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Bra-line Back Lift Surgery Cost

Bra Line Back Lift Cost In London

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In general, the price of a bra line back lift in London starts from £9,900. However, as a bespoke procedure, the cost of a bra line back lift varies depending on the surgical needs of each patient. Therefore, you will receive the exact cost of your bra line back lift after you consult with our plastic surgeon.

How Will I Care For My Body After A Back Lift If Driving In From Detroit Mi

When you leave her practice, Dr. Ellen will ask you to wear a compression garment, which will work to reduce swelling and maintain the new contours of your back. Your activity will need to be limited after surgery, but you will be able to walk. Any swelling you experience will subside and discomfort can be managed with medication. Recovery time will differ from patient to patient, though typically lasts about two weeks.

Who Is A Candidate For A Bra Line Back Lift

Ideal candidates for this procedure are individuals who are experiencing sagging skin or fat bulging around the bra line. This is often caused by the natural age progress or significant weight loss. While candidates are typically women, men can be candidates as well if they would like to remove back fat rolls or sagging skin in the area. Candidates should meet the following general requirements:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Are at a healthy weight they feel they can maintain
  • Are not taking or can stop taking blood-thinning medications or supplements
  • Have reasonable expectations about what this procedure can accomplish

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Back Lift Surgery Cost In Boston

Healthline states that the price for a back lift procedure tends to range from between $2,000 to $16,000. This price range can vary so much as some patients will have surgery performed on a relatively small section of their back while others may have a full back lift, including the entire lower and upper back. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states the average cost for back lifts as well as all types of body lifts as being $8,073. To find out how much your back lift in Boston will cost you will need to book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon so they can assess your specific needs.

The Bra Line Back Lift Procedure

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A Bra Line Back Lift is typically performed under general anesthesia, but this procedure may also be performed under local anesthesia.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, an incision is made across the back. Dr. Repta will use liposuction to remove any bulging fat and then remove excess skin and tissue. He will pull the remaining skin taut to achieve a smooth, tight contour. This incision is then sutured shut with special care, ensuring your scar can be easily hidden beneath a bra or bathing suit.

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Bra Line Back Fat Removal Cost

Like any other liposuction cost, the cost of back liposuction and a bra line back lift is determined by the amount of excess skin and fat, as well as the amount of time it takes to remove it.

You can trust that we offer affordable prices on all of our plastic surgery procedures, and you will be given an exact price at your consultation. At The Plastic Surgery Center in Shreveport, LA, we offer affordable financing options that can help you get the individual results youve always dreamed of!

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Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS, is a pioneer of the bra-line back lift. He is president of the Hunstad Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery PA in Charlotte, N.C. Dr. Hunstad is past president of the North Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons and past president-elect of the Lipoplasty Society of North America. He is also on the board of directors of the Body Contour Research Foundation. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Hunstad has published more than 40 plastic surgery articles on body contouring and face lifts, as well as numerous chapters in plastic surgery textbooks.

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Who Is A Candidate For A Back Lift

Individuals who have achieved their weight loss goals through surgery, diet, and exercise, or a combination of both who are left with excess skin and fat can benefit from back lift surgery. Other criteria for back lift surgery are:

  • Patient should be in good physical health
  • Patient should be in good phycological health
  • Patient should be a non-smoker
  • Patient should be close to their ideal weight.

Bra Line Back Lift And Lower Back Lift

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A lower back lift removes excess skin and fat from the lower back and buttocks. In doing so, the surgery provides patients with a slimmer waist and lifts and smoothens the skin in the lower back, buttocks, and outer thigh. Many patients who require a bra line backlift also have excess skin in their lower body that they want to get rid of and therefore combine both procedures for a more dramatic transformation.

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Bra Line Lift/upper Back Liftin Austin Texas

Its not uncommon to experience excess tissue in the upper back, specifically at the bra line. Many people are unhappy with stubborn areas of fat in their upper back or have excess loose skin as a result of dramatic weight loss. This tissue can create back rolls or cause difficulty finding flattering and properly fitting bras and other clothing. Dr. Erella from Aspira Plastic Surgery can help solve these problems through a bra line lift/upper back lift.

Dr. Venkata Erella is a board-certified plastic surgeon with training and experience in many body contouring procedures. He has provided many patients with natural-looking yet stunning results that create long-lasting self-confidence. If youre interested in pursuing a bra line lift/upper back lift, contact Aspira Plastic Surgery by calling to schedule a consultation.

How Is A Back Lift Performed

Back lifts are performed under general anesthesia at a hospital or surgical center and will vary by surgeon and if combining the back lift with other surgeries.

