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Bunion And Hammertoe Surgery Pictures

Minibunion Osteotomy Bunionectomy With Hammertoe Correction And Plantar Plate Repair

SPECIAL REPORT: New bunion surgery cuts recovery time

Fariba is a 56-year-old female with extensive foot damage. She had a severe bunion with plantar plate tears and hammertoes of the 2nd and 3rd toes. She is very active and travels and walks extensively. Fariba required our trademarked MinVasive Osteotomy Bunionectomy and hammertoe corrections with metatarsal osteotomy and plantar plate repair of the 2nd and 3rd toes. She was able to walk on her foot right after surgery and was back in shoes at 6 weeks post-surgery. Fariba took no pain medication and had no visible scars three months after surgery. After picture was taken 12 weeks post-surgery.

Surgery Is Always Considered For A Good Reason

If surgery is being considered as an option for your treatment, that consideration is not being made lightly.

Surgery is typically not even an option we bring to the table unless non-surgical methods have not had the results we have hoped to see, or it is clear that non-surgical forms of treatment would be a waste of your time and resources. The pain and other problems associated with your condition must also have a significant impact on your life.

Our primary goal for treating bunions and hammertoes is to help our patients find relief, and the condition itself does not always need to be corrected to do so. If we can do that through non-surgical methods, we will almost always prefer those over surgery!

What To Expect During An Office Consultation Visit

During your consultation with Dr. Arash Aminian at South County Orthopedic Specialists in Orange County, CA, he will conduct a physical examination of your gait, shoe wear, range of motion, mobility, your neurovascular system. Patients will also receive x-rays. You and your doctor at SCOS will talk about the types of surgeries and recommend the best option for you.

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How To Prepare For Bunion Surgery

The day of the surgery or a few days before, a doctor will check your vital signs to make sure youre healthy enough to undergo the surgery. The doctor may take x-rays or perform an electrocardiogram to evaluate your heart and lung function. They may also draw blood or ask for a urine test to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may cause complications.

A few days before the bunion procedure, you may need to stop taking certain medications including blood thinners. Your doctor may also ask you to stop eating or drinking for a number of hours before the procedure starts. Follow the doctors instructions to avoid complications or delays in your surgery.

Preparing For The Procedure

Bunions and Hammer toes

Many factors will be considered in the planning of your bunion and/or hammertoe correction procedure. Those include how severe your condition is, your age, general health and activity level, and other medical issues. Assessing these with our doctor can influence your procedure and recovery. Our doctor will likely want a full assessment before recommending the right path for you.

Ask our doctor about the risks of surgery and the tests required to be ready for your bunion/hammertoe correction procedure.

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Pediatric Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy

Ella is a 16-year-old with a painful bunion at the base of the big toe. Although her bunion was not large, it was very unstable and loose, not to menion painful. We performed a Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy on her foot with no pain and weight bearing at 2 weeks. Stephanie had no post-operative pain, no scar, no pain and no complaints. Just the way we like it.

The after image taken immediately following surgery.

Osteotomy Bunionectomy And Plantar Plate Repair

Andrew is a 56-year-old male who has a very active lifestyle and travels. He has a painful large bunion and had developed a secondary hammertoe and plantar plate tear of the 2nd toe. Andrew had an osteotomy bunionectomy and a hammertoe correction with a plantar plate repair. He was ambulatory right after surgery and back in a shoe at 6 weeks. Andrew worked the entire time after surgery and had absolutely no pain or need for pain medication. After picture taken immediately after surgery.

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Get Support When You Have Bunion Surgery

Choosing to have surgery is a difficult decision. But, if you suffer from debilitating pain caused by bunions, surgery is an option when more conservative treatments don’t work. Staying informed and working with a skilled podiatrist makes the experience easier. Ask the podiatrist questions and attend follow-up visits. Update your doctor if you have any complications throughout the bunion surgery recovery period.

Friends and family can help offer valuable support leading up to, during, and after your bunion surgery. They can help drive you to appointments and take you home after the surgery. Check-in with loved ones regularly and schedule your daily check-ins with Snug to ensure someone is watching out for you during your recovery.

While bunion surgery recovery can be a long process, it doesn’t have to be scary if you know what to expect. In fact, recovery can be a great time to stop and smell the roses, and connect with the people you love through social get-togethers and virtual video conferences.

Best Hammertoe Surgeon In Nyc

Healthcast: New bunion surgery cuts recovery time

Before I tell you more about the surgery and show you before and after pictures of this hammertoe surgery, let me tell you one amazing thing. The day of the second surgery, six weeks to the day after the first surgery, my patient informed me that he was playing basketball and comfortable the very day before.

Of course, I had told him it would be 12 weeks before he could play so he was not really listening to me, but I was happy he was doing so well after his surgery to recover so quickly.

This surgery was a big one as far as hammertoe surgery goes and he needed it on both feet. It was big because he required release and lengthening of 8 metatarsal phalangeal joints, 8 toe joints, 6 screws and 2 pins.

