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Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery Cost

B Weight Regain After Primary Gastric Bypass

Endoscopic Gastric Bypass revision (Transoral Gastric Outlet Reduction): How does it work?

A few patients may achieve a satisfactory weight loss following their primary gastric bypass surgery. But over time, they may again start putting up excess weight and give up all the progress they made after the surgery.

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How Do I Get Approved For Bariatric Surgery

Dealing with insurance approval and rejection and appeals and denials creates a roller-coaster of emotion. Let the experts do their part. Your surgeon should have an in-house expert that will contact your insurance and start the process for approval.

Do not assume that your job is finished after youve been approved!

Make sure you are staying on top of your duties and appointments. There will be many. Keep documented records of everything and check in with the specialist regularly.

This is also a great time to change bad habits. Youre on your way to getting a life-changing procedure. Start changing your eating and exercising habits now or the change after surgery will be harder to make. Remember, surgery does not guarantee success. In fact, if you dont change your habits, even though youve had weight loss surgery you will fail. And surgery is actually easier for the surgeon if youve lost some weight before surgery. This decreases the size of your liver which makes it easier during the operation and it decreases your risk of complications due to anesthesia.

Will My Insurance Cover My Gastric Bypass Surgery

Most major insurance companies will pay for your weight loss surgery, if you meet certain requirements. Coverage depends on your specific healthcare plan.

At Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics of NJ our responsibility is to help you obtain authorization. We have dedicated staff to help you through the process.

If you dont have coverage, Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics of NJs provides flexible payment options including financing, medical loan and more.

Take control of your life. Contact Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics of NJ to discover the life-changing benefits of bariatric surgery. Advanced Surgical& Bariatrics of NJ has offices in Somerset, Marlboro, Hillsborough, Princeton, and East Bruswick, NJ. We are here to help you.

*Stop Obesity Alliance Fast Facts, School of Public Health & Health Services, The George Washington University.

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Sleeve Revision To Mini Gastric Bypass

Your primary gastric sleeve surgery may sometimes lead to only marginal weight loss or it may fail to improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. In this situation, your surgeon may recommend a sleeve revision to mini gastric bypass. This treatment option works well to mitigate diabetes symptoms and also promotes faster weight loss.

The key advantage with vertical sleeve revision to mini gastric bypass is that the procedure is less invasive, technically simpler, and involves a faster recovery. It will deliver both malabsorptive and restrictive benefits for substantial weight loss, but will require smaller incisions. Your surgeon can minimize scarring by using the original incisions to perform the gastric sleeve revision surgery.

Why Would I Need A Gastric Bypass Revision

Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Bariatric revision surgery is only relevant for those who have previously had some form of bariatric surgery. In gastric bypass, for example, the gastric pouch can stretch out over time and become less effective at controlling calorie intake. Through revision surgery, a doctor can return the gastric pouch to its original size and enable the patient to continue losing weight.

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C Gastric Bypass Revision Due To Ulcers Or Other Complications

In rare cases, a patient may develop a medical complication such as ulcers, or their primary chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes may again start showing severe symptoms.

In all these situations, a gastric bypass revision surgery may be the appropriate choice to restore the desired outcomes.

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Answer: Cost Of Revision Of Weight Loss Surgery

Unfortunately some patients may need their surgery to be revised! They will need an X-ray plus an Endoscopy to evaluate their pouch.Needs to be noted that the chance of complications is higher in revision surgery.In our program we have a large experience on Revisional Surgey with low complication rate. Therefore we can offer the procedure as low as $18,000.00 in Los Angeles area including all the related costs.

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What If I Need Weight Loss Surgery Again

Revisional surgery is an option for some people who have already undergone a weight loss procedure and need another one to repair the first one, or for those who have gained weight or have not lost enough weight after the first operation. NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist surgeons are among the most experienced in the region offering these procedures. Most often, patients need a revision surgery to convert an older weight loss procedure to a more modern, effective one.

What Is Bariatric Revision Surgery

Sleeve Revision to Gastric Bypass

A revision of bariatric surgery is a procedure that is done to repair or make changes to a previous weight loss surgery that will promote future weight loss. Sometimes, this is as simple as adding a few sutures to tighten areas that have become lax or it may be a conversion from the original bariatric surgery to another. Bariatric revision can be performed through a surgical procedure or endoscopically.

The sooner the patient lets the doctor know that they are having issues, the sooner the bariatric revision surgery can be done and get the patients weight loss back on track.

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Why Is Mexico Medical Costs Lower

  • Lower Cost of Living results in lower salaries for surgeons as well as staff.

  • Mexico cost of living index: 34.77
  • New York cost of living index = 100
  • Average Monthly Net Salary in Mexico is 10% of monthly salary.
  • Mexico: $575.76.
  • New York: 5744.11
  • Value of Currency: The Mexican peso holds significantly less value to the US dollar.
  • Higher Volume Medical Facilities: Hospitals and doctors offering specialized services in a higher volume that results in lower expenses and prices.

