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Female To Male Surgery Before And After

Different Types Of Ftm Top Surgery

Before After Surgery Male to Female

Top Surgery is often one of the first procedures FTM patients want to undergo for their transition, as this surgery allows patients to begin to live more easily in the male gender role.

Depending on the amount of breast tissue present, Dr. Alexander will remove breast tissue and fat through a periareolar or double incision to shape the chest into a masculine contour.

Surgical Procedures: Clitoral Transposition And Penile Prosthesis Placement

Over half of patients of all three groups underwent transposition of the clitoris to the neophallus. While only one of ten patients of the group that underwent SP had undergone penile prosthesis placement , 2/3 of patients that underwent RAP had elected to proceed with penile prosthesis placement .

Table 2

What Are The Potential Complications Of Phalloplasty

Complications of genital reconstruction and FtM bottom surgery may include:

  • Infection: The skin near the incision and the urethra are common areas for infection.
  • Partial phallic loss: If the neopenis does not maintain adequate blood flow, it cannot survive.
  • Urethral stricture: Inadequate blood flow can cause scar tissue to form. This may slow or block the release of urine.
  • Urinary fistula: An abnormal connection may form between the urinary tract and a nearby organ, like the bowel, or the outside world.

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Metoidioplasty: A Highly Successful Form Of Masculinizing Genital Reconstruction

Metoidioplasty is a female to male gender reassignment surgery . Metoidioplasty surgeons have a high success rate for the before and after surgery results.Metoidioplasty is a highly customizable female to male surgery that allows each candidate to choose the options that best suit their needs. Because each person who chooses to have metoidioplasty is different, there is a wide range of options that candidates can discus with their metoidioplasty surgeon.

Risks Associated With Female To Male Mastectomy

Gender Change Before and After Surgery

The risks are minimal but some complications to potentially look out for include:

  • Necrosis of the nipples. This is very rare. Sometimes compromised blood supply to the nipples may contribute to nipple necrosis or nipple grafts dont take.
  • Loss of sensation in the nipples and areolar
  • Nipple numbness
  • Poor or incomplete healing
  • Scar healing. Typically scars around the areola heal quickly and completely. Any scars from incisions below the breast may take longer to heal and fade. In very rare cases where some residual tissue remains a deformity can occur and will need to be removed.
  • Risks associated with anesthesia

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Gender Reassignment Surgery Female To Male

For transmen surgery, the process of gender confirmation journey begins with 2 major steps:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Supportive counseling

Indeed! These 2 factors are the major step for starting the surgical plan for the desired transition you want to get. No doubt, with every person it is their wish whether they want to get it done or not and how it can prove beneficial to their mental and overall health. During the initial consultation, it will be checked whether you meet the eligibility requirement or not. Dr. C Vijay Kumar is here giving you all the best of services to assist you better and make you comfortable with your transition of gender change journey from female to male.

Phalloplasty Transgender Surgery In Palos Verdes

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body and have their outward appearance reflect who they are inside. Transgender surgery encompasses a multitude of procedures that allow transgender patients to have physical characteristics and features that more closely match their gender identity. These procedures are also known as gender reassignment surgery, sex reassignment surgery, gender confirmation surgery, and gender-affirming surgery.

For female to male transgender patients and non-binary patients, Dr. Boyd offers the FTM bottom surgery known as phalloplasty.

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Nonbinary Afab Top Surgery

What is affirming to a patient is such a personal choice and therefore Dr. Gallagher offers a range of different choices. Folks can choose from different techniques in order to get a result that is as affirming as possible.

With masculinizing top surgeries patients may choose a size or position of nipple that is not typical for a binary male chest.

Some other examples of alternative top surgery options include:

Before And After Photos Of Gender Re

FTM Transgender Getting Bottom Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

Female to Male Gender Re-assignment Surgery

To find out more about available treatments and procedures, request a consultation with Dr. Moulton-Barrett at one of his Bay Area offices. Board certified plastic surgeon Rex Moulton-Barrett, M.D., offers advanced care and procedures for Bay Area residents. He has offices in Alameda and Brentwood, CA.

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Ftm Bottom Surgery Options

According to the patients preference we can do a breast reduction designing a smaller but still feminine shaped breast. Genderfluid patients may opt for this to facilitate easier binding.This is usually done with an anchor shaped scar.


What is it?

Is this the procedure for me?

What is the recovery like?

Female To Male In Miami Fl

Sex reassignment surgery , also called gender reassignment surgery or gender confirming surgery, is a procedure designed to change transgender patients bodies so that their appearances better match their identities.

Although patients may choose to undergo SRS for a variety of reasons, many suffer from physical dysphoria, social dysphoria, or both. Physical dysphoria is a strong discomfort with the mismatch between identity and body, and social dysphoria is a strong discomfort with how other people perceive them.

