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How Much Is Circumcision Surgery

How Much Does A Circumcision Cost

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Most males in the US have undergone circumcision at infancy. The procedure is not required by physicians, though, so some may grow up uncircumcised.

That said, adult circumcision is available for grown-ups who want a change. Some may also opt for the surgery for other reasons including those related to health and religion.

Adult circumcision is generally safe. The said foreskin removal procedure is also quick and simple. Youd only have to wait for the swelling caused by the surgery to subside.

If youre planning for the procedure, heres a guide on the circumcision price.

Adult Circumcision Fees At Our Brisbane Clinics

The fees for an older boy or adult circumcision procedure at our five Qld clinics are based on the age of the patient.

The portion of an adult circumcision cost that may be rebatable from Medicare or from any private insurance coverage will be based on your individual circumstances.

The standard charge for adult circumcision is $1600, however, in some cases this may vary. To confirm the cost for adult circumcision procedures please contact our team.

To learn more about getting circumcised at an older age please visit the dedicated Adult Circumcision page on this site.

What Are The Risks Of Circumcision

Problems from circumcision aren’t common. If they occur, they usually are minor. The most common problems are:

  • Infection of the circumcision site.
  • Blockage of the opening of the urethra .

More serious problems are rare. They include damage to the opening of the urethra, heavy bleeding that requires stitches, severe infection, and scarring.

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Can An Adult Get Circumcised

Yes. People who were not circumcised as babies may choose to undergo circumcision as an adult. Generally, the procedure is the same for older boys and adults as it is for babies.

Youll likely have the procedure in the hospital, using anesthesia. The surgery may take slightly longer than it does for infants. You will need stitches after the circumcision, too. Your healthcare provider will talk to you about recovery, including when you can resume having sex.

Stapler Circumcision Surgery Cost In India

Circumstraint: Olympic Circumstraint Board

It is a daycare procedure, and the average cost of stapler circumcision surgery in India may range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 55,000. The mentioned approximate range may differ based on the type of penile foreskin disorder you are suffering from, the city in which you are undergoing the stapler circumcision treatment, etc. Stapler circumcision is a surgical procedure commonly performed to remove the foreskin from the head of the penile. During this technique, the urologist uses an advanced medical device known as a stapler to perform the circumcision procedure. The stapler is disposable and typically used to perform adult circumcision. Once the foreskin removes, a silicone ring is left behind, which eventually falls off on its own when the skin gets completely healed.

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How Will You Know If Circumcision Is Right For Your Child

It’s up to you whether you have your baby circumcised or not. This decision is often based on personal and cultural preferences. For example, you may want to consider your religious and family traditions.

Circumcision has both risks and benefits. The American Academy of Pediatrics says the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks of the surgery. They also say that parents should be the ones to decide what is in the best interest of their child.footnote 1

What Age Is Best For Circumcision

Most religious traditions recommend an early circumcision. From our experience, we have seen the Plastibell method work best when a child is circumcised between the ages of one and three months old.

This is the age that has been most comfortable for mother and child both during the operation and in the recovery period.

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Important Things To Consider

The procedure for infant circumcision typically is performed by an obstetrician/gynecologist or pediatrician, but a urologist will probably be most qualified.

For an older child, a pediatric urologist should perform circumcision, whereas for adults a urologist is recommended. The American Urological Association offers a resource with the option of searching for and locating a specialist in your area.

When a Jew circumcises their child, they typically use the services of mohels, people who have been trained and certified in ritual circumcision. For those looking for rabbis or doctors that offer this service around their area, they can search on the website.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is against routine infant circumcision, and they say there isnt enough medical evidence to justify recommending it.

Cost Of Circumcision For Adults Or Boys Age 12 And Older

Your Surgery Day at WVU Medicine

The total cost for circumcision for males over age 12 through adulthood is $2200, with a $400.00 scheduling fee to book the appointment and the remaining $1800.00 due on the day of the procedure.

The price includes your initial consultation with the doctor, the procedure itself, 3 follow-up appointments, and support during the healing process.

Please note that the scheduling fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. If you do cancel and reschedule 7 calendar days or more from the date of your appointment, the scheduling fee will apply to the cost of the procedure. If you cancel 7 days or more from the date of your appointment but dont wish to reschedule, you forfeit the $400. If you cancel 6 days or less before the originally-scheduled appointment, even if you wish to reschedule the appointment, you will need to pay a new scheduling fee. We have this policy out of consideration for other clients who may have wished to schedule in the time slot reserved for you but did not have the opportunity because it was held for you. If you cancel very close to the appointment, someone else did not have a chance to schedule in that time slot.

We take credit cards, debit cards, or cash. We do not accept checks.

