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Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Sacramento

What To Expect During Your Lasik Procedure

PRK vs LASIK Eye Surgery – Procedure, Recovery and Cost

The LASIK procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes to perform, with the actual laser time averaging less than one minute per eye! To maximize your safety and your visual outcome, we only use the best-possible equipment during your surgery.

LASIK should not cause you any pain. Numbing eye drops will block any uncomfortable sensations, and you will be given a mild sedative so that, although you are awake, you won’t feel anything. And you dont need to worry about blinking during the procedure, because a gentle retainer will help keep your eye open.

The LASIK procedure involves three simple steps:

  • Creating the flap: To begin the surgery, your LASIK surgeon will create a thin corneal flap by using the Ziemer Z4 Femtosecond Laser, the most advanced option available. This portion of the operation takes about 12 seconds.
  • Reshaping the cornea: The flap is then temporarily lifted back so that computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light can gently reshape the inner cornea, based on your unique corneal map. Our state-of-the-art Alcon WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser removes an incredibly small amount of corneal tissue typically less than the thickness of a human hair. This laser provides patients with faster and safer treatment as well as an improved visual outcome.
  • Putting the flap back in place: The flap is then placed back into its original position. After the LASIK procedure, light rays focus more precisely on the retina, improving your vision.
  • Sacramento Midtown Lasik Eye Surgery

    Our team at NVISION® Sacramento Midtown, takes pride in delivering exceptional care for our patients. As a member of the downtown Sacramento community since 1987, we understand that every patient is unique and we provide comprehensive eye care services with a personal, professional, and customized approach.When you choose us for your laser eye surgery, you choose a team of talented surgeons and highly trained staff, all dedicated to delivering the highest-quality medical and surgical care.

    At NVISION® Eye Centers, we provide life-changing results, an exceptional experience, and a lifetime commitment to your LASIK vision correction.

    • Industry-leading surgeons and vision outcomes with more than 2 million successful procedures
    • The most advanced laser and diagnostic technology available
    • Financing available – no down payment, zero or low interest, low monthly payments
    • Free LASIK consultations

    *Participation Varies and not all locations participate in this $1000 discount program or VSP member discounts. All LASIK savings offers are valid only on bladeless custom LASIK based off the LASIK 12/31/2022. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers, previous surgery, insurance, or vision care plan savings. Please speak with your NVISION Eye Center for additional details.

    Providing Crystal Clear Vision To Sacramento Roseville & Nearby Areas Of California

    We are open! Click here for an update on the safety guidelines we are following! Safety Guidelines

    Welcome to Griffin & Reed Eye Care: Serving laser vision correction, general eye care, optical, and cataract surgery patients in Northern California. We’re proud to present the latest procedures and technologies to correct your vision with safety and precision.

    Our goal is to produce the most informative, independent vision correction website available. Our website is packed full of important information, not just the standard information you are used to reading on other sites.

    If you are considering laser vision correction, please read “20 questions to consider while researching laser vision correction“. This section will help you to make an informed decision. They are printer friendly and will provide you with the tools necessary to make the right decision for you and your eyes. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact our Sacramento or Roseville office today to schedule your free consultation.

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    Arena Eye Care Optometry

    4480 Duckhorn Dr #200, Sacramento, CA 95834


    People feel that Arena Eye Care Optometry is a very clean place with helpful workers, and that the prices for glasses are usually covered by insurance. Some people feel that the other options and exams boost the price up a lot, but others love this office and have always had a good experience. People also feel grateful to have an office so close by. Finally, people were given a kind reminder about benefits during a recent talk on wellness.


    • People feel very welcoming when walking in.
    • The doctors are very knowledgeable and seem to really care about their patients.
    • They offer a variety of payment options, including insurance coverage.
    • The office is very clean and organized.

    Cost & Payment Options

    How Much Does Lasik Cost With Insurance : LASIK Singapore Price Guide ...

    At Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, laser vision correction is a fee-for-service procedure. It is not covered under Health Plan benefits and you are required to pay for it. The cost of your procedure depends on several different factors, including the details of your treatment and your personal medical history. If youd like to know how much a specific procedure costs, please call us at.

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    Lasik And Surface Ablation Procedure Fee Includes:

    • Comprehensive clinical consultation including corneal topography, pachymetry, dilated and non-dilated refractions, eye pressure measurement and assessment of laser vision correction candidacy
    • Professional surgical fee
    • Twelve months of post-operative care
    • Peri-operative antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops

    The Importance Of Custom Lasik

    No two eyes or patients have the same unique imperfections in the way our eyes bend light. That is why these unique imperfections, or Wavefront abnormalities, have come to define what we call the fingerprint of your eye.

    Wavefront Optimized® treatment allows us to not only treat the things glasses and contact lenses correct but also to customize your treatment for these unique abnormalities. Every patient we see undergoes a Wavefront analysis. We then carefully evaluate the type and amount of these imperfections with each patient and make recommendations regarding treatment options.

    At Griffin and Reed Eye Care, we use extensive tracking data from thousands of LASIK cases, not the plug and play method, to customize your treatment, and we include Wavefront technology for every laser vision correction procedure to ensure you get the most predictable results.

