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Hip Dip Filler Surgery Cost

How Much Does Sculptra Cost For Hip Dips

Hip dips correction with fillers!

The average price for a vial of Sculptra is $1,000 in the United States. In order to have full correction of the hip dips it will take approximately 6 to 10 vials per session with an average of three sessions to have compete cosmetic correction of the hip dip. The cost of Sculptra can vary, with nurses and spas generally costing less for Sculptra injections than experienced board certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons.

What You Need To Know Before You Go For Butt Injections

Butt injections are not permanent. Hip fillers that are used for it eventually get absorbed by the body. If you lead an active lifestyle with plenty of exercises, then the injected product can get absorbed too quickly. This means that after a certain time you will have to repeat the procedure So, budget for it prior to going ahead with it initially.

To prolong the result of hip fillers, do not go for a massage during the time the product is settling down. Because it will increase the speed of biodegradation and you will need touch ups much faster. Give it at least a month.

Also, during the first day after the procedure try to keep water and especially your hands off the injection sites.

Do not sunbathe for two weeks.

Stay away from swimming pools and sauna for one week.

Do not use laser over the injection site.

Fat Transfer For Hip Dips

  • Average Cost: $8,000 to $10,000
  • Downtime: 1 week off from work resume normal activities around 4-weeks post-op
  • Anesthesia: Local or general

If you are looking for a more natural alternative to filler and have areas of unwanted fat, fat transfer may provide an ideal solution for treating hip dips. Like a Brazilian butt lift , the procedure involves removing fat via liposuction from one area of the body and injecting it into another . The grafted fat needs time to become acclimated to its new location, and, during the first year, patients can expect to lose 30 to 50 percent of the tissue. Its worth keeping that in mind when youre considering how much fat to have transferred, and your surgeon will be able to give you advice tailored to your specific body.

The procedure is carried out either under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient and provider. In either case, most people return home on the same day. Because more than one area of the body is involved , post-op discomfort can be experienced in multiple locations. Swelling and bruising are common. While the benefit of fat grafting is that there is no risk of the body rejecting it, a patient must have enough excess fat in order to be a candidate. Since hip dips are often most prominent on those with minimal body fat, the procedure isnt always a viable solution.

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How Does Fat Transfer To Hips Work

Fat transfer to hips is a common procedure that is used to correct hip dips. With this treatment, liposuction is used to remove fat from one area of the body. This fat is then transferred into the hips. This gives a fuller appearance to the hips and is achieved by using fat from your own body. The fat is commonly taken from the buttocks, stomach or inner thigh and is removed through a small incision that is made. This incision will then be stitched and bandaged. The fat itself is then prepared by a machine that removes any fluids from it. Once this has been completed, the fat is injected into the hips.

The main benefit of fat transfer to hips is that it is much less invasive than other hip dip surgery. This means that recovery times are faster, but you still get the desired outcome that you were seeking. Another advantage is that you can reduce unwanted fat from other areas of your body as part of the procedure.

How Much Does It Cost

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Hip dips surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure. That means its not covered by insurance.

Youll need to cover the entire cost of the procedure, including any anesthesia or hospital charges, out of pocket. You might also have to account for the time you need to take off from work to recover as you tally the cost of this procedure.

Hip dips surgery prices vary depending on the cost of living in your area as well as the experience level of your provider. According to people whove had hip augmentation and reported their costs on website RealSelf, prices can range from $8,000 to $11,000.

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The Cost Of Hip Dip Injections

The cost of hip dip filler varies depending on the type of product used and the amount needed to achieve the desired results. Most treatments range from $800 to $1000 per treatment.

To correct hip dips, it would take about 6 to 10 vials in order to accentuate the figure and smooth out the hip dips. Though this seems like a significant investment for treatment, the results can be well worth the hip dip filler cost.

Hip sculpting injections can help to create a more balanced and proportional appearance, giving you the confidence boost you need. In order to get an exact price, it is important to consult with a board-certified professional.

Lifestyle Modifications For Hip Dips:

Make every effort to undertake the required steps toward creating a healthier lifestyle. You would feel so much better if you worked out, ate right, and typically took care of yourself. Make sure youre eating sufficient energy and drink plenty of water. Carbs may provide you with more energy and help you get the most out of your exercises. Its possible that eating lots of protein will help you gain muscle strength. Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and fiber should be included in your diet. Alcohol, liquor, and packaged snack foods should all be avoided. Make healthy eating selections, but realize that its good to splurge now and then.

Exercising up different body regions might help stabilize out your workout regimen. Its critical to undertake a range of activities to improve your physique. Other sorts of aerobic activities should be incorporated into your program. Maintain a consistent training schedule and incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule. Consult a physician, a dietitian, or a fitness instructor.

