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How To Get Adjuster To Approve Surgery

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Utilization Review For Claims Administrators

Getting Workers’ Compensation Surgery Approved

In addition to the FAQs below, claims administrators may call 1-800-736-7401 to hear recorded information on a variety of workers’ compensation topics 24 hours a day.

Claims administrators may also call a local office of the state Division of Workers’ Compensation and speak to the Information and Assistance Unit for help during regular business hours.

Claims administrators may find the DWC’s fact sheets and guides for injured workers useful and can access them on the I& A Unit’s Web page.

Throughout this FAQ, when citations to Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations are made, they will appear in this format: Citations to California’s Labor Code appear as: .

Topics covered in this FAQ include:

How You Might Be Able To Get Workers Compensation Benefits

Most insurance companies expect you to give up after your claim is denied initially. However, you should not stop requesting benefits if you believe that you are entitled to receive them. A workers compensation attorney can help you determine what your next steps should be based on the unique facts of your case.

Does Having Surgery Increase The Workers Comp Settlement Amount

The possibility that you may need an expensive surgery increases the value of your workers comp claim. But having the surgery doesnt necessarily have the same impact.

Having surgery might increase your settlement if you need continuing medical care after the operation, never regain the ability to return to light duty or full duty work, or have surgical complications. Otherwise, having surgery may decrease how much you get through settlement.

Insurance companies consider and try to project your future medical needs when negotiating a settlement. If the insurer pays for surgery before you try to resolve the case, your future medical needs will be lower in theory. And this will lower your cases settlement value.

Here is an example of how it works:

You are a truck driver who suffers an injury in a work-related motor vehicle crash or a nurse that needs surgery after a patient assault.

You choose a doctor from the offered panel of physicians, who then refers you to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic specialist has examined you several times and reviewed the MRI, and recommends an operation. But the insurer refuses to pay for the surgery because an IME doctor saw you for fifteen minutes and says your condition pre-existed the workplace incident.

You are able to work light-duty without the surgery and are hesitant to have it.

You have two options in this scenario: file a claim for authorization and payment of surgery, which you will likely win, or try to settle.

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What Types Of Surgery Does Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Cover

Surgeries that are considered necessary medical treatment for your work injury are typically covered by workers compensation. Often, workers need surgery for broken bones, torn ligaments or herniated discs. If your injury was caused by your work activity, your recommended surgery will likely be covered.

After an accident, you may also sustain scarring or burns that leave you needing or wanting plastic surgery. The need for plastic surgery goes beyond cosmetic purposes workers often seek plastic surgery after developing depression or severe self-esteem issues. Because mental health is closely linked to physical health, plastic surgery may alleviate some psychological pain that results from an injury. Whether or not plastic surgery will be covered depends on your individual case.

Do You Need To Contact Your Insurance Company Before You Get A Medical Appointment

Insurance Claim Image &  Photo (Free Trial)

This means that you or your healthcare provider must contact your insurer to obtain their approval prior to receiving care. Pre-approval rules vary from one health insurer to another, but in general, the more expensive the service, the more likely it is that the insurer will require pre-approval. So things like surgery or hospital visits are more likely to need pre-approval than a simple office visit. But if you are in doubt, it’s best to contact your insurance company in advance of obtaining any type of health care.

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What Is The Max Workers Comp In Pa

$120500 per week2022 Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Rate SchedulesPursuant to the Workers Compensation Act, Section 1051 and 1052, the Department of Labor & Industry has determined the maximum compensation for injuries occurring on and after Jan 1, 2022 shall be $120500 per week.

What Happens after a Medical for a Compensation Claim? Once you have read the medical report and verified you are happy the contents are accurate, it will then be forwarded to the defendants solicitor for them to assess and make their offer of compensation There is no legally defined duration for them to respond.

Workers Compensation Denied My Claim: Now What

Though you should have coverage for your surgery, workers compensation claims for surgery may be denied, even when these claims are legitimate. This situation can occur when you see an employer-approved doctor and they determine you do not require surgery, but you see another workers compensation doctor for a second opinion and they determine you do need surgery. Your claim may also be denied for the following reasons:

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About Maintaining And Modifying A Ur Plan:

Q. Where do we file the UR plan?

A. The complete UR plan must be filed with the DWC administrative director, either by the claims administrator or by the designated URO. The claims administrator may send a letter naming its URO, if the URO has submitted a complete UR plan to the DWC.

