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Nova Plastic Surgery And Dermatology

Jenn Lewis Practice Manager

NOVA Plastic Surgery AND Dermatology

Jenn is a native of Northern Virginia. She went to George Mason where she earned a B.A. in Psychology in 2006. She is also a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, assisting Dr. Nukta and Dr. Zahir in many different in-office procedures. As the Practice Manager, Jenn works with patients from their initial contact with the practice and follows them closely throughout their care. When you are interested in a cosmetic or surgical procedure, Jenn will be delighted to work with you to ensure the process is an enjoyable and stress-free experience for you. She also handles the billing for the practice and is here to help you with any questions you may have.

Jenn is a valuable resource with her knowledge of the various procedures performed by Dr. Nukta and Dr. Zahir and what you should expect before and after surgery.

Her favorite part of her job is working with the patients and serving as a compassionate resource throughout the patients care.

Jenn is eager to assist you in any way necessary to make your experience with our office as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The Derosa Center For Facial Plastic Surgery And Med Spa

With a boutique perspective, our team at the the DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics proudly provides individualized care to all who enter our Newbury Street location located in the Back Bay, Boston. Led by female plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, double board certified doctor, specializes in all aspects of facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, laser hair removal, mini facelifts, eyelid lifts, browlifts, and an array of other specialized facial procedures. Dr.DeRosa takes a “listen first” consultation approach. She understands the challenges women face, and works with her patients to create a plan that works for their individual goals. To give all patients comprehensive services, our team also includes a Harvard-trained board certified anesthesiologist physician, a nurse practitioner, aesthetic nurse, and an expert aesthetician to help you meet your aesthetic and skin care goals.

“Great care with attention to detail.”




What Is Recovery Like After A Mommy Makeover


In general, patients should expect the initial recovery period and time off work to last between two and six weeks. After that, it may be an additional two to six weeks before your surgeon clears you for vigorous exercise.


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Transform Your Look At Nova Clinic

Transform the look and shape of your body with our unparalleled services. The Nova Clinic is proud to be ranked among the best clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery in Dubai. We are focused and dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients and providing them with the results that they always wanted. The use of state-of-the-art equipment, comprehensively tested treatment methods, and services of the most experienced and celebrated cosmetic surgeons, headed by Dr Jaffar Khan, the best plastic surgeon in Dubai are some of the most sought-after features that set us apart from other cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai.

For those who arent satisfied with the shape of their body or how their skin is, we have got perfect solutions for them. With our flawless services, you can have the skin you always wanted to flaunt and the body you could only imagine in your dreams. Whether it is ear surgery, rhinoplasty, buttock augmentation or breast augmentation surgery, the Nova Clinic by Aesthetics is your ultimate option. Our main aim is to provide our clients with an experience that is nothing short of exemplary. We go above and beyond the set standards to improve their appearance so that they can exude confidence and panache with their amazing persona.

Reviews From Our Patients

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Northern VA

I am 5 weeks post surgery and along with the professionalism and warm interaction I have received from the NOVA Plastic Surgery staff, Dr. Nuktas work is absolutely spectacular. I could not be more happy with the results.

Im so glad I found this place instead. Dr. Zahir was very knowledgeable during the consultation and quick and comforting during the procedure.

Throughout numerous surgeries and office visits, Dr. Nukta and Jenn have provided us not only with the very best medical care, but with a level of caring and compassion that we have never experienced with any other medical provider.

I am most satisfied with all the great care I received from Dr. Nutka and his fantastic staff. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

Dr. Zahir confident and knowledgeable. He was an excellent surgeon and made me feel comfortable right away. They took great care of me at every visit and explained everything thoroughly.

All my friends compliment me and tell me how natural they look and always say what a great job the surgeon did. I have been recommending Dr. Nukta to all of my friends, and I highly recommend him to anybody considering breast augmentation!

