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Inner Thigh Lift Surgery Before And After

Smooth And Tone Your Thighs*

Thigh Gap Creation with Thigh Liposuction / Thigh Lift at Chennai Plastic Surgery

Address Excess Skin

Aging and weight loss can create excess skin on the thighs. Dr. Hurwitz can remove this tissue to reveal more toned thighs.

Sculpt Your Upper Legs

Contouring and tightening the underlying muscles can make your skin appear smoother and lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Having toned, sculpted upper thighs can make you feel more confident and secure in your appearance.

Saint Louis Thigh Lift

What is a thigh lift? This procedure is performed to improve contour and remove excess skin from either the inner or outer thighs after weight loss. More commonly addressed are the inner thighs. A lateral thigh lift is performed to lift skin and improve the contour of the outer thighs. This lift is performed through an incision that is made high up on the thigh, near the outer waist and can be concealed in the underwear. It can also be performed as part of a lower body lift without any additional incisions.

A medial thigh lift tightens the skin of the inner thighs. It can be accompanied by liposuction to debulk the thighs further. The incisions used for this procedure are occasionally concealed in the groin. Often the scar will also be needed down the medial thigh towards the knee.

Anesthesia: A thigh lift is performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

Length of procedure: 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Estimated recovery time: You can return to work after 2 to 4 weeks and should avoid vigorous activities for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Visible bruising should clear up within 2 weeks, and swelling begins to resolve within 6 weeks. However, swelling can last to some extent, for several months. To avoid leg swelling, we typically recommend that you wear compressive wraps on your legs for several weeks after surgery. Drain tubes lasting as long as 4 weeks may be required. To learn how to prepare for a thigh lift and what to expect afterwards, to download our patient instructions.

How Much Does A Thigh Lift Cost

A thigh lift is considered an aesthetic procedure, which isnt typically covered by medical insurance. However, many surgeons offer payment plans and financing options, so its important to ask your provider for ways you can offset some of the costs.

In 2019, the average cost of a thigh lift procedure was $5,171. This price represents the surgeons fee only. You may need to pay for additional costs related to the procedure, including those related to anesthesia, the facility, medications, and more.

The overall cost may also vary depending on where you live, the type of thigh lift you choose, and your surgeons overall experience.

Its important not to settle for an inexperienced surgeon for the sake of saving money. Using a surgeon unfamiliar with the procedure could increase the risk for side effects and unsatisfactory work, which could cost even more in the long run.

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Thigh Lift Recovery And Timeline

While patients can expect to feel sore after the procedure, most people go home the same day. Patients need a driver to take them home, as driving is restricted for the first 10 days following the procedure.

Patients go home with drains in the incision sites. The drains remove excess fluids and reduce the occurrence of swelling. Its also possible that patients will need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks. This promotes healing and reduces swelling.

Patients will likely need oral pain medication for the first week following the procedure. Its also important to restrict movement at this time.

Patients will attend a follow-up visit during the first week after surgery. The surgeon or the post- op nursing team will evaluate their progress and give them a timeline for recovery. Most people can resume most normal activities after 2-3 weeks. However, it may take a full 6 months for the swelling to completely go down.

Planning Your Thigh Lift Procedure*

Maningas Cosmetic Surgery

Average Procedure Time:

Post-Op Consultation:8 weeks

*Your treatment plan at Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates will be customized to meet your needs and your individual experience will vary depending on a number of factors. All information provided on this page is an estimate of typical time and cost and does not represent an offer or guarantee of pricing or availability. Please schedule a consultation appointment to discuss which options may apply to you.

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Are Thigh Lifts Safe

With most patients safely achieving their goals with few to no complications, this procedure continues to grow in popularity. In an evaluation of 16 studies over the last 20 years, there were no major complications observed in the 447 patient sample.

*According to the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dedicated To Your Care

Dr. Narasimhan is an excellent choice for your cosmetic procedure for many reasons, including:

  • Double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology
  • Highly trained in procedures of the face, breast, and body
  • Passion for cosmetic procedures and patient care
  • Compassionate care and attention to detail

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*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Kailash Narasimhan, M.D., is a double board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in plastic surgery for the face, breasts, and body including breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover surgery, and eyelid surgery. He also offers medical spa services such as BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and laser hair removal. Narasimhan Plastic Surgery is located in St. Petersburg and serves patients from Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and throughout South Florida.

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Thigh Lift Before & After Photos

The effects of weight loss and ageing can leave women with crepey or dimpled thighs. Thankfully, thigh lifts can lift and tighten loose skin, resulting in a much improved, smoother thigh area.

Dr Jeremy Hunt has performed thousands of thigh lifts during his 20 years as a plastic surgeon. You can see the results of some of these surgeries in the before and after gallery below.