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What Is Sculptra Hip Dip Treatment

Sculptra is generally the most popular treatment for hip dip treatment and hip augmentations amongst celebrities who want a more aesthetically pleasing figure and buttocks. Its the ideal treatment for those who want a nicely feminine hour-glass figure without invasive and surgical procedures. Sculptras effects last for up to 2 years, making it one of the most effective and long-lasting non-surgical options for hip dip treatment.

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler that facilitates localized collagen production in the body, thus improving its plumpness. This dermal filler is composed of Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a synthetic sugar naturally found in the body.

Sculptra Butt Lift Procedure:

Sculptra Hip Dips Surgery (Non-Invasive!) | Dr. Gabbay on The Doctors

A substance called Sculptra is infused into the muscle tissue of the thighs in another surgery. This operation is done in a hospital emergency room and requires very little downtime. The substance contributes a modest volume and texture at the time of infusion, and your system uses it to create new tissue over weeks or even months, potentially increasing the levels in that region even more.

To notice a substantial effect, numerous sessions are required and several vials of medications per appointment, which can be costly.

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How Much Does Hip Dip Surgery Cost

The cost of hip dip surgery varies depending on several factors. The experience of your surgeon, the location in which he or she practices, and the amount of work that must be required for your desired results all factor into the price.

Because it is a cosmetic procedure and hip dips are not considered a medical issue, insurance will not cover the cost for hip dip surgery. It will need to come out of your pocket.

To get the best estimate for how much you may be spending on your hip dip surgery, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daneshmand today. He will assess your body type and individual circumstances to determine how much you can expect to pay for this procedure.

Is Sculptra Better Than A Bbl

Sculptra butt lifts and traditional brazilian buttock lifts are very different. Sculptra butt lifts are non-surgical and tend to offer softer results without any downtime. Traditional BBLs use fat harvested by liposuction to achieve their results. These procedures tend to be more dramatic and fairly permanent. The decision between the two can be fairly nuanced, and Dr. Smith will guide you through the process.

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How To Prepare For Butt Injections

Changing the shape of your booty will come with a price tag, so you need to prepare yourself for it.

First, make sure you find a reputable aesthetic practitioner who specializes in butt injections. Google reviews can greatly help you in that. Ensure that the doctor you choose has a good track record.

Then make an appointment.

Once you come to the doctors office, get them to examine your body, prescribe tests and collect all the necessary information about your health.

If you have no contraindications for butt injections procedure such as cancer, inflammation in the injection areas, upcoming menstruation, chronic illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding, go ahead and set up the date.

A few days before the scheduled treatment, stick to proper diet, do not sunbathe under the scorching sun, refrain from drinking alcohol.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hip Augmentation

Versa Lip Filler Before And After


  • Both hip implants and hip fat transfer procedures can create a curvy, hourglass shape.
  • Hip implants provide a predictable, permanent solution. Custom-designed, custom-made cosmetic hip implants are recommended for the best fit.
  • While fat injections are less predictable, they can be a very attractive option for sculpting other areas of your body through liposuction or liposculpture.


  • You’ll need a week or two of downtime, and full recovery time can take as long as six weeks.
  • Fat transfer results can be unpredictable, due to some degree of fat cell death.

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Hip Dip Exercise As An Alternative To The Surgical Procedure:

An exercise that focuses on the region surrounding your hip dips might well alter the bending of the hips. Workout is a healthier and far less expensive substitute to operation for minimizing the appearance of hip dips. Lateral hip openings, squats, lunges, and side leg lifts are examples of hip and thigh workouts that tone and stretch the musculature that links to your thigh. A diet that is high in leafy green vegetables, lean meats, and omega-3 fatty acids can also aid your buttocks and thighs curve.

Is Fat Transfer To Hips Work

Fat cells are very fragile, and if doctors do not have enough experience, they will easily damage these cells. In addition, most of the techniques used for liposuction and injection traumatize the tissues, which leads to unexpected results. Our clinic uses the best equipment and techniques to protect these cells from damage. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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Are Hip Dips Caused By Excess Fat

Unlike other problem areas like muffin tops and thunder thighs, hip dips are not caused by a higher body fat percentage. Even people with little to no body fat have hip dips. In fact, hip dips are more prominent in people with lower body fat percentage, because the dip between the hip bone and thigh bone become more pronounced due to less volume provided by any significant amount of fat.

Hip dips are a product of anatomy. The shape of your pelvis defines the prominence of your hip dips. These indents are dictated by your bone structure and muscle mass.

Ways To Fill Out Hip Dips

Injected my Hip Dips to Demonstrate the LIES on Social Media!

