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Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost Texas

Gastric Bypass Costs In The Us Vs Mexicoby Gaston Tessada On January 25 2020

Gastric bypass surgery: the results

Oasis of Hope has become a well-regarded medical tourism destination for people who want a gastric bypass and other bariatric surgery procedures. Dr. Francisco Gonzalez and his Tijuana, Mexico weight loss surgery team put the needs and the health of patients first. Thanks to the exchange rate, patients are able to undergo advanced bariatric procedures at a reduced cost compared to what they would pay stateside.

Wed like to compare the cost of gastric bypass in America to the cost of the procedure in Mexico. This should give you an idea why so many people have reached out to our practice for their surgical weight loss needs.

Hanies Weight Loss Surgery

Stephanie turned to weight loss surgery as a long-term solution to help her live a healthier life. She started a fundraiser to help her cover the surgery price and raised over $3,200 to put toward gastric band surgery, thanks to supportive friends and family members. One year later, Stephanie is down almost 100 pounds.

What Should I Expect During The Gastric Bypass Procedure

Gastric bypass surgeries are performed in a hospital under general anesthesia, which means youll be unconscious during the procedure. While some operations are performed using traditional large incisions in your abdomen, Dr. Bagshahi typically performs the procedure laparoscopically, which is much less invasive and offers a quicker healing time.

Laparoscopic techniques have dramatically decreased complications related to open surgery and lead to shorter recovery time and length of time required to return to work. After gastric bypass surgery, you will be up and walking as soon as anesthesia wears off the same evening. You will stay in the hospital overnight for monitoring during your recovery and typically be discharged the day after surgery, once you can tolerate oral liquids, walk, have well-controlled pain and nausea, and experience no issues related to surgery. Most patients return to work in four to seven days depending on their activity levels and job requirements, some patients may need more time before returning to work.

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Life After Gastric Bypass: Keeping The Weight Off

Gastric Bypass is a proven weight loss success tool that can often mark the beginning of your journey to a healthier and happier life. In order to maintain weight loss after surgery, its important to stay consistent with your improved lifestyle changes. The enhancement in your overall health and the increased sense of confidence are all dependent upon your commitment to sticking to a more active and conscious lifestyle. The TLC Surgery team is here to support you and cheer you on throughout the process. By following these helpful tips, we are confident that you will stick to your weight loss goals:

  • Maintain a healthy diet & develop positive eating habits
  • Incorporate fitness into your daily routine
  • Surround yourself with a supportive group of family and friends
  • Keep up with follow-up appointments & call us for support
  • Check-in with our team & get support to stay on track

Worried About Paying For Your Procedure

Bariatric Surgery Cost Houston, TX

Many patients have insurance coverage for the procedures. However, in the current environment the deductibles and co-insurances are high and patients may have few thousand dollars of out of pocket responsibility even when insurance covers the procedure. There are many patients whose insurance does not pay for weight loss procedures. Majority of our patients feel that they should have done the procedure sooner once they experience life after weight loss surgery.

Dont let the cost keep you from taking steps to a healthier and active life you want and deserve. Investing in your health, well being and longevity is the best investment you can ever make. Weight loss procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band or gastric balloon can help improve or eliminate your health conditions related to obesity such as Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep apnea, High blood pressure, Joint pains etc, reduce your out-of-pocket cost of medications, doctor and hospital visits and also eliminate lifestyle costs associated with obesity such as time off work for illness and injury, plus-sized clothing prices and others.

Gastric Sleeve Self-Pay Package as low as $350 a month with financing*

  • Your initial consultation with surgeon
  • Cost of sleeve surgery, standard hospital fees, standard anesthesia fees
  • Registered Dietitian visit, Pre-op appointment
  • Follow up appointments for 1 year
  • Postoperative support and care in our office
  • Support group meetings for life

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Government Aid For Weight Loss Surgery Costs

The federal government can help pay for procedures for qualified patients under the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Both programs have eligibility restrictions, in addition to an application process and waiting period.

  • Medicaid provides health insurance to low-income individuals, and will cover gastric bypass surgery in certain extreme cases. Many requirements must be met in order for Medicaid to cover weight loss programs and surgery, including medical proof that you meet certain weight qualifications and have tried other methods to lose weight.
  • Medicare covers bariatric surgery for individuals who meet specific criteria related to morbid obesity. You will still have to meet your deductibles before Medicare will pay, and you may be responsible for copays for follow-up visits after your procedure.

Dr Mccalman Changed My Life

“I struggled with weight and weight loss my whole life and wanted to make a change in my life and my health. I am a mom and I could not bend down to play with my kids anymore and was sad. I wanted to find a female surgeon who was kind, and that I felt comfortable working with. Dr McCalman explained everything about weight loss surgery and I had a robotic sleeve done and lost over 130 pounds. I can bend down and play with my kids I can and I have never felt better or had more energy in my life. The operation was so successful and my life is amazing. Thank you.”

