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Cost For Lasik Eye Surgery

Price Not Valid For Most Prescriptions

PRK vs LASIK Eye Surgery – Procedure, Recovery and Cost

If you look closely, you will see that many low price LASIK offers come with qualifying measures. A big qualifier is the level of correction. Most of the cheaper LASIK offers are only valid for a very small percentage of patients who are nearsighted. Once youâre there for your consultation and your prescription is found to be higher than their qualifiers, you will find that the cost of LASIK goes up. Throw in astigmatism or farsightedness, and you quickly discover that the advertised price does not apply to your type of correction.

Lasik Costs Can Vary Based On Technology

Most refractive surgeons in the U.S. charge one price for all vision correction procedures performed with an excimer laser to reshape the cornea of the eye.

In other words, additional technology such as the use of a femtosecond laser to create the flap in the cornea for bladeless LASIK is included in a single fee and not priced separately as an “extra.”

Other LASIK surgeons, however, base their prices on the specific technology used during the procedure. For example, they may charge more for all-laser LASIK or custom LASIK that employs wavefront technology for a more customized procedure.

A small percentage of surgeons base their laser surgery prices on the strength of your eye prescription. With this kind of pricing, patients with stronger prescriptions will pay more than those with weaker prescriptions.

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How To Reduce Lasik Surgery Costs

You may be able to make the cost of LASIK more affordable. Some eye care practices offer special pricing and incentives for LASIK and other vision surgeries.

For example, according to a 2019 survey of refractive surgeons in the U.S., about 29% of them offered some form of special pricing. Of these surgeons:

  • 88% offered no-interest financing

  • 65% had limited-time offers

  • 41% offered special group pricing

There are finance companies that offer fixed rates and long-term payment plans for elective procedures like LASIK. Many LASIK surgery centers and private medical practices offer financing plans through these companies.

Since this kind of laser eye surgery is an elective procedure, most medical and vision insurance plans will not cover LASIK. However, some employers arrange for special discounts for their employees at designated surgery centers.

Some large employers also offer subsidized health plans that partially cover LASIK costs. Ask your employer about possible benefits that might cover these corrective eye surgery procedures.

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Standard Lasik Vs Custom Lasik

An important part of the LASIK discussion is figuring out which LASIK surgery you will undergo. The two options are standard, traditional LASIK and custom LASIK. Custom LASIK is considered the premium option when it comes to LASIK surgery. In this procedure, your surgeon uses a laser to create the corneal flap. After the corneal flap has been created, the laser corrects your refractive error. Because the corneal flap is created using a laser and not by hand with a microkeratome, there is a much lower incidence of complications or risks.

Other benefits include:

  • Completely customized vision correction thats unique to your eyes and vision needs. This is due to using Wavefront Technology.This technology creates a 3-dimensional map of your eye and pinpoints the exact areas needing correction for optimal vision after your procedure. Standard LASIK is still a reliable and trusted procedure, but provides vision correction as good as prescription glasses or contacts.
  • Greater chance of achieving 20/20 or better post-LASIK surgery.
  • Reduced risk of developing halos or light glares compared to standard LASIK.

How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Usually Cost

Lasik eye surgery cost

LASIK is a popular eye surgery that corrects vision in people who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism.

Approximately 700,000 people annually have this laser procedure to reshape the cornea so light traveling through it is properly focused onto the retina. Roughly 96% of patients will achieve their desired vision after the procedure, which was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998.

If you or someone you know is contemplating LASIK, it’s important to not only understand the benefits and risk factors of the procedure itself, but also the financial costs.

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Pros And Cons Of Lasik: Are The Risks Worth The Cost

Patients seek LASIK surgery for many reasons.

One is near universal: to wake up in the morning and not reach for your glasses or spend two minutes putting in contact lenses, says Christopher Hood, M.D., a clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center.

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Most want to enjoy work and leisure with clear vision, too.

But the idea of eye surgery and being awake during it can be scary. Nor is the procedure, which involves cutting a small flap in the cornea surface cells in order to reshape the cornea underneath it, right for everyone.

Others may balk at the price: The average cost per eye, according to Hood, is about $2,200.

Because LASIK isnt typically covered by insurance, some people might choose to save and pay for it via a flexible spending account. U-Ms credit union also offers financing plans.

No matter the concern, we help weigh the risks and benefits, Hood says. For some people, its a no-brainer.

Here, he explains several pros and cons of LASIK:

What To Ask Your Provider

When considering LASIK, ask your chosen provider the risks of the procedure for your specific case. Explain what you think LASIK entails and what it can do for you, so they can correct you if you have any misconceptions.

