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Jaw Surgery Cost With Insurance

Risks And Side Effects

I need jaw surgery… (cost, insurance, timeline)

Double jaw surgery, like all procedures, has potential risks. This includes:

  • Lip numbness. Its normal to feel lip numbness right after. Sometimes, nerve trauma during surgery can lead to permanent numbness.
  • Hearing changes. If the procedure causes swelling or muscle stretching, you may develop temporary hearing changes.
  • Jaw relapse. Rarely, the upper and lower jaws may return to their original positions after surgery.
  • Jaw fracture. The operation can cause a jaw fracture, or bad split. You may need a second surgery.
  • TMJ dysfunction. Double jaw surgery may cause or worsen existing TMJ problems.
  • Severe bleeding. If vessel damage occurs, you might bleed more than expected. Your medical team may give you a blood transfusion and apply pressure, bone wax, or gauze.
  • Need for second surgery. You might need a second surgery if the first one doesnt properly fix your bite.
  • General surgery risks. Like other surgeries, the procedure poses the risk of negative reactions to general anesthesia and surgical wound infections.

If youre concerned about these risks, talk to your surgeon.

According to CostHelper Health, double jaw surgery can cost $40,000 or more. There have been anecdotal reports of the procedure costing around $56,000.

The total cost depends on the severity of the jaw abnormalities and hospital stay.

Generally, health insurance will cover the surgery if its needed to fix health issues like obstructive sleep apnea. You may get partial or full coverage.

What Are The Different Types Of Jaw Surgery

Broadly speaking, jaw surgery can be performed for corrective reasons or for cosmetic reasons. In many cases of reconstructive jaw surgery, cosmetic benefits can occur as well. Genioplasty is the most commonly performed aesthetic jaw surgery, and Dr. Payne can go over your options for cosmetic enhancement during your initial consultation. For primarily corrective procedures, there are several techniques available, addressing issues of the upper jaw, lower jaw, both, the chin, or the palate.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Cost With Insurance

Your costs for corrective jaw surgery with insurance depend on the features of your plan, whether you pick an in-network provider, and if the company will honor claims for each step in the process .

The amount paid by each person is impossible to determine. However, cost-sharing features and in-network discounts can help you develop an accurate estimate.

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Does Health Insurance Help Cover Costs

Corrective jaw surgery is considered a medical operation rather than a cosmetic one since it prevents future dental or medical complications.

The operation is covered in part by many health insurance companies. It is a good idea to call your insurance company to find out precisely what is and isnt covered.

Most insurance companies also require pre-approval before covering one of these treatments.

How Much Does Orthognathic Surgery Cost

Insurance Coverage Jaw Surgery

Many of the patients we see require jaw surgery as a necessary part of their medical treatment. As a result, the cost of treatment is typically covered by their medical insurance. If an individual does not have health insurance or is receiving a cosmetic procedure, the price of jaw surgery will depend on the particulars of the treatment plan. Depending on the complexity of the case, the number of areas treated , and the technique used, jaw surgery can cost on average about $20,000. During your initial consultation, Dr. Payne will discuss the details of the operation with you, including the expected cost, and our medical team will go over how much of this estimate you will likely be responsible for. Every medical insurance plan is different, and we encourage you to speak with your agent about your benefits regarding jaw surgery coverage.

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Does Insurance Cover Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

We wishwe could say that oral and maxillofacial surgery is always covered by insurance,but sometimes, that isnt the case.

Thesurgical procedures insurance plans cover vary by provider, and some pay only aportion of the oral surgery costs. In addition, some insurance companies havedifferent reimbursement rates for dental and medical procedures.

Generally, oral and maxillofacial procedures that are medically necessary stand a strong chance of being covered. For surgeries that are considered elective, however, the opposite is true.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Surgeries

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction causes severe pain in the jaw and muscles that control jaw movement.

An arthroplasty or arthrocentesis surgery may be used to correct TMD:

4. Arthroplasty

An open-joint arthroplasty is a common operation to correct TMD.

An arthroscope is inserted into a small incision in front of the ear. Then scar tissue surrounding the joint is removed to relieve pain.

5. Arthrocentesis

Arthrocentesis uses sterile fluid to wash out the temporomandibular joint and so remove any debris inside the joint.

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What Is Jaw Surgery Recovery Like

The healing process will vary from person to person, depending on each individuals unique rate of healing and the surgical approach. You will need to remain in the hospital for one to two days before returning home. You may have braces or wires on your teeth or jaw to help stabilize your results and maintain jaw position. Many patients who undergo jaw surgery will need to follow a liquid diet after the operation for a period of time, followed by soft foods, and then hard foods can be slowly introduced after healing is complete. Minor jaw surgery recovery may take a few weeks more complex operations can require a month or more of downtime. Through this experience, our surgeons and medical team will take great care to provide as much support and information as possible. Your comfort, and that of your family, are top priorities for us.

Can You Finance V

Corrective Jaw Surgery Recovery & Cost {Dentist REVIEW of Orthognathic Surgery}

Yes, the cost of V-line surgery is frequently financed through provider payment plans or lenders like CareCredit.