The plan should be mailed to:Division of Workers’ CompensationOakland, CA 94612

Q. Who is responsible for notifying the DWC about modifications to a UR plan?

A. The claims administrator. State regulations require every claims administrator to establish and maintain a utilization review process, which includes all modifications/revisions. The term “claims administrator” is defined as “a self-administered workers’ compensation insurer, an insured employer, a self-administered self-insured employer, a self-administered legally uninsured employer, a self-administered joint powers authority, a third-party claims administrator or other entity subject to Labor Code section 4610. The claims administrator may utilize an entity contracted to conduct its utilization review responsibilities.”

Q. When must the claims administrator or designated URO file a change or revision in its UR plan with the DWC?

A. Within 30 calendar days of a material modification to the plan. A “material modification” is when the claims administrator changes utilization review vendors or makes a change to the utilization review standards.

What Is Utilization Review

Why Does Workers’ Compensation Refuse to Pay for Surgery?

Utilization review is the approval, modification, or denial of the medical treatment recommended by the injured workers doctor.1

Medical treatment is one of the benefits an injured worker receives in the California workers compensation system.2 Due to insurance companies belief that injured workers receive unnecessary treatment, the utilization review system was set up to review medical treatment recommendations.

Filing a claim for workers compensation benefits triggers many procedures, including the review of medical treatment.

Utilization review affects all injured workers, including firefighters, police officers, and undocumented workers.

The process applies to all injuries, including specific injuries and cumulative traumas.

The process applies to out-of-state care.

Utilization review does not apply to a denied claim. Since the insurance company is disputing whether there is a work injury, there is no need for a treatment plan to be reviewed. All treatment is denied.

An injured worker can only claim mileage reimbursement for treatment approved by utilization review.

Utilization review does not directly affect temporary disability benefits or permanent disability benefits.

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Lie #: Before I Do Anything I Need To Take Your Recorded Statement

This fallacy is often told to injured workers by a representative of the insurance company immediately after their employer reports the injury. There is nothing in the workers compensation statute that requires an injured worker to give a recorded statement to an insurance company.

The insurance company may have an internal policy requiring the statement, but that does not mean the injured worker has to oblige. Failure to give a statement is NOT grounds for a legal denial of a workers compensation claim.

In fact, we would recommend against giving a recorded statement for the following reasons:

We cant stress this enough:

Providing a recorded statement to an adjuster or representative of the insurance company is not required under Georgia law.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Settling Before Surgery

Settling your claim too early can have devastating consequences. Consider the following possibilities when deciding what is best for you:

  • You might have to pay for the surgery out of pocket. Private health insurance or other health care plans may refuse to cover the surgery if the settlement papers do not include protective terms or you did not take proper action before settling.
  • You might have surgical complications that affect your ability to work or increase your medical expenses.
  • You might be settling before knowing your permanent restrictions from the work injury.

Workers Comp Denied My Surgery Can My Health Insurance Pay For It

Friday Feeling: The Non

If workers compensation refuses to pay for your surgery, you may be tempted to have these medical expenses covered by your own health insurance. In some situations, your own insurance may cover medical treatment such as for an injury or illness that is not work-related. However, if you need surgery for a workplace injury, then your insurance wont pay for it.

These situations are complicated, and any decision that you make can affect your right to workers comp benefits. As such, your best option is to schedule a free consultation with a workers comp law firm, where you can get advice on how to proceed.

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Factors Weighed When Considering Surgery Requests

A Commission arbitrator, or a panel of the commissioners or a court judge, will consider several factors when determining if insurers should pay for recommended surgical procedures. The considerations weighed include matters such as the reasonableness of the procedure, the likelihood of a successful outcome, and the associated risks. For example, injured workers may have better odds of gaining approval for more common procedures, those with higher percentages of success, and surgeries with limited risks. The arbitrator may also account for the previously discussed criteria for approving surgeries in making decisions about whether to order payment for procedures or not.

What Are The Steps In Utilization Review

As utilization review is part of the medical treatment process, it begins with an injured worker visiting his or her treating physician. If the doctor believes that treatment is necessary, the review process will begin.

  • The treating physician submits a request for authorization for medical treatment to the insurance company.5
  • The insurance company sends the RFA to utilization review to be evaluated by a doctor working for the utilization review company.6
  • The utilization review doctor evaluates the treatment request based on national standards of medical care.7
  • Utilization review sends the decision to the insurance company, the injured worker, and the injured workers doctor.8
  • Example: Amys doctor, Dr. Quinn, believes she needs eight chiropractic visits for her work injury. Dr. Quinn submits an RFA online to the insurance company. The insurance company forwards this to a utilization review doctor.

    The reviewing doctor goes over the request and Amys prior medical records and approves the chiropractic treatment.

    Utilization review sends the decision to Dr. Quinn, who tells Amy to schedule her chiropractic treatment.

    A request for authorization contains all the information the treating doctor believes is necessary to justify a treatment request.