You also want to ask them about the cost of the procedure, any systems they have in place for discounts or different ways to pay for it, and if the quoted cost covers follow-up appointments and any necessary enhancement procedures. If any costs arent covered, find out how much you can expect them to be and the likelihood that youll end up needing to pay for them.

You also want to ask about alternatives to LASIK, including these options:

  • Glasses and contacts

If you arent eligible for LASIK for any reason, one of the above options may be a better choice for you.

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Beware Of Low Cost Ads

No doubt you have seen some variation of ads that offer LASIK for a low flat fee: LASIK for $499. These ads should always be viewed with skepticism from the beginning. After all, it is an ad and how many times have we all been fooled by an ad because we did not read the fine print or look into the matter more closely. Typically, some costs were left out, and cheap LASIK ads are no exception. These discount LASIK ads are designed to get you to make an appointment and have a consultation because getting you into the office is the first step to closing the sale. It is harder to leave an office after your have had an examination and seen how much LASIK can improve your vision. There is a concern where a practice that advertises discount LASIK may be driven more by sales than by what is best for the patient. We recommend you should be especially careful in that regard and find out everything you can and if you have any doubt, we believe you should consider getting a second opinion from a proven LASIK expert. Of course we suggest a vision correction specialist from our Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory before proceeding with any refractive surgery procedure like LASIK.

Does the Cheap LASIK Ad apply to me?

In most cases, probably not. Typically, only a very small percentage of the population would qualify for the cheap price specified in these types of discount ads: those who have very little or no astigmatism and need only a slight correction through laser vision surgery.

How Much Does Lasik For Astigmatism Cost

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Really Cost? | Lasik-Eyes

The average cost of LASIK across the United States is about $4,200, according to the American Refractive Surgery Council. Thatâs an estimated total amount. Your eye doctor may talk to you about the price in terms of the cost per eye, since each of your eyes may need different amounts of testing, treatment, and follow-up care, the council says.

The price of LASIK can also vary based on things like:

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Lasik Center In New Jersey

Dello Russo Laser Vision in New Jersey is the nations leading LASIK eye surgery provider. Under the guidance of the highly experienced and lauded Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, we have been at the forefront of LASIK and laser surgery since its early inception.

Dr. Dello Russo purchased the worlds first laser for vision correction and his initial LASIK work was instrumental in the FDA approval of LASIK. Endlessly inspired by Dr. Dello Russos pioneering work, the LASIK eye surgeons at Dello Russo Laser Vision remain at the cutting edge of laser eye technology in the northern New Jersey area.

Lasik Cost & Financing

There is no definitive price for custom LASIK and traditional LASIK, as it varies between practices, and areas of the country. Here are some of the factors that could change the cost of LASIK:

  • Experience level of your LASIK surgeon
  • How severe refractive errors are that will be corrected with laser eye surgery
  • The technology used for the procedure. Standard LASIK costs less out of pocket compared to custom LASIK using advanced Wavefront Technology.

Depending on what kind of LASIK you choose, LASIK can vary from $300 per eye, to $4,000 or more. In 2017, the average cost of custom bladeless LASIK was about $2,500 per eye in the United States. Although that may sound high, there are financing options like Wells Fargo Financial National Bank at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute, as well as the option to use Health Saving Plan benefits.

Want to learn more about the benefits of LASIK? With two convenient Nebraska offices located in Lincoln and Omaha, were here for all of your eye needs! Schedule a consultation and find out if youre a good candidate for LASIK with The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute today!

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Here Are Some Tips When Talking With Various Practices About Your Cost Of Lasik:

  • Dont just look at the price you need to understand what you are getting for that price to make sure it is an apples-to-apples comparison.
  • Ask specifically what type of technology will be used to make the flap during your LASIK procedure. Will it be a blade or a laser? A laser is todays standard of care, but it requires a significant financial investment on the part of the practice.
  • Once you know your flap will be made with a laser find out specifically what laser. There are several and many improvements that have been made since the release of the original IntraLase. Dr. Mozayeni introduced the IntraLase laser to Charlotte back in 2003 but Providence Eye has since replaced it with the advanced proven WaveLight FS200 laser.
  • What postoperative appointments will there be and is there an enhancement policy that will care for you in the future should you have any unexpected vision changes.
  • Look carefully and ask questions to avoid any hidden fees or starting at prices.
  • Consider the lifetime value of LASIK versus the one-time LASIK cost.
  • Once you feel good about making this investment in your vision, you need to look into the eye of your potential surgeon and listen to your heart and your gut to determine if this is the surgeon you trust to do your LASIK surgery.

Experience & Quality Of Surgeons Affect Cost

Laser Eye Surgery Cost

The technology used to perform the surgery and the surgeons experience will also factor in to how much you pay for LASIK. Experienced LASIK eye surgeons cost more than the doctors with only several hundred procedures performed. However, a more experienced surgeon does not guarantee safer, more accurate results.

