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How Much Does Umbilical Hernia Surgery Cost

Qualification Required For Surgeons /doctors To Perform Hernia Surgery In India:

FAQ: How Much Does Hernia Surgery Cost? by California Hernia Specialists
  • DNB – Rural Surgery
  • Fellow of American College of Surgeons
  • FRCS – General Surgery
  • Diplomate from the American Board of Surgical Specialties
  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, FRACS
  • MD – Medicine, and Surgery
  • Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery
  • FRCS – Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery
  • Diploma in Laparoscopy
  • Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgical Oncology

How Hernia Repair Surgery Works

You can either have traditional open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

With open surgery, your surgeon will:

  • Make one incision over your hernia
  • Push the protruding tissue back into your abdomen
  • Staple or glue mesh on to the weak part of your abdominal wall
  • Close your wound with stitches

With keyhole surgery, your surgeon will:

  • Make small incisions in your abdomen usually three incisions
  • Insert gas into your abdomen so they can see your organs more clearly
  • Insert the laparoscope, a thin tube with a light and tiny camera, which sends images from inside your abdomen to a video screen
  • Insert tiny surgical instruments through your other incisions to move the protruding tissue back inside your abdomen
  • Repair the weak part of your abdominal wall with mesh, using either the transabdominal preperitoneal technique or the newer totally extraperitoneal technique
  • Release the gas from your abdomen
  • Close your incisions with stitches

TAPP and TEP: whats the difference?

  • TAPP your surgeon will insert the instruments through your abdomen muscle wall and lining, known as the peritoneum, to attach the mesh to strengthen the weakened section
  • TEP your surgeon will repair your hernia from outside your abdomen lining and all incisions in your skin will be sealed after

Your surgeon will explain the pros and cons of each method and which is best for you. This will depend on:

What Are The Additional Expenses

The medication that will have to be taken by the pet after the surgery is done will cost extra. A lot of prescription antibiotics and pain relievers will cost less than $30.

A few additional consultations by the veterinarian before and after the surgical treatment might be needed. The veterinarian is going to need to make sure that the pet is recovering according to plan, and depending upon the vets fees, they might or might not be added in the overall expense.

Complex hernias such as a body wall hernia, which is triggered by getting hit by a vehicle, for instance, can be more a lot harder to fix. Due to this, the challenge to fix it can certainly raise the cost.

Before and after blood work might not be included in the preliminary expense.

If more overnight stays are required at the vet, most offices might charge an extra cost.

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Ive Heard That Mesh Can Cause Problems And That I Should Refuse To Have Mesh During Surgery Is That True

Using the correct types of new, lightweight mesh reduce the chances of post hernia pain to almost zero. Plus the use of mesh significantly reduces the recurrence rate for hernias, meaning the chance the hernia will come back after surgery. Click below to read an article provided by the non-biased government department, The National Institutes of Health.

In the short video below, Dr. Harris discusses some of the information about mesh and why it is the preferred method for hernia repair.

Complications Of Umbilical Hernia Repair

Umbilical Hernia Repair

As with any operation, there can sometimes be complications, such as:

  • bleeding during or after the operation
  • blood clot in your leg
  • blood clot in your lung
  • infection of the surgical site.

Specific complications of umbilical hernia repair include:

  • developing a collection of blood or fluid under your wound, which should settle within a few weeks
  • injury to your bowel
  • infection of the mesh
  • removing your belly button, leaving a scar instead.

The healthcare team will do their best to minimise any risks. Make sure you discuss any concerns you have about these complications with your consultant.

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How Can I Save Money

There are a few essential things that you should do before trying to find the best prices for your surgery. It would help if you did your own research and call around hospitals, but also look at outpatient centers because they could save even more money in the total cost of care.

If you cant afford to pay the whole cost yourself, try and find a health insurance plan that covers at least half.

In most cases, hospitals offer discounts for paying upfront or meeting income requirements. Ask the hospitals finance department if you can take advantage of these savings.

It is often easier to find affordable hernia surgeries when looking overseas.

Where Would My Hernia Surgery Be Performed

Most of our hernia surgeries are performed within our own AAAHC accredited ambulatory surgery center . California Hernia Specialists is one of the only facilities in the country with an accredited surgery center within our own clinic. Most other hernia centers utilize a hospital or surgery center located outside of their actual center. By performing our surgeries within our own ASC, we can provide the highest quality of care to our patients. Due to each individual patients insurance, some of our surgeries are performed at nearby hospitals or surgery centers. Read more HERE

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How Much Does Inguinal Hernia Surgery Cost

When it comes to the cost of hernia surgery, there are various factors that can influence your final bill. For instance, open inguinal surgeries tend to be less expensive than incarcerated types because they require fewer incisions and less post-surgery recovery time than other procedures. On average, the open inguinal one costs anywhere between $4,300 and $8,000. Anyway, if you have health insurance, you may have to pay only a part of this amount or nothing at all. It is recommended to ask your insurance company about what is covered. During our research, we found that in case you have health insurance, you will have to pay only $700 to $1,500.

