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Facial Feminization Surgery Before After

Diversity In Our Ffs Before And After Gallery

I Got 10 Hours Of Transgender Facial Surgery | Get Real | Refinery29

We are committed to a diverse representation of people of different ages, ethnicities and nationalities in this gallery of FFS outcomes.

Some cases may seem to have more dramatic results and others look more subtle. This is highly dependent on the viewers perception and does not necessarily correlate with the level of aggressiveness of the techniques performed.

In addition, we have not given preference to faces based on beauty or popularity, which are subjective in any case.

Who Are Candidates For Facial Feminization Surgery

As the face has both masculine and feminine features, feminization generally focuses on softening facial features. In general, the appearance of someones face determines their assumed gender more than their body. People who are unhappy with their faces due to perceived or actual facial masculinity may be candidates for feminization or de-feminization .

Some people choose to have this surgery because they feel more comfortable selecting their features to accentuate. With feminization, you can avoid appearing too masculine and move more towards the middle of the spectrum between female and male.

The differences between mens and womens faces are quite superficial, but they can affect how others perceive gender through appearance. Feminization of the face makes it appear closer to an average woman than an average man and may even affect how others see your gender.

Meet Our Facial Feminisation Team

Dr Chaithan Reddy

Dr Chaithan Reddy is a highly trained Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with over 15 years of clinical experience in the field. He holds additional experience in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, allowing him to specialise in jawline procedures.

Well regarded by his peers and known for his technical expertise, he takes pride in his work and caring approach to his patients. He has authored multiple publications and has presented nationally, and internationally. Dr Reddy has vast experience in facial feminisation surgery and is always directly involved in each patients perioperative care.

Pre-operative local and interstate patient consultations are in person. Interstate and international patients can elect to have a telehealth consultation in the first instance if preferred. Post-operative reviews are undertaken in person regularly by Dr Reddy and are advised for at least 12 months following your surgery. Travelling patients can elect to have some of their post-operative reviews via telehealth if preferred.

Assoc. Prof Faruque Riffat

A/Prof Riffat is an Australian trained ENT Head and Neck Surgeon with post FRACS fellowship training and over ten years of consultant level experience in surgery for head and neck cancers, thyroid, salivary glands, laser, voice and swallowing disorders.

In 2015, he was also awarded the fellowship of the international college of surgeons .

Dr Sanjay Sharma

Dr Daniel Kwok

Dr Mario Enriquez

Dr Ernest Wong MBBS FANZCA

Susan Garrett

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Nonsurgical Procedures For Facial Gender Affirmation

  • Injectables and fillers can be used for lip augmentation or to shape the contours around the mouth or eyes. The fillers usually last from six months to a year some last longer, and patients will need to return for more filler after it dissolves.
  • Hair removal with laser or electrolysis
  • Feminizing makeup

Facial Feminization Surgery Photos

Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Spiegel offers patients a highly customized plan to meet their feminization goals in a warm and friendly environment. When developing a surgical plan Dr. Spiegel works with each patient to discuss their lifestyle, recovery timeframe, and aesthetic desires to make sure we are offering a plan that fits. FFS surgery patients are walked through the entire surgical journey by our experienced patient coordinators who are ready to handle your every question and concern.

The photos below feature a handful of our patients before and after surgery. Most photos are taken one day before surgery and within one year post-op. Since Dr. Spiegel is able to customize each patients surgical plan to help fit their aesthetic goals and their lifestyle no one surgery is alike. Each surgery offers a different result some are very dramatic while others are more subtle. Have a question regarding your surgical plan? Call us at 617-566- 3223.

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Why Choose A Plastic Surgeon With Craniomaxillofacial Training For Your Ffs

Most plastic surgeons are capable of performing soft tissue procedures. Yet for a successful and long-lasting facial gender confirmation surgery, bone work on the facial skeleton needs to be performed by a highly skilled surgeon with craniofacial training. We believe that only surgeons cross-trained in both general plastic surgery AND craniofacial and orthognathic surgery should perform FFS. Needless to say, your surgeon must also have the keen eye of an artist and a deep appreciation of facial aesthetics and harmony.

Everything You Need To Know About Ffs

Facial feminization surgery includes a series of plastic and craniofacial surgical procedures designed to feminize the face. FFS is ideal for trans women and non-transgender women who want a more feminine facial appearance. These surgeries can reduce the size and shape of the forehead, alter and refine the nose, make the lips fuller and the cheeks rounder, decrease the chins size and shape and shave the Adams apple, among other effects.

For transgender women, FFS procedures can significantly decrease the often harmful effects of gender dysphoria. Not passing as your true gender can have devastating and damaging life-long effects. Matching an individuals outside with their internal sense of self can provide immense relief from the suffering and distress of living in a world that views you as something other than who you are.