Lets start at the beginning. If you want to skip ahead, scroll down and check out the before and after pictures of hammertoe surgery at the end.

This patient came to me with a complaint of pain in both feet at the toes due to the contracted joints. He had pain with any activity and just walking. He had trouble fitting shoes. He also didnt like how they looked, and was embarrassed.

On physical exam he had rigidly contracted toes and dislocated joints. X-rays confirmed severe hammertoes and joint dislocations.

I told him all about the surgery to correct hammertoes and the postoperative course.

It took me just over two hours to do each foot, 4 toes including lots of plastic surgery maneuvers of the skin.

Before and after pictures of hammertoe surgery are below:

Left Foot:

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Forever Lapidus Bunionectomy And Hammertoe Correction

Elizabeth is a 55-year-old female with multiple foot issues. She had a severe bunion deformity and also had severe hammertoe deformities which required additional correction. We performed a Forever Lapidus Bunionectomy on her bunion deformity and also corrected her hammertoes with our revolutionary Ossio implant which forms bone instead of using metal. Her result speaks for itself and Elizabeth could not be happier. After image taken 3 months post surgery.

What To Expect During The Procedure

Traditional, or open-foot surgeries for conditions like hammertoes and bunions can be very painful and force an individual to spend at least a day in the hospital. These procedures require large incisions along the feet to correctly realign the muscles and joints. Thankfully, minimally invasive techniques now allow surgeons to operate using only local anesthesia. Minimally invasive foot surgeries are generally much less painful, produce less scarring, and allow patients to walk out of the operating room to drive home.

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Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy Tailor’s Bunionectomy

Irma is a 38-year-old female with a very lax and painful bunion deformity and a tailors bunion deformity. She underwent a Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy and also an osteotomy tailors bunionectomy. She was weight bearing at two weeks post-surgery and had no pain with her foot surgery. Irma was back in shoes at 6 weeks and at 3 months after surgery and she had no visible scar after her bunionectomies. The after image was taken 8 weeks post-op.

Talking With Your Doctor

Documenting my double bunionectomy (bunion surgery) experience ...

It is important when consulting with our doctor to not only understand the procedure they intend to perform, but also the implants they plan to use. OSSIOfiber® allows you and our doctor to select the procedure that best meets your needs while avoiding the complications and pain of metal implants that may lead to an additional procedure.

Make sure you are asking the right questions about the implants that will be in your body. Download our Patient Flyer to make sure youve got the information you need to have a helpful discussion with our doctor.

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Minvasive Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Featuring The Crossroads Minibunion System

Natalie is a fashionable young lady with a painful bunion that she could not fit in high heels. She also was concerned with her incision and look of her foot after surgery. Needless to say our MinVasive MiniBunion

procedure was exceptional for her. She has a very easy recovery and is back in 4-inch heels with no pain or swelling. She could not be more pleased.

Different Types Of Surgeries For Bunions

Before getting bunion surgery, a doctor will take x-rays to determine the severity of your bunion. This will help inform the treatment plan and allow the doctor to better determine whether surgery is necessary. Depending on your x-rays, a doctor may recommend different types of bunion surgery. Here are the different types of surgeries used to treat bunions.

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Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy And A Osteotomy Tailors Bunionectomy

Alexandra is a 34-year-old female elite athlete with a severe bunion deformity and some mild arthritis. She also had a tailors bunion deformity. We performed a Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy and an osteotomy tailors bunionectomy. Alexandra continued to train throughout her recovery and was back to her full sports activity at 8 weeks. She competed at an elite level just 12 weeks after bunion surgery.

The after picture taken six weeks post surgery.

Osteotomy Bunionectomy And Osteotomy Tailors Bunionectomy

Bunions & Hammertoes | Joan Williams, MD | UCLAMDChat

Barbara is a 34-year-old working mother of 3 with a painful and somewhat arthritic bunion and tailors bunion in her fifth metatarsal. Not only did she have a bunion, but she has hallux rigidus with a stiff great toe and bursitis. We used our osteotomy bunionectomy and osteotomy tailors bunionectomy to correct her bunion deformity and also get rid of her forming arthritis. She was able to continue to work and place weight on her foot right after surgery and was back in shoes at 5 weeks post-surgery. Barbara worked throughout her recovery and never missed a beat.

The after picture taken immediately after surgery.

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Beverly Hills Bunion Surgery Gallery

Bunion surgery in Los Angeles can relieve you of foot pain and discomfort. Our podiatrists are experts in foot surgery for bunions and other foot disorders.

According to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, women are nine times more likely than men to develop bunions, needing bunion surgery to permanently relieve this condition.

Our Los Angeles podiatrists will likely order X-rays to diagnose the progression of the bunion before bunion surgery. They may also measure the angles between the bones of the toes.

Bunions are generally categorized as mild, moderate or severe. More severe bunions restrict movement in the foot. Bunion surgery is usually an option once pain is felt during daily activities.