How Long Is The Recovery After An Inner Thigh Lift

Reduce Fat in Legs | CoolSculpting San Diego | William Groff, DO

You can expect to be uncomfortable for 10 days after an inner thigh lift. Most people dont go back to work for 2-3 weeks. Even if youre sedentary in your job, youve got to sitand thats the one position thats difficult after an inner thigh lift. Many people cant afford to take that much time off work.

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Whats The Recovery Like

Before you go home from your operation, your surgeon will place dressings against the incisions to help ease swelling. They may also insert a tube to help drain excess blood and fluids from the area. Youll need to make a follow-up appointment to have your surgeon remove these items.

Like other cosmetic surgeries, thigh lifts are considered major procedures and youll need to take time off work to recover.

Youll likely experience pain, bruising, and swelling for a few days after the procedure. You should notice more contour to your thighs right away, but you wont see full results for several months.

Any worsening pain or the onset of bleeding through sutures or dressings should be addressed with your doctor right away. You should also see your doctor if you experience:

  • wound separation

Does An Inner Thigh Lift Ever Involve An Incision Down The Thigh

Yes, but I do not like to do an inner thigh lift where the incision goes down the inner thigh. I try to keep the incision up in the groin area.

There are some patients who need an inner thigh lift where the incision goes down the thigh, as if you had cardiac bypass surgery and they took out a vein from your leg. I really dont like to do that because the incision is very painful and involves an increased risk of complications.

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Candidates For Thigh Surgery

If you dislike your thighs due to the way sagging, aging skin, cellulite, or excess fatty tissues make smooth, shapely legs impossible, you might be a great thigh lift candidate. To have the procedure done, though, you will need to be in good general health and at a relatively stable weight. Evaluate your medical history and consider the number of fat deposits and loose skin you have on your thighs.

Good candidates will have excess soft tissue along the inner or outer thigh area as well. Sometimes this happens after extreme weight loss such as post-bariatric patients who have lost a massive amount of weight after their bariatric surgery. Excessive skin laxity in the thigh area is a problem for those who have lost a considerable amount of weight and removing the remaining loose skin in the upper leg can have a positive impact on the appearance of the thighs.

A thigh lift procedure is not recommended for those with an unstable weight as fluctuations can interfere with the success of your immediate and long term results.

Scarless Thigh Lift Results And Recovery Time

Liposuction Case Studies Melbourne.

Scarless thigh lift results can last you long even after three to five years and continue to long if you have a stable weight. These results may vary from candidate to candidate, depending on age, as sagging skin can be a result of aging and you need to follow treatment after three years.

Patients who have minor skin laxity problems are good candidates for Scarless thigh lift. Doctors usually recommend traditional thigh lifts to those patients, who have excess fat and substantial skin sagging.

The procedure has a minimal recovery time period as compared to a traditional thigh lift. This non-surgical process takes approximately two hours to complete and patients usually return to their normal routines within a few days. However, the average recovery time for Scarless thigh lift is one to two months.

Overall, the procedure is safe, the Renuvion process doesnt harm the outer layer of skin and quickly heats the targeted area. So, it has low side effects and a lower risk of complications as compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

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Will A Thigh Lift Get Rid Of My Cellulite

While some fat will be removed as part of the thigh lift procedure, it will not remove cellulite. Cellulite occurs as a result of the tightening of bands of connective tissue that run from below the skin surface through the fat layer and tether to the lower tissues. This tightening causes a pucker or dimple that is identified as cellulite. A thigh lift does not release or remove the bands of connective tissue that create the pucker. However, we do offer a non-surgical procedure called VelaShape that is FDA approved to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Recovery After Thigh Lift Surgery

Plan well ahead of your surgery to have help when you return home and until such time as you can comfortably conduct your daily activities without assistance.

Once home, dont try and do too much, too soon. Take things easy. Short walks in your home will assist with healing as will adequate rest.

If it proves helpful, you can place a pillow under each thigh to slightly flex the thighs and relieve any tension on the incisions.

Full recovery takes around 3-4 weeks so you should expect to be off work for that amount of time.

As your tightened skin stretches, your range of movements will slowly increase until you regain your full range of movement.

You must continue to wear your Compression Garment for 6 weeks.

Thigh Lift results are typically long lasting. Remember, however, that your skin will naturally lose some firmness as you age and some skin laxity might return, but never to the degree it was prior to the Thigh Lift.

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Request Your Thigh Lift Surgery Consultation

Are you ready for your thigh lift surgery consultation with Dr. Zuckerman? He will perform a thorough evaluation of your desired outcome and needs based on your anatomy and medical history. Dr. Zuckerman will also address any questions or concerns you may have about the surgery and discuss with you the details of his approach: incision location, procedure length and techniques, likely operative outcome, etc. Contact his office by clicking the button below or by calling 212-231-9897. Dr. Zuckerman also offers consultations via Skype and a process for out-of-town patients to visit New York City to have surgery with him.