  • Fewer Malpractice Lawsuits: Malpractice insurance costs are significantly lower in Mexico as patients are not encouraged to file a lawsuit.
  • Lower Barriers to Entry: Stiff competition in Mexico medical tourism companies offering bariatric surgeries

  • Less Administration: Patient and paperwork requirements are much lower in Mexico.

  • Inadequate Weight Loss And Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery

    Despite most patients losing between 60% and 80% of their excess weight after gastric bypass surgery, not all patients experience the same success. According to studies, 15% to 35% of patients can regain significant weight or fail to achieve the standard weight loss goals, meaning less than 50% excess weight loss and a BMI greater than 35 after the gastric bypass surgery.

    This weight regain rate may even be higher in super-obese patients with a BMI greater than 50.

    Super obese patients can see great results when they pair gastric bypass surgery with medical management and lifestyle changes. If they fail in medical management, distal gastric bypass surgery may be their best option to lose more weight and control obesity-related comorbidities.

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    How Does Gastric Sleeve Revision Work

    The first step in Gastric Sleeve revision surgery is determining with your bariatric surgeon which procedure will best optimize your weight loss. If you have a stretched out sleeve, it might be as easy as a resleeve. Other patients may need a revision that requires a more in depth procedure if their Gastric Sleeve is not allowing for optimal weight loss.

    How Does Lap Band Revision Work

    Cost of Bariatric Surgery: 2015 Surgeon Survey &  Key Findings

    There are several options for Lap Band revision, including repositioning the band. Patients will often find success by converting to another type of bariatric surgery, and we offer band to gastric sleeve surgery, band to gastric bypass surgery, and band to duodenal switch surgery. Our team will discuss your concerns and evaluate your health to determine the best option for you.

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    Recovery Time For Gastric Revision Surgery

    Actually not all revisions need traditional surgery occasionally some can be done endoscopically via a tube placed down the throat.

    Revision surgery is always more difficult than the initial surgery, because of this recovery time tends to be longer than for the first time. Usually, patients have to spend a day or two longer in hospital than for the original surgery

    Due to thickening and scarring, however, revision procedures are always more difficult than the initial surgery, regardless of how it is done. For this reason recovery time for gastric bypass revision surgery or any of the other procedures mentioned above, tends to be longer than for the first procedure. Sometimes it is not possible to do the revision surgery laparoscopically and the stomach will need to be assessed in the traditional way by cutting it open. This may extend the recovery time as the wound may take longer to heal. Generally, patients can expect to spend a day or two longer in hospital than for the original surgery, but the home recovery time will be about the same. For example, the recovery time for gastric bypass revision surgery is about two weeks.

    Always be guided by the consultant, but the usual diet pattern after any gastric surgery is:

    When To Go For Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

    Although gastric bypass revision cost in Mexico is highly affordable, patients should only choose this option when they have failed to achieve the desired results despite having followed the surgeons instructions with commitment.

    An experienced weight loss surgeon in Mexico will consider the whole picture to determine a patients candidacy for revisions surgery.

    A relapse may have occurred due to the patients genetics, food choices, medical condition, or new life stresses. When these factors are reviewed in totality, the surgeon will be in a better position to recommend a revision gastric bypass.

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    Revision Bariatric Surgery Costs

    Revision bariatric surgery may be performed in a situation where the patient is dissatisfied with the results of the primary procedure, or weight has been regained quickly after the first surgery. In some cases, a revision procedure may be necessary to address a complication that may have arisen following the first procedure. Revision procedure should ideally be performed by a highly trained and experienced bariatric surgeon with a successful track record of such procedures.

    During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss various aspects of the procedure, including its estimated costs. is a leading surgeon providing state of the art surgeries for obesity and metabolism related conditions. Dr. Beltre receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Altamonte Springs, Central Florida, and surrounding communities.

    Factors Impacting the Price Tag

    The sticker price of revision bariatric surgery can vary from one patient to another, depending on several factors. If the revision procedure is relatively minor, requiring only a small correction over the primary procedure, the cost will be less. However, in some cases, the revision procedure may require adoption of a new treatment approach and surgical technique to perform major corrections. Such procedure may cost even more than the primary surgery.

    Average Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery

    Medical Insurance


    Please note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

    What Can I Expect After Bariatric Revision Surgery

    Scarless Revision Surgery after Gastric Bypass

    Recovery time after the endoscopic procedure is brief. Youll be able to return home usually within a few hours of the procedure, and most people will be able to return to work and other activities after 2-3 days of rest. Dietitians at True You will provide recommended modifications for diet and physical activity level following these recommendations will be an important part of continuing to lose weight and maintain weight loss over the long term.

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    Reasons For Revision Weight Loss Surgery

    The reasons for bariatric revision surgery are almost as numerous as the number of people requiring it, from gastric bypass revision due to ulcer to gastric band slippage.