Facial feminization can also have noticeable effects on how you are perceived, and how you interact with others in society. After all, first impressions are often based on appearance, including facial harmony and beauty. FFS can make it possible for you to be more consistently identified as a woman, and as a result, you can become more relaxed in relating to others as your true gender.

After facial feminization, many of our patients make comments such as: I no longer fear looking at my face in the mirror when I get out of bed each morning. Instead, the vision of ones face glimpsed in a mirror is a source of self-confidence and joy.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Facial Feminization Surgery

A trans woman could be a good candidate for this type of gender confirmation surgery if:

  • They have facial features that they associate with a masculine face and not with their gender identity
  • They have been diagnosed with persistent gender dysphoria
  • They are of age to make consent
  • They have realistic expectations
  • They are healthy

Facelifts And Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) at Northwell Health

A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the effects of aging in the facial and neck areas. The procedure is used to tighten sagging skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and eliminate jowls and excess fat.

To achieve the best outcomes, a facelift should not be attempted until six months after the completion of any facial feminization procedures. Also, any weight loss plans should be completed before any facelift procedures are undertaken.

The most commonly used facelift procedure after feminization surgery is usually the surgery known as the deep plane facelift or SMAS . In this facelift, the surgeon works with the deep, underlying layer of facial muscle and fibrous tissue under your skin. Modern facelifts work on a much deeper, structural level than in years past, and literally lift the underlying facial structures for a more natural-looking, longer-lasting result.

In most people, the neck will show signs of aging even before the face, so a neck lift may be recommended in tandem with a facelift. Undertaking both of these procedures at the same time enhances the positive results and ensures facial aesthetic harmony. However, depending on your age, a full surgical neck lift may not actually be necessary, and you may also want to explore non-surgical options such as Botox® or Dysport® injections for a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

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After Facial Feminization Surgery: Ffs Recuperation And Returning Back To Normal

FFS for most patients is not remembered due to the pain suffered, but for discomfort related to swelling. The first 3 5 days are the hardest, mostly in part due to the effects of general anesthesia, but when minor issues arise the pain is normally promptly well-controlled with medications.

Many suffer anxiety associated with the hope and excitement for a change in facial gender identity, which isn´t immediately evident until 6 12 months have passed. A temporary depressive period, in varying degrees, is commonly experienced in the first weeks after facial gender confirmation, often compared to grieving, since the process of facial feminization is typically closely entwined with being able to fully embrace their feminine self, resulting in the need to mourn the persona lived beforehand. In more severe cases, like with postpartum depression, therapy may be required to help the FFS patient through the transitional process.

Before And After Videos Of Our Facial Feminization Surgery

Look at some of the experiences

You have seen our facial feminization surgery before after photos and these have been some of our cases that decided to show their history, from we would love to show more cases but sometimes it is very difficult to find girls who wish to appear on the web. Now its your turn to know them a little more in video telling their experiences with the procedures and their post-operative. The images correspond to the last day before the return to their country and each one of them looks inflamed. These are not the final results but you can already see the change.

All our patients receive ongoing support before and after surgery

Benefits for our patients

Want to know, what is our Facial feminization surgery cost? All our facial and body feminization surgeries are in our medical packages, we have designed a care system that allows us to take care of you from your arrival in our city, we have in addition to our team of surgeons, collaborators who support us to provide you with the best Nursing and assistance.

We know what it is to travel to another country in search of this dream and how exciting is a transition of gender and its different stages and processes. Constant emotional support because we know what feminization surgeries mean to you.

  • Accommodation in Apartment

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Before And After Results Of Real Ffs Patients

Our gallery intends to display the realistic potential of facial gender surgery with utmost accuracy. For this reason, we only use facial feminization before and after results of patients that had surgery at Facialteam.

We do not digitally alter or artificially overexpose our clinical photos. In addition, we believe it is important to avoid images with excess makeup or filters that may distort actual results. Minor edits that do not affect the depiction of results may have been made at the patients discretion in the social photos they have provided.

During Your Ffs Procedure

FFS (facial feminization surgery) 3 weeks post op. Facial dysphoria ...

How long it takes: This depends on what you are having done. Administering cosmetic fillers may take an hour or less, while complex facial surgery may take several hours.

Staying in the hospital: Your procedure may be performed in a hospital or outpatient center. Most facial plastic surgeries involve a day or so in the hospital for observation and to ensure you are healing properly before you are released to go home.

First clinical follow-up: This usually occurs within five days of surgery, and will be scheduled before you leave.

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How Many Surgeries Will I Need

Everyones face is different, and everyone heals differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many surgeries you should have overall. Consider every option before making a decision do research and talk to other patients. It is common for patients to have 2-5 surgeries and stop at that point, even if theyre not fully satisfied with their results.

