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Calf Reduction Surgery Before And After

Why Might I Need A Calf Reduction

Calf Muscle Implant GoPro Surgery

Calves that are slimmer and display a smooth contour can appear more feminine, graceful, and attractive. Every time we workout, stand in heels, or just walk, we can contribute to the thickening of the calves.

Due to exercise, or just because of genetics, some women are prone to defined, bulkier lower leg muscles. If you would like to give your lower legs a slimmer look and make your overall appearance taller and more elegant, you could be a suitable candidate for calf reduction.

Calves that are sleeker and slenderer can certainly be an advantage of calf reduction for those undergoing male to female gender reassignment. Male to female transgender women can find calf reduction is effective in achieving lower legs that look less masculine and display more feminine curves. Those with calf hypertrophy may experience enlarged calf muscles. Calf reduction can help to address the tubular and bulky lower legs that are a result of the condition.

The Cost Of A Leg Lift

Leg lift costs vary and are often dependent upon location. In some areas a leg lift can cost several thousand dollars. While many insurance companies will not cover a leg lift since it is an aesthetic surgery, there are many doctors and credit companies that will finance your surgery giving you the chance to benefit from this anti-aging surgery without paying a large sum up front.

Calf And Ankle Liposuction Recovery

At the end of the procedure you will notice you are leaking numbing fluid. This happens because we leave the tiny incisions open to get the numbing fluid out. We ask patients to wear compression socks for 6 weeks as much as possible and keep their legs elevated by putting them up a wall for 30min three times a day for a week. We often add blood thinners to mitigate blood clots.

Calf and ankle liposuction brings so much joy and happiness to patients who never contemplated liposuction and always thought they were stuck with their genetically stubborn fat calves and ankles.

Dr. Neinstein

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Features Of The Line Calf Reduction Surgery

  • Very low relapse with more than 6,000 times experience and know-how
  • Smooth and fabulous calf line lasts to Achilles tendon
  • Creates sleek and shapely legs from every angle as glam point in two-thirds of the calf
  • A gentle recovery period with temporary muscle tightening and slight bruising, hardly any damage to the other sensory nerves as you can see in the calf liposuction surgery before and after photos.
  • Lots of lectures and demonstrations to doctors from home and abroad, such as France, Japan and China and the other to keep you knowledgeable about calf reduction surgery to get slim calves

Learn Upskill & Prosper With The Harley Street Institute

Calf cosmetic surgery with high quality completability

Harley Street Institute is one of the leading aesthetic training centres in the UK. The institute believes only in quality learning that is propped by professional training steered by top leaders in the beauty industry.

Through its variety of valuable hands-on training programmes and courses, HSI prepares you for all possible challenges. Our handpicked experts mentor and guide you from the simplest procedure to a task as daunting as calf slimming and body contouring.

Please visit us, discover the possibilities and explore your potentials.

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Calf Reduction Surgery Recovery

Since calf reduction can be performed via various techniques, the downtime after the surgery can differ for each approach. With most treatments, you are required to wear compression socks to help healing and enhance the slimming effects.

  • Botox injection: Calf reduction with botox injection has little to no recovery. Meaning, you can get back to work almost immediately.
  • Liposuction:After calf liposuction, you should refrain from certain activities for about a week. Bruises and mild swelling is also normal during the recovery period.
  • Radiofrequency calf reduction:The recovery time after the RF calf reduction procedure is about 2 to 3 weeks. You might temporarily experience odd sensations or muscle weakness while recovering.
  • Selective neurectomy and muscle resection:with surgical options, you should follow your surgeons instructions strictly. The recovery time can take about 3 to 4 weeks.

Calf Reduction By Radiofrequency Nerve And Muscle Ablation

Other popular ways of reshaping the lower legs include radiofrequency calf reduction and muscular ablation, which use RF energy to shrink the calf muscle by damaging the surrounding nerves. To stop the growth of portions of the calves, pieces of the gastrocnemius muscle are burned off, and nerve bundles are cut.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Calf Reduction

Is calf reduction surgery safe?

Non-aggressive techniques such as liposuction, Botox, or radiofrequency ablation have little to no risk. Most people are concerned about muscle resection surgery which might be accompanied by some risks . Yet, even this technique can be performed very safely by choosing an experienced surgeon and having appropriate care.

Why are my calves so big?

There are several factors that can contribute to large amounts of fat or exceedingly muscular calves. Most commonly, its due to genetics, being overweight, and indulging in certain exercises.

Are the results permanent?

