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Eye Color Change Surgery Before And After

Is It Possible To Choose The Color Of My Eyes In The Eye Color Change With Laser Technique

Jacksonville doctor fixes eyesight of woman blinded after surgery to change her eye color

Logically this is not possible. The reason is that each persons eye color has a different pigment ratio and structure.Each individual has a different rate of responding to lasers.It gives results according to Iris structure and eye pigment density of the person.

In patients with very dark eyes with very intense dark pigment, the eye color change period is longer therefore it may require more sessions. In summary, every patient will absolutely get results but the color of whose eye will be blue or green will be apparent after a scanning and during and after the operation but as we repeat, each patients eye colors will be lighten and they will have a result.

You can choose your eye color in intraocular implants, but the results are not natural like the results occured in eye color change operation with laser.

Eye Color Surgery Side Effects

You should see an ophthalmologist or eye specialist as soon as possible if you experience any complications after undergoing eye color surgery. Any partial loss of vision warrants a swift evaluation because it may signal any common but serious, sight-threatening eye conditions or diseases.

With early diagnosis and treatment, your eye doctor can help prevent manageable vision complications from progressing into permanent blindness. The first step to reverse or halt vision loss after a procedure is usually removing the cosmetic iris implant.

Here are other iris surgery complications that require immediate medical/surgical intervention if they occur:

Note that in 2018, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved the CustomFlex silicone iris for medical use only. While this implant can be customized to suit your eye size and color, itâs not meant for cosmetic reasons.

If you happen to have cosmetic iris implant surgery abroad, you should follow up with a U.S.-based ophthalmologist once you return. A specialist will run eye tests to spot any vision-threatening complications that may exist, even if youâre not aware of them or even if they donât bother you.

How Is Lumineyes Laser Eye Color Change Different From Its Counterparts

Eye Color Changing Process MY Lumineyes® is a unique Lumineyes technique.

In short, a laser with special abilities known as Lumineyes stimulates the brown or darkly pigmented cells in the iris and causes melanin cells to flow out of the dark pigment layer to form a blue-green-gray.

Many years ago, we invented this method to treat heterochromia. This was the process of making the color adjustment of the heterochromic eye and the patient with the difference in the tone in the eye by making this cell layer appear to be mainly colorless but appear colored from the outside.

In long-term follow-up and development, we worked on a laser with a special wave-length and a different mechanism of action, leading to an amazing development.

MYLumineyes® have been developed as a more effective, safer, more controlled method with different specialities compared to others.

Lumineyes is using a unique laser. It creates a microscopic effect without damaging the surrounding tissues. Also, Mylumineyes laser uses its own frequency and wavelength.

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Types Of Eye Color Cosmetic Surgery

There are two basic approaches to changing your eye color with a surgical procedure. Doctors in the United States do not offer these procedures, however, because they are very dangerous. People who want to permanently change their eye color must fly to another country for this risky operation, which can leave you blind.

The two surgeries that might change your eye color are:

How To Find A Clinic Or Service Near You For The Eye Color Change Laser Procedure

Pin auf Eye color ideal

We recommend Turkey for Eye Color Change Nearby Clinic. You can search to find the nearest eye color change center, but believe us, even long distances are worth it. At the same time, Istanbul is the most interesting and beautiful city in the world, where you can change your eye color and have a very pleasant holiday at the same time. As has been noted,our eye color change in Canada or the US offices will be open once the necessary permits are obtained.

How to find an ophthalmologist or doctor for an eye color change laser procedure?

Please be selective when researching eye color change. Stay away from untrustworthy centers and doctors. Research the doctor who has had no medical history in the past. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a doctor for eye color change in USA or Canada yet.

Should You Consider an Eye Color Change laser Procedure in US?

Yes, why not, if you have found a place that applies this method in a healthy and safe way by adding its experience? Certainly,we have the right conditions to change your eye color in a safe and healthy way.

Surgery to change eye color in Turkey

As a result, the following new features have made the Lumineyes method perfect:
  • The unique characteristics of the Fluency technique type
  • Tissue-friendly
  • Another important element is that Mylumineyes generates unique programs for each patient while adhering to safety rules.

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    Do These Surgeries Really Change Your Eye Color

    It is normal for your eye color to change a little bit, gradually, over the course of your life. If the color of your iris changes suddenly, it could be a medical emergency. See an eye specialist as soon as possible.

    The outcome of the laser procedure will permanently change your eye color to blue. The implant, on the other hand, does not change the color of your iris but instead blocks it with a different, usually lighter color device. While this technically does not change your eye color, it changes what people see of your eye color. However, unlike the laser iris procedure, the implant can cause your pupils to be unable to adjust in darker conditions, so you could at least lose your low-light vision, in addition to experiencing other problems.