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Insurance Coverage And Payment Options

Our caring and compassionate team is ready to answer any questions you have about insurance coverage and payment options. If you have health insurance, we can assist you with understanding your policy and the requirements for full or partial coverage. Many major insurance providers require medical documentation of weight-related health problems, proof of participation in a medically supervised diet program, a psychological evaluation and a nutritional evaluation. We will work with you to collect the information needed throughout each step of the process.

For those interested in private-pay or self-pay options, we can assist in developing a payment plan that’s right for you. If you think the surgery could benefit your life but are concerned about affordability, we are here to help you explore your financial options, including third-party options for affordable financing.

Your Gastric Sleeve Procedure Cant Wait

Gastric bypass surgery: the procedure

Its a sad fact: about half the people who approach BMI about a gastric sleeve procedure have an exclusion in their insurance. In other words, their insurance plan has purposefully left weight loss surgery out of their covered benefits.

Most people understandably find this depressing, believing that this means they have no other options.

Take comfort: this is actually a very common problem, and while we are lobbying to fix the situation, that doesnt mean you are stuck.

Although your insurance company may not have your back, we do. At BMI, we have developed a great system to make bariatric surgery accessible for all: for as little as a few hundred dollars a month, you can pay for a procedure.

When your car breaks down, its a pain, but you can always trade it in for something new. Unfortunately, your body doesnt work that way. You have to take care of it, now.

So make an appointment, look at your options, explore payment plans, and see if its an option that can work for you.

In short: We want to empower you. Were ready to help you take matters into your own hands. And we have a team of people to help you apply for financing and get it done.

We know the doubts you have on your mind. But you are not alone.

And yes, we walk the walk: our very own Dr. Seger is Chair of the Access to Care Committee, devoted to lobbying insurance companies for increased coverage for bariatric surgery.

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United States: Covered If Your Plan Includes Bariatric Surgery

In the U.S., gastric bypass is covered under any plan that includes weight loss surgery.

How Do You Know If Your Insurance Includes Weight Loss Surgery?

It varies based on how you get your health insurance:

  • Individual/Family Plans & Small Group Plans Obamacare requires that many states cover weight loss surgery.
  • Large Group Plans it is 100% up to the company whether the chosen benefits plan includes bariatric surgery. Ask someone in the HR department or contact your insurance company to see whether its covered.
  • Medicare & Medicaid both of the federally sponsored plans cover gastric bypass surgery, but not all surgeons accept Medicare and Medicaid.

If Your Policy Covers It: Ask for a Free Insurance Check

Most surgical practices will check your insurance benefits for free. Importantly, theyll normally do it quickly since they have a staff experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

Instead of doing your own research, reach out to local surgeons office to check your insurance benefits.

The below are average out-of-pocket gastric bypass costs if you have insurance:

See below for assumptions:

  • Zero dollars paid towards your calendar year deductible for other services
  • The were calculated with special formulas that are based off of average plan designs from Kaiser Family Foundations Annual Employer Health Benefits Survey

If Your Policy Does NOT Cover It: Seek Partial Coverage

  • Cardiology exam
  • Psychological exam

The U.S. Insurance Approval Process

  • BMI of 40+ OR

What Is The Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

When seeking to lose weight, you have surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. When it comes to weight loss surgery, minimally invasive weight loss surgery is possible with the da Vinci robotic system. The da Vinci robotic system minimizes the size of incisions, increases visibility with 3DHD, and adds versatility that human hands can not offer.

What questions do you have? If you have questions about weight loss surgery, contact Inspire Bariatrics!

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What Is The Necessary Bmi For Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery requirements include meeting or exceeding a minimum body mass index number. The minimum BMI needed for weight loss surgery varies depending on the chosen weight loss surgery, procedure, and provider. General requirements include reaching a BMI number of 40 or higher. However, some patients may qualify at 35 BMI or 30 BMI. If you have type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or high blood pressure, you have a higher probability of qualifying for bariatric surgery.

Gastric Bypass Cost Without Insurance Self

Bariatric Surgery Cost Houston, TX

If you find that your insurance provider will not cover your gastric bypass surgery, there are a couple of options for you to consider in the realm of self-pay. Some of the options that you will want to consider include loans and payment plans if you dont already have the money in savings available to you.

Loans: Loans are one option that patients can turn to when theyve been denied insurance coverage for a gastric bypass. Make sure that you talk with your physician to determine exactly what your surgery is going to cost so that you are borrowing enough to cover everything. You will want to budget for all of your expenses and have some left over in case there are complications, such as additional recovery time needed. Keep in mind that you will also need to pay interest payments along the way.

Payment Plans: Many hospitals and bariatric surgery centers also offer payment plans that will allow you to pay off your surgery costs over time, rather than paying the full amount off all at once. The cost of surgery for such an option is sometimes less than for patients who pay in full through their insurance, so make sure that you speak to your physician about this option if you are having difficulty getting coverage through your insurance provider to find out what your options are.