Laparoscopic hernia surgeries are more expensive procedures to go through, costing anywhere between $4,500 and $11,000 without insurance. However, if youre insured, it will cost around $750 to $2,200.

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Some people may need to delay surgy if theyre not experiencing any pain or discomfort. Doctors typically recommend that these patients be fitted with hernia trusses, which push the bulging organ back inside their bodies and can cost between $25 and $120 on average for one device.

You should know that health insurance companies will generally cover the cost of this surgery as long as your doctor deems it necessary. This could mean the need to providing documentation showing pain or discomfort.

So What Are Hernias Then

Cost of hernia surgery. Explained by David Albin, M.D. F.A.C.S.

Though hernias in cats are uncommon when they do occur they are usually a condition that the cat has been born with. Trauma, injury, internal damage, flawed muscles, or weak muscle walls that allow organs and tissue to pass through can also cause hernias.

Essentially, a hernia is a collection of the intestine, fat, and sometimes other internal organs that escape the abdominal cavity. Excessive bloating, pregnancy, or constipation are other potential causes of hernias in cats. In addition, a hernia may occur if the wrong type of suture material is used or suture lines are improperly closed after a spay operation.

Cat hernias may also occur if your feline friend is not kept calm and inactive enough while healing after being spayed.

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What Are The Extra Costs

If you have been experiencing pain, your doctor may want to run a series of tests before they perform any treatment. These can include bloodwork and an EKG or urine test that will determine if kidney stones are causing the problem instead of being caused by a hernia.

The doctor will prescribe pain relievers to help with any discomfort after the surgery. These prescriptions are only temporary until your body settles into its new normal, though.

It is highly recommended that you have follow-up visits to check the progress of your surgery. This will come with an additional charge but can help with any questions or concerns about how things are going.

What Should I Do If I Think My Cat May Have A Hernia

If you suspect your cat may have a hernia, contact your vet right away to book an appointment so the condition can be officially diagnosed and treated.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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How Much Does Cat Hernia Surgery Cost

Cat hernia surgery costs can range anywhere from $250 – $1100. This range might seem unhelpfully large, but cat owners need to be aware that the specific costs of surgery vary greatly depending on a number of independent factors, including, where you live, differences between individual vet prices, and the complexity of your cat’s condition.

Understanding what hernias are, and how they can negatively affect our feline companions, may help you to understand the costs of cat hernia surgery.

Hernia Surgery For Dogs Cost

Ct Scan For Hernia Cost

Hernia surgical treatment for dogs is a treatment carried out to eliminate a hernia in a dog, a condition that takes place when there are holes in the bodys muscle wall. This condition generally occurs naturally or it can be triggered by a torn muscle, which enables the intestinal tract and other internal organs to go through. If it is detected early, a hernia can be repaired by carrying out a surgery. The most typical signs might include visible discomfort, throwing up, anxiety, or absence of appetite.

There are various kinds of dogs that can get hernias, however, there are particular types that are more susceptible to this condition. For instance, the Poodle, Dachshund, Basset Hound, Chihuahua, and Maltese are just a few of the breeds known to get hernias from time to time.

The cost of this kind of surgery depends upon the veterinarian that will carry out the surgical treatment, the complications of the situation, any unexpected additions in the expense, and geographical area.

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What Are Hernia And Its Types

Hernia is a condition where an organ or fatty tissue pushes through the muscle or tissue holding it. Umbilical hernia and inguinal hernia are the most common types of hernia.

In inguinal hernia, the intestines push through the weak spot or tear out of lower abdominal wall . Whereas in umbilical hernia, which is mostly seen in children and babies less than 6 months to 1 year old, the part of small intestine push through the abdominal wall near the navel.

How much does Hernia Surgery cost in India?

The average cost of Hernia Surgery in India is approximately Rs. 18,000 to INR 45,000. However, the prices may vary depending upon the hospitals in different cities.

What is the average cost of Hernia Surgery in Hyderabad?

The cost of Hernia Surgery in Hyderabad depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs.27,000/- to 45,000/-.

What is hernioplasty or hernia repair surgery?

In hernioplasty, the surgeon will remove the hernia by an open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon makes a cut to open the skin and gently pushes the hernia back into place and close the weak area of the muscle with stiches with or without a flexible mesh for support. When compared to open surgery, the incision made in the laparoscopic surgery is smaller and offers faster healing and minimal scarring.

What Is An Umbilical Hernia Repair

When internal tissue extrudes through a weak spot in the muscles or fascia in the abdominal wall, causing a visible protrusion or bulge near the belly button , it can be surgically corrected with an umbilical hernia repair .

Umbilical hernias are very common in newborn babies. Many times, baby umbilical hernias repair on their own, but if they dont by age 3 or 4, a doctor may suggest surgical repair.

Ten percent of all adult hernias are umbilical hernias. Some just look like an outie belly button, but they can flare up due to multiple pregnancies, age , obesity, chronic straining from lifting or exercise, ascites , and genetics.