    Will My Vision Feel Different At Night Time

    Before performing Keratopigmentation we always measure size of the pupil in dark and light condition and never do Kerato pupil less than night pupil size. That is why there are no cases of substantial night vision issues reported to this day. One patient reported faint shadow in his temporal visual field similar to the sensation when one wears a colored contact lens.

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    Eye Color Change Surgery Laser Eye Color Change Surgery Before And After

    With the Mylumineyes eye color change surgery laser, you can achieve your dream eye color. This laser is unquestionably the best type of laser in the world at the moment. Mylumineyes is a safe, effective, and healthy method of permanently changing the color of your eyes. Surely, this procedure is non-invasive. Shortly it is non-surgical. Mylumineyes permanent laser eye color changing does not cause complications. It does not cause any change in eye numbers. In some cases, better vision has been reported. Mylumineyes laser has minimized the risks of eye color change. You will see big differences before and after laser eye color change in a optimum time. As with other methods, you will have a natural look and not a contact lens-like result. It is definitely unique among laser eye color change surgery types. You will be very comfortable during the laser treatment.

    How Can You Change The Color Of Your Eyes

    Tiny Harris Undergoes Controversial Eye Color-Changing Surgery

    There are basically 3 different ways to change eye color

    Briefly, you can change your eye color and this can be perform in a variety of ways depending on the applied technology. Essentially, three techniques exist for doing this. Iris implant, laser treatment, and keratopigmentation. The objective is to transform brown eyes into green-blue-gray or other hues. The eyes seem to have color. While this Laser Color Changing Procedure offers your eyes a natural appearance, others sadly give an artificial appearance. In any case, while all three methods cause permanent eye color change, only laser produces natural and healthy results. People with colored eyes have better self-confidence. Contrary to popular belief, when you changed your eye color, it does not mean a change will occur in your babies.

    On this page, well go over the pros and cons of each strategy.

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    Where Does The Eye Color Gene Come From

    Shortly,eye color is inherited from the family. Some eye colors are common, while others are rare. The reason for this is that the gene that produces those eye colors is rare and not dominant.

    The iris is a muscle that expands and contracts to control pupil size. The pupil dilates in the dark and shrinks in high-light conditions. When the pupil size changes, the iris contracts or relaxes. As a result, this causes the eye color to change.

    Before & After Strma Images

    The following representative examples of results show our progress to date. The OUS dosimetry full-iris study was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will resume treatments when our sites reopen.

    In the current study the iris is not treated up to the edge of the pupil however, the commercial laser will be designed to do so.

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    What Will My Eye Color Be Can I Select The Colour Of My Eyes

    In general, it is not possible to predict the eye color that will occur after laser treatment.

    No way. This option cannot be chosen before the laser. After the treatment, the color of your eyes is uncertain and unpredictable. Dark brown, highly pigmented eyes are prone to change to gray, green, or hazel, whereas light brown eyes are likely to change to blue, gray, and green. The change in eye color also depends on the resilience of the dark pigments that are already there. Mylumineyes works by safeguarding eye health without exceeding boundaries. Surprisingly, with our most recent innovation, we have the option to pick between blue and green in certain instances. Dr. Mete continually updates and develops Mylumineyes. Additionally, we believe that if you are sincerely committed and take your therapy seriously, we will be able to assist you in reaching your dreams.

    Do you feel pain? When will I be able to return to my job?

    During laser-assisted eye color change, you will feel nothing but a slight prickling sensation you will not be unpleasant. After therapy, the patient can resume normal activities. In general, there are no substantial changes in your life before and after laser surgery nonetheless, you should avoid strenuous activities.

    Colored Eyes Need More Protection Because Theyre More Fragile Than Brown Eyes

    Instagram media by luispadron_plasticprince

    Sun rays can cause permanent vision damage in people who do not wear sunglasses. Melanin pigment, which is less in light-colored eyes, is a building block that protects the body against ultraviolet light. For this reason, light-colored eyes are more affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

    How to Care for Your Blue or Brown Eye Color with These Simple Tips and Tricks!

  • As has been noted,Use your sunglasses in all seasons.

  • At first,maintain a safe distance from technological devices.

  • If you have diabetes, as a result do not neglect regular eye examinations.

  • Attention should be paid to the use of lenses. Before using lenses, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

  • Do not neglect eye exams in your life.

  • If you have any complaints , surely early diagnosis is very important!

  • How To Safely Change Your Eye Color With Natural Methods

    Unfortunately, you can not change the color of your eyes naturally with foods. It is not correct information that eye color changes with certain foods.As i mentioned before,it is only avaible with a laser to change your eye color naturally.

    For that reason,the only way to change eye color in a healthy way is with mylumineyes laser color treatment.

