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How Much Is Top Surgery

What Are You Paying For

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When you’re looking at paying for something as expensive as top surgery, it’s important to know what you’re paying for. Please be aware that the costs listed below are not universal. But here are some of the expenses you can expect to see on your surgery bill.

Of course, two of the biggest things you’ll be paying for is the actual surgeon’s fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee. You may also have to pay facility, pathology, medical test, and other miscellaneous fees. After surgery, you should be prepared for additional costs for things such as a medical compression vest, medications, scar care, gauze, and paper tape.

Mtf/mtn Top Surgery Complications

The risks and complications associated with MTF an MTN top surgery include:

  • loss of nipple sensation
  • inconsistencies in the appearance of the implant
  • implant deflation or rupture
  • implant displacement, which is when the implant moves from the location where it was positioned during surgery
  • needing an additional surgery to obtain your desired result

Surprise Balance Billing Protections

You likely know that you should select a surgeon and facility that are part of your insurance plan’s provider network. And it’s also a good idea to check to be sure that everyone participating in your surgery is part of your insurance plan’s provider network.

But this is less of a worry than it used to be, thanks to the No Surprises Act, which took effect in 2022. The No Surprises Act protects against surprise balance billing if a patient is treated at a hospital, hospital outpatient clinic, or ambulatory surgery center, which covers most places where surgeries are performed.

But some out-of-network providers are allowed to ask patients to waive their rights under the No Surprises Act. They cannot coerce consent, but they can refuse to provide services if the patient doesn’t agree to receive a balance bill.

So if you’re scheduling a surgery, it’s a good idea to find out how the various medical providers are handling the No Surprises Act. In addition to the surgeon and the facility itself, assistant surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and durable medical equipment suppliers are a few examples of providers who might be part of the care you receive.

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How Much Does Transgender Top Surgery Cost

The cost of FTM top surgery can fall anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 depending on the state you live in, the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon, the surgical technique used, and the complexity of your procedure. This range can provide a good approximation of your surgical expenses, but it should be understood that several factors unique to your situation will ultimately determine the total price of top surgery. Additional expenses for post-surgery medications, compression garments, and similar fees are also a consideration to keep in mind.

Gender-affirming top surgery can be a powerful procedure to help you feel more confident in your own body. If you have any questions about surgery, Dr. McCormack would be happy to address your concerns in a consultation. Please dont hesitate to contact our practice for more information about how we can help you during your transition.

Top Surgery For Male To Female

Who is highest paid doctor among the following, an Orthopedic (bone ...

Based on your body size, body shape, and desired breast size, the average cost for MTF Top Surgery might vary greatly. The price of these operations might range from $5,000 to $10,000. MTF Top Surgery options include placing medical-grade implants above or below the breast muscle or transferring autologous fat. Although they produce benefits that last for a very long time, implants may eventually need to be removed or replaced.

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How Much Ftm Top Surgery Cost In Turkey

We have legit, specialized surgeons performing female to male top surgery in Turkey.

For FTM top surgery the cost varies from $3000-$5000 on average .

How much FTM Top Surgery Cost in Istanbul?

Medical and health tourism Istanbul is growing very fast across global markets in the recent years. Country invests millions of dollars to support the increase in this demand with long-term strategies and so Istanbul is already working hard to rank high on this race. Given that, Istanbul comes first when its about the medical and health tourism, attractive for those coming from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Ftm top surgery in Istanbul offers procedures for surgical gender transition. Board Certified skilled surgeons in plastic surgery brings experience, expertise and safety procedures to transgender patients.

Transgender surgery female to male process and transgender surgery cost is way more cost efficient compared to Europe or USA thanks to accredited hospitals, quality of service and affordable healthcare. High currency exchange rate in Turkish Lira makes it more cost-effective.

Female to male top surgery cost in Istanbul varies from $3000-$5000 on average

Common methods being used are peri-areolar with areola reduction, double incision with free nipple graft and sometimes key hole top surgery method.

Gender Confirmation Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Low-cost Top Surgery Surgeons.

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What Are My Options

There are several FTM top surgery options:

Double-incision top surgery with nipple grafts

This is the most common option. It involves:

  • Removing your nipples and areolas and decreasing their size.
  • Making long incisions to access and remove your breasts.
  • Performing liposuction to remove excess fat.
  • Removing excess skin, if necessary.
  • Preventing skin puckering near the incision with special stitches.
  • Reattaching the optimized nipples and areolas to your chest.

Periareolar top surgery

This option is for individuals with smaller chests. It may involve:

  • Making one circular incision around the border of your areola.
  • Making a larger circular incision around the first one.
  • Removing breast tissue and performing liposuction.
  • Resizing and reattaching the areola by bringing together the edges of the larger incision.