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    What Do I Do If The Workers Comp Insurer Denies My Surgery

    First, its valuable to know why the insurance company rejected your request. Ask the insurance adjuster for the specific reason for their denial.

    At this point, youll want the guidance of a workers compensation lawyer. You have the option to file a claim with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission to reopen your case and get authorization for your surgery. Youll need compelling evidence and arguments to support your claim, thats why your attorney will be indispensable during this process.

    The Commission will then order the insurance company to respond within 30 days as to whether they approve or deny your surgery request. If the insurer rejects it, your case will go to hearing so that the Commission can decide on your claim.

    You may have your surgery while your claim is pending. If you win your case, the workers comp insurance company will have to pay for the procedure, even if its already been paid . However, if your claim is unsuccessful, youll have to shoulder your surgery cost. Consult with your lawyer to weigh the risks and options you have for your claim.

    Why Is My Compensation Taking So Long

    Beating Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Delay and Denial

    Delays can occur when your injuries are more serious The doctor may not be able to provide a timescale for recovery Perhaps it is too soon after your accident You may have to undergo further treatment and await the outcome.

    Am I entitled to a copy of an accident report? It depends Employers are legally required to record accidents, but they are usually not required by law to share these records with you.

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    How Do Impairment Ratings And Impairment Benefits Affect My Rights Under Chapter 440

    As per Florida Statute 440.15, the following are the Impairment Benefits an employee is entitled to as matter of law:

  • Two weeks of benefits are to be paid to the employee for each percentage point of impairment from 1 percent up to and including 10 percent.
  • For each percentage point of impairment from 11 percent up to and including 15 percent, 3 weeks of benefits are to be paid.
  • For each percentage point of impairment from 16 percent up to and including 20 percent, 4 weeks of benefits are to be paid.
  • For each percentage point of impairment from 21 percent and higher, 6 weeks of benefits are to be paid.
  • If an insurance company does not pay these benefits within 7 days of receiving the IR from the treating physician, the employee may be entitled to penalties of 20% plus interest.

    Further, an employee may only receive an IR for one area of his or her body injured, and may still have to receive an IR from a physician for the other body parts. Unless and until an employee is assigned MMI for all areas of his body injured in a compensable work accident, he or she is still entitled to receive temporary disability benefits .


    If the insurance company can save money by not paying Impairment Benefits, many such companies will intentionally withhold paying the IBs until the employee obtains an attorney and files a petition for benefits. The workers compensation attorneys at the Feldman Legal Group get justice for workers. Call us for help in your case.

    Get A Free Case Evaluation From North Carolina Workers Comp Attorneys

    If you feel youre getting the run-around, or that your insurance company may not have your best interests at heart, contact us or call .

    Let one of our workers comp attorneys six of whom are North Carolina Board Certified Specialists in workers compensation law evaluate your situation for free.

    * This is a specific example of an experience we had with an insurance company and adjuster. This does not necessarily represent any industry as a whole. The description of events are based upon the recollections of individual staff members.

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    Insurance Adjusters Work On Several Cases At Once

    From what I have seen, adjusters are usually working on several different cases at once, so, they are dealing with multiple injured workers, doctors, case managers, and, sometimes, attorneys. Please understand, I am NOT making excuses for any adjuster or any insurance company that delays an injured workers treatment. In fact, nothing irks me more than when my clients have to wait for something their doctor has clearly indicated they need. I am simply trying to help my clients and all the injured workers out there have a better understanding of the process that goes on in the background.

    Can I Settle My Workers Comp Case Before Surgery

    Vietnam Marine Survey

    Yes, its possible to receive a workers comp settlement before you have surgery. However, there are pros and cons to this option.

    These are some advantages of settling your workers comp claim before surgery:

    • You may be able to negotiate for a larger settlement amount by including the projected cost of your necessary surgery.
    • You can choose your surgeon and surgery date. After you receive your settlement money, youll no longer need the authorization of the insurance company for your doctors and date of procedure.
    • You wont have to worry anymore about the insurer denying your claim or pushing the case to litigation.

    And these are some disadvantages of settling your claim before surgery:

    • Youll have to pay out-of-pocket for your surgery.
    • You dont know yet whether youll have permanent work restrictions after the procedure. If youve already received your settlement but have a persisting impairment after the operation, you can no longer claim additional medical benefits.
    • Theres the possibility of surgical complications that could cause you more expenses. These will no longer be compensable after youve settled. By contrast, if you wait until after the surgery to get a settlement, you may be able to have the insurer cover any surgical complications or post-surgery disability.

    If you are trying to decide when to settle your workers comp claim, consult with a lawyer who is experienced in the intricacies of the Virginia workers compensation system.

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