    We cover a wide range of LASIK topics over on our blog!

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    Phakic Lens Implant Fee Includes:

    • Comprehensive clinical consultation including corneal topography, pachymetry, dilated eye exam, eye pressure measurement, assessment of candidacy, and possible other preoperative testing
    • Professional surgical fee to remove the cataract and implant the lens
    • Intraocular lens implant
    • One year of postoperative care
    • Any Peri-operative antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops that may be prescribed

    Is Lasik Worth The Cost

    My Laser Eye Surgery Experience | Hidden Lasik Complications

    Most people who have LASIK achieve 20/20 vision. Over 99% of people who’ve had the procedure say they are pleased with the results.12

    Although most patients are satisfied with LASIK surgery outcomes, a few are not.

    LASIK surgery is not without its risks. LASIK can cause side effects, including:

    These symptoms affect 20% to 40% of people who have the procedure.11

    LASIK may also cause patients to experience glare and halos around lights at night. These symptoms typically last for a month or two after the procedure.

    In a small number of cases, LASIK may not be effective in completely correcting vision. Some people will still need glasses or contact lenses after surgery. This is especially in low-light conditions and as they age.

    Those who don’t achieve full vision correction can return to their doctor for an additional procedure.

    People who’ve had LASIK rarely lose vision due to:

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    We Love What We Do And Our Clients Do Too

    I am unbelievably blown away by amazing results after my Lasik procedure. Immediately after the procedure, I could tell I could see distance but it was like looking through a foggy lens. Next morning, my eyes felt completely normal but with perfect vision. If I had to get this done every year, I totally would. Doctor Barnett was amazing. The other ladies in the room reminded me to take deep breaths and the whole thing was over quickly.

    Nicole M.Sacramento, CA

    Dr. Barnett is an excellent LASIK surgeon. I am an optometrist who has practiced for many years in the Sacramento region. When I needed LASIK I wanted the best. Dr. Barnett is who I chose because he truly is the best. My vision is better than 20/20. I could not be happier.

    Dr. Palmer N. Lee, ODSacramento, CA

    I went to Dr Barnett for LASIK vision surgery. He and his staff are great! Dr Barnett always made time to answer my questions. The office staff are friendly and helpful as well. The procedure itself was fast and painless. They made sure I had everything I needed to recover quickly and enjoy the benefits of the surgery. I recommend going to Dr Barnett and his staff if you are interested in lasik vision correction.

    J.J.Stockton, CA

    Am I A Candidate For Lasik

    Generally speaking, you may be an ideal LASIK candidate if you:

    • Are 18 or older
    • Are generally healthy and have healthy eyes
    • Have a stable refraction
    • Are not pregnant or nursing
    • Have a prescription that falls within the range of what we can treat
    • Have sufficient corneal thickness to accommodate the LASIK flap or PRK if LASIK isnt an option
    • Have realistic expectations about what LASIK can do for your vision

    However, a thorough eye exam is necessary to confirm your candidacy. After asking you a series of questions about your lifestyle, including work and leisure vision requirements, your eye surgeon will discuss options and recommendations for your LASIK surgery.

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    The Largest Lasik Eye Surgery Plan

    We trust our network of credentialed LASIK eye surgeons to provide you with quality care. As a sign of this trust, our Participating Providers offer our Members a one-year Provider Retreatment Plan at no additional cost. Select LASIK providers may offer a Lifetime Assurance Plan with your LASIK eye surgery. What sets us apart in serving you is our unparalleled network of the best LASIK eye surgeons from more than 700 locations across the United States. Our best LASIK eye surgeons are experienced and have been independently credentialed using URAC standards.

    *Reported Q1 2013 by the leading LASIK market analyst,

    Type Of Technology And Equipment Used

    Pin on Bridals

    Newer technologies, such as laser devices, cost more than older ones. Its common for eye centers to pass additional costs onto the patient.

    If you’re considering LASIK, get a written cost estimate that itemizes everything in the offer. Read the fine print and ask about potential additional fees before making a decision.

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    How Does Lasik Work

    Typically, light rays enter your eye and are bent so that they can focus on your retina, creating a clear image. However, if your cornea is slightly misshapen, the light rays are not bent correctly. This often results in blurry vision.

    During the LASIK procedure, a temporary flap is created on the surface of your cornea. Then, precise laser energy is applied to the underlying tissue to reshape your cornea and improve your vision. The flap is then placed back in position, where it works like a natural bandage to accelerate healing without stitches.

    Choosing Griffin & Reed Eye Care For Your Lasik Procedure

    Griffin & Reed Eye Care has been serving Northern California since 1974, and many tens of thousands of patients have trusted their eyes to our LASIK experts. Surgical skill is a key factor in achieving the best results, and the experience and success of the surgeons at Griffin & Reed Eye Care are unsurpassed.

    Our Laser Vision Correction procedures are performed within our state-of-the-art facility in a sterile environment. The safety of our patients is the most important aspect of what we do. We follow a very strict protocol in order to ensure the safety and health of each patient that enters our doors.

