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How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost Without Insurance

Is Cataract Surgery Worth The Money

How much does private cataract surgery cost?

Of 23 RealSelf members reviewed their procedure, 83% say that cataract surgery was Worth It.

About 95% of people who have this safe, painless, and effective surgery have improved vision afterward. Better still, their enhanced vision typically lasts a lifetime because the new artificial lenses cannot form cataracts.

While waiting to have cataract surgery wont damage your eyes or make the surgery more difficult, having it will probably significantly improve your eyesight and quality of life. I tell patients that the time for cataract surgery is when you cannot see to do what you want to do, says Dr. Mark Golden, an ophthalmologist in Chicago.

Interested in cataract surgery?

How To Prevent Cataracts

The only way to decipher this is by looking at the risk factors for cataracts. The most important one is increasing age, but you cant really do much about it outside of being attentive and contacting the most skilled eye surgeons in Calgary at the first signs of visual impairment. However, other bad habits and chronic diseases do have some effect on your vision. This is the case of diabetes, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, drinking alcohol, and excessive exposure to sunlight. Laser cataract surgery can be considered to be expensive, but undergoing it is a need for many people. After all, sight truly has no price.

What Is The Average Cost Of Cataract Surgery

The average cost of cataract surgery depends on the condition of the eye. As a guide, at MCES our cataract surgery package is very affordable starting from$1,600 per eye out-of-pocket for uninsured patients. However, prior to the surgery, an initial consultation of $170.00 will apply.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation to assess the eye costs $170. With a Medicare rebate, the out-of-pocket expense is just under $100. This includes the initial consultation test, free colour photo of your retina, free OCT and biometry .


As explained above, the starting from$1,600 surgery package includes the surgeon fee, theatre fee, standard lens fee , post-surgery refreshments and free travel to and from the day surgery. Anaesthetic costs are extra depending on your condition and circumstances.

All accounts must be settled on the day of your consultation. Once the fee is fully paid, and if you have a Medicare card, we can electronically submit your claim to Medicare for you to receive a small refund. Usually the refund is in your account within 24 hours.

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What Does Cataract Surgery Cost

Thereare two main kinds of cataract surgery. Medicare covers both surgeries at thesame rate. These types include:

  • Phacoemulsification. This type uses ultrasound to break up the cloudy lens before it is removed and an intraocular lens is inserted to replace the cloudy lens.
  • Extracapsular. This type removes the cloudy lens on one piece, and an IOL is inserted to replace the cloudy lens.

Your eye doctor will determine which type of surgery is best for you.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2014, the general cost of cataract surgery in one eye with no insurance was approximately $2,500 for the surgeons fee, the outpatient surgery center fee, the anesthesiologists fee, the implant lens, and 3 months of postoperative care.

However, these rates will vary by state and the specifics of an individuals condition and needs.

The exact cost of your cataract surgery will depend on:

  • your Medicare plan

cost of cataract surgery with medicare

An estimated cost of cataract surgery may be*:

  • In a surgery center or clinic, the average total cost is $977. Medicare pays $781, and your cost is $195.
  • In a hospital , the average total cost is $1,917. Medicare pays $1,533 and your cost is $383.

*According to, these fees dont include physician fees or other procedures that may be necessary. They are national averages and may vary based on location.

Medicare covers basic cataract surgery including:

Cataract Surgery Cost Overview

Complication After Cataract Surgery

Prices for cataract surgery vary depending on:

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How Does The Surgery Ensue

The eye should be carefully examined before the operation. With the help of special equipment, the eye is measured and the power of the artificial lens that needs to be implanted is established .

On the surgery day, the patient must be present half an hour before the procedure.

During the surgery, which normally doesnt take more than 15-20 minutes, the patient is awake. Usually local anesthesia its used, which eliminates any discomfort and prevents eye movement during surgery. Using modern special equipment the natural sick lens its replaced with an artificial lens. Lasers are not used during these procedures.

What Are The Types Of Cataract Surgery

There are many types of cataract surgery that achieve a similar outcome including laser surgery, micro surgery and ultrasound techniques. At MCES, we perform micro surgery because of its benefits over the other types of surgery. Modern small incision cataract surgery is essentially painless. Most surgeons now perform the cataract operation with anaesthetic drops and twilight anaesthetic to create minimal or no discomfort.

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Lifestyle Lens & Laser Cataract Surgery Fees

There exist several high-quality Lifestyle IOLs , each designed to reduce your dependence on glasses at a variety of distances, and customized for your unique visual needs.

Additionally, breakthrough Laser-Assisted Cataract Care can improve the accuracy and precision of several key steps of cataract surgery, while additionally treating small amounts of astigmatism.

It is difficult to quote exact fees for premium IOL treatment because cataract surgery costs can vary depending upon your particular desires or needs, and due to product differences. We therefore prefer not to quote fees over the phone or on the Internet. We understand that this can be somewhat frustrating to someone trying to shop by price alone online, and frankly we dont condone that approach.