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Other Procedures For Ftm Patients

Many patients ask whether other procedures can be performed concurrently with the top surgery. The most common procedure asked about is liposuction of the flanks, hips, abdomen and thighs. I do this frequently to help contour the whole trunk and would be happy to discuss this with any prospective patient. Please include the whole trunk in the photos sent to me so that I can effectively evaluate you. The cost is variable and depends on the extent of extra liposuction performed and the anticipated time that it will take. To see some of my typical results for liposuction and body contouring, please

Below is a patient who requested top surgery and body contouring. I felt that with liposuction alone he would have a reasonable result but possibly some retained skin laxity in the lower abdomen. He thus elected to have a lower abdominoplasty in conjunction with his liposuction procedure. This enabled me to tighten his loose skin after aggressive body contouring with power assisted liposuction. He has also been engaged in extensive physical conditioning since the surgery!

DI and lower abdominoplasty and lipo before

DI and lower abdominoplasty and lipo after

Postoperative Care And Follow

Pin on Transitions

The patients were usually discharged within 2 days after surgery with the Foley catheter and vaginal gauze packing in place, which were removed after 7 days in an ambulatorial attendance.

Our vaginal dilation protocol starts seven days after surgery: a kit of 6 silicone dilators with progressive diameter and length is used dilation is done progressively from the smallest dilator each size should be kept in place for 5 min until the largest possible size, which is kept for 3 h during the day and during the night , if possible. The process is performed daily for the first 3 months and continued until the patient has regular sexual intercourse.

The follow-up visits were performed 7 days, 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery , and included physical examination and a quality-of-life questionnaire.

Figure 8. Appearance after 1 month of the procedure.

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Preparation For Top Surgery Or Mastectomy

Before a patient undergoes mastectomy surgery, they should undergo the following preparations:

  • A consultation with the surgeon to ensure the patient is a good mastectomy surgery candidate.
  • Patients must also have a full physical examination to rule out any potential health conditions that may impact the surgery.
  • No smoking for a minimum of 2 weeks before surgery
  • All blood-thinning medications like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, hormones, and some supplements must be stopped 2 weeks before the surgery.

Removal Of The Uterus Ovaries And Fallopian Tubes

A person may wish to undergo this type of surgery if they are uncomfortable having a uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes, or if hormone therapy does not stop menstruation.

In a partial hysterectomy, a surgeon will remove only the uterus.

In a total hysterectomy, they will also remove the cervix.

A bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, or BSO, involves the removal of the right and left fallopian tubes and ovaries.

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Recovery Time For Mastectomy Surgery

Mastectomy recovery depends on the technique used and the physical health and overall wellness of the patient. . In some cases, the doctor may require the patient to stay in the recovery room for at least two nights.Most may return to work 2 weeks after the surgery. There will be some discomfort but the swelling should resolve within approximately 3 weeks.

Full healing usually happens between 4 months and 6 months post-procedure. Patients should approach physical activities with caution and consult with their doctor before returning to strenuous exercises or sports.

What Is Recovery From Phalloplasty Like

Before/After Male-to-Female Transgender Transformations Facial Feminization Surgery FFS SSS Channel

After surgery, youll need to take it easy. Recovery includes:

  • Limiting physical activity, like exercise, work and household chores.
  • Keeping incisions clean and dry.
  • Reapplying dressings over surgical wounds in the early stages of recovery.
  • Taking medications to ease pain, prevent infection and relieve constipation.

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Overall Satisfaction Sexual Function And The Durability Of Neophallus Dimensions Following Staged Female To Male Genital Gender Confirming Surgery: The Institute Of Urology London Uk Experience

Maurice M. Garcia1,2, Nim A. Christopher2, Francesco De Luca2, Marco Spilotros2, David J. Ralph2

1 Department of Urology, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA St. Peters Andrology Centre and The Institute of Urology, University College London, London, UK

Correspondence to:

Background and purpose: What factors influence transgender mens decisions to undergo specific genital gender confirming surgeries has not been described in the literature. Sexual function outcomes related to clitoral transposition and penile prosthesis placement is also not well described. Durability of neophallus dimensions after phalloplasty has not been described. A better understanding of these factors is necessary for pre-op counseling. We sought to assess patient genital-GCS related satisfaction, regret, pre/post-op sexual function, genital preferences, and genital measurements post-op.

Materials and methods: We evaluated ten female to male transgender patients who had previously undergone suprapubic pedicle-flap phalloplasty and 15 who had undergone radial artery forearm-flap phalloplasty at our center . We queried patients surgery related preferences and concerns, satisfaction, and sexual function pre/post-surgery, and accounted for whether patients had undergone clitoral transposition and/or cutaneous-to-clitoral nerve anastomosis. We measured flaccid and erect length and girth using a smart-phone app we designed.

doi: 10.3978/j.issn.2223-4683.2014.04.10

The Importance Of A Multidisciplinary Approach

Gender reassignment, particularly reassignment surgery, requires close cooperation between the different surgical specialties. In phalloplasty, the collaboration between the plastic surgeon, the urologist, and the gynecologist is essential.45 The actual penile reconstruction is typically performed by the plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and the contribution of the gynecologist, who performs a hysterectomy and a BSO , should not be underestimated.