Before the patient is put under anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon will mark the incision sites on the body. For women, this will include marking their natural bra line. This is done, so the scar that results from the surgery will naturally fall under her bra or bathing suit top.

During surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will use the lines they drew to guide them in excising the loose skin. Liposuction and body sculpting are often done during this portion of the surgery and once the skin is smooth and looks naturally contoured, it is stretched taut and reattached along the incision line.

Surgical dressings will be applied and a compression garment will be put on the patient that they will wear according to their surgeons directions.

Surgical times can vary depending on the extent of the surgery and if combining more than one procedure but as a rule, the total surgery time is normally somewhere between 2 and 5 hours.

Some patients may need to spend the night in the hospital or surgical center for observations depending on the extent of their surgery.


To learn more about the treatments that are right for you, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

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What Can You Expect During A Bra Line Fat Removal Surgery

A back fat removal plastic surgery can create the look of a sleeker, tauter, smoother looking back by eliminating excess skin and fat cells above and below the bra line area on the back.

Before the cosmetic surgery, youll be placed under general anesthesia, and our nurses will mark where the incision site will be.

Then, during this cosmetic surgery procedure, our board certified plastic surgeon makes an incision across the back. This incision can be hidden with a swimsuit or bra. During the procedure, Dr. Wall removes your excess skin and excess fat. As this happens, the unwanted back rolls are smoothed out.

Patients who have a moderate to excess amount of extra back fat may also undergo back liposuction before the removal of excess skin.

Your plastic surgeon will make incisions within the excess skin targeted to be removed, if possible. This will help to prevent any additional scarring from additional incisions.

Once we have eliminated the excess fat, the tissue that is within the pre-marked site will be trimmed away and the edges of the skin will be pulled together. Doing this will eliminate any bra bulges, while tightening the back.

The entire procedure should take around 2 hours, and individual patient results may vary.

Enjoy A Slimmer More Contoured Back

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The back lift is a procedure that can produce a slimmer, more defined contour to the back and waist as well as lifting the buttocks and thighs. This procedure may be performed as either a lower back lift or upper back lift and it is able to produce dramatic contour changes in the patients shape. The lower back lift technique is often performed as part of the lower body lift however, these techniques can be performed on their own as well, especially after a tummy tuck has failed to give a complete rejuvenation.

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Complications Related To Back

Despite it being a relatively simple procedure, back-lifting surgery may present several complications. If the patient notices any of the following indications, they must immediately address their surgeon. Complications to back-lift surgery may include infections, hematoma, fluid collection under the skin, bleeding, allergic reactions, persistent swelling and bruising, numbness, and uncontrollable pain.

What Is The Cost Of A Bra Line Back Lift

The cost of a Bra Line Back Lift procedure depends on the amount and complexity of the skin that needs to be removed. The more excess skin that is present in the back and on the side of the chest the longer that surgery will take and the higher the cost will be. A patient with one bra line fold or roll will be easier to correct with a Bra Line Back Lift compared with a Bra Line Back Lift performed on a patient with multiple bra rolls. The range of cost for a Bra Line Back Lift procedure is between 20k and 40K for most patients.

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Preparing For The Bra

Your surgeon will give you a list of instructions on what to do and what not to do in the days before you undergo the bra-line back lift. This may include guidelines on eating and drinking. He or she will also discuss the importance of quitting smoking at least 30 days before bra-line back lift. Smoking greatly increases the risks of any surgery, and the bra-line back lift is no exception.

Certain medications, such as aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, may promote bleeding and should be discontinued before surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on which medications you should stop taking before the bra-line back lift. Never stop taking prescribed medications without first talking with your surgeon and with the doctor who prescribed them.

Prior to surgery, women are asked to sport a revealing swimsuit or bra. The surgeon will then mark up the area. These preoperative markings outline the patients brassiere, as well as delineate the excess back tissue to be removed.

The surgeon will likely use general anesthesia. The actual surgery takes about an hour. The surgeon cuts across the womans back and removes the excess folds or bulges of skin and then connects the remaining skin back together.

What To Expect After A Back Lift

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Youll likely have pain, swelling, and numbness for several weeks after your back lift. Your surgeon will likely prescribe medication to help you manage the pain. Youll also get instructions on how to care for your surgical bandages. Its extremely important to keep your incision clean and avoid activities that could pull on your skin. Its also essential to wear a compression garment for the prescribed period.

