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Hospital Of Special Surgery Nyc

Types Of Accommodation Near Hospital For Special Surgery New York

Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

There are many apartment types within our portfolio that will make the medical trip simple from start to finish. We know that patients may want their families to come with them for their vital operation and will need more space, doctors may want their operation teams living together if theyre from outside New York, and medical students may want a space on their own to study or may want other students to live with them so they can have company and companionship throughout the tough trials ahead. Either way, we have a range of living spaces that can satisfy everyone that wants an apartment close to the hospital:

The Top Restaurants That Are Near Our Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation Include:

  • Flora Bar Looked upon as one of the best restaurants on the Upper East Side, the menu is one of supreme tastes, and while it may not be cheap, it is more than worth indulging in when the budget is there.
  • Daniel One of the many fine dining establishments in the area, it has a simply divine menu that is worth every cent. Doctors etc can bring friends and family here when they want a real treat.
  • Sandros Those that love their Italian foods will find this establishment to be right up their street. It has all the favorites that they love as well as a few twists that make it highly recommended.
  • Sushi of Gari A sushi restaurant that serves up luxurious dishes, this is a top spot for all the eager sushi lovers in the city. It has a reputation thats difficult to match and it has a great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
  • Angkor Cambodian Bistro This Cambodian restaurant is one of those rare and hidden establishments that packs flavor and texture into every bite. Its eclectic menu ensures that new tasters of the cuisine can savor bites from all of the best parts.
  • Uva A simple yet classy joint, it is more than affordable for those that may not have a big budget but want to dine somewhere top-notch.
  • JoJo French cuisine can be savored in all its forms at this top restaurant. Great for a classy night out after long shifts or a break from hospital food, its a must-visit spot.

Top Apartments Near Hospital For Special Surgery In New York

When doctors, patients, visitors and medical students need to be near to Hospital for Special Surgery New York, we have a range of furnished apartments that can meet their needs so they can leave work behind and recover or relax in the heart of our deluxe apartments. With them being ideally situated by the hospital as well as attractions, restaurants and shopping malls, they can have the best aspects of the NYC experience to go along with their stay. Recovering, studying or working, they are the top places to call home after an eventful day.

Our award-winning portfolio offers plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation near the hospital. All apartments are uniquely furnished for all guests who need medical accommodation and they put them right in the heart of the city. No matter what they want or need from their apartment, it will more than likely be the ideal companion for the length of stay. They can enter their apartment and unwind immediately.

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Restaurants Near Our Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation

Sometimes patients, doctors, visitors and medical students want a change from the drab hospital food that gets served there on a daily basis. They want global cuisines with flavor and texture every now and again when they want to celebrate or fancy something different. Thankfully, the neighborhood that surrounds the hospital is full of restaurants and other foodie establishments so everyone can find something to satisfy their cravings. It is worth noting that there are some fairly expensive restaurants in the area and they may be out of the price range for a fair few people. However, those that can afford them should check them out. Also, our furnished apartments are in a good range from the restaurants so guests will not have to travel that far.

Promotion Of Women In Science And Outreach Activities

The Lerner Children

The Rockefeller University established a Women in Science initiative in 1998 to address the underrepresentation of women in the field. It is founded mainly by female philanthropists. The program includes scholarships and an entrepreneurship found to help increase the low number of female researchers that commercialize their discoveries. In 2004 Rockefeller’s professor donated the full amount of his Nobel Prize to establish the given annually to a woman scientist in the field of biology.

Rockefeller also host diverse initiatives to promote science and culture: Parents & Science Initiative, The RockEDU Science Outreach for K-12 students and teachers that includes lab experience and professional development and The for writing about science is given annually.

In addition, Rockefeller hosts the Peggy Rockefeller Concerts and in collaboration with and it hosts the Tri-Institutional Noon concert Series.

In 2012, Rockefeller began participating in ‘s OHNY Weekend.

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Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation For Doctors

Sometimes the top medical professionals in the world need to come to New York to perform radical surgeries, or operational teams need to perform a long surgery over a few days. Whatever the needs of the doctors and surgeons, our apartments are well-located by the hospital for ease of access and are fully equipped so they can have a home to return to that takes their minds off the long haul of the day. No matter if its a team or a single medical expert, the range of amenities and extra services that are available will be more than appropriate for the guests to feel comfortable in their serviced and bespoke apartment by Hospital for Special Surgery New York.