What Is The Average Recovery Associated With A Thigh Lift Procedure

What to Do for Debilitating Thigh Pain After Transobturator Sling Placement?

The recovery time following a thigh lift surgery is typically a few weeks. Care will need to be taken in the first one to two weeks to not sit on the incisions or stretch the thigh tissue. Most patients return to work within two to three weeks. Compressive bandages will need to be worn for four weeks. Exercise can typically be restarted six to eight weeks post op.

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Risks Of Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery is overwhelmingly safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. However, all surgery does involve some risk of complications. We list some of the possible, although uncommon, complication below:

  • Wound healing issues

And, as described above, the patient will be left with a lengthwise scar down the inner portion of the upper thigh after surgery.

Thigh Lift Surgery

What Should You Expect Immediately After A Thigh Lift

There will be some discomfort after your surgery. For the first 24 hours, you will have a catheter so you dont have to get up to go to the bathroom. You will also have a patient-controlled morphine pump you can use to ease your pain.

I typically will place a drain in the groin for 3-4 days following surgery, and you will need to wear a compression garment soon after your procedure.

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Benefits Of A Thigh Lift

Removes Excess SkinMany women have excess skin on the thighs due to pregnancy and significant weight loss. The skin can also begin to sag as people age. A thigh lift removes the extra skin, restoring the shape of the thighs.

Creates a Smoother ContourA thigh lift is not primarily a fat loss procedure. However, the surgeon can remove excess fatty depositions on the thighs. Once removed, the thighs are much smoother looking. This gives thigh lift recipients much-needed confidence.

Reduces the Appearance of Stretch MarksMany people with excess skin also have stretch marks. Tightening the skin minimizes the appearance of stretch marks.

Reduces the Risk of Skin InfectionsExcess skin isnt just a cosmetic problem. The folds collect moisture, which can lead to infections. Removing the excess skin reduces the risk of infection.

What Are The Potential Risks To Be Aware Of

The Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery

Before committing to a thigh lift, youll need to determine whether the results youre looking to achieve are worth the risk of side effects. While serious complications arent as common, you should discuss the following risks with your surgeon:

  • deep vein thrombosis
  • heart or lung complications

Your risk for complications may increase if you smoke, get limited physical activity, or consume a diet high in processed foods.

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Do You Ever Perform Just An Inner And Outer Thigh Lift At One Time

Yes, sometimes I will perform a total thigh lift. Usually its for a patient who has had a tummy tuck done by someone else. Once in a while, well have people who are not bariatric patients and want their thighs lifted.

One woman in her 50s retired to Florida and wanted to be able to hang out around the pool with her girlfriends. She said, I cant go out with these thighs!

I perform an old-fashioned thigh lift in very much the same way as I do an inner thigh lift, but I extend the incision around toward the back and complete the buttock and outer thigh lift. Unlike a lower body lift, theres no tummy tuck involved.

Pros And Cons Of Thigh Lift Surgery

When deciding to have plastic surgery, it is important to weigh the possible benefits and negative outcomes of the procedure. Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your condition and to better understand how a thigh lift surgery could affect your everyday life. In general, though, the pros of having a thigh lift surgery include immediate results as well as improved skin quality, appearance, and feel. The cons of thigh lift surgery include scarring, asymmetry, and possible additional surgeries to address any complications.

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Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery

  • Feel more comfortable in jeans, pants, skirts and active-wear
  • Avoid rashes and discomfort from thighs chafing against each other
  • Remove or reduce stretch marks from the inner upper thigh area
  • Smooth and tighten thigh skin, reducing or removing ripples and wrinkles
  • Reduce or remove stubborn fat pockets post weight loss
  • Look and feel more youthful and fit

Thigh Lift Video Presentation

Unusual Cosmetic Procedures

If you suffer from sagging, unattractive skin on your thighs, you may be an excellent candidate for the Thigh Lift. After losing a significant amount of weight, your inner thigh skin may have lost its support causing your thigh skin to hang like drapery. Post-Bariatric Surgery patients in particular have excess thigh skin and can benefit from a Thighplasty.

You may also call 943-6353 and schedule a private consultation appointment today with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Mele, and learn more about your options.

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How Can An Inner Thigh Lift Slim The Thighs If The Incision Is Just In The Groin

An inner thigh lift makes the skin on the thighs tighter, even though theres no incision down the thigh, because your thighs are shaped like a conetheyre thicker at the top than at the bottom. By pulling the skin up, by definition it gets a little bit tighter because the skin has a larger circumference to cover.

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