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Kendall Endoscopy And Surgery Center

S We Are Taking To Keep You Safe

Endoscopy Reveals “Surprise” Second Object in Puppy’s Stomach

Your safety is always our utmost concern. Rest assured that in these unprecedented times we are uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality care while minimizing exposure to infection.

Our surgery center is a controlled environment, staffed by qualified providers who understand and have experience in preventing and managing infection. Providing exceptional infection control precautions is simply a daily way of life for us.

Please be aware that we are taking additional steps to ensure your safety and comfort.

Preventing And Responding To Patient Harm

Measure name Progress Towards Meeting Leapfrogs Standard
Effective Leadership to Prevent Errors

Surgery centers should take meaningful steps to raise awareness about patient safety, hold leadership accountable for reducing unsafe practices, provide resources to implement a patient safety program, and develop systems and structures to support action to improve patient safety.

Staff Work Together to Prevent Errors

Surgery centers should have assessed their culture of safety and held leadership accountable for implementing policies, procedures, and staff education to improve the culture of safety.


Surgery centers should regularly monitor hand hygiene practices for everyone interacting with patients, and give feedback to ensure compliance. Surgery centers foster a culture of good hand hygiene, offer training and education, and have provided equipment, such as paper towels, soap dispensers, and hand sanitizer.

Responding to Never Events

Surgery centers should have a never events policy that includes all nine actions that should occur following a never event, which includes apologizing to the patient and not charging for costs associated with the never event.

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What Are People Saying About Kendall Endoscopy And Surgery Center

Meet Pete

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Once again I find myself writing a review, a positive one that is!I was literally so terrified of having a colonoscopy that I waited almost years after I should have had one. Finally decided it was time and following Dr Vicente Lago went ahead and booked the procedure.Having the colonoscopy at this place was the best decision, from admitting to discharge it was flawless.All the employees were professional and reassuring and it was done in a timely manner.No wait to be admitted and it was performed in such a professional manner that I felt obligated to post a positive review.Nowadays finding good service providers is a rarity, this place is a refreshing and living proof that it could happen!Thank you all for making my experience such and easy one!”

“Dr. Behar is an excellent doctor. Answers all questions, listens to patients. His staff was very competent & pleasant.”

“This place is awesome ! Very caring and very professional service . Everyone was sweet and attentive . Right on time ! special thanks to Maria Raquel Irma and all others that I cant remember their names , but am very great full for their service .”

“Very efficient and professional, everyone and I mean everyone, was concerned about my comfort, well being, and friendly to a fault. I give them 5 stars.”

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Please Come To The Lobby And Take The Elevator Behind The Pharmacy


You could fill up the form below or email us at to make an appointment, reschedule, cancel, confirm or receiving an update of any results. You will be contacted by email/phone within 4 to 5 hours. Please keep in your mind at the time of your appointment in our clinic, due to unexpected nature of the surgical procedures/consults, an average waiting time of one hour should be expected. If you need to cancel/change your app, we require 2 FULL business days notice to avoid a $150 fee.

Our Staff & Our Center

  • All center staff self screens for symptoms of infection daily.
  • We follow nationally recommended best practices to keep our centers clean and safe.
  • We clean every procedure room both before and after every patient encounter.
  • Our cleaning procedures adhere to the most stringent Center for Disease Control recommendations and are regularly reviewed by both CMS and our accreditation organizations

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Kendall Endoscopy And Surgery Center

7875 Sw 104th St, Suite 201 Miami, Florida 33156

Progress Towards Meeting Leapfrogs Standard
Billing Ethics

Surgery centers should publish prices, and provide patients with complete billing information and access to a representative that can quickly resolve billing issues. In addition, surgery centers should not sue patients over late or unpaid bills.

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Why Choose Us

Our physicians and staff at Kendall Endoscopy & Surgery Center are dedicated to providing quality, affordable care to the community in our quest to treat an array of gastrointestinal and hepatic conditions.

Our goal at Kendall Endoscopy & Surgery Center is to ensure your comfort and safety by providing a team of board-certified surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses whose focus is your comfort and care.

Additionally, our patients have highly rated the care they received from our doctors and staff, and they say they are likely to recommend our center for outpatient procedures. See what they had to say.

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