There are so many differences between surgeons, surgical technique, lens implants and follow-up care. You need to visit with each surgeon before you make your selection, and base your decision on personal experience obtained at each center.

Determining The Cost Of Cataract Surgery Without Insurance

Advances in Cataract Surgery

While most patients who undergo cataract surgery in , Texas have some form of medical insurance, a patient without insurance will need to pay the cost out-of-pocket. Fortunately, a number of payment plans and options for monthly options are nearly always available through the clinic or a 3rd party creditor.

Similarly, some patients who arent candidates for LASIK can elect for a quasi-cataract surgery procedure referred to as refractive lens exchange .

The refractive lens exchange procedure is carried out the same way as cataract surgery. The only difference is that the natural lens of the eye which is removed in RLE is not yet clouded like that of cataract. The natural lens of the eye will be replaced with an IOL. A refractive lens exchange like any cataract surgery will help correct eye defects such as near or farsightedness. Thus, reducing patients dependence on eyeglasses or contacts.

The refractive lens exchange procedure with a standard monofocal IOL implant costs the same amount as cataract surgery. Plus, a procedure that uses a Toric IOL for astigmatism or presbyopia-correcting IOL will increase the cost of the surgery as well.

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Why Should You Have Laser Cataract Surgery

People with cataracts live a very limited life. They are constantly experiencing clouded vision, making it a real nightmare to see, especially at night. Being visually impaired to this degree can even be dangerous for yourself and others, particularly if you drive. Thus, these adults need to be taken care of at all times. On the other hand, if you decide to avoid the surgery out of fear, you should know that this condition wont just stop one day since it is a degenerative condition. It is constantly getting worse and can only be treated by taking out the lens inside of your eye.

What Factors Impact Cost

The exact cost of treatment may differ substantially based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The part of the country where the surgery is performed
  • Whether the surgery is conducted in an out-patient surgery center or hospital
  • The skill, reputation and experience of the surgeon
  • The type of IOL you select
  • Whether or not a laser is used
  • Pre- and post-operative visits
  • Post-operative medications
  • Pre and post-operative testing

These factors can impact the on-paper cost of treatment, but the biggest factor impacting your true cost is the type of insurance coverage you have.

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What Impacts The Cost Of Cataract Surgery

The main factors that affect the average cost of cataract surgery include:

  • Type of lens. The type of intraocular lens you need affects the overall cost. A monofocal lens that corrects vision at one distance is less expensive than a multifocal lens. Premium lenses include toric IOLs to correct astigmatism and presbyopia-correcting IOLs.
  • Type of surgery. Traditional surgical techniques, such as phacoemulsification, are lower in cost. Laser cataract surgery uses the most advanced technologies and is the most expensive.
  • Surgeons fees. A surgeons experience and reputation often affect their fees.
  • Surgery setting. Ambulatory surgical centers typically cost less than outpatient surgery in a hospital.
  • Pre- and post-operative care. Pre- and post-operative doctors visits, medications, and testing can impact the overall cost.

These variables will affect the on-paper cost of your cataract surgery. However, your health insurance coverage is the biggest factor in determining your out-of-pocket cost.

Cost Of Cataract Surgery

How much does cataract surgery cost in Australia?

Cataract Surgery Costs & Insurance Coverage Explained

Cataract Surgery Costs

Presbyopia Lenses with Cataract Removal:$3,250 per eye

Astigmatism Lenses with Cataract Removal:$2,150 per eye

*If youve had prior LASIK, ASA or RK, additional fees may apply

Medicare and Cataract Surgery

If you have Medicare, it will help cover much of the cost of cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, which is covered under Medicare Part B. That means when you have your procedure performed, Medicare will cover 80 percent of the cost of cataract surgery. You are then responsible for the co-payment or the remaining 20 percent, after you meet your annual deductible .

If you choose a multifocal lens implant , you will be responsible for the additional cost associated with that lens.

Private Medical Insurance and Cataract Surgery

If you have a private insurance plan, we expect that your health care service plan will pay for cataract surgery, less any deductible or co-pay requirements. Your coverage will apply to a traditional monofocal lens implant. However, if you wish to decrease your dependence on glasses following your cataract eye surgery, you may choose a multifocal lens implant. You will be responsible for the additional costs associated with a multifocal lens implant option like ReSTOR, TECNIS or Crystalens.

Questions About Cost of Cataract Surgery?

Flexible Payment Options

Schedule Your Cataract Evaluation

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How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost Without Insurance In 2022

Cataract surgery is a corrective vision surgery that replaces the lens of your eye. Basic cataract surgery is typically covered under private insurance and Medicare, but add-ons can increase the out-of-pocket costs. On average, we found that laser-assisted cataract surgery costs $2,338.40 per eye. This cost can be affected by the type of lens replacement, the technology used, and the surgeonâs experience level.

