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Dr. Haywood is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Catherine Haywood graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors of Science degree in 1991. She then graduated from McGill University Medical School in 1995, and completed Fellowship residency trai

What Is The Most Important Factor For Success With Laser Liposuction

Just because the overall experience of laser liposuction is relatively easy from the patients perspective, this does not mean that it is easy for the surgeon to obtain excellent results. There is a high degree of skill required of the surgeon who carries out this type of surgery. In this regard, it is no different from any other form of liposuction.

Because laser liposuction can be carried out so nicely in the office setting, it is possible for a clinician with little surgical training to obtain this technology and begin treating patients. The results can be disastrous.

It took Dr. Cook a while to overcome his own negative impressions of laser liposuction because of the horrible results he saw in patients who came to him for help after having undergone the procedure in various medispas.

He might still not be avoiding this procedure, but for the fact that one of the plastic surgeons he trained in the plastic surgery residency at Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Spero Theodorou, invited him to visit in New York City and witness first-hand how wonderful this liposuction technique can be in skilled hands. Dr. Theodorous results were excellent, and the overall patient experience was superior to what occurred with other forms of liposuction.

Please look for a highly experienced surgeon with the proper credentials. One good way to do this is to see if the person providing liposuction is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

At The Whole Beauty Institute We Offer Our Patients The Two Leading Technologies For Laser Liposuction

In these videos below, patients share their experience with Laser Liposuction.

Laser liposuction, also referred to as laser lipoplasty, is the most recent technique utilized by plastic surgeons to remove excess fat from problem areas of the body. Plastic surgeons that use this particular technique follow a sequence of three steps. First, the surgeon painlessly injects a fluid that contains local anesthetic into the area that needs to be sculpted. After waiting for the local anesthesia to take effect, the liposuction surgeon introduces a tiny tube under the skin that delivers laser energy to the zone that is to be treated. Finally, the surgeon uses another tiny tube to draw off the melted fat.

This laser energy has two effects: First, it causes destruction of unwanted fat cells. There are plenty of videos on the Internet that demonstrate this process and make for dramatic pictures that are fun to watch. Second, if applied with skill, this energy can help to tighten the tissue of the zones the liposuction surgeon treats. This can be particularly helpful in the arms and neck.

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Radiofrequency Fat Reduction And Tightening

In the last few years, radiofrequency-assisted liposuction has emerged as an attractive option for fat reduction, especially for individuals who have looser skin. Dr Cook was the first plastic surgeon in the Midwest to work with the BodyTite® technology. Because of the significant tightening that it provides, this is now our most frequently applied lipo technique.

Wear Your Compression Garments

Infini Phoenix Liposuction

The ultimate results from liposuction may not be noticeable until post-surgical swelling goes down. Compression garments keep this side effect under control and improve contours in the treatment area.

Thinking about having liposuction to reduce stubborn deposits of fat? For more advice on surgical body contouring, contact our Palm Desert-based Cosmetic Surgery Institute. For more information, give us a call at 837-0364 or submit a contact form to request a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Could You Describe For Me What The Liposuction Surgical Experience Is Like

One of the most important steps in liposuction surgery actually occurs before the operation itself. This is when I meet the patient in the pre-operative area and make detailed topographical markings on the body to guide me during the surgery.

When I perform surgery at the surgicenter, there is very little recollection that goes on from the patients perspective. The surgery is mostly carried out under a very light general anesthetic, so that there will be no memory of the actual events of the surgery. The liposuction patient will wake up in a private recovery room. He or she will be wearing the appropriate support garment, usually with some extra padding in place to put pressure on the zones where I have extracted the fat. Most liposuction patients tell me they feel a little chilly, but are not particularly in pain. This is because the solution that I put in prior to the liposuction has a local anesthetic. Most patients will be able to go home after an hour to an hour and a half.When I perform surgery with the patient under local anesthesia with oral sedation in my Chicago or Winnetka office, the patient is pleasantly relaxed during the procedure. Often, he or she will take a short nap while I am performing the surgery. When the surgery is finished and the garment is in place, the patient walks from the operating room to the recovery area and is able to go home in a short while.

How Is The Recovery From Smartlipo And Slimlipo Laser Lipoplasty

The fluid that we injected to prepare you for laser liposuction contains a local anesthetic, so this makes your early recovery relatively easy. Most patients will take a mild pain reliever, such as Tylenol®, for the first day or two, and some patients will take a stronger pain pill the first evening after surgery.

You can do normal light activity after your laser liposuction surgery, but you should avoid heavy exercise. Most patients can return to work within two days after the surgery.