We do not take insurance for the procedure.

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How Much Is A Circumcision Surgery Needed Now

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You can also find more detail on adult circumcision procedures at our Dallas clinic on the Adult Circumcision page.

You can find more detail on boys and teen circumcision procedures at our Dallas clinic on the You can find more detail on boys and teen circumcision procedures at our Dallas clinic on the Teen Circumcision page.

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What Are The Benefits And Costs Of Circumcision

Circumcision has been the topic of debate for many decades. Research and scientific studies indicate that there are many medical benefits of circumcision.

Circumcision benefits include the following:

  • Much lower risk of serious infections, including HIV , HPV .
  • For the female partner, reduced risk of Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomonas Vaginalis, abnormal Cervical Smear Tests, and Cervical Cancer.
  • Risk of a tight, painful foreskin is virtually eliminated.
  • Probable reduction in risk of Prostate Cancer.
  • Easier for hygiene and to keep area clean.
  • As so many studies have indicated a link between circumcisions and improved health, with reduced risk of serious and sometimes deadly diseases, infant circumcision continues to be in demand in Australia.

Perth Circumcision Clinic

Same Day Consultation And Circumcision Option

KSR Male Circumcision Circular Stapler Device, For Hospital, Rs 5000 ...

We offer an innovativesame-day consultation and circumcision service for men who are busy or are traveling to have a circumcision done in our office. This allows you to combine the initial visit and circumcision. For many men who are visiting out-of-the-area, this can translate into significant savings.

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Is Circumcision Right For Me

Globally, circumcisions are most commonly performed for religious or cultural reasons. At Nuffield Health, this procedure is available to patients aged 3 and above, for medical purposes only. Your consultant may recommend a circumcision if:

  • you keep getting foreskin infections, despite good hygiene and treatment
  • you have balanitis xerotica obliterans an infection that causes the foreskin to become thickened, making it difficult to pull back
  • you find sexual intercourse painful because you have a tight foreskin and can’t pull the foreskin back when erect
  • non-surgical treatments, such as creams or medication, haven’t improved your foreskin condition.

How Much Does An Adult Circumcision Cost

The costs of an adult circumcision will depend on a few factors, just like any other surgical procedure, including the facility where the procedure is performed, the type of anesthesia used, the surgeon you choose, your geographical location and your health insurance policy. Inside of a doctors office, without any health insurance coverage, the costs can range anywhere from $1,300 to more than $3,200, all greatly depending on the anesthesia as a local anesthesia will cost about 30 percent less than a general anesthesia. The costs could also increase if you were to have the procedure inside of a hospital rather than an ambulatory care center, for instance., for instance, notes most insurance plans will not cover the procedure, but since general anesthesia is not required, you may be able to have the procedure completed for as little as $1,600.

The Gentle Procedures Clinic, located in Plano, Texas, offers pricing information on its website, noting it will cost $1,600 for a procedure without any health insurance coverage. According to the website, however, they do offer a six-month interest-free payment plan for those who are interested.

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What To Expect After Surgery

A thin, yellow film may form over the area the day after the procedure. This is part of the normal healing process. It should go away in a few days.

Your baby may seem fussy while the area heals. It may hurt for your baby to urinate. This pain often gets better in 3 or 4 days. But it may last for up to 2 weeks.

When To Call A Doctor

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if after circumcision:

  • Your baby has a fever.
  • Your baby bleeds more than the doctor said to expect or has a bloodstained area larger than the size of a quarter on a diaper or on the circumcision site dressing.
  • Your baby is very fussy or cranky, has a high-pitched cry, or refuses to eat.
  • Your baby has not passed urine within 12 hours after the circumcision was completed.

If a plastic ring was used for the circumcision, call your doctor if the ring has not fallen off after 10 to 12 days.

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Should You Feel You Need It

Circumcision in some of the families is a no question thing. Every case is different, but to some families and cultures, it matters a lot. To them, it is not even a question if a male member of the family has to have the procedure. As for the Westernized Easterners, there are cases where circumcised dads do not mind raising an intact son and intact dads, deciding to raise circumcised sons is fine as well. Its doesnt really matter as long as everybody is healthy.

It was said that some women prefer males that are circumcised hygiene and sexual reason. If this is your girlfriend, then its about time to ask how much does it cost to get circumcised? In any case, even if without your girl you feel that circumcision is a healthy choice for you, despite of what youve read and heard. Do not hesitate to get a consultation first. It is not so bad to know the circumcision price.

How Much Will A Circumcision Cost

The price for a circumcision at our Vancouver clinics will be determined primarily by the patients age.

To get the precise cost of a circumcision for your son, or for yourself, please use the Cost Confirmation request form.