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Type Of Lens Implanted

There are multiple options for lenses. The most widely used are fixed-focus monofocal lenses, accommodating monofocal lenses, toric lenses , and multifocal lenses .

Private insurance and Medicare typically cover monofocal lenses, but each toric lens will cost about $1,500, and specialized lenses will cost about $3,000 apiece.

Specific specialized lenses such as presbyopia lenses and astigmatism lenses will have additional costs such as:

  • Presbyopia lenses with cataract removal: $3,250 per eye
  • Astigmatism lenses with cataract removal: $2,150 per eye

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Determining Cataract Surgery Cost

Since most people who undergo cataract surgery in the U.S. have Medicare or private medical insurance, it can be somewhat challenging to determine the cost of the procedure for someone with no insurance coverage.

In such cases, many surgeons often charge the same fees for cataract surgery that they charge for an elective vision correction procedure called refractive lens exchange .

Refractive lens exchange is essentially the same procedure as cataract surgery, but the eye’s natural lens that is removed in RLE has not yet become clouded by a cataract. By replacing the eye’s natural lens with an IOL, the surgeon can correct significant amounts of nearsightedness or farsightedness, reducing the patient’s need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In 2019, the average cost of refractive lens exchange with a standard monofocal IOL implant was $3,783 per eye, according to a large survey of U.S. cataract and refractive surgeons.

For RLE with a toric IOL for astigmatism, the average cost was $5,304 per eye, and the average cost of RLE with a presbyopia-correcting IOL ranged from $4,704 to $6,898 per eye.

The Technology Used During Surgery


Traditional cataract surgery involves making a very small incision on the cornea to remove the cataract. A laser then breaks up the cataract so it can be suctioned out and removed.

Laser cataract surgery, which is typically more expensive, uses a laser to create the initial incision instead, reducing certain risks and improving the visual outcome of cataract surgery.

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How Much Does Laser Cataract Surgery Cost

Having cataracts can really affect your everyday living. This happens when the lens inside your eye gets clouded. This has different causes, such as aging, diabetes and even traumatisms, and results in cloudy vision. This condition is insidious since it isnt very noticeable at first but it progresses until you cant see very well and suddenly everything is foggy. Thankfully, like many other sciences, ophthalmology has advanced a lot and nowadays this condition can be treated by an eye specialist near you with lasers.

I Need Cataract Surgery But The Cost Worries Me Can I Live With A Cataract

You can not put a price on having healthy eyes and clear vision. If you want to see clearly again, or don’t want your impaired vision to get worse or disappear completely, it’s important to schedule a cataract surgery consultation with our highly-respected ophthalmology team at Mills Eye + Facial Surgery in Pensacola, FL. You also should consider this statistic regarding cataracts and blindness from the Noble Vision Group.

“After having surgery here my sight is better than I could have imagined.”Warren Blount – 2020

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Amazing. I can see like I am 18 again. I had no idea how badly cataracts had impacted my vision. I only knew something was wrong. Based on his excellent reputation, I called Dr. Lalin. He replaced the affected lenses in both eyes. I was able to continue working with almost no downtime and very little discomfort. Thank you Dr. Lalin.

What Additional Care Is Needed After Cataract Surgery

How Much Does An Ultrasound Cost Without Insurance?

The day after surgery, you should expect a follow-up appointment with the ophthalmologist. These appointments will likely continue periodically you may visit the doctor one week post-surgery and then again a month later.

To help control pain, infection, and other potential side effects, your doctor may prescribe a mix of eye drops that include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , antibiotics, and steroids, or a single eye drop that combines all three.

For protection from injury, your doctor may also ask that you wear eyeglasses, an eye shield at night, and dark sunglasses to help protect your eye from light while it heals.

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Factors That Affect Cataract Surgery Cost

A cost estimate will give you an idea of the price for surgery however, the exact cost on paper may differ based on the following factors:

  • The type of IOL you choose
  • The region of the country where your surgery is performed
  • The reputation, experience, and skill of the cataract surgeon
  • Whether a laser is used
  • Whether the surgery is performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center
  • Whether your pre-op and post-op visits are covered
  • Whether your post-op medications are covered
  • How much of the surgery costs are covered by Medicare or a private insurance

The above factors can influence the cost of your cataract surgery on paper. However, the biggest influencer is the type of coverage you have.

With IOLs, the two basic categories are refractive IOLs to correct presbyopia and premium or toric IOLs to correct astigmatism. Cataract surgery with toric IOLs comes with an added cost of approximately $1,300. The average cost of refractive IOLs is around $2100. These premium lenses differ from the standard monofocal lens employed in basic cataract surgeries, which are designed to correct vision for only one distance and not rectify astigmatism.

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