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Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Services Miami

Request A Consultation To Help You Plan Ahead

Questions Remain After Patient Dies At Miami-Dade Plastic Surgery Clinic

An in depth consultation with our team will provide you with everything you need to know!

Post-op Preparation

Whether your are a plastic surgery vet or this is your first experience, we want you to be prepared. If you have speical requests, let’s talk!

Medical Conditions

We value your privacy and any medical conditions that you may have. We will discuss them during your consultation.

Pain Management

It’s important for us to learn what you can tolerate so that we can customize the package you choose and tailor to your specific needs.

Client Expecations

Your expectations matter. We will combine our expertise with your expectations to provide you with a memorable experience.


Reserve Your Stay At Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness

Our postoperative care center is perfectly equipped to help you through the process of healing. To book your recovery room at Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness and enjoy the serene surgery recovery you need to feel rejuvenated after surgery, contact us today via phone at or via our website contact form.


The Ultimate Post Operative Care & Recovery Experience

Choosing the best surgical aftercare staff is just as important as choosing the best surgeon. You deserve a knowledgeable, compassionate team of professionals with experience aftercare so you can relax and heal quickly. At Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness, we are proud to offer dedicated post operative care for guests after:

  • Aesthetic dental surgery

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When Do I Get A Surgery Date

To schedule your surgery date, CG Cosmetic requires a deposit of $1,000 – this locks and guarantees the price provided, the full remaining balance must be paid two weeks before your surgery date.

The surgeons at CG Cosmetic can provide additional recommendations based on the photographs received from you, however, keep in mind that it might be necessary to modify or adjust the surgery plan upon physical examination, which may incur additional costs.

We always strive to offer the highest quality service and experience, CG Cosmetic will never compromise your health or safety for the sake of convenience.

What About Recovery Houses

Gallery Archive

CG Cosmetic is not affiliated in any way with any recovery houses, nor does CG Cosmetic recommend the use of recovery houses for any CG Cosmetic patients. Recovery houses are often not approved by the Florida Health Department, the Board of Medicine or any other governing body in Florida, Miami-Dade County, Miami City or Coral Gables. CG Cosmetic recommends that all patients consult with the Florida Department of Health website for a listing of all licensed health practitioners.

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In Home Care For Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

While the end results of cosmetic surgery can be extremely rewarding, the path to recovery can often be physically uncomfortable and emotionally challenging. Our Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Program can greatly reduce both the physical and mental stress by providing the following services:


The last thing you want to worry about when being discharged is packing your personal belongings. With any procedure, its easy to leave personal items behind. Our caregiver will properly pack your personal items. Having a list of items is always a good idea so that nothing is left behind.


Our caregiver will assist you with your drip home from the medical facility, as well as follow-up appointments.


Should your doctor prescribe the need for medical equipment in your home, our caregiver will make sure that the items are delivered, setup and functional.


No need to worry about getting your medication! Our caregiver will take care of seeing that your prescriptions are filled and picked up.


Our caregiver will go through your home to make sure you have clear, unobstructed pathways to areas critical to your recovery. This would include making sure that extension cords are out of the way and that throw rugs are not bunched up in a way that might cause accidents.


Private Duty Professional Care

Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness is dedicated to providing guests with exceptional aftercare professional staff and a comfortable and safe transition into a complete recovery that friends and family members cannot provide. In addition to our exclusive post operative care packages, we offer private professional staff, which can care for you at any hotel of your choice in Los Angeles or the privacy of your own home. We provide guests with private aftercare to ensure you get the attentive care you need, as long as you need it, wherever you need it! Our private duty professional care costs range between $85 to $125 per hour. Please contact us to arrange private care professional staff with as much advance notice as possible before surgery.

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Plastic Surgery Recovery Centers In Florida To Help You Recover Peacefully

Having plastic or cosmetic surgery performed can be a stressful experience, especially if you are from out of town or even an overseas customer. With Florida being known as one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world, it makes sense that there are numerous dedicated plastic surgery recovery centers available in the area, 5 of which will be discussed below.

The Dream Vision And Goal Of Cosmetic Aftercare

Miami Realtor Dies After Weight-Loss Surgery in Colombia | NBC 6 News

When you book with Cosmetic Aftercare you have a front row seat to observe, inspiration, dedication and unparalleled passion for a successful recovery.

Family isnt always blood even when our branches grow in different directions we are all from the same roots. Assisting you with your cosmetic surgery aftercare is our passion and the genuineness of our staff keeps us close together. Family means the world to us, so remove the idea of starting out as strangers and lets focus on recovery together, as one big happy family.

