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Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost 2021

What Is Recovery From Eyelid Surgery Like

Oculoplastics: Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery, Botox, and Fillers

The recovery from the eyelid lift is very fast in most patients. Oral pain medicine is usually taken for several days and the discomfort is easily controlled with that regimen. There is usually only one suture in the upper eyelid, which is removed in about five days. In most patients there are not any sutures in the lower eyelids. Swelling and bruising usually resolves in about one week in most patients. The recovery period for blepharoplasty is about five to seven days. It is possible to perform daily living activities the day after an eyelid lift.

Can I Watch Tv After Eyelid Surgery

Its important to rest your eyes in the days following eyelid surgery. Post-op, your eyes will get tired easily and your eyelid may feel sore and tight. Your eye might tear up easily, be overly dry, sticky, itchy, or light sensitive. Rather than reading, using your Smartphone or tablet, doing computer work, or watching TV during the first days of your recovery, opt for activities that dont use the eyes so heavily. The majority of patients are able to watch TV again after a few days. Remember to get enough sleep as being well rested will help you recover more quickly.

How Long Will My Eyelid Surgery Results Last

Although no cosmetic surgery can completely stop the aging process, blepharoplasty can restore a more youthful look that lasts many many years. You can help to maintain your results by practicing good sun protection habits and adopting a skincare regimen. You can also use minimally invasive procedures such as laser treatments, fat grafting, and injectables in the years following your eyelid surgery to make your rejuvenation last as long as possible.

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What Is Eyelid Surgery Recovery Like

Many patients are able to return to their normal daily activities within 10 days however, this will depend on each patients unique rate of healing and Dr. Zollmans recommendations in each case. After blepharoplasty, minor side effects such as light sensitivity, dry eyes, and inflammation in the treatment areas are common and should subside in one to two weeks. Some temporary swelling and bruising in the eyelid regions can also be expected during this time. Cold compresses can often be very helpful for these effects, and pain medication can control discomfort. Dr. Zollman recommends that patients keep their head at an elevated level whenever possible for several days after the procedure. He also advises patients to refrain from wearing contact lenses or eye makeup for at least two weeks, and to avoid strenuous exercise for a minimum of three weeks.

How Do You Sleep After A Blepharoplasty

Lower Eyelid Cosmetic Blepharoplasty Using The CO2 Laser » Eyelid ...

It is very important that you keep your head elevated for at least two weeks following your blepharoplasty surgery. You can accomplish this easily by sleeping in a recliner at 45 degrees, or sleeping in bed with a foam wedge or 2-3 pillows beneath your head. Always avoid rolling onto the side of your face by sleeping on your back with the help of an airline pillow or the popular husband pillow which boasts supports under the arms for added comfort.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery

Droopy skin covering upper eyelids and puffiness under the eyes are two common problems that can be solved with blepharoplasty. People with puffy eyes and those whose eyes look tired with sagging skin are often good candidates for this procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. Konstantin thoroughly evaluates your eye area to determine whether you are a good candidate for surgery on your upper, lower, or both sets of eyelids.

Your Recovery & Results

Blepharoplasty has a relatively speedy recovery. Well send you home after a few hours, with pain medication to help manage any discomfort that arises. Typically, pain largely dissipates by the end of the third day of recovery. You may experience mild or moderate swelling for about a week.

To help you plan ahead, heres a timeline for getting back to your normal routine:

  • Day 2 You may take a shower, but be gentle.
  • Day 3 You may apply makeup to cover up any swelling or bruising.
  • Day 4 You will have some sutures removed during a follow-up appointment.
  • Day 5 You may return to work at this point.
  • Day 7 to 10 We will schedule a second follow-up appointment to remove the remaining sutures.

After that first week, your appearance will continue to improve as swelling and bruising subside. Every patient heals somewhat differently, but the final result should be evident within 3 to 6 months. Patients typically look more energetic and youthful, with natural-looking results that last for years to come.

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Blepharoplasty Cost And Insurance Coverage

Whether or not your insurance company will pay for your surgery depends on the reason a patient is undergoing the surgery and will depend on the specific policy you have. Many patients undergo eyelid surgery for purely aesthetic reasons as they feel insecure over the appearance of their eyelids or under-eye areas. However, there are some instances where patients are recommended to undergo the surgery for medical reasons. In these instances, patients may qualify for coverage from their insurance provider and contact them to see if they qualify for funding under their policy.

The main medical reason insurance providers may consider funding the surgery is if excess skin on the eyelid impairs a patients vision. Having significant skin on the eyelids can cause the eyelid to droop downwards and reduce a patients ability to see. It is natural for the eyelids to droop more as we age since the eyelids will stretch and the muscles around the eye will weaken which will result in them sagging. Additionally, excess fat can be gained around the eyes which will make the skin droop or sag more. For many patients, this merely causes aesthetic concerns as their eyes can appear smaller and look older. However, for other patients, their ability to see can actually be reduced as their peripheral vision is affected.

