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Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Chicago

What Is Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Cost | The LASIK Vision Institute

LASIK is a commonly performed refractive surgery procedure that can safely and effectively improve vision by reshaping the cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Patients of all ages experience these vision problems as a result of an abnormal corneal shape that blurs or distorts vision.

Short for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, LASIK uses targeted excimer laser beam energy to gently remove, or ablate, corneal tissue in order to correct refractive errors and help patients see clearly.

How Does Lasik Help You See Better

Refractive errors happen when light focuses on the wrong part of the retina. This is what happens with nearsightedness and farsightedness. In these cases, the eyeball may be too elongated or short, or the lens is too thick or thin. It can also happen when light doesnt converge to a single point on the retina, like in astigmatism. Laser vision correction fixes refractive errors. How this happens depends on the type of surgery you have. Laser vision correction surgery can change the way light focuses on your eyes retina. This is achieved by modifying the corneas shape. Other surgeries permanently place special contact lenses between the iris and the lens.

For Your Safety We Are Not One Of The National Chains

The popularity of lasik vision correction has led to many profiteers and the emergence of many bait and switch national chains. They do not have a long term interest in your health, since the doctors do not own the practice and tend to come and go.

We have built our practice by meeting with every patient from the first consultation through the final follow up visit. We do not have sales technicians that do most of the work.

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Is Laser Vision Correction Safe

The FDA has approved the excimer laser for the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Millions of patients worldwide have undergone successful laser vision correction procedures, and millions of excimer laser procedures have been performed in the U.S. since the FDA approval in 1996. Virtually all people treated experience an improvement in vision that would allow them to pass a drivers license exam without the aid of glasses or contacts.

Additional Costs Of Lasik Eye Surgery

How Much does LASIK Cost by Region

In addition to the baseline cost of LASIK eye surgery, it is important to consider that you may run into other fees down the road to maintain your vision. Although LASIK eye surgery advertises âperfect vision without needing corrective lenses or contacts anymore, this is not always the case. Many people end up needing glasses for when they drive or at nighttime, especially as they get older.

In addition, your doctor will likely prescribe you antibiotic eye drops pre-surgery, which you will need to pay for. If you donât have insurance, Mira can help you access discounts to over 1,000 prescription medications.

Below we outline some of the additional costs associated with LASIK eye surgery. Note that the price you pay can vary greatly depending on where you seek care, as well as the type of eyeglasses and contacts you use.

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Tienen Financiacin Disponible Si Es As Cules Son Las Condiciones

El Instituto Oftalmológico Kraff ofrece financiación a través de CareCredit, el mejor programa de pago para pacientes de América. CareCredit ofrece planes de pago mensuales flexibles que ayudan con los costos iniciales de LASIK. Para saber más sobre nuestras opciones de financiación, visite nuestra página de financiación de LASIK en Chicago.

Beware Of Bargains For Lasik Eye Surgery

You may see advertisements online that list LASIK eye surgery as being less than $1,000 per eye. Although this may seem like a great deal, you should approach these advertisements with caution. Such ads donât usually include all the costs associated with the surgery, so that you may be surprised by additional fees. Low costs that are advertised may apply only to people who have mild vision issues. Therefore, if you have very poor vision, you may not qualify for the advertised price.

If you are considering getting LASIK eye surgery that is relatively inexpensive, be sure to ask about the technology being used. If the physician is using older technology, there may be additional risks post-surgery.

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Cul Es El Coste Medio De La Ciruga Ocular Lasik En Estados Unidos

El coste medio de la cirugÃa LASIK en Estados Unidos es de unos 2199 dólares por ojo. Esta cifra puede variar en función de numerosos factores. Dos factores importantes que todo paciente debe tener en cuenta al investigar el precio de la cirugÃa ocular LASIK en EE.UU. son la experiencia del cirujano y el nivel de tecnologÃa utilizado durante el tratamiento.

What Is The Recovery Process From Lasik

LASIK – Laser Eye Surgery

The recovery from LASIK is generally quick and not painful. Immediately following the procedure, your doctor will conduct an eye exam to see if the surgery was successful. You will then be able to go home, but someone else must drive you.

You will have a few follow-up appointments to assess the quality of your vision to determine when you can begin driving again. You will also be prescribed eye drops to help your eye heal properly. Itâs recommended that you donât participate in strenuous exercise or wear eye makeup for at least a week.

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Managed Care Insurance Plans

LasikPlus is the preferred provider for many leading health and vision managed care insurance plans, including EyeMed®, Cigna®, Aetna®, Humana®, BCBS®, among others. In addition to helping verify the experience and character of your LasikPlus-affiliated surgeons, these insurance plans offer their members valuable discounts and other savings off their LASIK procedure.