Remember that interest rates on wellness credit cards can be very high, even higher than the average credit card. Those interest rates will cause your overall V-line surgery costs to be significantly pricier than if you paid in cash.

However, financing options can make this procedure affordable for many who couldnt otherwise afford it.

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Oral Surgery Procedures With Out

Forelective procedures basically any cosmetic oral surgery patients typicallyhave to pay for themselves. Most insurance providers do not cover the costs ofprocedures such as:

  • Tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental implant placement
  • Bone grafting and other pre-prosthetic procedures
  • Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea
  • Procedures to treat temporomandibular joint disorder

Some insurance plans may agree to cover some or all the costs for some of these oral surgery procedures if other non-invasive treatments have failed. For instance, patients with sleep apnea may be able to get coverage for surgical treatment if use of a CPAP machine has proven ineffective.

The Credentials And Expertise Of Your Surgeon

This procedure is highly specialized and should only be performed by a highly credible expert. A functional jaw is critical to comfortably eating and talking, and you want to reduce any risks of nerve damage or asymmetry.

Seek out board-certified plastic surgeons with advanced experience in jaw surgery, including maxillofacial plastic surgeons.

Naturally, providers with more impressive credentials, such as those with board certifications and decades of experience performing V-line surgery, will charge higher surgeons fees.

We dont recommend trying to seriously cut costs by lowering your standards in your search for a skilled provider. Your safety and a successful outcome are far more important than saving a few hundred dollars .

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How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost

Jaw adjustment surgery price ranges from $5,000 to $80,000. With health insurance, the ordinary jaw correction surgery is around $5,000. Without insurance coverage, the ordinary price is around $20,000. Insurers usually only cover jaw adjustment surgery expenses if the surgical treatment is provided for medical reasons, not cosmetic. Jaw modification surgery costs include hospital charges, cosmetic surgeon costs, anesthesia costs, orthodontics costs, and also the costs of medication. To help make the high cost of jaw adjustment surgery low enough, lots of orthodontic clinics as well as hospitals provide financing.

Improve Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Double Jaw Surgery [From Malaysia to Singapore]: Videos/Images

In obstructive sleep apnea , your breathing temporarily stops during sleep. It occurs when the space in your airways become too narrow, making it difficult to breathe while sleeping.

A type of double jaw surgery, called maxillomandibular advancement surgery, can provide relief. Both jaws are often moved forward close to 10cm.

During the procedure, your upper and lower jawbones are shifted forward. This creates more space in your airways, helping you breathe better during sleep. This surgery doesnt always result in a successful elimination of OSA.

Double jaw surgery may be recommended if you have:

  • severe jaw misalignment
  • incorrect jaw position or size
  • severe TMJ disorders
  • moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea

But to be considered a good candidate, its also important that you:

  • have tried treating your condition with nonsurgical options
  • stop smoking cigarettes and cannabis, if you smoke
  • understand the risks

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Oral Surgery Procedures Most Insurance Plans Cover

Certainoral and maxillofacial procedures are performed to correct medical problemsthat threaten a patients health. Some or all of the costs of these surgeriesare typically covered by insurance. Examples include:

  • Surgery to remove tumors or cysts in the cheeks, jaws or oral cavity
  • Procedures to correct a congenital birth defect or facial deformity
  • Treatment to address structural abnormalities in the jawbone
  • Facial surgery to repair injuries due to physical trauma

Phases Of Jaw Surgery Treatment

  • Stage 1: Planning

This phase will include consultation, record-taking, and discussion of the medication plan with you. The method of operation is performed jointly by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and an orthodontist. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon examines your jaw deformity and determines the type of jaw surgery most suited for your situation. The orthodontist plans where braces will go to help align your teeth, in preparation for the operation.

The cost of this phase is generally negligible. The visit typically takes around 30 minutes and costs the patient $100 to $350.

  • Stage 2: Pre-surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Lots of patients undergo an initial period of pre-surgical orthodontic treatment or braces before surgery. This is so that your teeth align properly, for a stable, long-term fix. The entirety of this phase may take 9 to 18 months. The exact time taken will vary based on your condition, age, cooperation and other factors.

In most cases, some teeth will need to be extracted. This may cost you $50 to $90 per tooth, while braces will range from $3,500 to $8,000. However, orthodontic treatment can be paid gradually over the course of the treatment, which is about two years.

  • Stage 3: The Surgery

Jaw surgery is a major operation which takes 7 to 9 hours. A urinal catheter must be put in during and after the surgery.

  • Stage 4: Post-surgical Orthodontic Treatment

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Getting Insurance To Cover Orthognathic Surgery

Getting insurance to pay for orthognathic surgery means documenting the necessity in advance, and sometimes submitting the claim to both your medical and dental plan if you have one.

However, the reason you need the operation plays a much more significant role in determining whether your plan will honor the claims submitted by your provider.

Jaw Surgery Takes A $27119 Bite Out Of One Mans Budget

Does insurance cover jaw surgery?