Keyhole top surgery

You may be eligible for this procedure if you have a very small chest and tight skin. It involves:

  • Making an incision along the bottom half of your areola, so its semi-attached.
  • Removing breast tissue and performing liposuction.
  • Resizing your nipple if necessary.

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Which Surgery Will Work Best For You

Keyhole procedures are best for patients with smaller breasts and more elastic skin.

Double incision and inverted T procedures work best for patients with larger breasts. Buttonhole procedures work well for people with smaller breasts who want to keep sensation in their nipples.

You’ll need to talk to your doctor about which operation will work best for you. Factors like skin elasticity, amount of breast tissue, nipple sensitivity preferences, and recovery plans can impact your choice. Be clear with your surgeon about your needs, and you’ll find the right operation for you.

How To Pay For Top Surgery

Liposuction: procedure, scars & how much fat can be removed

Increasingly, insurance companies are paying for Top Surgery because it’s considered a medically necessary procedure. If you have health insurance, read your policy closely or call your insurance company’s member services department, or a benefits representative where you work, and ask if your plan covers gender-affirming surgeries. If it does, find out how much the deductible is. When budgeting for Top Surgery, keep in mind that even if you have insurance, you may still be responsible for covering fees associated with liposuction and/or nipple grafts.

Medicare and some state Medicaid plans also cover Top Surgery but finding Surgeons who accept Medicare and Medicaid can be a bit challenging. Surgeons who work at university hospitals are more likely to accept Medicare and Medicaid compared to Surgeons who are in private practice.

If you don’t have insurance that covers Top Surgery, you’ll need to save up somewhere between $5000-$15,000. The cost of Top Surgery depends on the technique that’s used. For example, the Keyhole and Peri-areolar methods tend to be less expensive than Double Incision.

When determining costs, find out if there are any hidden fees you might have to pay for, such as consultation fees, the anesthesiologist’s fee, and potentially additional facility fees, pathology fees and other medical test fees. You’ll also incur post-operative costs for items such as a compression vest , medications, paper tape, gauze, scar care and more.

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Double Incision Top Surgery With Nipple Grafts

Double incision top surgery with nipple grafts, also known as a bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafts, is a procedure typically recommended for people with larger chests and bodies. Key information includes:

  • This specific procedure often results in decreased nipple sensation and more significant scarring.
  • This procedure is usually an outpatient surgery that takes between 3 and 4 hours for the surgeon to perform.
  • In this procedure, the nipples are removed, typically decreased in size, and positioned on the chest to match a more male or masculine appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of Ftm Top Surgery

Undergoing FTM top surgery is a very personal decision, and no one but you can determine whether it is the right choice. If you are considering the procedure and decide to move forward with it, you may experience benefits including:

  • A more masculine chest that aligns with your gender identity
  • No longer feeling the need to disguise your natural breast tissue
  • Boost of self-confidence from your outward appearance

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How To Prepare For Bottom Surgery

Leading up to bottom surgery, most people require hair removal via electrolysis.

For vaginoplasty, hair will be removed on the skin that will eventually comprise the lining of the neovagina. For phalloplasty, hair is removed on the site of the donor skin.

Your surgeon will require you to stop HRT two weeks before surgery, and refrain for two weeks after surgery. Talk to your surgeon about other medications that you take regularly. Theyll let you know if you need to stop taking them before the surgery, too.

Some surgeons require a bowel prep before bottom surgery as well.

What Is The Ftm Top Surgery Recovery Like

before and after top surgery : NonBinary

Advancements in anaesthesia over recent years has meant more comfort for patients less pain with minimal post-operative sedation and nausea and a quick recovery to feeling normal. The anaesthetists are highly skilled and experienced in modern techniques and devoted to keeping you comfortable.

It is normal to feel lightheaded and tired as the anaesthetic gradually wears off. You may feel sore as well as have some swelling and discomfort, but these should quickly fade.

Dressings will be placed over your incisions as well as nipples if you had a nipple graft. Drains used to assist in healing and reduce swelling will be removed the next day. A chest garment will be used to assist further in reducing swelling and bruising and aid in final contour.

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Preparing For Top Surgery

Even if it’s many months away, once you get a surgery date it’s time to start getting prepared! Start focusing on eating healthily and getting fit and well-rested. Working on developing the muscles in your chest can help improve results by providing the Surgeon with more contour to work with. Push-ups are your friend!

If you smoke, you’ll need to work on quitting as soon as possible. Poor healing and less favorable scars are more common in smokers. Smoking can significantly affect the outcome of Top Surgery because it reduces the amount of oxygen available to cells during healing. Smoking shrinks small blood vessels , which reduces the amount of red blood cells available to your body and interferes with the release of oxygen to your cells. The narrowing of blood vessels also decreases the blood supply of the tissue, resulting in poor healing, bad scars, or actual loss of tissue. Smoking also reduces the ability of your heart and lungs to recover quickly from the effects of surgery. The use of nicotine gum and patches interferes with healing in the same way as nicotine in cigarettes. Some Surgeons run a nicotine test prior to surgery and will cancel your surgery date if you haven’t quit. Surgeons are more varied in their attitudes about cannabis consumption. It’s important to be honest with your Surgeon about cannabis use because it can negatively interact with anesthetic drugs.

