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How Much Is Skin Removal Surgery

Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss Cost

Excess Skin Removal

Tummy tuck cost depends on the surgery type: mini tummy tuck is the cheapest, full and fleur de lis tummy tuck are much more expensive. Each private clinic set its own cost of tummy tuck after weight loss, so the prices vary. Most clinics list the price lists on their websites, so we advise that you do the research which will allow you to get the high quality and low cost for a tummy tuck after weight loss.

Is Excess Skin Removal Surgery Safe

Possible risks of body contouring surgery following significant weight loss include:

  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling
  • Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die
  • Major wound separation
  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Persistent swelling in the legs
  • Possibility of revisional surgery

What Insurance Covers Excess Skin Removal

Does insurance cover excess skin removal after weight loss? The answer can vary from one patient to another. In many cases, patients seek excess skin removal surgery solely for cosmetic reasons to achieve more desirable body contours. This will make you ineligible for insurance coverage. However, in some cases, the procedure may be medically necessary, which will allow you to claim full or partial coverage under your health plan.

To determine what insurance covers excess skin removal, you should take the following steps.

  • Review the terms and conditions provided in your medical insurance policy and your certificate of eligibility
  • If your sagging skin is causing you pain, chafing, infection, or discomfort, make a detailed note of your problems
  • Make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss your medical concerns and get a diagnostic test evaluation done
  • Submit a letter of recommendation and relevant medical documents from your surgeon to your insurance provider
  • If your insurance coverage request is rejected, consider alternative safe and affordable options for excess skin removal surgery

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Does Insurance Cover Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss

Plastic surgeries on the NHS are not available, only in case of serious health problems the doctor can assess whether the surgery can be funded

NHS tummy tuck after weight loss is usually not possible. Excessive skin on the abdomen area is rather a cosmetic problem that is not dangerous to our health, so once we want to get rid of it, we need to find a private clinic. However, when morbidly obese people have weight loss surgery, their sagging skin may pose a health problem, and then tummy tuck after weight loss NHS may be the option however, it is always a doctor who assess whether the surgery can be funded.

What Is A Panniculectomy

Laser Lipo/Mini Tummy Tuck Journey with Before &  After Photos

A panniculectomy is the surgical removal of stretched-out, overhanging skin and fat from the lower abdomen .

The surgeon makes a horizontal incision above the pubic area between the hips. They may make another cut from the breast bone to the pelvic bone to remove the fat and extra skin.

The surgery may be performed as either an inpatient or outpatient procedure. You and your surgeon will schedule this elective surgery if you are determined to be a good candidate.

A panniculectomy is considered a form of body contouring as it does result in a slimmer abdominal area. However, skin removal surgery is only intended to remove the extra skin and fat and is not considered cosmetic surgery.

If you’re looking for tightening of the abdominal muscles in addition to removing fat and skin, you might consider an abdominoplasty instead.

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When Should I Call The Doctor

You should call your healthcare provider if you experience:

  • Swelling in your limbs.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

When you experience significant weight loss, its understandable to want your body to look a certain way. Excess skin can also be painful. If youre bothered by sagging skin after weight loss, you can talk to a healthcare provider about body contour procedures. These procedures can remove excess skin and fat. They also tighten tissue to give skin a firmer, smoother look. You may need several body contour procedures to remove excess skin and get the look you seek. A plastic surgeon can determine the best body contour procedures for you.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 11/01/2021.


Give Crowdfunding A Try

Thousands of people have turned to crowdfunding to get help paying for out of pocket medical expenses or to avoid medical bankruptcy. When insurance coverage fails or you need to raise funds quickly, crowdfunding can be a lifeline.

Its natural to worry about the shame or embarrassment you might feel after sharing your weight loss story publicly and asking for financial support. But if youve worked hard to shed extra weight and live a healthier life, youll likely find that your family and friends will be excited to support you through this final leg of your weight loss journey.

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Type Of Treatment For Removing The Cancer

There are various types of treatments for removing skin cancer. These treatments and procedures depend on the type of cancer a patient has suffered. They include:

Topical Therapies

If youve had skin cancer, one of the treatment options available to you is topical prescription medications, such as anti-cancer lotions, creams, and ointments. These treatments treat non-cancerous growths, superficial basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma cancers.

If youre worried about the cost, dont be! These medicines are easy to apply and cost from $300 to $600.

This topical therapy can cost several hundred dollars. It is best for treating premalignant or precancerous growths that doctors deem wont turn cancerous.


If youve had basal or squamous cell cancer, cryosurgery may be the right treatment option for you. This procedure uses liquid nitrogen to freeze cancer cells and is entirely non-invasive.

The cost ranges from $100 to several hundred dollars and will vary depending on how many procedures you need.