    However, most reasons for a second bariatric procedure fall into five categories:

  • Complications due to the first procedure
  • Either failure to lose weight post-surgery or significant weight gain after initial success
  • Accompanying conditions e.g. diabetes, heart issues etc do not improve or come back
  • A combination of any of the above factors
  • Very rarely, but occasionally, where there is excessive weight loss, malnutrition or intractable diarrhoea
  • Research on a small number of patients in 2014 put the rates of revision surgery as:

    • For patients originally given gastric band surgery: 20%-60%
    • For patients originally given gastric bypass surgery: 9%-17%
    • For patients originally given gastric sleeve surgery: 9%-11%

    Top Ranked For Patient Safety

    NYU Langones aggregate metrics benchmarked against the rest of the nations health systems are unmatched. The latest data from U.S. News and World Report and the Vizient Clinical Database show that we surpass all top-10 ranked hospitals in mortality rate and 30-day readmission rate in cycle year 2021:

    • observed to expected mortality rate: 0.50
    • observed to expected length of stay ratio: 0.85
    • 30-day readmission rate: 4.0

    Were also ensuring that patients spend less time in the hospital, with an observed to expected length of stay ratio that is the lowest in New York State and among the lowest in the country. A shorter length of stay means better outcomes for our patients and indicates more efficient and effective care and a quicker return home to recover.

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    How To Reduce The Cost Of Gastric Bypass

    If you have insurance, the best way to lower the cost of gastric bypass is to utilize your coverage. Not all policies will cover it in full, and in all cases, you will need to meet specific requirements to be eligible. However, if your policy offers this coverage and you qualify, you could pay half or less of the overall cost.

    However, not everyone has health insurance. If you either dont have a policy or have one without sufficient coverage to afford gastric bypass, you can look into getting the procedure in another country.

    Gastric bypass in Tijuana is significantly more affordable in the UScosting as little as a fourth of the price in the U.S. And this doesnt mean sacrificing quality with the right surgeon, you will enjoy the same level of expertise, but greater comfort and attention due to the concierge approach most practices take. And if you go to Tijuana, you dont need to pay for a passport to make the trip.

    To learn more about how it all works and to hear about our prices, contact ALO Bariatrics.

    Looking to lose weight? ALO Bariatrics offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical weight loss treatment plans. Contact us today at 461-2831.


    Benefits Of Having Revision Weight Loss Surgery

    Bariatric Surgery Cost Houston, TX

    If you have had a prior weight loss surgery and failed to achieve your goal weight for whatever reason, you have been probably asking yourself if it would be worth it to have a Revision Weight Loss Surgery. Many patients have had weight loss surgery such as a lap band or even a gastric bypass or sleeve and for one reason or another have had no long-term successful results. People ask themselves if these kinds of surgery really offer benefits to bariatric patients. The answer is almost always a resounding YES, but the truth of the matter is the patient needs to do their part for success, along with the surgeon and as a team, the patient can achieve their goal, and if this does not happen, then a revision surgery can help the patient get back on track and reach their goal.

    Having Weight loss surgery done is not always a one-time experience. Some patients end up needing to undergo another surgery in order to reach their goal for many reasons.

    The Weight Loss Surgery Revision is a surgical procedure that can be performed on patients who have already undergone a prior form of Bariatric Surgery and have not successfully achieved significant weight loss results from the initial surgery or on those patients who failed to lose enough weight, regained weight or had medical complications.

    There are several weight loss surgery options, some of which may limit later options for revision weight loss surgery.

    There are four types of Weight Loss Revision Surgeries:

    + Duodenal Switch

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    What Is The Difference Between A Sleeve And A Bypass

    In gastric bypass surgery, a small pouch is created from a portion of the stomach, and this pouch is then attached directly to the small intestine. This is done in order to limit the physical amount of food that can be consumed in one sitting in order to promote an ongoing calorie deficit. In a sleeve gastrectomy, a banana-shaped sleeve is formed from the stomach instead of the small pouch. The other major difference is that the sleeve gastrectomy is just a reduction in stomach volume the stomach remains connected to the small intestine as normal.

    Our Medical Weight Loss Expertise

    Because surgery is not the right answer for everyone, we offer a wide range of medical weight loss options. Nutritional education, lifestyle guidance, exercise plans, behavioral-mindful eating techniques, and trigger analysisor discovering which circumstances trigger the desire to eatare tools that help many people reach their weight loss goals.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Prosper Medical Loans

    As a recognized and trusted financing company within the healthcare industry, Prosper Healthcare Lending has made over $5,000,000,000 available to over 250,000 patients nationwide. If you are looking for a simple way to pay for bariatric surgery and gastric sleeve costs without insurance, Prosper Healthcare Lending and Virginia Bariatric Surgery Center can assist you in making the best possible decision.

    Patients who choose Prosper Healthcare Lending take advantage of numerous benefits, including:

    • Immediate decisions without affecting your credit
    • Longer terms of up to 5 years for lower monthly payments
    • No collateral required

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