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Rapid Palatal Expansion Osteotomy

Orthodontists can often expand the palate with non-surgical techniques however, sometimes a rapid expansion is necessary when the maxilla is oval-shaped and smaller than the mandible . Prior to the procedure, an orthodontist will place a palatal expander on the maxilla teeth that allows for adjustments post-surgery. During the procedure, the maxilla is separated from the cranial base and the palate is spread a small degree using the expansion device. Each week Dr. Payne will turn the expansion device to advance the palate a little more, gradually reaching the desired size.

The Number Of Days You Need To Spend In The Hospital

Jaw surgery is usually performed in a hospital or surgery center under general anesthesia. Depending on how extensive your surgery is, your provider may have you spend one or more nights in a recovery facility, so your vitals can be monitored.

Even extending a hospital stay by one night can add significantly to your facility fee.

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Jaw Surgery Cost In Details

Jaw surgery is done to fix a substantial overbite or under bite. Jaw surgical treatments vary in price from $5000-$80,000. The cost of jaw surgery is affected by many factors place, what healthcare facility the surgery is performed in, the severity of the jaw misalignment, complications, orthodontic costs, if the surgery is for medical or cosmetic factors. Jaw surgery cost includes surgeon fees, medical facility costs, orthodontics charges, anesthesia costs and pain medications. The cost of jaw surgery can be considerably increased if any complications take place during surgery. Maxillofacial jaw surgery costs can be decreased by contacting an oral and maxillofacial surgical residency program oral and maxillofacial surgical residency programs often offer discount jaw surgeries.

Orthodontic fees range from $2000-$20,000, depending on whether the patient needs braces or not. Two years of braces costs around $5000, some patients are needed to wear braces a year before and a year after surgery. Anesthesia costs vary in price from $1000-$2000. The cost of the jaw surgery procedure is around $5000-$20,000. For jaw surgery that is being done for medical factors, federal government subsidies may be available.

Ideal Candidates For Jaw Surgery

Cost of dental implants

Jaw surgeries are generally reserved for patients who have issues with jaw alignment that are too severe for camouflaging treatment, such as braces or splints. If you are reading this for your child, jaw surgery is also left for patients too old for growth modification therapy.


Jaw surgery aims to correct misalignments by bringing the jaw bone forward or backward, in situations too severe for traditional orthodontic treatment.

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Is Jaw Surgery Covered By Health Insurance

Corrective jaw surgery is covered by most health insurance plans if you can provide medical documentation of a functional problem resulting from a misaligned jaw and meet any other criteria set out by your insurance provider.

Your surgeon’s office will assist you in getting pre-authorization from the insurance company four to six weeks prior to surgery, says New York City oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Majid Jamali.

Jaw surgery that’s performed primarily for cosmetic purposes and isn’t considered medically necessary, so insurance won’t cover the cost.

How Much Does V

By Emily Orofino

V-line surgery costs $9,825 on average, according to 69 reviews from RealSelf members who have gotten this form of jaw surgery. However, the price can range from $2,250 to as high as $21,000.

V-line surgery reshapes the mandible, contouring the jawbone to give it a more feminine V-shape. Its a popular type of facial feminization surgery, and its frequently performed along with a sliding genioplasty, which changes the position of the chin.

Here, we break down what to look for in your cost quote, which factors can cause V-line reduction surgery costs to fluctuate, and whether or not real patients think their results are worth the expense.

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What If It Doesnt Turn Out Right

If the planned surgical goals are not met then the patient may be taken back to surgery early in the post-operative period to improve the outcome. Our doctors and staff have the most advanced and modern imaging equipment and models to determine the patients needs prior to surgery so that the best results possible can be performed. Countless orthognathic patients have experienced exceptional results with their surgeries performed at Washington Jaw & Facial Surgery.

Who Administers Your General Anesthesia

Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Dr Lugakingira

There are two categories of medical professionals who are qualified to administer general anesthesia: anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists .

CRNAs have less training, so their fees are typically lower, but some surgeons prefer to only work with anesthesiologistsespecially if the patient has an underlying health condition that increases their risk profile.

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How Much Does Orthognathic Surgery Cost In Virginia Beach

The cost of orthognathic surgery varies with each patient based on the purpose of the surgery and whether it is done in conjunction with orthodontics. During a complimentary consultation with the orthodontists, we discuss the costs and how the process works with the oral surgeon. We strive to make it as easy and convenient as possible. Orthognathic surgery is typically considered medically necessary, making it eligible for coverage by many health and dental insurance plans. In addition, dental insurance plans often provide or offer orthodontic coverage to offset the cost of the treatment. We help patients determine their eligibility with their plans and help them to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses and make treatment more affordable. At Savage, Sabol and Visser, we offer orthodontic treatment options for just $99 down and as little as $200 a month.

Benefits Of Corrective Jaw Surgery

During corrective surgery, your teeth and jaws are moved into a structured and healthy position. This helps with everyday tasks like chewing, talking, and, believe it or not, breathing.

Corrective jaw surgery can be used to treat a wide range of problems. We have discussed this above. Oral surgeons conduct corrective jaw surgery to improve a patients bite and jaw function however, it can enhance a persons appearance.

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