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What If You Could Revitalize Your Body From The Inside Out With A 30 Minute Minimally Invasive Treatment

We are bombarded with the latest and greatest fad diets and meal plans to look and feel our best but often the basics are overlooked. Vitamins and minerals are essential for our bodies to function at their optimal level. The fastest way to get vitamins and minerals in the body is with IV Therapy. It is a treatment that will infuse your body with those essential vitamins and minerals to allow you to reach your peak

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Andrea Scaggs Master Aesthetician

Andrea is a Master Aesthetician, who graduated from the prestigious school, Yvonne De Vilar in Vienna.

She has worked in some of the top spas and dermatology offices in the area. With 14 years of experience, Andrea takes pride in educating her patients about how to achieve and maintain their skin care goals. She truly enjoys helping people through thoughtful consultations and treatment plans. Andrea performs many advanced treatments including Microneedling, BBL, Laser Hair Removal, HydraFacial, Chemical Peels and many more.

When Andrea is not working her skincare magic, she enjoys spending time with her son, Anthony.

Frequently Asked Questions :

MicroNeedling for Stretch Marks & Scars
  • Where is NOVA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology?
  • Want to book a hotel in Virginia?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of NOVA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology?

    You can try to dialing this number: +17035742588 – or find more information on their website:

  • What is the opening hours of NOVA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology?

    Monday: 08:00 – 20:00

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Southeast Georgia’s Preferred Plastic Surgery

Renue Plastic Surgery is committed to providing excellent patient care with a personal touch. In addition to our 6 conveniently located offices, we have 2 state-of-the-art, private, fully accredited plastic surgery centers located in Brunswick and Waycross.

At Renue Plastic Surgery, we combine exceptional patient care and privacy with the surgical expertise of our highly-trained and experienced surgeons. Our warm, caring and professional staff and surgeons treat every patient like a VIP. We offer a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive services including both surgical and non-surgical options.

We are there when you need us most. Our surgeons are also available for emergency situations that require same day plastic surgery such as burns, lacerations, dog bites, hand injuries, facial fractures, and other injuries.

To schedule a complimentary cosmetic surgery consultation with one of our skilled and experienced plastic surgeons, call or email your request using the Schedule a Consultation button above.

A Wide Range Of Services

At Nova Clinic, we offer a wide range of services non-invasive treatments along with cosmetic and plastic surgery Dubai procedures that can help to improve your look. These services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for surgical treatments or non-surgical options, just visit us and our experienced specialist will guide you to select the best options from the range of treatments we offer. Some of the popular surgical treatments we offer include eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, etc.

These services have made us one of the most renowned clinics for cosmetic surgery Dubai is home to. Apart from surgical treatments, we also offer a range of non-surgical treatments. These include cool sculpting, thread lift, HydraFacial, cosmelan, profhilo, dermamelan, Infini micro-needling, Forever Young BBL, etc.. These treatment options, as the name suggests, are completed without the use of any surgical instruments. With the help of these services, our clients can get a youthful, glowing skin that they always wanted to flaunt.

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A Center Of Excellence

If there is a possibility of a particular surgical treatment leaving a scar on the patients body or any sort of risk associated with treatment, they are informed of the said information before the surgery takes place. This has helped us to gain the confidence of our clients over the years and become the best Dubai plastic surgery center.

Rosacea And Perioral Dermatitis

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

Over time, it typically gets worse but can have periods of remission too. Symptoms often include facial flushing , acne bumps, facial swelling, burning and itching, rhinophyma and/or ropey blood vessels around their nose or on their cheeks called telangiectasia.

Another rash that is very common and often mistaken for acne or eczema is periorificial dermatitis. This rash does not tend to be chronic and eventually goes away, especially with treatment. It typically appears as small pink bumps that almost look like pimples around the corners of the mouth, nose or eyes. It is seen in both adults and children.

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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Mommy Makeover

Ideal Mommy Makeover candidates are mothers who have healed from the delivery of their child and women who have lost significant weight. Candidates should be in good health and have maintained their ideal weight for three to six months.

Mommy Makeover patients should be finished having children, as a subsequent pregnancy can reverse the surgical results.