To participate as a LASIK surgeon in QualSights network of Ophthalmologists, a doctor must be NCQA credentialed and their entire work history is reviewed including mal-practice insurance, state license and certifications. QualSight LASIK surgeons specialize in LASIK and collectively have performed more than 7 million procedures.

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Creative Ways Of Affording The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery

There are many ways to afford LASIK. Many people finance their procedures, at a monthly cost that has been compared to a utility bill. In addition, some choose to put the balance on a rewards-bearing credit card for points, miles, or other incentives. Make sure your provider accepts your credit card if you plan to do this.

How Much Is Custom Wavefront Lasik & Why Does It Cost More

The newer Custom Wavefront LASIK technology is groundbreaking because it has the potential to improve not only how much you can see , but also how well you can see in terms of contrast sensitivity and fine detail. This translates into a reduced risk of post-LASIK complications, such as glare, halos, and difficulty with night vision. How much you see depends on vision defects known as lower-order aberrations associated with common refractive errors.

Adapted from technology that allows land-based telescopes to produce images comparable to those generated by the Hubble Space Telescope, Wavefront LASIK consists of a sensor and a laser. All these visual irregularities are then displayed as a 3-D map, referred to as a Wavefront map. This information is then electronically transferred to the laser, and a computer is matched to the eye’s position, enabling the surgeon to customize the procedure to your unique visual requirements.

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How To Find A Surgeon

Make sure the surgery you plan to have is the right solution for your particular vision problem.

Below are some tips for selecting a surgeon and questions you may want to ask before scheduling your procedure.

Visit or contact several local providers. Ask about their experience, procedures, success rates, and patient satisfaction scores.

How do they decide who is a good candidate for a procedure?

Ask friends and family members who were happy with their surgery for referrals.

Dont always go for the cheapest option. The provider could be lacking experience, or there may be costs that arent upfront.

What technique will be used? What kinds of results can you expect? Be sure to have realistic expectations. Not every procedure will deliver perfect vision.

Make sure you ask about savings programs, discounts, and payment plans, too. Since very few insurance companies cover LASIK, many providers offer some type of discount on their services.

How Much Does Lasik Cost

What Is The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Since you’ll be paying out of pocket for LASIK, it’s important to understand the financial burden you’ll be faced with. On average, LASIK costs range between $2,000 to $3,000 per eye.

While the cost seems steep, it is a one-time expense that includes everything from pre-surgery care, the operation itself, and any post-op examinations and care which may be cheaper in the long run compared topenses like glasses, contacts and other supplies should you not have the operation.

With an average cost of $2,199 per eye for LASIK in the United States, that cost can fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the surgeon, where you’re getting the procedure, quality of equipment, and specific eye conditions.

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How To Give Yourself A Discount On Lasik

Two options that can help you give yourself a discount on LASIK are Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts, which can save you money since contributions are not subject to payroll taxes. In other words, by making tax-fee contributions, you are getting the tax savings as your discount on LASIK.

For further details, please read the discussion below.

Health Savings Accounts

A health savings account is a tax-exempt trust or custodial medical savings account that you set up with a qualified HSA trustee to pay or reimburse certain medical expenses you incur. You must be an eligible individual to qualify for an HAS and be enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan , which currently means a deductible of over $1,100 for individuals and $2,200 for a family. HSA contributions are limited during a calendar year to $5,600 for an individual and $11,200 for a family. However, unlike Flexible Spending Accounts below, you can roll over any unused amounts during the year to use in the future. Another significant benefit is that any funds you do not use accrue tax fee interest, so the amount of funds in your account can grow over time. Funds from an HSA may be used to pay for certain qualified medical expenses at any time without federal tax liability.

For more information about Health Savings Accounts , please visit:

Flexible Spending Account

For more information about Flexible Spending Accounts , please visit:

Low Price Guarantee For Laser Eye Surgery

Find another laser eye surgery center offering the same services at a lower price than LASIK Experts? We’ll match the competitor’s price, and then take an additional $100** from the total cost of your procedure. Guaranteed.

Here’s what you’ll need to be eligible:

  • The competitor must be from the same city
  • The laser or lens technology used to perform your vision correction must be equivalent to that offered by LASIK Experts. This applies to all of the procedures we offer

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The Benefits Of Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery greatly improves the quality of life by providing life-changing visual results that can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. Its a relatively painless and quick process, with the procedure only lasting an average of ten minutes. It also offers a speedy recovery time. Not only is the recovery period relatively free of discomfort, but most patients are back to their normal routines within 24 hours.

There are many benefits to LASIK eye surgery, including the following:

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