Excisional Surgery

This type of skin cancer reconstruction surgery is for melanoma, squamous, or basal cell carcinomas on the arms or legs. The surgeon excises the cancerous and some normal tissues before closing the excision with stitches.

The surgery may leave a scar that doctors cant surgically remove. The cost will depend on the excision size and can reach several thousand dollars.

Mohs Surgery


Your Doctors Charges

Type of Insurance Coverage

2. Anesthesia fees

After Skin Removal Surgery

ConsumerWatch: Loose Skin Removal Surgery

Following excess skin surgery, the recovery process will vary from one person to the other usually depending on the amount of skin removed and the area of treatment. Light walking and standing are recommended as soon as you can to ensure proper blood circulation and speedy healing.

Patients should expect a degree of swelling, numbness, and soreness, but these usually subside within a few weeks. Your Phoenix skin removal surgeon will prescribe pain medication and provide precise instructions that you should follow to ensure proper healing. Patients should expect to take at least two weeks off work and should refrain from any form of strenuous activity for 8 weeks.

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What Is Recovery Like After Excess Skin Removal Surgery

How youll feel during recovery and when you can resume activities depends on the procedures. A full recovery can take several months.

After surgery, you may:

  • Have temporary tubes to drain fluid out of your body. You may go home with these tubes, which may stay in place for a week or two.
  • Take pain relievers or NSAIDs.
  • Change bandages and apply ointments frequently.
  • Need someone to drive you places for at least the first week.
  • Not lift anything heavy or do strenuous physical activity for at least six weeks.
  • Return to work in one to three weeks, depending on the procedure.
  • Not stand upright for a few days after an abdominal procedure.
  • Sleep with pillows elevating the knees after lower body procedures.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and walk to prevent blood clots.

Ways To Pay For Skin Removal Procedures

Any form of surgery is never cheap, but there are various methods to save money or even have your procedure paid for entirely. The top ways to pay for surgery are listed below.

1. Obtain insurance.

Its not always easy to figure out how to get insurance to cover skin removal surgery. Not all insurance companies will cover this type of surgery, but it may be feasible to get all or part of it covered if your doctor can demonstrate that it would enhance your health and quality of life.

  • Consult your physician.

Want insurance to cover skin removal? Youll need to show that your surgery is medically essential for your insurance company to pay for it, so consult with your doctor beforehand. Begin recording your efforts to overcome your physical problems so your doctor understands that surgery is truly the last choice.

Your doctor must give documentation that your excess skin has caused skin rashes or skin ulcers, back difficulties, or otherwise prevents you from participating in normal, daily activities.

  • Choose the best form of surgery.

Most insurance companies consider abdominoplasty, also known as a stomach tuck, a cosmetic treatment and will not pay for it. On the other hand, a panniculectomy is a reconstructive treatment that insurance companies are more likely to cover. Speak with your doctor about the best type of surgery for your needs, considering what your insurance company is likely to cover.

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What Is Extra Skin Removal Surgery

Extra skin removal surgery is a term used to describe a variety of body contouring procedures designed to address excess skin and tissue following major weight loss. After losing a significant amount of weight it is extremely common for the skin to sag where it was once stretched to hold more fat. This type of surgery can be great for targeting excess skin folds on the torso, legs, buttocks and arms.

These procedures commonly include: tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, and lower body lift. Body contouring surgery helps patients achieve natural, aesthetically pleasing results and can be the final piece of building back confidence in patients who have struggled with weight issues.

What Is A Breast Lift

Bride and Prejudice

Breast lift surgery addresses women breasts.

The surgery involves the following steps:

  • making the incisions the incisions places differ depending on the nipples position, the amount of sagging skin, and patients expectations
  • repositioning and reshaping breast tissue and skin removing
  • repositioning areola and nipples sometimes there is a need of resizing the areola
  • tightening of the skin and closing the incisions with sutures.

Breast lift is a surgery done under general anaesthesia. The recovery lasts usually 6 weeks and requires wearing a special bra. The results are long-lasting, but patients must remember that it will not prevent ageing or gravity and over time, the skin tissue may become loose again. However, with a healthy lifestyle and exercising, the results will last for many years.

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Life After Skin Removal & Body Contouring Surgery

Your recovery will depend on the procedures you have as well as the extent of skin removal. If you are only having an upper arm lift or breast lift, for example, you may be able to return to work within one week and be ready to resume exercise within one month.

More extensive procedures, such as lower body lift, will require a longer recovery and may require a short inpatient stay. Temporary drains may be placed for the first 1 to 2 weeks to ease swelling, and discomfort can be significant for the first few days. Lifting, strenuous exercise, and physical jobs are typically off-limits for 6+ weeks after extensive lower body lift procedures.

The rewards for a more involved recovery are a more youthful, natural appearance and a significant improvement in comfort and self-confidence that can last a lifetime.