Finance And Billing Faqs

1. Is LASIK the same price everywhere?

The average prices for LASIK through the first quarter of 2016 is anywhere from $1800 to $2,500 per eye for custom LASIK. At Jacksoneye, we strive to make LASIK affordable for every patient. With a variety of ways to pay, there should be nothing standing between you and one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the country. Dr. Jackson has performed over 30,000 LASIK procedures, using the most advanced technology.

2. Can I submit a claim to my insurance?

LASIK is considered an elective procedure by most insurance companies. This means that they do not have to cover the cost for LASIK. However, select vision insurance carriers offer a discount towards LASIK. Please check with your insurance to see if yours has a benefit.

3. How easy is it to obtain financing?

When you are ready to have LASIK, give us a call at . If financing is your biggest concern in regards to having LASIK, we will help you find the financing plan that will fit your budget. Its that easy.

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Factors That Influence The Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery

There are a few factors that influence the cost of LASIK eye surgery. If you are on a budget, itâs essential to know what may be causing higher prices at some clinics over others. Three factors that we found that may be altering the cost of LASIK are the kind of technology used to perform the surgery, the patientâs prescription, and where the clinic is located.

Who Is A Candidate For Laser Vision Correction

How Much does LASIK Cost by Region

Although LASIK is considered a safe procedure, it is not ideal for everyone. Your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether LASIK is appropriate for you, or if you would benefit from another type of refractive procedure. The ideal LASIK candidate:

  • Is over 18 years old
  • Has had stable vision for at least six months
  • Has a health cornea thick enough for a flap
  • Has refractive errors that fall within the treatable range

It is also important for patients to fully understand the details and risks of the procedure, and maintain realistic expectations.

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What Our Patients Have To Say

Dr. Sondheimer is a truly gifted eye surgeon. I am thankful that he took the time to check out my eyes and write me the best eye prescription I ever had. I was able to really understand the pros and cons of eye surgery and I am better for it. Dr. Sondheimer is knowledgeable, polite, and highly, highly skilled. He is a masterful surgeon and his skills are a blessing to those in need of corrective eye surgery.

Steve C.

What Are The Success Rates Of Lasik In Chicago

Whether it is LASIK or another method of refractive eye surgery, when the procedure is performed by one of Chicago’s experienced ophthalmologists, the success rate for LASIK is extremely high. Chicago has a significant amount of well trained and experienced LASIK surgeons. To ensure a successful outcome we suggest talking with a LASIK surgeon to get an understanding of your personal vision and how LASIK will work to correct your vision. It is also a great idea to get your expectations in order prior to having this surgery. You should have a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits.

The Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery reported in 2016 that LASIK has a 96% patient satisfaction rate. Additionally, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has conducted several studies on the effectiveness of LASIK and the results have been very positive. For more information regarding LASIK risks and successes please feel free to visit the American Refractive Surgery Council website.

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Quality Lasik Eye Surgery In Chicago Il

LASIK eye surgery in Chicago, IL is the most common elective procedure and is performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In most cases, LASIK is painless and completed within several minutes per eye. The results improve your vision to reduce and in most cases eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses, and the results of the procedure can usually be noticed within 24 hours. Like most types of refractive surgery, LASIK reshapes the cornea to allow the light entering the eye to be specifically focused on the proper part of the retina to obtain clear vision. There are multiple laser vision correction surgeries available, such as PRK, LASEK, Custom and all-laser Bladeless LASIK. An exam with a LASIK surgeon in Chicago IL will determine if LASIK eye surgery is right for you. Our credentialed LASIK surgeons have collectively performed over 80,000 laser eye procedures in the Chicago area.

How Much Is The Cost Of Lasik In Chicago

Over 45 and considering LASIK, Lens replacement or Cataract surgery? All you need to know.

For a blade-less iDesign CustomVue LASIK procedure the average cost is between $2200 to $3200 per eye. For a iDesign CustomVue PRK procedure the average cost is between $1800 to $2800 per eye. Cost varies from person to person so the best way to find out what your exact cost of surgery would be is to come in for a no-cost, no-obligation, consultation.For a blade-less iDesign CustomVue LASIK surgery the average cost is between $2200 to $3200 per eye. For a iDesign CustomVue PRK surgery the average cost is between $1800 to $2800 per eye. Cost varies from person to person so the best way to find out what your exact cost of surgery would be is to come in for a no-cost, no-obligation, consultation.

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What Is Included In The Cost Of Lasik

Our fee is a global fee, which includes all your pre- and post-operative care for 1 year. The fee also includes the cost of an enhancement procedure, if needed, within the first 2 years from the date of the original treatment. Also included in the fee are measurements taken utilizing iDesign 2.0 software.Here at our practice we pride ourselves on the fact that there are no hidden fees associated with your LASIK surgery. The cost of your procedure includes all your pre-operative measurements, including those measurements performed utilizing the iDesign 2.0 technology. This technology allows us to customize each treatment based on a patientâs precise and unique visual needs. Also included in the cost are your post-operative visits for the first year following your surgery. In rare circumstances where a retreatment is needed, the cost of an enhancement procedure is included in the cost if performed within 2 years from the date of the original surgery.

