a child is one of lifes greatest joys. However, pregnancy and breastfeeding can also wreak havoc on a womans figure. To address the common aesthetic concerns that many mothers have after having children, the leading Tijuana plastic surgeons at CosMed / VIDA Wellness and Beauty offer mommy makeover surgery.

What’s The Recovery Time For Facelift Procedures In Tijuana

Expect to experience bruising, swelling, and some discomfort for the first 3 to 5 days. You may be able to return to work and some light activities within 7 to 14 days, but avoid any vigorous activities for about 5 to 6 weeks. It may take 2 to 3 months until your face feels normal in terms of texture and sensibility.

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Why Should You Receive Care From A Plastic Surgeon In Tijuana

A person’s appearance has become increasingly important in this information and technology era. Moreover, an optimal appearance opens the doors to new social and professional opportunities. For this reason, more and more people choose to have a makeover and are looking for the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana. As a result, they enjoy innumerable benefits!


Therefore, our renowned plastic surgeons have helped numerous patients improve their appearance significantly, and thus, they have increased their self-esteem and self-confidence. If you would like to enjoy these fantastic benefits and improve your quality of life, stop dreaming about it and take action! Our health and wellness experts are ready to help you select the appropriate procedure for you so you can turn your dream body into a reality that you can show off

Patients Breast Augmentation Procedures

Best Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana Mexico – Dr. Manuel Gutierrez

Breast augmentation is done through the placement of implants behind the breasts or beneath the chest muscles. An implant is a sac made up of either silicone or sterile salt water . A procedure takes place at an outpatient surgery clinic or in a hospital. The majority of women undergo this surgery under general anesthesia.

Breast augmentation can make women feel more at ease. Others may require this procedure in order to rebuild their breasts for a variety of reasons. Understand what surgery entails, as well as any potential risks and complications. Your breasts should be sized, felt, and looked at by a plastic surgeon to determine your ideal shape, appearance, and feel. Breast augmentation can be performed in a surgical center or a hospital outpatient setting. Smoking before and after surgery will cause your surgeon to advise you not to smoke for a period of time. After they are filled in, saline implants are placed and filled with sterile salt water.

After breast augmentation surgery, swelling and sores may appear for a few weeks. It is expected that scars will fade over time, but not completely. If you have dissatisfaction with the appearance of your breasts, you may need more surgery. If you gain or lose weight, your breasts may appear smaller.

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Our Affordable Brazilian Buttlift Cost

When we talk about an affordable Brazilian Butt Lift, we do not mean cheap cosmetic surgery or doing it by sacrificing your health or comfort. At VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center we pride ourselves in offering the best low-cost BBL out there. By low cost we mean:

A Brazilian butt lift in Mexico by some of the best plastic surgeons in the region, true experts in body enhancement procedures, staying at an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility, and having outstanding medical care in your language. While the cost for a BBL in Tijuana will vary from 3,800 to 6,000 US, the same procedure at another clinic in California can set you back 10,000 to 12,000 US.

Why? How is that possible? Overhead costs for plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, from medical supplies to real estate are lower, which allows us to give you a surgical experience unlike any other at a cost that cannot be matched.

Conculsion Of Best Plastic Surgeons In Mexico

Mexico is the favorite destination for travelers from all over the world due to the unique beauty of its beaches and the diversity of its nature, reefs, and cenotes. In addition, its ruins and archaeological sites offer tourists a further attraction.

Mexico is one of the top ten world destinations for plastic surgery and medical tourism and the primary reason that clinics and hospitals in the developing countries are able to lower their prices is directly related to the nations economic status.

The direct correlation with per capita gross domestic product of the country is observed, which is a proxy for income levels.

As a consequence, surgery prices are from 30% to 70% lower in the countries that are promoting medical tourism when compared to the US.

Ready to plan your trip, grab my FREE Vacation Planner to help you plan your trip in the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show!

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