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Tips For Creating A Successful Weight Loss Surgery Fundraiser

Follow these top medical fundraising tips so you can raise the money you need when you need it most:

  • Connect with your donors by telling your campaign story. Share your challenges, and be open and honest with donors about how funds will help impact your life.
  • Share your fundraiser on social media, and ask your friends and family to share your GoFundMe link on their own accounts.
  • Reach out to your personal network offline for fundraising without social media. Use texting, calling, and talking in person as a way to connect with donors in a more meaningful way.

How Does Gastric Bypass Work

Gastric Bypass works by limiting the bodys absorption of calories and by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold. In a Gastric Bypass procedure the surgeon divides the stomach into two pouches and the smaller pouch is detached from the rest of the stomach and connected to the lower end of the small intestine. The patient then has a much smaller stomach capacity and will feel full with a very small volume of food. Food that is consumed bypasses the upper intestines so that the body absorbs fewer calories.

What is a Gastric Bypass

Dr. Scarborough provides a brief explanation of the Gastric Bypass or also known as Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.

Judy’s Gastric Bypass Surgery Story

Judy talks about her experience so far with her Gastric Bypass procedure performed by the surgeons at TLC surgery.

Tommy’s Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient Review

n this video, meet Tommy, a gastric bypass patient of Dr. Terry Scarborough’s at Texas Laparoscopic Consultants.

After my gastric bypass surgery, I am happy. I am confident. I am strong.

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How Much Does Gastric Bypass Cost

The price of gastric bypass surgery may be covered by your medical insurance. We can provide insurance verification, if needed simply contact our office. Please note most bariatrics surgeons do not accept Medicare. Price should not be the only determinant of where you receive surgery and who performs the procedure, as this could have unintended and serious consequences. Its important to consider your safety, the quality and training of a potential bariatric surgeon, and facility accreditation when choosing a weight loss surgeon and practice. We cannot discuss other patients treatment plans and costs however, we will review the price of your program with you in full during your initial consultation. Everyone deserves access to good health, and we will work with you to find weight loss financing and other payment options to best suit your needs.

Find Weight Loss Surgery Financial Help Today

What is gastric bypass surgery? | Beaumont Health

No matter your reasons for considering a procedure, there are many resources to help you meet your goals. Countless individuals have used GoFundMe for medical fundraising to help cover costsbecause the investment in your health and quality of life is well worth it. Tap into the power of medical crowdfunding today so you can live your healthiest life. to start your fundraiser and raise money for your bariatric procedure today.

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Benefits Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The benefits of this surgery are enormous. With the smaller stomach, you being to fill full quickly and eat less. Patients lose between 10-20 pounds in the first month after surgery within the first 12 post-surgery months, patients lose as much as 60 to 65% of their excess body weight.

Gastric bypass surgery has shown to improve health outcomes such as:

  • Curing or improving type II diabetes
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Curing fatty liver disease
  • Helping obstructive sleep apnea
  • Curing infertility in women

Reclaim Your Health With Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re struggling with obesity, and repeated dieting and exercise have not worked, it may be time to consider a bariatric weight loss procedure. At Laredo Medical Center, our goal is to guide you toward finding renewed health and wellness through proven bariatric solutions and compassionate support.

Many of our patients experience more than just long-term weight reduction they experience notable improvement in their health and they feel better overall. Concerns – including diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, heart disease and depression – may improve significantly after weight loss. Patients often gain a new outlook on life, and can pursue goals and activities that werent possible before. Our program utilizes a wide variety of methods throughout the surgical journey, including dietary counseling, behavior modification, exercise and support groups. As we guide patients through this process, we do more than help reduce weight. We change lives.

Are you ready for a real life change? Take the first step and attend a seminar.

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Procedures As Low As $8500*

*Certain Conditions Required Please contact a Patient Advocate today!

  • One week follow up visit
  • Lifetime of dietary counseling from a Registered/Licensed Bariatric Dietitian
  • Exercise counseling and Exercise Prescriptions from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Quarterly support groups
  • One week follow up visit
  • Lifetime of dietary counseling from a Registered/Licensed Bariatric Dietitian
  • Exercise counseling and Exercise Prescriptions from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Quarterly support groups
  • One week follow up visit
  • Lifetime of dietary counseling from a Registered/Licensed Bariatric Dietitian
  • Exercise counseling and Exercise Prescriptions from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Quarterly support groups
  • One week follow up visit
  • Lifetime of dietary counseling from a Registered/Licensed Bariatric Dietitian
  • Exercise counseling and Exercise Prescriptions from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Quarterly support groups
  • One week follow up visit
  • Lifetime of dietary counseling from a Registered/Licensed Bariatric Dietitian
  • Exercise counseling and Exercise Prescriptions from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Bariatric Education class
  • One week follow up visit
  • Lifetime of dietary counseling from a Registered/Licensed Bariatric Dietitian
  • Exercise counseling and Exercise Prescriptions from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Quarterly support groups
  • Bariatric Education class

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