However, in the long term, the urologist’s role may be the most important for patients who have undergone penile reconstruction, especially because the complication rate is rather high, particularly with regard to the number of urinary fistulas and urinary stenoses. The urologist also reconstructs the fixed part of the urethra. He or she is likely the best choice for implantation and follow-up of the penile and/or testicular prostheses. They must also address later sequelae, including stone formation. Moreover, the surgical complexity of adding an elongated conduit to a biological female bladder, and the long-term effects of evacuating urine through this skin tube, demand lifelong urological follow-up.

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Ftm Top Surgery Scarring

Many patients ask about what the scars will look like . The patient below posted these himself on Transbucket. He shows how his scars have evolved from 1 week after top surgery to 1 month, to 3 months and finally to 2 years post mastectomy. The scars which are quite visible initially fade over time and fall into the line of the pectoralis major muscle of the chest. This is an important point because many patients are afraid of the DI because of how the scars look. I think that the DI can give a better result with better contouring of the chest and nipple position than a peri-areolar procedure in the right patient. That does not mean that it is the best choice for all people and this is an important conversation that I have with all of my top surgery patients. But it should reassure prospective surgery patients that very good results are possible with DI surgery.

When Is Mastectomy Needed

Gender Change Before and After Surgery

While mastectomy top surgery is not necessarily a requirement for all transmen, many opt for it because they are tired of binding or they find binding painful. Other patients opt for mastectomy because they just dont think that binding is working for them. As this is a major factor in determining gender, mastectomy tends to rank highly on the surgery priority list for female to male patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gender Affirming Surgery

Why is gender confirmation surgery performed?The goal of gender confirmation surgery is to create congruence with one’s gender identity. The procedures will be performed by top plastic surgeons known for having high rates of patient satisfaction.Who are good candidates for gender reassignment surgery?You have been diagnosed with persistent gender dysphoria You are of age to make informed consent for their operative technique and medical care You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations for the surgery You are willing to come in for follow-up sessions after the treatmentAre the results of vaginoplasty surgery always the same?The results of gender-affirmation surgery are never the same for any patient. There are a number of factors that affect the outcome of sex reassignment surgery, including the complexity of the surgery, the skills of the surgeon, and the surgical technique used in the procedure. For example, some surgeons may use the skin graft technique while others would use the Sigmoid colon technique while performing MTF bottom surgery. The technique used may vary depending on whether there is plenty of little penile tissue to work with.What is penile inversion vaginoplasty?Do you need to undergo hormone therapy prior to sex reassignment surgery?Can you have vaginal intercourse following transgender surgery?Do you need hair removal before getting a vaginoplasty?What are some things you should know before getting sex reassignment surgery?

How Is The Mastectomy Done

Mastectomy surgery is routine and completed in approximately 4 steps.

  • Patient to be put under general anesthesia.
  • Surgeon opens the breast with an incision in the pre-determined area to remove breast tissue and effectively flatten the chest.
  • Excess skin is then resected and nipples and areola are adjusted and manipulated as needed to mimic a male chest.
  • Skin is sutured and closed.

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What Can I Do To Minimize Scarring

No matter which mastectomy procedure is done, post-operative care will be required to help reduce scarring. There are several ways patients can help reduce the chances of scarring after the operation including avoiding exposing the area to sunlight for several months to minimize hyperpigmentation and stunted healing.

Ftm Top Surgery Revisions

Female-To-Male Top Surgery Patient Testimonial | NG Production Films

I get contacted by many patients who have had FtM top surgery and are now seeking a revision of their chest. If they are my own patients seeking revision, the problems are almost always small and can be taken care of under local anesthesia in my clinic . Usually when I am contacted by a patient who has had a procedure by another physician the results are quite poor , and the patient needs to go back to the OR for a successful outcome. Below is the before and after photos of a patient who initially had his FtM top surgery by another surgeon. There is obvious loose skin and retained fatty tissue with stretching and distortion of the nipple areolar complex. I completely revised the scars and nipples and was able to give him a much improved chest contour. He is shown two months after the surgery and is very happy with his early result. I would be happy to review any before and after photos a prospective patient wishes to send me, and I will do my best to give an idea of what might be necessary to improve the cosmetic outcome.

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High Body Mass Index Patients

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible we do not have an absolute cut off BMI requirement for patients who are interested in undergoing top surgery. Dr Gallagher specializes in providing top surgery to higher BMI patients and ensuring safe and natural results. Masculoplasty Dr. Gallaghers drain free technique has been proven safe in higher body mass index patients. With the upmost regard to your safety, we will do our best to accommodate all body types.

Often patients with higher BMIs may require the scar to go all the way across the chest and out to the sides in order to avoid un-natural looking lumps or dog-ears.When we are removing larger amounts of tissue some patients may understandably have a slightly longer recovery and therefore a few extra days in the area may be a good idea.Patients with a BMI of over 50 will need to have surgery in one of our facilities that allows an overnight stay. All patients with sleep apnea should bring their CPAP machine on the day of surgery.

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