  • Removes excess, sagging skin left after dramatic weight loss
  • Improves comfort & self-confidence by helping clothing fit better
  • Procedures are personalized to address a patient’s specific areas of concern
  • Recovery can require up to 6 weeks of downtime, but results can last a lifetime

Is A Body Lift After Weight Loss Covered By Insurance

Though heavy, excess skin left behind after weight loss can be considered a medical condition due to discomfort and increased risk for skin conditions, most insurance providers do not cover body lift surgery.

That being said, some insurance carriers do offer partial coverage of body lift expenses if you meet certain criteria. Below are examples of criteria cited by insurance companies:

  • You lost at least 100 pounds.
  • You have held a stable weight for at least six months.
  • You had bariatric surgery, and it was performed at least one year ago.
  • You have documented skin disorders resulting directly from excess skin.
  • Your primary physician has recommended a body lifting procedure.

Typically, breast reduction and panniculectomy are the most likely to be covered by insurance. However, these procedures may still be deemed unnecessary or may not provide all of the lifting required to achieve optimal results.

If insurance wont help you cover the cost of your procedure, there are options for fitting procedures into your budget. There are a number of reputable, third-party plastic surgery financing companies that can help you make comfortable monthly payments.

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Breast Lift After Weight Loss

Breast lift after weight loss surgery solves such problems as uneven breasts, stretched areolas, sagging breasts lacking volume, drooping nipples. Breast lift not only lifts the breasts but also gives them volume and shape. Sometimes, a breast lift is combined with the reduction of breasts or implants depending on womens needs. Breast lift is such a plastic surgery that it is possible to get it on the NHS. Breast lift after weight loss NHS is possible when sagging breasts cause harm to health, especially spine problems or backache.

Two Most Popular Types Of Skin Removal Surgery

Man’s Excess Skin Removal After Weight Loss (Promo) | Lexington Plastic Surgeons

Once youve decided to undergo surgery to remove excess or sagging skin, its important to decide which type of procedure you want. The two most common are tummy tucks and panniculectomies.

Tummy Tuck: Also called an abdominoplasty, this procedure is used for removing excess skin in the abdominal region. Its one of theleading surgical cosmetic procedures for womenin the U.S. The average recovery time for a tummy tuck is about four to six weeks.

Panniculectomy: Panniculectomy is a skin removal procedure that removes fat from underneath the skin of the torso, so there will be less hanging flesh after serious weight loss. This involves removing excess skin as well as loose or stretched out skin tissue. It can take up to eight weeks to recover from a panniculectomy.

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Cost Of Body Lift After Weight Loss

There are full-body lift, lower body lift, upper body lift or combination of body lift and other procedures the price depends on the scope of the surgery

How much is a body lift after weight loss? Well, the term body lift is too general and the cost of body lift after weight loss depends on the body parts that are involved. Patients can undergo a full-body lift, lower body lift, upper body lift or combination of body lift and other procedure e.g. tummy tuck. So firstly, you need to think which parts of the body need improvement and ask the plastic surgeon for advice. Once you know what to expect and what will be effective for you, you may do the price research. The average body lift after weight loss cost in the UK is 13 300 EUR.

Treatment Costs For Canine Cancers

There are three conventional options of cancer treatment surgery , chemotherapy , and radiation . A veterinarian will create a diagnostic and treatment plan according to your dogs case and your familys financial capacity.

Your dogs case such as age and general health, type of tumor, biological behavior of the tumor, and the stage of the cancer are then carefully considered. Every dogs case is typically unique from the other and so with the cost.

Standard physical exams alone cost at least $50, while inpatient care is $40. For emergency services, urgent care and a specialist consultation would amount to $115.

Some pet owners have spent a total of $6,000 for hospitalization and tests alone while another has spent $11,000 for open chest surgery to remove mass with mass bleeding which caused pulmonary edema.

Depending on the cancer as well, you may be advised to use a combination of treatments such as both surgery and chemotherapy for your dog, as is commonly the case with Osteosarcomas for example.

Surgery is by far the treatment of choice to date. Unfortunately, surgery can only be used for tumors that are easily accessible and which havent metastasized yet. Theres a wide range in cost based on the location of the masses and difficulty of the procedure, as well as if any further procedures are needed.

As an example, a dog owner has shared in a forum in September, 2017 that she needed $5,000 for the surgery of her dogs thyroid cancer.

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What About Incision Placement And Tummy Tuck Scars

Incisions are also important to consider before undergoing skin removal surgery. Incisions are made in areas where they’ll leave a very thin tummy tuck scar, but they also need to be placed in areas where we can remove as much skin as possible. At Morales Plastic Surgery, we try to make your incisions very low. Of course, despite our best efforts, there are always limitations to how much skin can be removed. We will be sure to communicate this information prior to your surgery.

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