How Much Does A Top Surgery Cost

The average range for cost of FTM and FTN top surgery is currently between $3,000 and $10,000. The average cost range for MTF and MTN top surgery varies greatly depending on factors such as body size, body shape, and desired breast size. The average cost range for this surgery is between $5,000 and $10,000.

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What Else Do I Need To Know

  • Denver Health cannot do this surgery on patients using any form of nicotine as it increases healing complications. Nicotine testing is done prior to surgery. For resources on quitting nicotine products learn about our Quit program. Again, we will test for those with a strong history. This is for patient safety.
  • Use of stimulant drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, meth, etc., can also cause wound healing problems and needs to be stopped prior to surgery. Again, we will test for those with a strong history. This is for patient safety.
  • Better results are achieved with BMI less than 30, but we can consider BMI up to 35 on a case by case basis.
  • While regular/heavy marijuana use does not have known wound healing complications, it does create anesthesia issues, and should be minimized prior to surgery, and discussed with the anesthesia provider in detail to provide the safest experience.
  • How Is The Mtf Top Surgery Procedure Performed


    MTF top surgery is performed in a similar fashion to a standard breast augmentation. During a thorough consultation, you and Dr. McCormack will discuss the best choices for the most ideal incision technique, implant size and type, and implant location, among other details. Saline or silicone breast implants can be inserted either through an incision around the areola, along the crease where the breast tissue meets the skin, or along a fold of the armpit. Once the type of incision is determined, the implants can be positioned above or below the pectoral muscles to achieve a more feminine chest appearance. While rare, the possible risks of MTF top surgery are the same as those that exist with breast augmentation, including the potential for capsular contracture, implant rippling, and implant rupture. The length of MTF top surgery is generally one to two hours.

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    What To Expect In The Ftm Top Surgery Consultation

    At your first consultation, Dr Merten will go over your health history , discuss what you hope to achieve with FTM top surgery, and perform a physical examination.

    During your exam, your breast health and appearance will be carefully assessed. This includes checking for any tissue abnormalities, lumps or asymmetries. Dr Merten will also measure the size, shape, positioning, and symmetry of your breasts. These details can help him design a custom surgical plan for your FTM top surgery, which he will discuss with you in detail.

    More information about your procedure and recovery will also be explained, including what to expect after surgery and possible complications you should be aware of. Throughout your consultation process, you are encouraged to ask questions and express any concerns you may have.

    At your second consultation, Dr Merten will provide a more in-depth look at your surgery, going over your options and further explaining possible risks and complications that may develop.

    It is vital to have a full understanding of the likely outcome for your own chest, and go into surgery with both positive health and attitude. It is imperative that you are not smoking before or immediately after this surgery, as this may have major complications and a much less satisfactory outcome.

    The Average Cost Of Top Surgery Across Canada

    Educating yourself about FTM top surgery procedures is a step towards experiencing the most comfort you can have in your own skin. Because it removes the image of having breasts, top surgery procedures help transgender men to fully transition into their self-affirmed gender, physically. If youve always wanted this procedure, knowing the average top surgery cost across Canada is a step towards reaching this goal.

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    Top Surgery For Female To Male

    The cost of this highly customized operation might range from $3,000 to as much as $10,000. Your current physical state and your contouring goals will determine the cost of your FTM Top Surgery. A nipple-sparing subcutaneous mastectomy may be sufficient for smaller chests with little to no excess skin. In contrast, patients with larger bodies and chests may benefit more from a subcutaneous mastectomy with free nipple grafting, which can be more expensive.

    Who Is Ftm Top Surgery For

    How much do top of the line surgeons make in Canada?

    Many people pursuing FTM top surgery have gender dysphoria. This is the distress that occurs when your sex assigned at birth does not match your gender identity. Top surgery may help alleviate this dysphoria.

    Surgery can also prevent complications of compression garments used in binding. These tight-fitting garments can cause skin damage, shortness of breath, discomfort and even possibly broken ribs.

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    Double Incision Approach For Chest Masculinization

    This is the most common procedure for top surgery, and can remove moderate to large amounts of breast tissue. Two incisions are made horizontally, across the left and right side of your chest, which accentuate the natural contours of the pectoral muscles. The greater the amount of tissue present before the surgery, the larger the incisions. Your nipples and areolas are removed, resized, reshaped, and then replaced to achieve a more masculine appearance.

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