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About Our Miami Recovery Suites

Our Swanky Airbnb RECOVERY SUITES provide Non-Medical assistance that promotes stress-free recovery from surgery. Located in the heart of the affluent area of Miami in the Coral Gables, Kendall, Doral, Downtown and Edgewood Miami neighborhoods. Our recovery suites are near some of the top cosmetic surgical centers in the country i.e CG Cosmetics, Premier Center for Cosmetic Surgery, 305 Plastic Surgery, Avana Plastic Surgery, Allure Plastic Surgery, Careaga Plastic Surgery, Mia Aesthetics and Seduction Cosmetic Center. Whether you are recovering from a lipo 360, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or a BBL Flirt & Flutter has you covered.

  • Recover faster with fewer complications.

  • Receive personalized care from a dedicated nurse (assistance with seroma care and drain if needed, recovery assistants, and massage therapist.

  • Avoid high costs and the risk of infection

  • Just focus solely on your beautiful results

Your stay includes a private 1 bedroom w/bathroom, 24 hour assistance after surgery, light meal prep, washer/dryer, assist w/dressing and bathing and lymphatic massages w/packages. Book our suite for a minimum of a 5 nights at $1750 for the entire stay. Includes two lymphatic post-lipo massages. Looking for a longer stay with a great price? Checkout our 6 night stay and get the 7th night free along with 3 complimentary lymphatic massages. Therefore book 6 nights plus one free for only $2100.


The Secret Garden On Singer Island Fl

The Secret Garden will provide you with a private concierge, personal attendants, private transportation and a complete team of Board Certified and Registered Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Anesthetists to ensure that your recovery period is as smooth and relaxing as possible. All post-operative care is taken care of here as well. In fact, this is one of few plastic surgery recovery centers that have been classified as being a surgical recovery oasis.

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Post Operative Care & Recovery Services

Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness offers the most luxurious and personalized postoperative care services in Century City, Los Angeles with a sincere passion for care. As the premier aftercare facility for plastic surgery and other procedures, we know the thought of recovering after surgery can be overwhelming, which is why we promise to make your surgical recovery as relaxing and revitalizing as possible. To do this, our team of experienced professional staff and concierge specialists are specifically trained in aftercare and post operative care to help aid in your recovery. This allows our guests to receive custom-tailored postoperative care, so you can recover faster and with fewer complications.

Post Operative Care Services

Dr. Salomon The Most Respected Blepharoplasty Surgeon in Florida

Recovery RN is brought to you by Adaptiv Wellness. Recovery RN is a private post operative care concierge service that offers one on one, private recovery nurses and services to support you after your Tampa plastic surgery or other types of surgery. Miami private nursing care as well as private nurses in other areas of South and Central Florida is available. There is no need to be alone, our team consists of licensed nurses who are here to provide discreet, high-quality recovery services in the comfort of your comfort zone, home, office, hotel, or Airbnb. Whether you need ranges from transportation, to full monitoring, and light meal prep, we offer a suite of packages to support you after your surgical procedure. It is never too soon to plan for your recovery and after care. Schedule your consultation to receive private, compassionate, and personalized after surgery care and have peace of mind as you recover. When you book our service you are getting care from a Licensed Nurses and a team of recovery support staff, to assure quality care, privacy, and peace of mind. We care, You recover!

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Outpatient Surgery: Avana Plastic Surgery


8700 West Flagler Street Suite 250 Miami Fl 33174

Please take a look at the below guidelines, very important to keep in mind when making your travel and lodging arrangements:

One or several follow-up appointments with your surgeon are required to ensure prompt healing and recovery.
Eyelid Surgery 5 days Recovery is based on the type of procedure, whether it is local or general for upper or lower eyelids.
Labiaplasty 3 days While this is not an extensive procedure, patients are required to stay for at least three days before flying back home.

Plastic Surgery Vacation In Miami

If you are out of town you can start by submitting an online consultation provided in this website, that way we are able to assign a dedicated care coordinator and you can start with a visual consultation, by providing at least three pictures by email. Ideally, these pictures should be taken by someone else, make sure your arms are relaxed and to the side, and not extended holding the camera, please include the torso, from neck to waist only.

After receiving the information you provided, CG Cosmetic can provide an estimate about how much the procedure will cost and present you with a treatment plan to be completed by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Additionally, you will receive a list of all medical exams required before surgery.