    From wall to wall sterilization to immaculate equipment and supplies, our doctors and staff do whatever they can to minimize the risks of infection and promote the awareness of safety throughout the office. In addition to a strict adherence to health codes, making sure we use only the latest, most accurate technology provides little room for error and greater opportunities for perfect vision.

    We invite you to read Why We Are Clearly Different to learn more about our office and our approach to your vision care.

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    The Best Lasik Eye Surgery Pricing

    QualSight is the Preferred LASIK Plan for 75% of Health Plans, Insurance Companies & Employers Nationwide! Our Traditional LASIK pricing is 40% to 50% off the overall national average cost of LASIK. This equates to a savings of over $1,000 off the overall national average LASIK price*. Our LASIK eye surgery plan is committed to providing superior service while saving you money. We help to reduce the cost of LASIK surgery for our customers by contracting directly with qualified LASIK eye surgeons across the country to make up the countrys largest LASIK eye surgery network.

    What Is Lasik Eye Surgery

    Over 45 and considering LASIK, Lens replacement or Cataract surgery? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

    Are you tired of the hassles related to eyeglasses and contact lenses? Gone are the days when you had to struggle with these methods of vision correction. Today, LASIK is an option that can help you see clearly. There have been over a million LASIK eye surgery procedures performed to date and most have had successful outcomes. No patient has ever gone blind from LASIK eye surgery.

    Despite the fact that LASIK works great for many people it is certainly not the best eye surgery for every type of vision problem. A thorough eye health evaluation will need to be performed by Dr. Keith Liang at Center for Sight, in Sacramento prior to determining whether LASIK or laser vision correction would be a good option.

    At Center for Sight in Sacramento, we are highly experienced and have performed many LASIK surgeries with amazing results. The procedure has helped so many of our patients achieve their best vision yet, and we want to help you too! Center for Sight is committed to providing the best LASIK care possible. Dr. Liang is very thorough in his evaluations, making sure that LASIK surgery is the right decision for you. Once it has been decided that it is right for you, you will be able to prepare for your surgery!

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    Phakic Intraocular Lens Fee Does Not Include:

    • Any unscheduled visit or care for unrelated eye conditions
    • Non-prescription eye drops
    • Glasses for reading or enhanced distance vision, if necessary
    • Outside second opinion

    Learn more about your rights and protections related to the No Surprises Act .

    Kaiser Permanente members typically have coverage for medically necessary eye examinations, which are generally conducted at Kaiser Permanente facilities. Otherwise, services described here are provided on a fee-for-service basis. These services are separate from your Health Plan benefits and are not provided or covered by Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan, Inc. Clinical services are provided by providers or contractors of the Permanente Medical Groups. Results of services vary among patients and cannot be guaranteed. The Permanente Medical Groups, Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan, Inc., and Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospitals have a financial interest in the provision of these services. For specific information about your Health Plan benefits, please see your Evidence of Coverage.

    What Happens During The Lasik Procedure

    Our lasers are calibrated specifically for each patient, making results precise. Our surgical operating room is climate controlled, ensuring that your LASIK surgery is completely safe.

    The process of LASIK surgery is accomplished in a few short steps. A local anesthetic is first applied to the eyes. A thin flap is then carefully created on the surface of the cornea, using a highly precise instrument called a microkeratome. The flap is pulled back, revealing the middle section of the cornea. A cool ultraviolet light beam, produced by our ALLEGRETTO WAVE Excimer laser, is then applied, removing tiny portions of the cornea in an effort to reshape it and improve visual acuity. Each pulse of the laser removes approximately .25 microns of corneal tissue. By comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 50 microns. Because the laser used in LASIK surgery removes corneal matter in such small increments, extreme precision is achieved in the process. Once the cornea is corrected, the flap is replaced and the procedure is complete.

    Following LASIK surgery, patients usually experience a rapid recovery due to the fact that only a tiny portion of the eye is actually operated on. Because of its efficiency and effectiveness, LASIK surgery is the most popular form of refractive surgery. It is estimated to account for 95 percent of the laser vision correction procedures that are performed today.

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    How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

    The average cost of LASIK surgery in the United States is approximately $2,200 per eye or $4,400 for both.

    LASIK’s price has remained stable for the past 10 years, while other economic factors have risen.

    It’s estimated that today’s LASIK is approximately 20 to 30% less expensive than it was just 10 years ago.5

    Many surgeons charge more for custom LASIK procedures and bladeless LASIK surgery. You can expect to pay a few hundred more per eye for each option.

    Refractive Lens Exchange With Intraocular Lens Fee Includes:

    Pin on Apple Battery
    • Comprehensive clinical consultation including corneal topography, pachymetry, dilated eye exam, eye pressure measurement, assessment of candidacy, and possible other preoperative testing
    • Professional surgical fee to remove the cataract and implant the lens
    • Five weeks of postoperative care
    • Any Peri-operative antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops that may be prescribed
    • The fee does not include the copays related to the basic cataract surgery, which is covered by your health plan coverage

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