Some methods of calf reduction like botox have results that wear off within a year. Some like liposuction maintain only if you follow a proper lifestyle and diet. Surgical calves reduction by muscle resection offers the most permanent results.

How much can it reduce my calves?

Nerve-blocking techniques and liposuction usually reduce your calves circumference no more than 1 inch. The most significant results can be achieved through surgery which can reduce the circumference to up to 3 inches.

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Muscle Relaxant Injections For Calf Reduction: What To Expect

Risk and complications of Calf Augmentation Plastic Surgery with implants, Toronto Dr Marc DuPere

Treating this condition is usually quite straight forward with a series of Muscle Relaxant Injections. The procedure is a walk in walk out treatment and takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete. You may experience some temporary soreness or bruising in the area. Very fine needles are used and hurt no more than a routine blood test. Most patients tolerate the treatment very well.

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Ial Resection Of Gastrocnemius Muscle

Solution to Big Calf Muscles

This surgery under general anesthesia is partial resection of lateral and medial Gastrocnemius muscle. This can be a classical surgery or with an endoscope assistance. In both techniques, the experienced surgeon can design and control how much muscle to remove and predict the outcome. It has a dramatic change both in shape and size. The surgery is safe as having no important nerve or muscles around the surgery area, there is no risk of nerve or vessel injury.

What Are The Indications For Calf Surgery

Patients may want calf surgery for calves which are genetically too small or too large. They may also be experiencing changes in the muscles or build up of fat. Calf deformity can also be caused by various diseases. Calf deformity can take on extreme forms, particularly in the case of disease, and may also be connected with obvious asymmetry.

The following diseases are among those that can cause muscular changes in the calves:

  • Injuries such as burns, extensive contusions, broken bones, and nerve injuries connected with muscle wasting .

Localized fat deposits can often cause the calf/lower leg area to be perceived by the patient as being too bulky:

  • Localized Obesity
  • General Obesity

In many cases patients undergo calf surgery for purely aesthetic reasons. They perceive the calf as being much too small or too large. If the finding is indeed plausible and the condition is combined with psychological strain and, depending on the case, limits social activities, then calf surgery can result in significant improvements to the patients quality of life.

There are currently various procedures which produce good or very good results with little risk of complications, provided they are carried out by a practiced hand.

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Clinical Assessment For An Effective Treatment

The major aim is to collect all of the information needed to select the best treatment option for your patient. Also, a clinical assessment is important to customize a treatment, even in the case of Botox calf reduction.

  • Some of the crucial features of a good clinical assessment include:
  • Analysis of the impact of treatment results through expert visual assessment.
  • Take a complete medical history, including the reason for seeking treatment.
  • Probe about the emergence of the problem, current lifestyle
  • Understanding the patients desired goals and expectations from the treatment.
  • Comparison of muscle volume before and after treatment by measuring the perimeter of muscle mass. The image assisted reconstruction tool can help measure the volume to determine the volume of muscle at the end of the session.

Why Do A Calf Liposuction In Turkey

Calf Implant Images

Turkey is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery techniques. Having your calf and ankle liposuction done in Turkey allows you to benefit from the best conditions of stay, the best care, and the best prices. By planning your calf liposuction with Body Expert, you will have the opportunity to discover the fabulous landscapes of Turkey and to soak up the cultural riches of Istanbul.

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How Is The After

After hospital discharge, the patient has near to no pain at surgery area but are always prescribed anti-inflamatories and pain killers.

While walking during the first few days, there is tightening at calf muscles. This is stagely reduced in 1 month period. There will be physical exersizes to be done everyday to stretch the gastrocnemius muscle to get used to new shape and size to move the legs.

In 2 weeks time, the walking becomes quite normal and can resume to work or daily life.

There will be limitations of sport activities for 2 months after surgery. Then sports can be started stagely from light ones to rigorous.

What Are The Potential Risks Of Calf Slimming Injections

Side effects are rare with this type of treatment. The injections act at the intended site, with no absorption into the blood-stream. Minor side effects such as redness, swelling, and itching are common immediately following treatments. These rarely last more than minutes to hours. These effects do not prevent patients from returning to their daily routine immediately after leaving our clinic. Bruising is uncommon, but if occurs can last anywhere from 2-4 days. It is easily covered with makeup. At Contour Clinic, we specialise in post procedural LED lighting to decrease the risk of bruising.

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Types Of Calf Muscles Development

There are three types of muscles in the calf: Medial Gastrocnemius, Lateral Gastrocnemius, and the Soleus Muscle. The most problematic muscle is the medial because it creates a rough line along the legs. Lateral gastrocnemius has relatively small amount of muscles on it but if it is overdeveloped, then it projects out backward. And if some of the fat is added onto it, it will make bigger and more rougher line on calves. So depends on the muscle development and fat amount, the correct surgical method should be selected to improve the line of your calves.