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    What Is The Difference Between Light Brown And Dark Brown Eyes

    The results are subjective, can increase or decrease according to the expectation of the person, so there is no objective indicator of a good result here. There is almost no limit to the lightening of the color in the eye.

    In people with light brown eyes, the time to reach results is usually short and the number of sessions is low. More treatments are frequently necessary for a lengthy period for dark eyes. This implies that those with dark eyes will need to come in for extra treatments every 4-6 months. Until they are satisfied with their achievements.

    Why Someone Get Results Fine Others Not

    The color shift in the eye is influenced by a number of factors. In a summary, DNA, your eye health, the pigment ratio, the pigment resistance, the reaction supplied, and so on. They all have an impact on the outcome. As a result, although 4 sessions may be enough for some eyes, others may require more than 40 sessions. But finally we almost get with everyone amazing results.

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    Risks Of Iris Implant Surgery

    The ophthalmologists group says iris implant surgery for cosmetic purposes may lead to serious eye damage, vision loss or blindness. The procedure isnt approved in the United States, but it is performed in countries like China, Costa Rica, India, Mexico and Tunisia.

    A research article published in 2018 reported that a 30-year-old man had suffered progressive vision loss after getting his eye color changed through iris implants. The vision loss stemmed from glaucoma and corneal edema . This case highlights the dangers of cosmetic iris implants and their challenging complications.

    Other cases of damage have been documented.

    For instance, a research report published in 2012 found that among 14 eyes that had undergone cosmetic iris implant surgery, serious vision problems were detected in 36% to 64% of them. These problems included glaucoma and uveitis. In 2017, an ophthalmology researcher in India went so far as to call for a ban on cosmetic iris implants, citing a 29-year-old patient whose vision had seriously deteriorated following implant surgery.

    Anyone who is considering this surgery should ask themselves this: What is more important my eye color or my eyesight? Dr. James Tsai, an ophthalmologist in New York, says on the groups website. The color change is not the only thing thats permanent about this procedure it could very well damage your vision for life.

    Laser Eye Color Change Before And After Photos


    As for the Mylumineyes team, we explained in detail how and by which methods you can change your eye color safely.

    In the videos below, you will see the sincere and natural evaluations of our patients. If you notice, we do not use professional montage in any of our videos. it seems more sincere and realistic to us. We can not look at the healthcare business commercially.

    Although this is sufficient evidence, those who want to change their eye color may also want to read the reviews of people who have changed their eye color before.

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    Introduction: What Are The Main Causes Of Eye Color Change

    Everyones eye colors are different, and this is unique to our genes.

    Everyone has melanin in the iris of their eyes. The amount of melanin determines the eye color of the person. More melanin causes the iris to absorb more light, and the eye appears darker brown.

    The iris is the colored part of the eye. It consists of two layers and contains enough melanin that the underside is brown. The top layer, or stroma, also contains melanin, but there are some differences here. It is this variance that results in different eye colors. Melanin is the chemical that determines skin, skin color, hair color, and eye color. Melanin is dark brown in color and becomes darker as its concentration increases. This is because, depending on its concentration, the ability of melanin to absorb light increases.

    Is Laser Eye Color Change Safe

    Firstly, we worked on it for many years, laser eye color change can change the eye color of people who have different tones of color in their eyes and/or who have heterochromia into the colors of green, grey, hazel, or blue. We have started to do it safely for 6 years for cosmetic and aesthetic eye color change. Following the examinations in our clinic, determined whether it is appropriate for eye color change.

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    How Long Does It Take To Change The Color Of Your Eyes When Will You Be Able To See The Results

    MYLumineyes laser eye color change only works on melanin pigments. As part of Mylumineyes safety protocols, we are making different programs for each patient. One-eye laser time usually takes 1-2 minutes for one eye.

    Eye anatomy Aqueous humor drainage canals have a limited capacity to discharge the spilled pigments. Additionally, loading too much work or pigmentation onto canals in a short time will result in canal failure. This will cause significant health problems for the eyes. Inexperienced people doing eye color change procedures will cause glaucoma, iridocyclitis, and iris atrophy problems!!!

    Lumineyes last between 5 and 7 days with a single therapy.After 2-4 sessions, the hue changes. In the first month, you can see more change, and in the last 3-6 months, the final hue comes out.

    Can I Have Eye Color Changing Surgery If My Eyes Are Blue Or Green

    Eye Color Changing Surgery

    Yes, still It is possible to transform a colored eye into a lighter color or another color. We have had a lot of experience with these types of eyes.

    We were able to change the eye colors from green to blue-gray, blue to lighter blue and gray, and hazel to green, gray, and blue.

    In fact, Mylumineyes laser eye lightening is not a surgical or invasive procedure. Mylumineyes performed without touching the eye. Yes! It is possible to transform a colored eye into a lighter color or another color. We have had a lot of experience with this type of patients.

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