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Elite Plastic Surgery Miami Death

Years Old Bbl Procedure

Miami Realtor Dies After Weight-Loss Surgery in Colombia | NBC 6 News

I am a week post op from my BBL procedure. And so far I am in love with my results! Everyone at Elite Plastic Surgery was beyond kind and welcoming. They took care of before and after surgery. Every time I had a question or concern someone was there to answer it. I specifically went with Dr Salama because Ive heard such great things about him. Im happy with my choice! And I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great surgeon and a great surgery center to go with Elite Plastic Surgery.

Year Old Finally Happy With Body

Dr. Salama and his staff are amazing! I had a BBL done 5 days ago and Im so happy with my results. I opted for the cell saver procedure and I have had a pretty easy recovery. The pain hasnt been as bad as expected. The worst part of the recovery process for me has been sleeping. Other than that I cant get enough of looking at myself in the mirror each day before showering. Im in love with my results, and I know they will get better once the swelling subsides. Im so glad I finally made the decision to get Salamafied!!

I Got Boobies Yeaaaahhhh

Just had mastopexy 2days ago with Dr. Salamai am up walking around a bit swollen but my breast look soooo good I had a bbl with Dr s. Last year Im so satisfied I went from pancake to cake cake He is a true artist and sculpted my body for free my body type thats what I luv about him he is very honest skilled and cares about the safety of his patients Dont look any further Dr salama is the man.

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Years Old No Kids And Wanted A More Contoured Body

After meeting with a few surgeons, once I came across Dr.Salama and got my consultation, I knew he was the one to go with. He is an amazing surgeon and is truly blessed at what he does. He conducts himself using professionalism and is very polite. He made me feel very comfortable. His staff is also amazing, from the girls at the front desk to everyone at surgery center. I am one-week post-op and is happy with what I see so far. I would recommend him to all my friends and would be back to get my boobs done also. Dr.Salama, thank you for everything.

Years Old 52 118 Lbs Bbl

I didnt meet Dr. Salama until the morning of my surgery and the moment I saw him I got a warm feeling and I knew he was the best doctor for me. My initial feeling was not wrong! Dr. Salama is wonderful, kind, professional, warm, and funny. He made me feel relaxed and also made me laugh.

He was very thorough and detailed at explaining everything and he listened to everything I had to say and answered every question that I had.

Since I am only 1-day post-op it is too soon to see any real results but I absolutely trust Dr.Salama skills and I have no doubt that he sculpted me the best my body could be sculpted.

I am so happy I chose Dr. Salama as my surgeon. Thank you Dr. Salama and to the rest of your stuff!

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Years Old No Kids 2nd Bbl

I had done my first Brazilian Butt Lift with another doctor in Miami six years ago. The results were not terrible but I was not completely satisfied either. However, through time, I was ready for a second round of BBL and I was confident that Dr. Salama would be the ideal doctor that would give me the look I was seeking. From the beginning to end, his staff and him were amazing at giving me the greatest care and attention to detail. They provided clear pre-op and post-op instructions, garments, and lymphatic massages that helped guarantee a positive patient experience. Dr. Salama is a master of his craft. He gave me the derriere and hips I always wished for! I would recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their curves, they wont be dissapointed =)

Yr Old 53 166pounds No Kids & Much Needed Bbl Present To Myself

I flew in from NY to have my BBL w/12 areas of lipo and inner thighs performed after countless hours of researching on this procedure and the physicians I chose the 1 and Only Dr. Salama. All the staff were so sweet and helpful my coordinator was Cynthia she was sooo prompt with both my phone calls and emails. Shoutouts to all the staff just to name a few because they ALL made this a very EASY process for me all contributing in there OWN special way. My massage therapist Eylyn gave me the greatest painful but pleasant massage a woman could ask for not only did I have a great massage but she was VERY informative answering ALL my questions efficiently. ANY ??? I asked she had the answers while keeping my mind off the pain and sharing her own 5yrs of experience in this profession to keep my mind occupied and my body at ease. Great massage therapist I highly recommend her to anyone. EPS Miami Is Rocks

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Bbl Revision After Having A Child

I am so truly happy that I chose Dr. Salama to do my surgery because I had a poor experience in my prior surgery with another Doctor who didnt do a very good job with my liposuction. After having some volume loss from my first BBL I decided that I was going to get a mommy makeover after my first child and have my liposuction revised as well and add some more volume to my derrière. I choose Dr. Salama because of all of his great reviews and before and after pictures and also because of his bedside manner and the staff were also rated highly. I am so completely satisfied with my results The doctor made me feel comfortable, the anesthesiologist was so nice, the staff was very professional. They really take care of you from start to finish. I would recommend this doctor for anybody looking for great BBL experience!