Please call us during clinic hours at for a quick reply for pricing and appointment availability.

Pricing for infant circumcision is below.

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Adult Circumcision Fees At Our Ireland Clinics

Adult circumcision procedures are offered at our Dublin, Limerick & Cork clinics for men aged 16 and over.

For a pricing confirmation for an adult circumcision procedure please use the circumcision cost confirmation form.

To learn more about getting circumcised at an older age please visit the dedicated Adult Circumcision page on this site.

Enter your details below and we will reply fast to confirm pricing based on age. Thanks.

How Much Does Circumcision Surgery Cost

Newborn Circumcisions â PedCare

Costs for circumcision surgery vary from one hospital to the next and can range up to $400. However, most health insurance policies cover the entire surgery or include a coinsurance of 10 to 50 percent. The price for an infant procedure will be between $150 and $400. However, the cost can rise up to $800 if you add the physicians charge. While most insurance policies cover circumcision costs, some may not. Before choosing a provider, make sure you check with your insurance company.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S., circumcision costs between $2,400 and $3,000 In some areas, the cash price is lower. UCLA has an average cash price of $844. It can go as high to Rs. 30,000 at some hospitals. The average cost of circumcision in the United States is approximately $1,600. In some parts of the world, the cost for the procedure can be significantly lower.

While most health insurance plans cover the majority of costs, the cost of a circumcision can still be significant. Its important to plan ahead, as the procedure is costly, and you want to be sure to plan for it accordingly. To keep costs down, make sure you know how much you can afford before you go under the knife. Many hospitals and doctors offer discounts if you pay in full and in cash at the time of service. Comparing prices can help you save as much as $400 at your doctors office, if you know your exact date of birth.

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What Happens Before A Circumcision

Your provider may recommend giving the baby some acetaminophen to help with pain relief. In most cases before the procedure, the person doing the circumcision will:

  • Place the baby on his back.
  • Gently restrain the babys arms and legs, so his limbs dont flail during the procedure.
  • Apply an anesthetic, either an injection or a cream, so the baby wont feel pain.
  • Cost Of Service Delivery

    At the average exchange rate for 2014 of R10.83 = $1, the unit cost at the 33 facilities was determined to be $132 per circumcision performed. The most common modes of service delivery are: fixed sites fixed with outreach services and mobile services. The focus of this analysis was on the comparison of unit costs for fixed sites versus those fixed sites that also had outreach services . A total of 25 sites were fixed only and eight sites were fixed with an outreach component.

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    Possible Additional Costs And Discounts

    Other additional costs such as the purchase of gauze and ointment or petroleum jelly are needed for home treatment after the procedure. That said, the majority of hospitals and doctors offer discounts for prompt payment or cash-paying patients. You could also possibly save up to $400 or more if you have your circumcision procedure done in a doctors office.

    What Are The Costs Of Diagnostic Tests Recommended Before Circumcision Surgery

    What Surgery Was Like In Ancient Egypt

    The urologist conducts a physical examination to evaluate the penile foreskin disorder and ask about symptoms you are suffering from. To detect the severity of the condition, the urologist will recommend a few diagnostic tests, mentioned below, along with their costs:

    • Urine culture for UTIs – Rs. 500 – Rs. 1200
    • Swab culture – Rs. 800 – Rs. 1500
    • Blood test- Rs. 800 – Rs. 1700

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    Pricing For Infant Circumcision

    The cost of circumcising a baby up to 11 weeks of age is $499 at our Perth circumcision clinic.

    Your expected out-of-pocket cost is $284.25, net of Medicare rebate.

    The price increases with age.

    Please contact us by phone at or use the Cost Confirmation form to get the circumcision cost that applies in your case if your son is over 11 weeks old.

    Fees increase proportionally as your son gets older.

    Request a cost confirmation now.

    Male Circumcision In Sydney

    Our circumcision clinic has been servicing the Greater Sydney area for decades and we have families travelling to our practice because of the positive feedback from family, friends and relatives alike. Our service has been circumcision for babies for several years using the well-known ring or plastibell technique for male infants and now we also do teenagers and adults. Please contact us with your patient info to get started. We will advise you on weeks of age such as baby boys and also preparing for surgery. You can also ring our Sydney circumcision clinic for the benefits of circumcision.

    Our circumcision centre is run by highly experienced medical professionals committed to ensuring the circumcision is done with excellent care and safety. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to performing the procedure on infants and adults with a level expertise that has families coming back for generations. Our practitioners are well-versed in the latest methods and techniques in the surgery, improving our results and experience for the infant or adult.

    In order to make an informed decision, regarding this procedure please carefully consider the benefits below.

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