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About Us: Lush Recovery 305

Recovery Retreat House

Lush Recovery 305 is a safe and relaxing place where individuals can come and relax after any pre-op or post operation here in the Miami area. Having cosmetic surgery can be stressful and nerve wracking and that’s where we step in. If you are travelling to the South Florida area alone or with a friend, we offer individual post surgery and buddy packages geared towards cosmetic surgery patients.

Our retreat is not a medical facility, but rather a place to heal, obtain a piece of mind and to relax amongst others who share the same experiences with one another. We provide trained caregivers who will assist you with all of your post-op aftercare needs. Caregivers are first aid and CPR certified. Your health and safety are our top priorities. You are in good hands with us at Lush Recovery 305.

We accept all cosmetic surgery patients ranging from Breast Augmentations, Mommy Makeovers, BBL, 360 Lipo and more. Become a Lush Doll today!

Officers Find Unlicensed House With 6 Post

Dos and Don’ts of Traveling after Surgery By Dr Fasusi At Mia Aesthetics

MIAMI A woman appeared in court on Wednesday after detectives arrested her at an unlicensed post-op-surgery recovery house in Miami.

On Tuesday, Kenia Julissa Reyes-Duron told investigators there were patients in the house at 1170 SW 18 St., in Miamis The Roads neighborhood, near Brickell, according to the arrest report.

Officers questioned and arrested Reyes-Duron just as she was helping two women to get into a black Toyota sports utility vehicle that was parked outside of the house, police said.

Miami-Dade corrections officers booked Reyes-Duron, 47, shortly after 5:20 p.m., on Tuesday, at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, records show.

Reyes-Duron then appeared in front of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy S. Glazer on Wednesday during a virtual bond hearing on Zoom.

You cannot run an ALF or any type of assisted living facility unless you are properly licensed by the state of Florida, Glazer said in court.

The Miami Police Departments secret intelligence service unit worked with the Miami-Dade Police Departments medical crimes unit and the states Agency for Health Care Administration on the case.

Reyes-Duron is facing 57 counts of operating an assisted living facility without a license. Glazer set the bond at $10,000 for two counts and released her on her own recognizance for the other 55 charges.

Read the arrest forms narrative


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Cosmetic Aftercare Of South Florida

is the premier aftercare recovery service for cosmetic surgery patients. It is not a coincidence that many of the top cosmetic surgeons in the South Florida area continually refer their valued clients to this team of caregivers. This is much more than routine or standard care, this is precise, detailed and personal one-on-one care with a deliberate purpose deliver the level of care that ensures and emphasizes safety and a recovery process that promotes proven healing measures and techniques.

Choose The Best Surgical Aftercare

Having the best surgical aftercare is just as important as choosing the best surgeon. You deserve an aftercare post-op recovery team who is knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced in caring for you after surgery so you can relax and heal quickly. At Elite Concierge Recovery Services, we are proud to offer personalized and dedicated care for patients following cosmetic surgery.

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All Packages Include Pickup From The Surgery Center Package Time Begins At Pickup Additional Round Trip Transportation Beyond What Is Specified For Package Must Be Added At An Additional Cost

All packages also include care such as:

  • Transportation from Surgery Center to place of recovery
  • Transportation to Post Op Appointment
  • Monitoring for comfort and complications
  • Assistance with Walking and Range of motion
  • Grocery Pick up
  • Light housekeeping and meal assistance
  • Bathroom Assistance, basic hygiene
  • Drain Care and Output measurement
  • Monitoring of Surgical Site
  • Putting on and removal of surgical garments
  • Washing surgical garment
  • Full Support, Post op education, and Care coordination as needed.
  • Set up and Sanitation of recovery area
  • Basic Medical Supplies

Make Me Comfortable

4 hours

Transportation from the surgery center to your home, prescription pick up, monitoring for comfort and complications. This package is for the client who needs help getting home and settled.

Premium8 hours of Post Surgical Support

May be used a 8 consecutive hours, or divided into Two hour days.


12 hours of Post surgical support

Includes: all components of the Premium package.

  • May be divided into Three hour days.

Ultra Luxe

Includes all components of the above packages as well as:

  • Hours are spread over 3 Days of Nursing Care
  • Day of Surgery: 18 hours , Day 2:6 hours, Day 3: 3 hours.
  • Your choice of a Post Op IV Therapy Session or Post Op Lymphatic Drainage Session with Red Light Therapy.

A La Carte Recovery Services:

Drain or Suture Removal: $75, includes full office visit, vital signs, assessment, education

Lymphatic Drainage Session:

Packages :

5 Pack: $545

10+ Pack: $995

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