Eight Women Died After Procedures At Miami Docs Plastic Surgery Clinics: Report

Woman Dies During Surgical Procedure



A group of Miami plastic surgery clinics called Jolie Plastic Surgery lost eight patients in a spate of unprecedented casualties over the past six years, an investigation by USA Today found. Together, the facilities account for about 1 of every 5 plastic surgery deaths in the state of Florida, according to the report. The doctor in charge of the clinics, Ismael Labrador, has remained despite numerous preventable deaths. Labradors business is just one of more than a dozen high-volume plastic surgery clinics that have transformed Florida into a national destination for discounted cosmetic procedures. At Labradors clinic, unqualified doctors operate on as many as eight patients a day, the investigation found. Many of the fatalities were not the result of unavoidable surgical complications, but of serious mistakes, the report says. Four women died after their doctors mistakenly injected fat deep in their muscles during a popular surgery known as the Brazilian butt lift, records and interviews show. The procedure tore their veins, pooling blood in their hearts and lungs, and killing them in minutes, USA Today reports.

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Bbl By The Master Of Bums

I have done research for over a year trying to find the best doctor for a BBL. From the time I emailed Dr.Salamas office about a consultation I knew by the quick responses and friendly professional staff members that his team is great. I used his website and instagram account to see the work of many procedures like the BBL. His incredible work speaks for it self!! Dr. Salama and his staff went above and beyond making me feel extremely comfortable and explaining everything in detail. My surgery date was May 15th 2018, my pre-op appointment was May 14th 2018. When I first walked into the office I could feel the amount of pride the staff instilled in their work. The level of professionalism is shows in their work. Just a week later after surgery and Im feeling like a superstar with so much love and confidence towards my new #salamafied body! I am healing great and not in much pain. I would like to personally thank Kayla, Nancy, Nomie, Alex, Yaneisy and Monica for being so genuine and caring =) and of course a very special thank you to the Master of B.B.Ls Dr. Moises Salama! My birthday is May 23rd and I must say this will be my most memorable and best birthday gift to myself ever!!!

Years Old In Need Of Some Curves

After years of contemplating I decided it was time to enhance my figure. I lacked hips and a booty, and real figure pretty much. This was my first time having cosmetic surgery or any type of surgery and after a referral from a coworker who received great results, I decided to get my procedure done by Dr.Salama at Elite. Dr. Salama and his staff are the epitome of professionalism, from my first consultation with Salama he explained everything to me and was available if I had any questions and/or concerns. I am one week post surgery and although Im quite sore this experience has been better than expected and looking forward to posting my results.

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How Can You Care For Yourself At Home

Below are bbl recovery tips to help you heal quickly after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

  • Avoid rigorous exercises for about a month after surgery.
  • Place a pillow under your thighs to avoid putting pressure on your Butts.
  • Follow your cosmetic surgeons post-operation instructions
  • Massage the area to soften it and enhance circulation.
  • Use compression garments in the areas liposuction was performed to reduce bruising and swelling.
  • Do not sit directly on your butts as it can affect blood circulation in the areas for at least eight weeks.

What Is Plastic Surgery Malpractice

Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing segments of medical procedures in the United States. The overwhelming majority of these procedures are elective — that is, not medically necessary — and are done for aesthetic reasons.

All surgeries come with a certain amount of risk. As such, plastic surgeons are required to notify their prospective patients of all reasonable possibilities for danger. Most common among these are infections, scarring, reactions to anesthesia, mild bleeding, numbness, and complications due to a history of cardiovascular or pulmonary issues. In some cases, malpractice could lead to permanent disfigurement, pneumonia, or even death.

Malpractice can occur when a patient has not been made aware of such risks, or if the surgeon performed the procedure in a negligent manner.

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Y/o In Need Of A New Body And Life

I first contacted Dr. Salamas office and talked to Cynthia. I did not feel rushed over the phone unlike other offices. She was very informative and I did not feel any pressure. I originally made a date in October of 2016 but due to work I had to push up my date. The office was very accommodating and was able to change my date to August.

Dr. Salama was also very informative when we met and assured me everything would be ok before and after the surgery.

At the end of the day I could of not chosen a better Dr. or office staff to work with. Today I am PO day 7.

Why So Many Women Travel To Miami And Die On The Operating Table

When the Miami-Dade Medical Examiners office released a report earlier this year that revealed 40-year-old Kizzy Londons cause of death was a fat embolism, it was of no surprise to those who had been following her fatal plastic surgery case and other cases like it.

In December, London traveled from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Miami for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. But just as in the case of 25-year-old Ranika Hall from Missouri, 29-year-old Heather Meadows from West Virginia, 32-year-old Maria Christian from Ecuador, and 51-year-old Maribel Cardona from Naples, FL, what may have seemed like a simple plastic surgery procedure would ultimately end in her untimely death.