In otherwise healthy patients, umbilical hernia repairs are sometimes combined with cosmetic body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction. Some patients may also opt to combine it with diastasis recti repair, to bring separated abdominal muscles back into alignment.

Interested in umbilical hernia repair?

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Inguinal Hernia Surgery Details

Surgical treatment of inguinal hernia can be performed by open or laparoscopic surgery.

The open surgery is performed under regional anesthesia or general anesthesia. The procedure consists of an incision in the groin area, reduction of the hernia sac in the abdominal cavity, and suturing of the weakened muscle wall, most often with the use of a surgical net for strengthening.

Laparoscopic surgery is a less invasive procedure, with multiple benefits for the patient, that comes with a reduction in the risk of complications, scarring and postoperative recovery. The procedure involves several minimal incisions through which the telescope connected to a video camera and the working instrument are inserted into the abdominal cavity, the objective being the same, to repair the hernia and apply the surgical net.

The duration of the intervention for inguinal hernia is about 45-60 minutes.

Inguinal hernia surgery usually requires two days of hospitalization, followed by a period of 3 weeks before the resumption of activity in the case of laparoscopic surgery, respectively 4-6 weeks in the case of open surgery.

During the postoperative recovery, the patient has no significant restrictions. Heavy physical exertion that contracts the abdominal wall is prohibited. The explanation is simple: this recovery period represents the time required for the wall to be permanently fixed, and the intense physical efforts can lead to its detachment from the fixing points.

Just How Much Does Hernia Surgery For Your Dog Cost

Robotic-assisted vs laparoscopic unilateral inguinal hernia repair: A comprehensive cost analysis

Typically, this kind of surgical treatment can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000. The size of the pet, the age, along with the intensity of the condition, can considerably impact this price.

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The surgical treatment can be as low as $250 to $400 if the treatment is made with a spay or neutering during the young pup stage. Carrying out both surgical treatments at the very same time can decrease the general price because anesthetic expenses are will be halved. A lot of normal hernias, typically, will be less than $300 to fix.

If it were an emergency circumstance and was left without treatment for rather a long time, then the expenses can be in the $500 to $2,000 range. In fact, it can be more if particular body structures were to be strangled due to the hernia.

TheDoggyMedia website reveals details about the hernia surgical treatment for pet dogs along with different rates for the treatment. They note that the rate for the hernia surgery can fall anywhere between $750 to $1,600.

Another website states the typical expenses might be about $150 to $400 if it were a small fix, however, if it were a complex circumstance, be ready to pay more than $500.

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Cat Hernia Surgery & Treatment

Occasionally, your vet may be able to push internal organs back through the muscle wall. In some cases, the opening may then heal once the organs are back in the abdominal cavity where they belong.

However, the risk that the hernia will recur is high, so your vet may recommend fixing the muscle wall as even small openings can potentially lead to complications such as strangulation.

If organs cannot easily be pushed back through the abdominal cavity, if the tear in the muscle wall does not close by itself or if complications such as blockage, infection or strangulation occur, your cat will require surgery to repair the hernia.

First, your vet will complete a blood chemistry test, complete blood count, and urinalysis to determine your pets overall physical health.

Provided the hernia repair is not urgent, any conditions that are diagnosed can be addressed prior to surgery. Non-urgent hernias can typically be repaired when your cat is neutered or spayed to minimize the need for anesthesia.

The night before your cat’s hernia surgery, fasting will be necessary and fluids should be restricted. Your vet will use intravenous anesthesia to put your cat into a deep sleep, then insert a tracheal tube to maintain the anesthesia with gas.

Before the surgery, your vet will shave and clean the area to be operated on, then use surgical drapes to help ensure the area remains sterile.

Why Pristyn Care Is A More Cost Effective Option For Hernia Repair Treatment Than Any Other Health Care Provider In Coimbatore

Pristyn Care is a holistic health care provider. We not only offer you the most modern and advanced laparoscopic surgery with 3D surgical mesh, but also work with some of the most experienced and expert laparoscopic surgeons and multi-speciality surgeons in Coimbatore.

Not only this, we might be your best choice because of the following cost effective options:

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Ive Heard About Chronic Pain After Hernia Surgery What Causes Chronic Pain And What Is The Chance This Will Happen To Me

Over the years hernia surgery technique as well as the materials used during hernia surgery the weakened muscles. This heavy plastic mesh caused a significant reaction with the body and caused chronic pain months and years after the surgery.

However today, the meshes used by top hernia surgeons are extra lightweight and thin causing only minimal inflammatory reaction inside the body. This reduction of scarring and inflammation in the healing process has reduced the incidence of post hernia pain to almost zero. Unfortunately some surgeons are still using those heavy thick meshes created 10 years ago.

We discuss with patients that it is not uncommon to feel occasional pulling, tugging, burning, and other unusual sensations in the groin for up to year. These occasional feelings are considered normal to any surgery, including hernia surgery. Learn more about hernia mesh HERE

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