Since hip dips are based on a persons bone structure, it can be difficult to achieve the shape that you want without cosmetic help. Exercise can minimize the appearance of hip dips, specifically those that target the thighs and buttocks.

Exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts increase muscle mass around these areas. As a result, the area around the dip looks fuller, which can improve the appearance of the indents.

Note that the dip doesnt really go away. Unlike excess body fat, it will remain a part of your body. Modifications in diet and exercise only help with its appearance, but these in no way remove the dips from your body.

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Cosmetic Procedures To Treat Hip Dips

In the immortal words of Shakira, our hips dont lie. But what if you are unhappy with the lie of your hip area? So-called hip dips indentations found along the side body below the hips and above the thighs are natural and harmless, but we all seem to be obsessed with them. shows that searches for the term have soared this year. So, whats driving the interest? Were breaking down everything you need to know about hip dips and hear from two patients who chose different procedures to correct them.

Answer: Could I Have An Injection Filler To Have Better/rounder Hips

Hello and Great Question. I appreciate the time you are spending researching this procedure. My name is Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Surgeon, and a Butt Augmentation Specialist.Yes, you can certainly get filler injected in your hips, scupltra. I would I would suggest you to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes with sculptra because only after a thorough examination you will get more information and recommendations.I hope that helps! Best of Luck!Matthew J. Nykiel, MD#CoreAestheticButt Augmentation SpecialistLiposuction SpecialistBoard Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Hip Dip Fillers: The Ultimate Guide

Do you have hip dips? Dont worry, youre not alone. In fact, almost every woman has them to some degree. While they might not be the most aesthetically pleasing feature, there are ways to fill them in and minimize their appearance.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about hip dip fillers, including what they are, how they work, and the best way to use them.

Keep reading to see all the in-depths on hip dip fillers and if it is the right choice for you.

How To Find A Board

If youre considering hip dips surgery, its important to find a board-certified and licensed healthcare provider to perform the procedure.

Hips dips surgery is simple and low risk, but only if the person doing it has the knowledge and expertise to do it safely.

You can start your search by using the American Society of Plastic Surgeons search tool to find a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Next, you can schedule a consultation with a potential health provider.

Bring a list of questions about costs, recovery time, and what to expect from your results. Ask how much experience the provider has with hip dips surgery, and ask to see before and after photos.

Make sure to disclose any prior cosmetic procedures as well as health conditions and medications or supplements that you take.

A good cosmetic surgeon will honestly discuss what to expect from hip dips surgery and will point out that theres no way to guarantee a perfect hourglass silhouette, even after this procedure.

A good surgeon may also recommend that you try exercises and diet changes before advising a surgical procedure.

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How Long Does Hip Dip Surgery Last

The actual liposculpting procedure may take somewhere between three to four hours. General anesthesia will be used to sedate the patient for the duration of the surgery. Once under sedation, your surgeon will remove excess fat from one or more areas of your body using a liposuction procedure. The fat will be transferred into a machine, where it will be spun to separate the fat from blood and other fluids. Then, the clean fat will be injected directly into your hip dip area. Nearly 70% of this injected fat is expected to survive the transfer the rest will be reabsorbed into the body.

Liposculpting is preferable for people who want to see immediate results rather than receiving several injections over a longer period of time. It is also a more permanent solution than its counterpart sculptra. Though the result of fat grafting varies from patient to patient, it is likely to provide lasting, permanent enhancement for life. This is due to the fact that the fat transferred is a living substance, as opposed to fillers or implants .

Health Screening And Scheduling

Fat transfer surgery is relatively low-risk and safe for most healthy individuals. To ensure that its safe for you, you can expect a thorough health screening to determine if youre a good candidate.

The cosmetic surgeons medical team will perform your health screening. Youll be asked about your medical history and lifestyle, get a basic physical examination, and have routine blood tests done.

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How Does Sculptra Work To Increase Volume

Sculptra aesthetic is a unique dermal filler which works by stimulating the bodys ability to increase collagen production. Sculptra is a water based injectable which uses a special acid, called Poly-L-Lactic Acid , which acts as a bio-activator, stimulating collagen production, and gradually restoring volume to the treated area. A series of treatments are needed, scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart, to stimulate new collagen formation, restore and produce new tissue, and volumize the treated area. The results are not immediate, and full correction can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months in duration.

Sculptras primary purpose was to restore lost facial volume, and treat fine lines and deep wrinkles by simulating elastin and collagen production. Some of the most common areas which Sculptra injections are used are to restore volume in the nasolabial folds , marionette lines, temple, contouring the cheeks, chin, and jawline. Sculptra is also extensively for the body, for the arms, tops of knees, decolettage, buttock, and cellulite treatment. Sculptra is also effective at treating stretch marks buy building new collagen, and tightening and toning the skin.

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