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New Life Plastic Surgery Death 2020

Woman Dies During Surgical Procedure At Miami Plastic Surgery Clinic

Woman dies after cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic

May 10, 2019 / 11:00 PM / CBS Miami

MIAMI – A 28-year-old woman died during a cosmetic surgical procedure Friday morning at a Miami plastic surgery clinic.

Danea Plasencia died after undergoing a ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ at MIA Aesthetics, located in the 9300 block of Southwest 72nd Street.

Miami-Dade police are currently investigating what went wrong during the procedure.

Police said they tried CPR and then transported Plasencia to Baptist Hospital, where she died.

Plasencia’s family said she went into cardiac arrest during the procedure.

The family also said the doctor said she was being moved from one table to another when she turned blue.

“My wife told me Danea has the intention to have this type of surgery I said no please I don’t want to even hear about it,” said Ferez.

“She was a mom, she was a daughter, she was just full of life. Happy, vibrant, beautiful, beautiful and it was very unnecessary,” said Plasencia’s cousin, who did not want to be named.

The victim’s family said they want other women to avoid these procedures and to educate themselves.

MIA Aesthetics released a statement about the incident:

“We are deeply saddened to share that an incident occurred at our Miami clinic today resulting in the tragic loss of one of our patients during a surgical procedure. Our condolences, love and support go out to her family during this difficult time.

First published on May 10, 2019 / 11:00 PM

How To Minimize The Risks Of A Bbl

According to all of the surgeons we spoke with, patient education is key. More specifically, make sure you choose a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, well-trained, and experienced in the procedure. Just like you would never have a cardiac bypass performed by a surgeon who has never done one, you shouldnt just go to anyone who is offering a BBL, cautions Dr. Earle. Also keep in mind that board certified can mean different things depending on context a dermatologist can be board certified by the American Board of Dermatology, for example, but that doesnt necessarily mean theyre qualified to perform cosmetic surgeryso its worth being meticulous in your research.

At your consultation, ask your doctor if they use ultrasound guidance , and find out how many BBLs they typically perform daily and have performed throughout their career . You can even ask what type of complications theyve experienced and if theyve ever lost a patient, says Dr. Williams. Its also smart to use the Federation of State Medical Boards site to learn more about your doctor, including where theyre licensed and whether there are any complaints or actions against them.

What Are Some Other Potential Side Effects Of A Bbl

According to Dr. Williams, The rest of the complications associated with a Brazilian butt lift procedure are typically mild and manageable. From a medical standpoint, infection is possible, which is why its important that the procedure is performed in a hospital or accredited facility where the providers are well-trained and follow appropriate steps to maintain sterility, he notes. Other issues tend to be more cosmetic you may have seen an example of a botched BBL where either theres not enough fat taken out or added in, or there are some type of contour irregularities, like butt cheeks that are different sizes or lumps and divots along the buttocks, Dr. Williams adds. These, too, are more common with inexperienced or otherwise unqualified surgeons, he says.

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Bbl Safetywhere Are We Now

Plastic surgeons often chalk the BBLs struggles up to growing pains. Most procedures, when they first come out, have a little bit of a bell curve, where people do really well, and then because the masses are starting to do it, complications go up, explains Dr. Mendieta. He adds that when abdominoplasty first became popular, it too had a 1 in 3,000 mortality rate. And, for a time, liposuctions death rate hovered around 1 in 5,000. But with intensive research comes a firmer grasp on anatomy plus enhancements in buttock lift techniqueultimately leading to a healthier safety profile. The BBL has been going through the same unfortunate learning curve, Dr. Mendieta says, but its starting to get a lot safer.

In the summer of 2019, the Florida Board of Medicine issued the first rule in the nation to regulate the BBL, stating that any doctor who injects into the muscle can lose their medical license, says Dr. Pazmiño. Its been a serious wake-up call to surgeons in Floridaa state responsible for 60% to 70% of all BBLs performed in the U.S., per Dr. Mendietas estimate.

In more measurable data, a study published in PRS in 2019the results of a survey sent to 5,655 board-certified plastic surgeons in Brazilestimated the BBL mortality rate to be around 1 in 20,117, noting that the risk of death was 16 times greater when fat was injected intramuscularly.

Interested in Brazilian butt lift?

The Most Dangerous Surgery

Certificate Flaunted By Dr Anu Allegedly Fake As She Stands Trial for ...

Arelys González says that she went with her daughter to the first appointment in ‘New Life Surgery’. They arrived there because a friend of the family had operated there and everything had gone well. Remember that they were treated kindly, they were quickly given details of the procedure, and they even offered a promotion so that the mother would also be operated.

“They made her sign some papers, but they never asked her if she spoke English, and they never told her about the risks,” says González, who acknowledges that neither she nor her daughter conducted an exhaustive search of the doctor, the center or the type of operation.

The popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift or lifting of the buttocks by fat transfer has skyrocketed in recent years. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons , between 2012 and 2017 the number of procedures across the country increased by 135%.