Factors Affecting The Cost

What is the cost of blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery in Denver?

Cost of eyelid surgery will vary due to several factors that may impact the overall cost of the procedure.

Geographical Factors

The cost of blepharoplasty in Atlanta, GA may be different from the cost of the same procedure in Cleveland, OH or another region. The cost of living can vary in different places, which will impact the average cost of most products and services, including the services offered by a cosmetic surgeon.

Surgeons Fee

The fee charged by the surgeon for blepharoplasty procedure will form a significant component of the overall cost of the procedure. In most cases, the fees of the plastic surgeon will depend on his or her skills, experience and reputation with regard to blepharoplasty procedure.

Surgical Facility and Anesthesia Costs

If the procedure is performed at a state of the art operating room facility with the latest technologies and experienced support staff, the cost may be different than that of an average facility. Eyelid surgery may be performed under general anesthesia, and the cost of the anesthesia team should also be considered in the overall costs.

Other Expenses

Other costs related to eyelid surgery may include the costs of medical tests, prescription drugs, and post-operative visits to the surgeons office. All these minor costs may add up to a substantial amount together, and should be considered when making a cost estimate.

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Will Insurance Pay For Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is typically not covered by insurance.

Surgery to correct drooping upper eyelid skin that affects your vision is often covered by insurance, if you have documentation from an oculoplastic surgeon or ophthalmologist that its medically necessary.

Ptosis surgery involves repositioning the underlying muscles to lift the upper eyelid, so that it rests higher up on the surface of the eye. It can be performed at the same time as cosmetic eyelid surgery.

If youre a candidate for both procedures, it will cost less to combine the surgeries into a single session, especially if your insurance offsets much of the cost.

Average Cost Of Blepharoplasty

The cost of lower eyelid surgery is usually a little higher than the cost of upper eyelid surgery. If both upper and lower eyelid surgeries are performed together, the procedure may be more cost-effective. Average cost of upper blepharoplasty may range from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on various factors, while the average cost of lower blepharoplasty may range between $4,000 and $6,000.

The cost of the combined procedure may be around $6,000 to $8,000. However, this cost will vary from one practice to another, and may even vary from one patient to another at the same practice. If the procedure is combined with another surgery such as brow lift, the cost will increase.

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Procedure For Lower Eye Lid

Several surgical approaches exist for lower eyelid surgery. The approach usually depends on your goals for your undereye area and your anatomy.

Prior to the procedure, a surgeon will mark your eyelids. This will help the surgeon know where to make incisions. Theyll usually have you sit up so they can see your eye bags better.

The procedure may be performed under general or local anesthesia. General anesthesia is when a patient is completely asleep and unaware of what is happening during the procedure. Local anesthesia allows a patient to be awake, but the eye area has been numbed so they dont feel what the surgeon is doing.

If youre having multiple procedures, a doctor will likely recommend general anesthesia. If youre having just lower eyelid surgery, a doctor may recommend local anesthesia. A benefit of this is that a doctor can test eye muscle movements to reduce the risks for this side effect.

While the incision sites may vary, a doctor will make cuts into the lower eyelid. Your doctor will then remove excess skin and fat and suture or sew the skin back together to create a smoother, lifted appearance.

Your doctor may also recommend fat grafting or injecting fat to hollow areas under the eyes to give them a fuller appearance.

  • wounds that wont heal well

How The Eyelids Age

cat eye surgery cost

Beautiful, youthful eyes are one of the most attractive features of our faces, and rightfully so. They deserve a great deal of attention! Over time, our eyes tend to lose their radiance and begin to look aged. The delicate skin around the eyes lacks the support of underlying fat and is quite susceptible to aging changes, easily stretching and developing bags and wrinkles. All this can obscure the eyes innate beauty and make them look dull and tired.

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How Much Does Blepharoplasty Cost In Atlanta

At Y Plastic Surgery, blepharoplasty starts at $3,000 for the upper eyelids only. For the lower eyelids only, the starting cost is $4,400. The starting cost is $6,000 for patients who choose to combine upper and lower eyelid surgery. Learn more about whats included in the cost of an eyelid surgery and other procedures on our Pricing page.

What Is Eyelid Surgery And What Are The Benefits

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that can trim excess or sagging eyelid skin, and eliminate puffy under eye bags. It is often performed purely for cosmetic purposes in some cases, its performed to help restore vision that has been obstructed due to excessively sagging eyelid skin. In many cases, the surgeon may also recommend a browlift as the eyebrow position can play a major role in upper eyelid sagging skin.

Eyelid surgery is more typically performed on patients who are 35 and older who have noticed the effects of waning collagen production, gravity, and age. For many people, sagging eyelid skin and the development of under eye bags are some of the first major signs of age. These age-related changes can make you look tired and years older than you are, even if you feel great.