Facial Feminization Surgery For Females

Facial feminization surgery is composed of procedures that alter typically masculine facial features in females, so they appear more feminine. These surgical procedures aim to achieve a natural-looking, softer, and more balanced-looking facial contour for women. Surgeons do this by modifying the bone and soft tissue in the face when required.

Feminine facial characteristics are largely defined by smooth brows, round cheeks, a tapered chin, and a smaller jawline.

Facial Feminization Surgery for females includes the following procedures:

  • Fat transfer to the cheeks,
  • Lip augmentation.

Brow lift surgery lifts the heavy, overhanging brow and tightens the forehead. This allows for a more open eye, fewer wrinkles on the upper eyelids, and fewer frown lines between your brows. Brow lift procedures involve the removal of some of the excess skin above the eyes and the securing of muscles at a higher level on the head.

Upper eyelid lift surgery adjusts the skin above your eyes, allowing for less hooded or tired-looking eyes, which are more open and youthful.

A nose job aims to reduce the size of a very large nose or change its shape to narrow an excessively wide one, reshape cartilage that has collapsed due to injury, or reposition a very high bridge. Nose reshaping procedures also help those who have broken their nose.

The chin augmentation procedure adds projection to the chin, giving the lower face a more defined and feminine look.

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Have You Had Ffs Surgery Before But Are Less Than Happy With The Results

Unfortunately, one of the most common types of facial gender confirmation procedure we perform is correction of a previous surgeons work. While some surgeons may know technically what is required for facial feminization, they may not understand the subtle qualities of what truly makes a face feminine versus what makes a face simply beautiful. To capture authentic feminine gender expression, your surgeon needs to fully comprehend the science and structural proportions behind male vs. female faces. He or she must also have a deep awareness of the more subtle aesthetic qualities of what constitutes gender. Read more about the characteristics of femininity: Congratulations. Youre Beautiful, But Are You Feminine?

Facial Feminization And Rejuvenation


Many women begin their transition from gender to a more mature age. Where the soft tissues of the skin and fat do not allow the results of a facial feminization are the best because not only should we reduce the bones of the face but the excesses of skin that form volume on the bony parts of the face. In femilife We can feminize a face and rejuvenate it in the same surgical act, the skill of our medical team conformed by maxillofacial and plastic surgeons allow us to reposition the soft tissues to the new bone structure of the face combining a CCF with a facelift.

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Before And After Facial Feminization Surgery In New York And Atlanta

Facial Feminization Surgery, or FFS, describes a group of procedures that alters facial features to appear more feminine. FFS reduce or in some cases completely eliminate masculine features to soften and beautify the face. More recently, FFS is also known at Facial Gender Affirmation Surgery or Gender Confirmation Surgery.

Forehead Bone Reduction, Hairline Lowering, Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Lip Lift, Chin Implant, Blepharoplasty, Facelift Neck Lift

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There are a variety of facial gender confirmation surgeries that can reshape your facial appearance to appear more feminineso you can start loving the skin youre in. Because each person has different features and aesthetic outcomes, one or more procedures might be required to achieve your desired look.


The tracheal shave is one of the most common feminization surgical procedures. Because the Adams apple is one of the most prominently identifiable features on the male physique, a tracheal shave can drastically reduce its size to give a more feminine appearance. By surgically reducing the outward prominence of the thyroid cartilage, your throat will appear thinner and flatter.


Although brow lifts are commonly used to reduce signs of aging, they also reconstruct the face to give a more delicate appearance around the eyes. Feminine eyebrows tend to sit higher above the orbital rim and are arched by the sides. By lifting your eyebrows into a higher area, your face is given a more feminine positionthat also reduces crows feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines and eyebrow furrows.











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Lip Lift And Reshaping

Feminization of the lips may include several procedures depending on patient features, age, or desired outcome. Lip feminization is often performed as a part of a larger facial feminization surgical process. The most typical lip FFS procedures include:

  • Upper lip lift lifts the upper lip to a more feminine and open position to improve the visibility of upper teeth. A lip lift makes the lips and the entire face look more feminine by shortening the upper lip, improving the visibility of the upper teeth, and creating a more youthful appearance.
  • Lip Augmentation fills the lips so they appear fuller, plumper and more feminine. Lip augmentation may be done either through the use of injectable fillers or fat transfer injections.
  • Corners-of-Mouth Lift: Often less of the red part of the lips shows near the corners of the mouth in men. A corners-of-mouth lift is done to improve the natural sweep of the lips and increase the visibility of the red portion. This procedure does not affect lip movement, which is necessary for the expression of a full range of emotions.

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