This association has also warned about the dangers of this procedure, which they consider 20 times more risk than any other cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Pat Pazmiño, president of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Miami, assures that these women die for a specific technique that they have identified, and that some continue to practice right and left, especially in Florida.

“There is a more dangerous surgery than all the others, the Brazilian Butt Lift, and here in Miami more people have died than in any other part of the country,” Pazmiño explains.

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Life Is Full Of Risks

Ms. Dayyani wasnt worried about dying. She trusted Dr. Hsu, who said he has done about 2,000 BBLs over the seven years and has a year and a half long wait list. Plus, she didnt have any underlying health conditions.

She took a more philosophical approach: It was like, every time you get on an airplane you get a little bit nervous and theres a little bit of a risk, but you do it anyway, she reasoned.

She was more concerned with surviving the surgery with a botched behind. Ms. Dayyani plans to become a lawyer, and worried that she might not be taken as seriously with an outsize backside. Eventually I want to be standing in front of a judge, she said. I dont want to have crazy features. I just wanted to look like I hit the gym an extra bunch.

Dr. Hsu assured her he would be conservative he didnt want her to look like a caricature, either.

The surgery lasted about three hours, after which she felt like she had been churned in a Nutribullet. Her butt resembled a swollen beach ball, which freaked her out. But Dr. Hsu assured her that it would shrink with time only about 70 percent of the fat stays in the body.

She also had to get lymphatic massages for a week after the procedure to drain extra liquid in the body. This hurt. She was unable to sit or lie on her back for the first few weeks. To sleep, Ms. Dayyani cut a hole in a lawn chair that her posterior could fit into, while also keeping her breasts lifted.

Eight Women Died After Procedures At Miami Docs Plastic Surgery Clinics: Report



A group of Miami plastic surgery clinics called Jolie Plastic Surgery lost eight patients in a spate of unprecedented casualties over the past six years, an investigation by USA Today found. Together, the facilities account for about 1 of every 5 plastic surgery deaths in the state of Florida, according to the report. The doctor in charge of the clinics, Ismael Labrador, has remained despite numerous preventable deaths. Labradors business is just one of more than a dozen high-volume plastic surgery clinics that have transformed Florida into a national destination for discounted cosmetic procedures. At Labradors clinic, unqualified doctors operate on as many as eight patients a day, the investigation found. Many of the fatalities were not the result of unavoidable surgical complications, but of serious mistakes, the report says. Four women died after their doctors mistakenly injected fat deep in their muscles during a popular surgery known as the Brazilian butt lift, records and interviews show. The procedure tore their veins, pooling blood in their hearts and lungs, and killing them in minutes, USA Today reports.

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Kidney Failure And Shock

The fatal surgery at Seduction drew the attention of the Florida health department. State agents reviewed the operation, and the medical examiner investigated the death.

But what caught Crystal Calls eye was the company’s elegant website and its promises of life-changing surgery at low prices.

Rayner Aguiar, 36, took over the center in Aventura after he was convicted of falsifying paperwork to inflate the value of a home in 2008. The clinic is one of four run by Seduction, where Aguiars wife, Gretel Jardon, is president of the family business.

Aguiar did not respond to interview requests. Jardon would say only that clinics run by doctors are more dangerous but offered no proof.

“It was crazy to see the amount of people coming out in one day,” she said.

Then Call said she learned from her doctor that she would be among 11 surgeries the next day. But “he said, ‘Don’t worry. You’re the first one in,’ ” she recalled.

With her mother outside in the waiting room, Call went into surgery at about 9 a.m. Hours later, Calls mother got worried.

“I’m waiting and waiting,” Maria Basham said.

“They had a lock on the door in the recovery ,” she said.

Basham remembers dialing 911 and then being allowed into a back room, where she found Call in a bed, pale and unresponsive. A former nursing student, she said she was stunned to see her daughter’s blood pressure had plummeted.

“In an hour, she would have been dead,” she said.

Its ruined my life right now, she said.

Plastic Surgery Patient Care

Fatal cosmetic surgery: the deadly downside of cheap overseas procedures | 7NEWS Spotlight

Home to eminent hospitality experts, Miami is a highly popular go-to spot for many plastic surgery clients. This culture of excitement, upbeat-ness, and warmth is radiated at New Life Plastic Surgery. Our center receives frequent visits from all over the world due to our excellent high-end plastic and cosmetic procedures. Some of these include complex surgeries like:

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Packed Waiting Rooms Busy Surgical Suites

At Strax Rejuvenation near Fort Lauderdale, surgeries turned deadly nearly every year.

A 64-year-old woman was given lethal doses of opioids by her doctor during a face lift in 2008, a state malpractice probe found. Another woman died three years later after a neck lift during which her doctor gave her a dangerous mix of sedatives and then failed to monitor her, state investigators reported.

Eight deaths in eight years, according to autopsy and state records. None of them made a difference.