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What Is The Patient Experience Like With Smartlipo And Slimlipo Laser Liposuction

Since the laser liposuction procedure is done under local anesthesia, you can eat a normal light meal the day of surgery and keep a good state of hydration with water, juice, or other beverages. Coffee and tea drinkers do not have to skip their morning cup. This alone makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

You arrive at our office and will be given medications that gently relax you. Dr. Cook will mark the areas that you have previously discussed at your consultation, and you are ready for your liposuction procedure.

In the operating room, Dr. Cook will inject a local anesthetic and make tiny incisions for the treatment. He then gently introduces the fluid that prepares the area for surgery.

After a period of relaxation, Dr. Cook will apply the laser energy to the area of excess fat and then extract the fat from the treated zone.

During the laser liposuction procedure, you can bring your favorite music and listen to it. Before you know it, the procedure is finished. Our team will help you into your garment. Your will feel a little stiff in the area where you were treated, but you will be able to move comfortably and calmly.

Why Is Laser Lipo So Much Better Tolerated Under Local Anesthesia Than Ultrasonic Liposuction Techniques Such As Vaser

LIPO Testimonial | Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery | Richmond Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sundin

One possible explanation is that the entire length of the cannula used to deliver the ultrasonic energy is hot, a fact readily appreciated by the surgeon who inadvertently grasps the cannula by its side while energy is being delivered. The SmartLipo® cannula is hot only at its tip, where the laser energy is being delivered to the fat.

Whatever the explanation, the fact remains that laser liposuction enables the surgeon to treat a wide variety of patients under local anesthesia in the comfort of an office setting.

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Start Or Resume Working Out

If you arent exercising already, start a workout routine after we give you approval to do so following your liposuction surgery. If youre already a workout regular, well let you know when its safe to continue your typical routine. Exercising helps to build muscle tone, which will make you look more sculpted and avoid future weight gain.

If youre ready to sculpt more balanced and proportional contours to enhance your body shape, talk to our team at Cosmetic Surgery Institute for more advice on liposuction for body contouring. Contact us by calling 837-0364 or submit a contact form to request a consultation and find out what to expect before and after this surgical fat-reduction treatment.

A Note About Cellulite

Surface irregularities known as cellulite are often associated with fat, but while excess volume in specific areassuch as the thighs or buttockscan contribute to the problem, fat is not the cause. That means liposuction is not a cellulite solution.

Unwanted dimpling occurs when connective bands below the surface of the skin, known as septae, are pulled taut. This can happen even in slim patients, but fat pockets that cause the surface to push outward can make the condition worse. For patients who want to diminish cellulite, we have several technologies that can help, including Cellulaze® and Evolve®.

If you would like to have a consultation regarding liposuction in the Chicago area, or if you have questions for our team, please call or contact us online.

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Locations Also In Hilton Head Statesboro & Effingham

Ready to get high-quality plastic surgery in Savannah, GA? We are known for the best plastic surgery in Savannah, Georgia. Our office in Savannah offers plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. We invited you to visit us at The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery, where patients seeking cosmetic improvement can find quality medical care coupled with signature Southern hospitality. With offices in Savannah, Statesboro, Vidalia, Effingham, Richmond Hill and Hinesville, Ga., and Hilton Head, S.C., our team of experienced plastic surgeons passionately serves the needs of a diverse group of patients. Whether your goal is to look 10 years younger, slimmer or more proportioned, we can help. Our plastic surgeons share a common vision: to help every patient achieve his or her desired cosmetic outcomes safely and successfully. Patients often tell us that their only regret about their plastic surgery experience is not pursuing treatment sooner!

Are There Any Other Things That You Look For In A Patient In Order To Predict The Success Of Liposuction Surgery

Pin on Center for Plastic Surgery

Yes. When I look at my patient, I always have in the back of my mind what I refer to as the four keys. The first is a classic zone of fat distribution with the rest of the body in relatively good shape. This is the one we have already talked about. The other important criteria are that the skin tone should be acceptable, that the patient should be in good health without significant medical problems, and that the patients expectations should be realistic relative to what contemporary liposuction techniques can offer.

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Will Exercise Help Skin Tone

I am always the biggest fan of exercise, but if the skin tone has really been harmed, exercise alone wont do it. Of course, I will still encourage patients to exercise because of all the other benefits, including tightening of the deeper support structures, which can be beneficial in body contour with or without surgery.