What Is Calf Reduction Surgery

Inner Calf Augmentation | Visage Clinic Toronto

They are a type of cosmetic surgery. Calf reduction procedure was created right here in South Korea, so many of the surgeons certified to perform this treatment will be some of the most experienced in this particular surgery. They will focus on excess fat, muscular calves, and the overall goal of reducing calf size for patients that may feel their calves are out of proportion with their body.

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Calf Reduction Surgery Cost

The cost of this procedure will vary depending once again on how permanent the results are. For the more invasive treatments, prices in South Korea will range between $1500-$4000, while non-invasive procedures should fall around $800. This is still competitive pricing as in the United States for example, the average price ranges around $7300 for invasive procedures, and the non-invasive treatments ranged upwards of $1000.

Selective Neurectomy For Calf Reduction

Calf neurectomy is performed by blocking selective nerves that contribute to the muscles volume and its activity. By blocking these nerves, the minimally invasive surgery results in muscle volume reduction in the area. It might take a couple of months before the patient can see the effect of the surgery. However, the outcome will be permanent.

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What Is A Calf Reduction

Who wouldnt love to flaunt slim legs and toned calves? Most women would love to have slender legs that let them wear the trendiest boots in town. Muscular hypertrophy and fat deposits can make the calves look wide and unsightly. Despite weight loss, dieting or exercise, it can be challenging to reduce the width of the calves.

There could be many reasons behind wide calves including a genetic pattern of fat deposit in the calves, water retention, cellulite, muscular hypertrophy or a sedentary lifestyle.

Both surgical and non-surgical options are available to correct the width of the calves.

Calf Reduction Surgery Before And After

Calf Implant Images

Patients should schedule numerous consultations with skilled board-certified plastic surgeons before deciding on a calf reduction procedure to fully understand all of the dangers associated with each technique. A knowledgeable medical specialist can help you determine if calf reduction surgery or a combination of treatments is right for you. Patients are frequently encouraged to wear elastic or compression stockings for several months after calf reduction.

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Guide To Calf Reduction

What to know about before and after surgery

Here you will find information about what you need to know before deciding to surgery, if you are the correct candidate or consider different procedures, what the calf reduction means, pros and cons about calf reduction surgery, is it the only way to correct it, and what the aftercare looks like.

Please kindly note that all information here is prepared to make you an informed patient according to the scientific information about calf reduction and surgeon’s own experiences. All can be varied person to person and case specific. Your surgeon will inform you about your needs and your own risks during physical consultation in details.

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Preparation Before The Procedure

Instruct the patient to discontinue aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin E, alcohol, and all tobacco products two weeks before surgery, and to reduce sodium intake. Preoperatively, the patient should be properly hydrated. If fitted compressive garments are to be used postoperatively, the patient should be fitted before the procedure.

Calf Reduction By Muscle Resection

Calf implants day 1

Muscle resection is one form of plastic surgery for adjusting the shape of the lower leg. A part of the gastrocnemius muscle in the calves is removed during this invasive plastic surgery. Muscle excision is the most invasive and dramatic of all calf reduction surgeries, with mixed results. Some studies have found that removing a section of the muscle does not affect athletic abilities, while others have found that patients’ ability to walk is temporarily impaired and that scarring is uncomfortable.

Muscle resectioning is an option if your major issue is a bulky calf muscle rather than extra fat. To minimize the size of your calves, your surgeon will make the first incision behind the knee and gently remove muscle fibers while avoiding nerves. The effects of this procedure are permanent and irreversible.

It can take up to six weeks to recover following partial muscle removal. As you recuperate from the more intrusive procedures, expect to rest and avoid walking. To assist recovery and prevent swelling, you may need to wear elastic or compression socks.

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Calf Reduction With Botox

If patients choose a non-surgical method like Botox, the process begins with an initial appointment, where the patient discusses their options with a cosmetic surgeon. This is followed by a series of sessions in which Botox is administered to the calf area. Although more commonly associated with facial cosmetic procedures, Botox acts on any muscles in the human body, blocking the nerves that serve them and causing them to relax. In the case of calves, this causes the gastrocnemius muscle to relax and atrophy – slowly degrading the tissue until it reaches the desired size.

Botox is regarded as the best technique for removing muscle mass. But, undergoing a calf reduction with botox involves a long process with multiple sessions. In most cases, having just one session of botox will not give you a sufficient reduction in size.

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