Pioneering Research And Innovation

The HSS Research Institute comprises 20 laboratories and 300 staff members focused on leading the advancement of musculoskeletal health through prevention of degeneration, tissue repair and tissue regeneration. With its state-of-the-art technology, large patient volume, and special bench to bedside teams of doctors and scientists, HSS can swiftly translate scientific breakthroughs into clinical treatments. The global standard total knee replacement was developed at HSS in 1969. The HSS Innovation Institute was formed in 2016 to realize the potential of new drugs, therapeutics and devices.

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Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation For Patients

Awaiting surgery or recovering from a long operation can be tough on anyones disposition, however, our apartments are here to provide the homely and warm space that can put nerves at rest and be the homely spot to heal and get back to ordinary days. They are fully furnished so that the usual tasks of home cooking, watching TV, streaming content, long lie-ins and evening drinks with the sunset and moonlight can take place with no hassle at all. Then there are the central locations to top attractions in the city that can uplift the spirits of any recovering patient. We know what they need from their accommodation and location, and we make it happen.

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Campus And Student Life

HSS at NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medicine Orthopedics Program

was the first building on Rockefeller’s campus, built between 1903 and 1906. It housed the nation’s first major biomedical research laboratory and was declared a in 1974. Caspary Auditorium, a 40-foot-high, 90-foot round geodesic dome, was built in 1957 and hosts a variety of concert series and lectures. The completion of the Stavros Niarchos FoundationDavid Rockefeller River Campus in 2019, built along the over , added two acres to Rockefeller’s footprint. Rockefeller’s campus houses a childcare center for researchers and other university employees.

Graduate students are offered subsidized housing on campus and receive an annual stipend. Student groups include People at Rockefeller Identifying as Sexual/Gender Minorities , Women in Science at Rockefeller , and the Science and Education Policy Association . The student-run publication Natural Selections is produced monthly.

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New Yorks Early Hospitals

The oldest and most famous hospital in New York City, Bellevue Hospital, was opened in 1736 as the Almshouse Infirmary. It was a Publick Workhouse and House of Correction with an upper floor housing an infirmary containing 6 beds. It also was a rehabilitation center with areas for sewing, spinning, weaving, working on iron and leather, and even an adjacent farm . As New York grew rapidly, public health was essentially nonexistent. At the beginning of the 19th century, yellow fever epidemics occurred annually, with filth and plague all around and uncontrolled sewage in the streets. In 1811, the city purchased 6 acres of the Kips Bay Farm along the East River. Bounding it on one side was Belle Vue Place. Building construction, delayed due to the War of 1812, proceeded and the new hospital finally opened in 1816. It was named Bellevue Hospital.

It was the first in the city to deal with the medical needs of the poor and the destitute . It would establish in 1873 the first school of nursing in this country.

The next hospital in the city was New York Hospital, founded in 1771 and supported generously by the Dutch gentry, with many of its trustees of Dutch ancestry. Lying-In Hospital was founded in 1798 after a yellow fever epidemic of that year. Kings County hospital originated like Bellevue from an almshouse in 1831 in Brooklyn. Brooklyn City Hospital was incorporated in 1845, supported by the Brooklyn Association for Improving the Conditions of the Poor.

Attractions Near Our Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation

Going on a tour of exploration may not always be an option for some patients with long term recoveries, but for most doctors, patient visitors and students, a change of scenery is always good especially when long shifts or tough days are in the mix. And when doctors and students have days off, they can head to some of the top landmarks, sights and places to visit in New York and have some fun. Whether its the usual attractions or the hidden treasures that arent usually in the New York City guides, there is much for everyone to experience. With the Upper East Side having top landmarks in its streets, and the hospital being situated right inside its walls, there are many things to enjoy. Plus, our apartments are close to the attractions too so days out will be super simple.

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Best Hospital Best Results

HSS is the worlds leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health. At its core is Hospital for Special Surgery, ranked No. 1 in orthopedics for 12 years in a row by U.S. News & World Report . HSS has also been among the top-ranked hospitals for both orthopedics and rheumatology for 30 consecutive years.

Because an infection can be a devastating outcome for an orthopedic patient, HSS takes infection control extremely seriously and has one of the lowest infection rates in the country.

HSS accepts most major insurance plans. Our Insurance Advisory Service can answer questions regarding your insurance coverage.

Hospital For Special Surgery

Providers at Hospital For Special Surgery: New York, NY
Hospital for Special Surgery
Hospital as seen from Roosevelt Island
New York City, New York, United States
Accredited by the Joint Commission, Magnet Recognition for Excellence in Nursing Service
Hospitals in New York

Hospital for Special Surgery is a hospital in New York City that specializes in orthopedic surgery and the treatment of rheumatologic conditions.