Ultrasonic Liposuction And Vaser Lipoplasty

Just when everything seemed to be standardized with lipoplasty techniques, along came an Italian plastic surgeon named Dr. Zocchi. He was experimenting with the effects of ultrasound on different body structures when he discovered that certain frequencies of ultrasound were very good at breaking apart fat cells while leaving other structures unharmed. He realized that this might make ultrasound a useful technology for liposuction, and he developed a technique that harnessed ultrasounds possibilities. As with any potentially disruptive technology, there was a mixed reaction among plastic surgeons when Dr. Zocchi began to present his work at American meetings. It seems that when something new comes along, plastic surgeons tend to divide themselves into three groups: the fat and happy, the intellectually curious, and the eager early adapters.

The net effect of this process was that ultrasonic liposuction was introduced in a highly structured way to board-certified plastic surgeons. Some chose to adopt the technology others did not. There tended to be relatively few complications, because the surgeons who chose to use the new technology of ultrasonic lipoplasty were experienced and properly credentialed. To this day, there are surgeons who prefer classical liposuction because of its simplicity and those who feel that various forms of ultrasonic liposuction impart an advantage, especially in certain zones.

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Internationally Trained Toronto Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeons

The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute is one of Torontos leading plastic surgery centres with a team of surgeons carefully selected for standing out in their respective specializations. Achieving and fulfilling the requisite professional certifications as a basis, the team has decades of experience perfecting their work in the cosmetic surgery industry.

How Do You Select A Doctor To Perform Liposuction

Liposuction Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery | Richmond

I would certainly recommend that anyone considering liposuction surgery should check the doctors educational credentials very carefully. If that doctor doesnt have a strong background in surgery and surgical physiology, then you might want to think seriously about looking elsewhere. The reason for this is simple: These doctors may not even be aware of the potential for danger and so blunder into situations that a more knowledgeable physician would avoid. Look for doctors who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, since they have gone through many years of advanced training. Ask about a doctors hospital admitting privileges. After you have lived in an area for a while, you have a general sense of which are the better hospitalsand even doctors who perform surgery in their offices must maintain hospital affiliations.

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What Is The Explanation For The Difference Between These Different Techniques Of Lipolysis

It is fairly easy to explain the difference when we are contrasting classical liposuction with a laser liposuction technique, such as SmartLipo® and SlimLipo®. With classical liposuction, fat is simply pulled into the end of the tube with suction and broken off with the cutting edge of the holes in the tube. This process is relatively traumatic and nonselective, so that a certain number of nerves and blood vessels are traumatized as well. This hurts. With laser lipolysis, the fat is melted by the application of a selective wavelength of laser energy, so there is less collateral damage. Dr. Cook cant offer scientific proof that this is the reason for the difference, but it seems a good common sense explanation.

A Brief History Of Liposuction Techniques

If you had zones of excess fat before the 1970s, your only option was surgery that involved long incisions and direct removal of the excess fat. The only areas where this worked half decently were the abdomen and the breast . In other areas, the scars were a bad trade off, and it was hard to remove the fat in a manner that left a pleasing contour.

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Liposuction Questions And Answers With Dr John Q Cook

According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Why do you think this is the case?

Could you describe for me your ideal patient?

An ideal liposuction candidate would be someone who exercises regularly, is careful about diet, and has not experienced major weight fluctuations. They are close to their ideal body weight. Despite these measures, they have certain zones of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise, and the skin tone in these areas is excellent. Their goal is to improve the visual harmony of the body, as well as to improve the fit of clothes across certain zones of the body. Of course, the person should be in excellent health.

Obviously, someone who falls into this ideal category is likely to get an ideal result. I dont mean to imply that I dont operate on anyone outside of this category, but it is just that as we move further away from this ideal, clear and accurate communication between the doctor and patients becomes very important to achieve the best possible liposuction results.

Is there an age limit for liposuction surgery?

What happens if you perform liposuction outside of these areas?

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You Mentioned That Liposuction Has Gone Through A Process Of Technical Refinement Could You Describe This A Little More For Me


I have very much enjoyed witnessing and participating in the evolution of body contouring surgery. When liposuction was introduced to this country in the mid 80s, it was relatively crude. Nonetheless, it represented a significant advance over the only other option that was available at the time. Previous body contouring surgery techniques resulted in very long scars in common locations, and this was unacceptable for most people in the United States. The great advance in liposuction came when doctors realized that fat could be extracted through relatively small incisions, using long hollow tubes called cannulas. The first liposuctions resulted in significant bleeding and bruising, and the amount of fat that could be removed safely in a single session was quite limited. There were also problems with the finished details of the work, since the initial cannulas used for liposuction were very large and tended to produce irregularities. We then entered into a refinement phase, as people began to design the cannulas smaller and with different tip configurations, so that there was more finesse in the liposuction procedure.

I have continued to advance my technique of liposuction as new technologies become available. I now make frequent use of techniques that employ laser and radiofrequency energy.

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