Our Los Angeles bunion specialists can also treat other problems on the foot, toes, or ankle when preforming your bunion surgery.

During your bunion surgery pre-op appointment, our Los Angeles bunion surgery experts will do a complete consultation of your foot shape and address any concerns you have.

Many of our patients also have experienced pain and inflammation from shoes irritating the bunion bump of arthritic bone. At this point, bunion surgery is a good option to restore normal shape to your foot.

Many people find that anti-inflammatories are insufficient to treat their bunion pain. For these individuals, bunion surgery can offer much-needed relief.

Bunion surgery is usually considered when all other options have been exhausted or there is a foot deformity.

Are You Considering Bunion Revision Surgery

For anyone who has gone through bunion surgery once, and are a facing the same surgery again, it must be tremendously unsettling. We get it. About 40% of all our bunion surgeries are revision surgeries.

But you can rest assure. We have the highest success rates in the nation and are internationally known for our surgeons and their techniques. If you are thinking about a revision surgery, the first step to possibly ease your apprehension, is to meet with one of our doctors, talk with them, looks them in the eye, and go with your gut.

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Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy With Weil Procedure

In this combined procedure, the joint behind the great toe joint, the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint, is fused together with the bunion in a more corrected position. Notice the improved alignment of the great toe joint. 2 screws were used to fixate the bones together and facilitate it towards fusion. In the Weil procedure, the 2nd metatarsal is shortened using a bone cut and fixed with a screw. Often, patients with a long 2nd metatarsal and a bunion will have pain underneath the ball of the foot. This procedure, in conjunction of correcting the bunion, helps to alleviate this pain.

Why Choose The Private Clinic For Bunion Removal Surgery

Bunion Surgery Leeds,
  • Exclusive to The Private Clinic in the UK, there is no other operation like this one.
  • Bunion Removal Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia using keyhole techniques.
  • This is the only natural operation with no metal fixtures such as wires or screws being used.
  • There is a 98% success rate following the bunion operation.
  • Mr Bianchi, an expert in his field has been carrying out bunion operations for 15 years.
  • Dr Bianchi carries out on average 1,200 bunion operations a year.
  • You will be able to bear weight on your foot quickly after surgery.
  • No need for an overnight stay
  • Minimal post-operative pain and aftercare.
  • Treatment carried out in our state-of-the-art London Fitzroy hospital
  • 24-hour patient helpline direct to your nursing team and surgeon, which means should you have any concern we are here to help.
  • Dedicated post-operative care and appointments with your surgeon and nursing team. We are here to give you the best experience.
  • Our excellent reputation for patient safety and satisfaction, honest advice and outstanding care means your journey with The Private Clinic will be an exciting experience to a newfound confidence.

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What Should I Expect From Recovery

The specifics of recovery will vary from case to case.

In very general terms, however, recovery from bunion surgery ill usually take about 6-8 weeks. This is the time when you can likely start walking without a boot or other items. Full recovery, howeverwhich is when all swelling should go downmay take up to 6 months.

For hammertoe surgery, general recovery can take about 6 weeks, while a full recovery may take 6 months to a year.

In both cases, there will be a period of time when you will need to keep weight off your foot as much as possible. Pre-planning before your surgery is essential to making sure you stay comfortable and have everything you need during this time.

In many cases, as you recover, physical therapy may be recommended to condition and strengthen the foot, helping you regain and maintain full mobility. We will also provide additional advice regarding lifestyle habits, footwear, and other matters as they may pertain to your personal recovery.

Before And After Photos For Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

This patient presented to the office with years of pain over the inside of the foot. The pain had gotten so severe that for the last four years she had not worn regular shoes. She was only able to wear flip-flops. After surgery, she was walking in a post-operative sandal. At two weeks she was able to transition into a wide toe-box shoe and by six weeks after surgery she was wearing regular shoes again.

Below you can find more Before and After photos of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery performed by Dr. Justin Kane, M.D. at the Orthopedic Institute of North Texas :

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Bunion Surgery And Recovery Should Be A Pleasant And Comfortable Experience

Many patients who are faced with surgery, either when conservative treatments have not worked or their condition is so serious there are no other options, have concerns about how long it will take to get back on their feet or that it will hurt like crazy. These fears are certainly often well-founded, especially if they have done their homework reading about surgical procedures online.

But Bunion correction technology and pain management have become much more advanced over the years, partially due to technologies, techniques, and protocols we helped develop. We now teach these techniques to other doctors nationally and we are trying to improve care to as many people as we can since we know that most people who are not near us cannot travel to see us.

Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy And Hamertoe Correction

How bunion removal surgery is carried out

Amanda is a 37-year-old mother who could not take much time off her foot and needed correction of a very large bunion that had also resulted in a hammertoe and partial discoloration of the 2nd toe joint. Amanda had a Lapidus Forever Bunionectomy and was back on her foot at 2 weeks after surgery and able to take care of her young children while she healed. Her bunion correction results are amazing, and her foot is fully back to normal.

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