The Recommended Exam Dates Following Lasik Are:

Following LASIK surgery, patients usually experience a rapid recovery due to the fact that only a tiny portion of the eye is actually operated on. Most of our patients are able to drive themselves back to our facility the day following their surgery to meet with the doctors for their follow-up appointment. Because of its efficiency and effectiveness.

If you live in Chicago and would like more information on Chicago LASIK surgery, or if you would like to schedule a complimentary evaluation, please contact our Chicago LASIK center today. We aim to provide our patients with affordable LASIK options and therefore provide a number of ways to keep the LASIK cost reasonable. Call us today for more information or feel free to complete our LASIK self-evaluation test.

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How Is Lasik Eye Surgery Performed In Chicago

Prior to your LASIK eye surgery in Chicago, Illinoisnumbing eye drops are used to alleviate any discomfort to the eye. Some surgeons may also prescribe medication to help you relax. LASIK eye surgery requires only topical anesthetic drops, and no stitches are required to heal. Your eye will be positioned under the laser, and an instrument called a lid speculum is used to keep your eyelids open. Your LASIK surgeon will use either an instrument called a microkeratome or a laser to create a thin semi-circular flap in the cornea on the surface of the eye. The surgeon will then use the excimer laser to treat your specific prescription by utilizing a cool ultraviolet beam of light to reshape the cornea. This allows light entering the eye to be refocused for more accurate vision. The surgery is painless however you may feel some pressure on your eyes. LASIK is performed on each eye independently with the entire surgery taking only several minutes. After the laser reshapes the cornea, the flap is repositioned and serves as a natural bandage for the healing process.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Laser Eye Surgery

Droopy Eyelid Surgery Cost

There are two types of laser vision correction surgery: LASIK and PRK LASIK is the predominant type of laser vision correction, whereby a flap is made on the cornea, which is the clear dome of tissue overlying the iris . In this surgery, most people see well enough to drive and return to work the very next day. Your vision will continue to improve over several weeks to months, but your sight will be surprisingly good and you will be comfortable only 4-6 hours post-surgery. PRK surgery is quick and painless, just like LASIK. The recovery, however, takes longer and is more uncomfortable for the first two days. Your surgeon will place contact lenses over your eyes to protect the surface while they heal. Your vision will gradually improve over the coming weeks, but will take slightly longer than LASIK to be fully clear. The same laser is used and the end result is the same as LASIK, but PRK is better suited to some eyes for a variety of reasons. The most common reason why you would need PRK is if your cornea is too thin for LASIK. It would also be performed on someone who has had a corneal procedure in the past or for vocational reasons such as entering certain branches of the military.

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The Microkeratome Vs The Intralase Laser

The microkeratome has been used to create the incisions in the first step of LASIK surgery for more than two decades. The handheld blade creates a three-side flap that provides our surgeons access to the underlying layers of the corneal tissue so it can be reshaped.

Then, in 2001, the FDA approved the Intralase®, a femtosecond laser that is capable of creating a more precisely measured flap and reducing the risk of complications. Patients can choose to undergo treatment with either the microkeratome or the Intralase® laser, with the cost of the microkeratome being the less expensive option.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Always Successful In Correcting Vision Issues

LASIK successfully provides 20/20 vision in over 90 percent of patients and 20/40 vision to over 99% of patients. Someone will rarely need vision assistance following the procedure but discuss success rates with your doctor before getting surgery.

If you still need assistance correcting your vision post-LASIK, you can use eyeglasses or contact lenses both are safe to use, but itâs advised to wait at least six months before using contact lenses, and you should always speak to your doctor beforehand.

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How Long After Lasik Consultation Is Surgery

Depending on if you wear contact lenses, and the type of lenses you wear, surgery can be anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks following your initial consultation. If you wear specialty lenses, Dr. Kraff will instruct you on how long you need to be out of your contact lenses prior to surgery. If you donât wear contact lenses, then the Refractive Consultant will work with you to find a day and time that works best with your schedule.

Some Popular Financing Options Include:

How Much Does LASIK Really Cost? | King LASIK | Seattle, WA
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: are offered by many employers to help cover the costs of medical expenses, including LASIK surgery. FSAs may allow you to set aside a pre-determined amount of money from your paycheck. This money, which is not taxed, is then available to cover the cost of many medical procedures.
  • Medical loan or credit card: There are many companies that offer financing for elective medical procedures such as LASIK. We work directly with CareCredit to help our patients secure affordable financing for LASIK and other vision procedures.

With these financing options and others, the cost of LASIK can fit comfortably within most patients budgets.

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