Florida legislators passed laws decades ago that allowed the state to discipline doctors who owned clinics and practiced there. They never envisioned that private investors would jump into the industry, too.

There is a gap. No one anticipated that non-physicians would take over clinics and be largely immune to these good laws.

That loophole means people without medical degrees can own clinics that break state laws with little chance of being shut down, even if they leave patients dead.

“There is a gap,” said Christopher Nuland, a health care lawyer who helped write the first legislation in 2000. “No one anticipated that non-physicians would take over clinics and be largely immune to these good laws.”

In the end, the operators who benefited most from the discount clinics faced no repercussions.

One of those clinics was Strax, which opened in 2004 and became the first of the large, high-volume clinics that can create unique risks for patients.

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As to Masons claim that he performed the wrong surgery, Omulepu flatly denied the allegation, saying he would never do a procedure without the patients consent. “That’s assault and battery,” he said.

He said Mason initially signed up for a butt lift, but when he examined her, he determined she was not a good candidate, and they agreed she would get a tummy tuck instead, his surgery records show.

At the urging of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons, Sobel stepped forward with yet another bill in 2016, asking lawmakers to require background checks on owners. This time the bill was especially harsh on felony offenders: They would be automatically banned.

That proposal not only failed to draw a House sponsor, but it died in Sobels own health committee.

Over-regulation, they tell people, she said. “They use that as an excuse even when people die.”

Ultimately, the medical board revoked Omulepus license in 2017 over the cases of the punctured organs. He fought the charges in a state appeals court and temporarily won back the right to practice.

He returned to work and five weeks later performed the surgery at Seduction that led to the patients death by fat embolism. He lost his license again and is no longer practicing.

Help us investigate cosmetic surgery safety issues

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What Is A Bbl Exactly

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that changes the size and shape of a persons butt using their own fat from other areas of the body. Fat cells are removed via liposuction from the abdomen, hips, thighs, or lower back, George Bitar, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Washington, DC, tells SELF. The extracted fat is then purified and strategically injected into specific parts of the derriere to help patients achieve their desired size and shape.

Contouring the body in this way makes a BBL a very impactful procedure that can transform someones shape in ways that simply arent possible with butt exercises alone, Alex Earle, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami and president of the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons, tells SELF.

Iguana Invaders May Be Adapting To Rare Cold Temps In South Florida

Human Ken Doll went to Iran for another plastic surgery

Studies have shown women can die or be injured if the doctors tools are injected too deep in the body.

The NBC 6 Investigators have reported on the deaths of more than a dozen women who died after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. The surgeries were done by different doctors at different clinics.

At least a half dozen others have been hospitalized with life-threatening complications.

A series of NBC 6 investigations helped lead to a new law in Florida that goes into effect next year aimed at making plastic surgery safer. It will allow the state to immediately suspend a doctor’s license in the case of serious injury or death.

Also, the Florida Medical Board passed an emergency rule prohibiting doctors from injecting fat too deep under the surface of a patient’s skin, into the muscle. That rule went into effect July 27, after Dawn Bumphus’ surgery.

“This is not a complication, this is a procedure gone wrong,” she said.

Her daughter remains in the hospital fighting for her life.

“We still don’t know if she’s going to make it or not, but I am praying that she makes it, that’s my baby,” she said.

New Life Plastic Surgery wouldn’t discuss details of the case but sent a statement that they are cooperating with the patient and her family. They went on to say they’re monitoring Dawn’s progress and “conducting its own internal assessment of the surrounding facts and circumstances.”

Dr. Intsiful didn’t respond to our multiple requests for comment.

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Mother Dies After Being Sent To Surgical Recovery Center Following Brazilian Butt Lift

A 32-year-old mother of two children who received cosmetic surgery died after she was sent to a Florida recovery home in August.

Rachelle Demosthenes and Jeanine Ellis traveled from New Jersey to Miami to receive procedures including Lip 360 and a Brazilian butt lift, WPLG-TV, a Miami-based television news station, first reported Monday.

The clinic where the two friends had their surgeries recommended that they stay at a recovery home, which would have medical staff, including a nurse, for the first 24 hours after the operation.

Demosthenes arrived at the recovery house on Southwest 31st Avenue near 2nd Street earlier that morning after receiving her surgery and called her friend, WPLG reported.

“She just started screaming and she just was telling me that she was in so much pain,” Ellis recalled. “She said ‘I’m in pain. but they just gave me two pills.'”

Ellis told WPLG that when they picked her up after the surgery, “they put you in the back of a van and they just lay some like, tarp or something down and you just swooped off to this recovery house.”

When Ellis arrived at the house, she and Demosthenes decided to rest.

When Ellis woke up hours later, however, Demosthenes was screaming surrounded by people while she was reportedly going in and out of consciousness and bleeding.

“So as I’m looking at my friend, I just see all this blood,” Ellis said.

Ellis remembered her friend as a “beautiful person.”

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