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper eyelid or lower eyelid alone, but both regions are usually addressed at the same time. We often add eyelid surgery to a larger facial rejuvenation plan. Many of our patients choose to have an eye lift in conjunction with a facelift or forehead lift. Dermal fillers and laser skincare treatments can also be added to an eyelid surgery treatment plan to help maximize the results.

Blepharoplasty offers the following benefits:

  • Produces refreshed-looking eyelids
  • Eliminates excess eyelid skin and under eye bags
  • Creates a well-defined eyelid contour

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Can Blepharoplasty Change The Shape Of Your Eyes

While a blepharoplasty certainly can change the shape of the eye if desired, such a procedure must be conducted with great care and precision. Usually the goal is not to change the shape of the eye, but rather, to rejuvenate the area. The main goal of upper eyelid surgery is to remove any excess skin along with the small amount of fat contributing to the drooping, hooded look. Similarly, the goal of lower eyelid surgery is to carefully remove a portion from the fatty compartments contributing to puffiness.

How Should I Prepare For Eyelid Surgery

What is the average cost of an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)?

Your surgeon and his team will give you detailed instructions to follow before your eyelid surgery. These will include avoiding certain medications that encourage bleeding and bruising, stopping smoking weeks before surgery, and preparing your home for your recovery. Its usually good to make sure you take care of any errands in the days before your procedure and pick up prescriptions. We will provide you with specific details about what to wear on the day of your procedure and when to stop eating and drinking the day before.TLKM Plastic Surgery

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Is An Eyelid Lift Without Surgery Possible

Unfortunately, there is no non-surgical equivalent to blepharoplasty however, certain aesthetic concerns in the eye region can often be addressed without the need for surgery. A non-surgical approach cannot eliminate the excess skin and fat responsible for causing a tired appearance, but treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and XEOMIN® are capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and between the eyebrows, for a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Ultimately, though, if fat deposits or sagging skin are present above and/or below the eyes, there is no alternative that can yield the same type of results that eyelid surgery offers.

Are You Eligible For Eye Lift Surgery

Not everybody is eligible for eye lift surgery Houston procedure. However, people who want to get rid of their puffy upper eyelids, under-eye bags, as well as excess fat and skin in their eyelids may consult their doctor for eye lift surgery. The eye lift surgery will help to correct vision and refresh the appearance of the face.

Nevertheless, patients with certain medical or ophthalmic conditions may not be eligible for this surgery process. To learn more about who can be eligible for eye lift surgery Houston procedure as well as pre-operative instructions for the procedure, consult any of our qualified cosmetic surgeons.

Generally, eligible candidates for eye lift surgery Houston procedure include those people with:

  • Excess fat and skin in their upper eyelid skin: cosmetic surgeons can get rid of this excess skin and fat and tighten the eyelid skin through eye lift surgery.
  • Puffy upper eyelids or under-eye bags.
  • Tired and older-looking eyes. If you have a face that looks more tired or older than you really are, you need eye lift surgery.

However, these eligible candidates must:

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Can Droopy Eyelids Affect Your Vision

Not only can droopy eyelids make you appear sad or tired, but they can also interfere with your eyesight if they droop too low. The two conditions which cause this are dermatochalasis and ptosis. Dermatochalasis is typically linked to aging and loss of skin elasticity, and presents as excessive eyelid skin. An advanced case can limit your field of vision, as well as cause puffiness or swelling. Ptosis on the other hand is usually caused by muscle weakness. When the levator muscle in the eyelid is not working properly, the lid begins to droop, impairing vision. It can occur at birth or as the result of aging. If you find yourself repeatedly raising your eyebrows in an effort to lift your eyelids, you may have ptosis.

Will Insurance Cover My Eyelid Lift Surgery

Eyelid Surgery: What to Expect with Blepharoplasty

Occasionally, some functional surgeries may be covered by your insurance. For example, if you have a severely low-hanging upper lid that is obstructing your vision and affecting your day-to-day activities like driving, insurance may pay for all of your surgery. In most cases, patients should expect to pay out-of-pocket for their blepharoplasty when done solely for cosmetic reasons.

Stein Plastic Surgery offers several options when it comes to patient financing for aesthetic procedures. Our patient care coordinator will work with you to explore your financing options.

Dr. Stein and his staff are the best. Everyone is friendly and very professional and the facilities are clean and impeccably maintained. I could not have asked for a better experience and the results of my blepharoplasty are excellent. Several people have told me I look younger but they cant quite put their finger on why, which is exactly what I wanted from plastic surgery namely a better and more youthful appearance without looking like a Hollywood freak. Follow-up and aftercare services were also equally excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stein to anyone wanting to improve their appearance, especially since many consider him to be the best and at the top of his profession !

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