Your exact recovery time will depend on the procedure you had and on your overall health. It can take as little as a week or as long as 6 weeks before youre able to get back to your typical daily activities. You might have swelling for as long as 6 months after your back lift. Once youre completely healed, youll be able to see your new back. A back lift is meant to be a permanent solution to excess skin.

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Bra Line Back Lift And Breast Reduction

Breast reduction reduces the size of the breasts by removing breast tissue and reshaping the breasts. Large, heavy breasts are more than a cosmetic concern for some patients, as it leads to a host of physical symptoms, including pain, poor posture, and rashes. Thus, patients with excess skin on their back and disproportionately large breasts often combine a bra line back lift with breast reduction surgery.

Why Nazarian Plastic Surgery For Your Bra Line Back Lift Surgery

Dr. Nazarian and her teams goal with every procedure is to make you as comfortable as conceivably possible. For most surgical procedures, she likes her patients to increase their protein intake both before and after surgery. She has found that this really helps to jump-start your recovery so that you heal faster. She does not recommend dieting either before or after surgery. Medical-grade arnica, bromelain, and Vitamin K should also be started one month before surgery. These are available in-office.

If you want to make positive changes for your appearance while boosting your self confidence, this is the right place for you. Nazarian Plastic Surgery has a team of highly experienced and caring professionals ready to help you achieve your goals. Our team includes a Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Registered Nurse, and Aestheticians who are committed to providing you the safest and best in plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures.

Finally, at Nazarian Plastic Surgery we have an on-site, state of the art surgical facility, as well as modern and comfortable out-patient treatment suites. These added benefits help ensure that we meet our goal of achieving the most natural-looking and optimal results, while always keeping your safety first.

Consultation Information

Practitioners typically recommend sleeping on your stomach or sides for two to three weeks post-surgery. Avoiding pressure on your back and sutured incisions can help expedite the healing process.

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How Much Does Bra

The cost of back lift surgery can differ greatly depending on factors such as location, surgeon, how much excess skin and fat need to be removed, etc. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the starting cost of a back lift is typically between $6000-$10,000.

Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS

A triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, believes that every person deserves to be treated with respect, care and compassion. At Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Postoev strives to provide the best tailored treatment and implement the latest advances in cosmetic surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Back Fat Removal And Back Lift Surgery

Oplxuo Women

Combining back liposuction with a back lift procedure can create a slimmer, more youthful-looking back by removing stubborn back fat and sagging skin.

Weight loss, genetics, and aging can contribute to the formation of loose skin on upper back, mid back, and lower back. This excess skin cannot be reduced by weight loss and must be surgically removed in order to tighten the back.

Additionally, layers of stubborn back fat and bra bulges are also extremely difficult to reduce with traditional weight loss methods. So, back liposuction is often needed to reduce fat deposits, while the back lift procedure removes excess skin.

Our plastic surgery patients can enjoy natural looking results by targeting love handles around the lower back, bra bulges in the mid back, and drooping skin around the upper back with this combination surgical procedure.

Our experienced Shreveport liposuction surgeon offers a variety of back fat liposuction options in addition to back lift surgery to achieve the appearance youre seeking! Well list the benefits associated with each specific cosmetic procedure. To learn more, call our office for a free consultation.

  • can reduce bulging fat pockets around the back and side flanks
  • removes excess back fat to increase overall definition
  • can target the upper, middle, and lower back
  • results in gradual skin firming benefits

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Back Lift And Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen, and in some cases, tightens the abdominal muscles. As a result, the surgery provides patients with a flatter and toned stomach and a stronger core. As many people develop excess skin and fat in the abdomen, its common for patients to combine a backlift with a tummy tuck.

Show Off Your Back With Confidence

A bra line back lift can help sculpt your back by addressing excess fat along the bra line. This procedure leaves you with a tighter, more toned back. A bra line back lift removes excessive tissue that roles over the bra strap, creating a smooth and uniform contour to the upper and lower back.

A bra-line back lift can restore their confidence by doing the following:

  • Contour and rejuvenate the upper back
  • Remove excessive tissue that roles over the bra strap
  • Create a smooth and uniform contour to the upper and lower back

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What Are The Risks And Potential Side Effects Of Back Lift Surgery

In general, a back lift is considered a safe procedure. As is the case with most surgical procedures, the most common risks include bruising, bleeding, swelling, infection, delayed healing, and fluid buildup .

Theres also the possibility of complications from the general anesthesia, pain, and temporary or permanent numbness from nerve damage around your incision site.

If any of your symptoms seem worrisome, reach out to your surgeon right away.

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