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London, and the countless other women before her who tragically died on the plastic surgery table or who have been permanently disfigured by botched surgery, was in search of a low-cost fix. At Jolie Plastic Surgery Center in Miami, where her procedure was performed, the BBL surgery specials advertise for thousands less and sometimes even more than half off the average cost for this type of procedure.

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The Legal Loophole That Allows for Under-qualified Physicians

Preventing Future BBL Deaths

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Areas Of Liposuction And Belly Button Revision

After seeing some of Dr. Salamas work first hand and doing some research I decided to make the trip to FL for the procedure. After contacting the office and sending my photos in I received a response very fast from the ladies at the office. From start to finish the process was smooth, they answered all my questions and made sure I had all the information I needed for a smooth trip and procedure. On the day of my procedure and meeting the Dr. I had no worries that I was in good hands. Im very pleased with my results so far and happy I chose Elite!

Kidney Failure And Shock

Questions Remain After Patient Dies At Miami-Dade Plastic Surgery Clinic

The fatal surgery at Seduction drew the attention of the Florida health department. State agents reviewed the operation, and the medical examiner investigated the death.

But what caught Crystal Calls eye was the company’s elegant website and its promises of life-changing surgery at low prices.

Rayner Aguiar, 36, took over the center in Aventura after he was convicted of falsifying paperwork to inflate the value of a home in 2008. The clinic is one of four run by Seduction, where Aguiars wife, Gretel Jardon, is president of the family business.

Aguiar did not respond to interview requests. Jardon would say only that clinics run by doctors are more dangerous but offered no proof.

“It was crazy to see the amount of people coming out in one day,” she said.

Then Call said she learned from her doctor that she would be among 11 surgeries the next day. But “he said, ‘Don’t worry. You’re the first one in,’ ” she recalled.

With her mother outside in the waiting room, Call went into surgery at about 9 a.m. Hours later, Calls mother got worried.

“I’m waiting and waiting,” Maria Basham said.

“They had a lock on the door in the recovery ,” she said.

Basham remembers dialing 911 and then being allowed into a back room, where she found Call in a bed, pale and unresponsive. A former nursing student, she said she was stunned to see her daughter’s blood pressure had plummeted.

“In an hour, she would have been dead,” she said.

Its ruined my life right now, she said.

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Year Old Woman Dies From Plastic Surgery Complications

Lidvian Zelaya, a 35-year-old woman, died Monday after undergoing liposuction and a buttocks enhancement surgery at Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute.

Mrs Zelaya was rushed to Florida Medical Center where doctors told her husband she died from cardiac arrest.

An autopsy on Zelaya has been started at the Broward County Medical Examiners office, but the cause of death has not been determined, officials told The Sun Sentinel.

The operation was to be done by Dr. Roger L. Gordon, who was disciplined by the state in connection with two plastic surgery deaths in 2004.

Family representatives told The Sun Sentinel that Zelaya went to Strax to have fat suctioned from her back and belly, and to have the material injected into her backside, and that she chose Strax because she got a good deal.

Liposuction is the most dangerous of cosmetic procedures. Death rates are estimated at 1 in 5,000.

South Florida is the Plastic Surgery capital of the world. South Beach is a advertisement for tummy tucks and breast implant surgery. As the number of procedures increase so do the number of deaths. A number of these deaths are the result of Medical Malpractice

Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers have filed a number of lawsuits against Plastic Surgeons and the facilities where the surgeries are performed. However a large number of these doctors and facilities do not carry Medical Malpractice Insurance

Popular Types Of Plastic Surgery

South Florida is one of the regions in the United States where plastic surgery is most popular. Miami alone has the highest concentration of plastic surgeons, ahead of Los Angeles. While most plastic surgeons are trained and board-certified, not everyone performing these procedures are reputable. In fact, sometimes non-certified physicians or even dentists will perform minimally invasive treatments like Botox injections or liposuction. So common are these unsuccessful procedures, an entire series of reality television is devoted to botched surgeries.

Below is a list of the most popular plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation

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Years Old No Kids Liposuction + Brazilian Butt Lift

I had been stalking the epsmiami Instagram for the longest time and loved the results that Dr. Salamas patients were getting. Although there was nothing horribly wrong with my body I felt there were some improvements that could be made. Such as my love handles that wouldnt go away and the overall shape of my butt.

I was extremely nervous before my surgery but after speaking with Dr. Salama and seeing how knowledgeable he was it was clear that I had nothing to be nervous about. The first three days of my recovery were long and painful but once I was able to see that I had been given the shape that I wanted I knew that all the pain was worth it.

Also, the entire office staff was kind and attentive. Kayla always responded to my phone calls right away and whenever I emailed Nomie she also did not make me wait long to hear back from her. The post-operative massages are also painful but the massage therapists did their best to make me as comfortable as possible.

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