Founded in 1863 by James Knight, HSS is the oldest orthopedic hospital in the United States and is consistently ranked as the top orthopedic hospital in the United States. Currently, HSS is ranked #1 in orthopedics, #3 in rheumatology and #22 in pediatric orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report. Bryan Kelly serves as the medical director and surgeon-in-chief, and Louis Shapiro serves as its president and chief executive officer.

HSS also offers professional medical education programs, including continuing medical education lecture series, conferences and symposia. Services are available in person at the New York facility and remotely worldwide through the Grand Rounds partnership “eConsult” platform. The hospital has 327 active medical staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hss Hospital For Special Surgery

Hospital for Special Surgery , founded in 1863 and headquartered in New York, New York, is a hospital that specializes in orthopedic surgery and the treatment of rheumatologic conditions…. Read More

Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation For Medical Students

Studying is always a pain, and becoming a medical professional is a journey of many years of tough situations. While the process may be long and drawn out, we make sure that our serviced apartments are the second home that students can return to for their studies and to live their lives like any modern person would. Not only will the free Wi-Fi assist with their studies, but the other amenities inside will make them feel right at home straight away. They can cook with friends, watch a late-night comedy talk show on the TV, curl up with a book in bed or have a long soak in the bathroom to get the tensions of the long shift out of their system.

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Hospital For Special Surgery New York

HSS is nationally ranked #1 in orthopedics, #2 in rheumatology, and #19 in neurology by U.S.News & World Report . HSS has been top-ranked in the Northeast for both orthopedics and rheumatology for the 21st consecutive year. In addition, Consumer Reports ranked Hospital for Special Surgery the best hospital in New York City according to their patient satisfaction study.

Founded in 1863, Hospital for Special Surgery is the nations oldest orthopedic hospital. More than 25,000 surgical procedures are performed annually. HSS performs more hip surgeries and more knee replacements than any other hospital in the nation. Every HSS surgeon who specializes in joint replacement performs more than 320 operations every year. Compare this to the fact that, nationwide, 5 out of 6 hip replacements are done by surgeons who perform fewer than 50 per year.

These Are The Types Of Accommodation Near Hospital For Special Surgery New York That We Have Available:

NY Knicks’ Cleanthony Early Visits Pediatric Patients at Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Studio These are the smaller, but open-plan apartments that single travelers need when they want everything that has its own place. Ideal for patients, doctors and medical students.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment When guests dont want an open-plan space, this is what they choose instead. All the usual amenities are here, and every patient, visitor, doctor and student can be happy with what they offer for short and long term stays in the city of New York.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment Surgical teams, patients and their families, and groups of students will want to stay in these apartments as they provide the extra space and convenience that theyre after. More bedrooms and facilities ensure bigger groups can be left happy when they arrive after a long day at the hospital.

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Transportation Near Our Hospital For Special Surgery New York Accommodation

Getting from A to B in New York is simpler than most would think. The subway is one of the most remarkable feats of public transportation engineering and keeps everyone in NYC connected. While our serviced apartments are close to Hospital for Special Surgery New York, our guests may want a change from the medical center every now and again. When that happens, they can simply jump on the subway and go to one of the many top spots in the city that is a part of the cultural scene. So, not only is the hospital in close proximity but so are the subway stations.

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Parking Near Hospital For Special Surgery

With the help of SpotHero, enjoy the convenience of booking a parking spot ahead of time, ensuring you have a space waiting for you when you get to Hospital For Special Surgery.

To get started, select the timeframe you wish to book parking for, find your ideal spot on the map, and head to checkout to complete your reservation!

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Weill Cornell Center For Human Rights


Founded in 2010 in partnership with , the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights provides services to torture victims in the United States on grounds of racial, gendered, religious, sexual, or political persecution. Run by medical students, the WCCHR provides forensic medical evaluations for survivors of clinicians provide clients to prepare an affidavit in support of a clients asylum application. It is the first U.S. medical school-based asylum clinic run by students.

Leading The Field In Radiology And Anesthesiology

Providers at Hospital For Special Surgery: New York, NY

HSS is one of the worlds largest academic centers devoted to orthopedic imaging. HSS radiologists have developed new protocols for the diagnostic imaging of bones, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues, including MRIs of metal implants and cartilage. HSS anesthesiologists are globally recognized leaders in regional anesthesia. This technique, pioneered at HSS, has been shown to reduce bleeding, minimize postoperative pain, and shorten surgical time. Most importantly, the use of regional anesthesia reduces the chance of having a surgical infection by 50%.

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