  • Sagging breasts

What Is A Mommy Makeover


Several unwanted changes may develop as the body adjusts to no longer carrying additional weight:

  • Excess, sagging skin may develop on the abdomen
  • Abdominal muscles may separate and weaken
  • Breasts may sag once they no longer hold milk or excess fat
  • Stubborn fat deposits may remain throughout the body

Mommy Makeover surgery addresses these aesthetic concerns through a series or combination of cosmetic surgery procedures. It can restore your pre-pregnancy body, and it can even provide further aesthetic improvements.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

sama seyid

I always go here for fillers with Dr. Tim , but today I tried the hydra facial with Dr. Rehab and I must say it was AMAZING! first, she explained to me the procedure and continued doing so step by step throughout the procedure. They use all high end products on your skin, and I left my appointment with glowing plump skin !! I highly recommend everyone to try the hydra facial with her.

Grazyna Garzynka

I had best experience with Dr. Zara very professional, charming with excellent results of my fillers and botox. Thank you Nova Clinic

Hafsa Nisar

Frist things first, Thank you Ms Aparna for introducing me to the clinic and making me feel comfortable with everything in there. A very good place with amazing staff. Starting from the parking to the reception then technician with treatment and payment everything went so smoothly. Once again special thanks to Ms Aparna for being an amazing technician. Love the way Ms Aparna works. I would love to visit the clinic again and again. Keep it up

Ania Mandel

Omnia Maher

I had some Treatments, a few months ago . Amazing clinic was able to see the doctor I needed very quickly , treatments followed immediately. Loved having someone from the clinic to guide me through the whole time .Very professional clinic . Would definitely use this clinic again and would recommend their services and professionalism, I would rate my experience and treatment 10/10

Fatima Z

A Professional Team Of Experienced Doctors And Cosmetic Surgeons

Extensor Tendons: Anatomy, Injuries and Treatment

At Nova Clinic, our top priority is to offer quality services. For this, we have hired the best team of doctors and surgeons in Dubai. Each member of our team is highly-qualified and has years of professional experience. They have undergone advanced training programs that allow them to keep themselves abreast with the most effective treatment methods used globally and adopt professional surgical skills.

Our professional team of doctors and surgeons have expertise in offering a range of surgical, non-surgical, and skincare treatments. Each treatment is performed by an expert specialist or the best plastic surgeon in Dubai who uses their skills and abilities to the maximum to give our clients the look transformation they have been longing for.

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Use Of Most Advanced Techniques & Skills

One of the most prominent features of our specialized services is the use of cutting-edge technology in our treatments. Our experts use state of the art techniques during the surgery and pay attention to every major and minor detail to get our clients the results they desire. They boast advanced skills that enable them to perform different surgical and non-surgical treatments with full conviction. This is one of the major reasons why Nova Clinic has earned the status of one of the most trustworthy Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic.

Contact us now and schedule an initial consultation for a reconstructive plastic surgery or a non-surgical treatment if you want to transform your look.

Skin Cancer Screening And Treatment

Given the fact that 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed with skin cancer during their lifetime, and there are many different types of skin cancer, its imperative that everyone is screened regularly for this disease which can be deadly. Early detection often leads to a higher success rate with treatment.

Our dermatology providers work with patients on an individual basis in order to provide them with the specific treatment that they need. Depending on the type of skin cancer, depth, and location treatment options vary and include:

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Tips & Reviews For Nova Plastic Surgery And Dermatology

  • Oct 2022

    Michelle Gittings PA-C listened to my concerns and perfectly achieved the subtle improvements I was looking for!! My crows feet are super smooth but natural! I also had a couple units in my upper lip to help relax a few vertical creases without adding filler. She combines academic knowledge with years of experience for an incomparable personal experience!!

  • May 2022

    My mother and I have high expectations and we are obsessed with Michele at Nova plastic surgery! She always exceeds our expectations and is so fun to talk to. She is very knowledgeable in her field and always takes the time to speak with us about any questions or concerns that we may have. Whether itâs doing our lip fillers or occasional treatments- we are always happy and we absolutely love her!

  • May 2022

    I had such a great experience as a new patient. The office is absolutely gorgeous and so are all the staff. I had Dysport done by Taylor and she was so friendly and made me feel so at ease. I was looking for someone who knew how to do a Botox brow lift, as many injectors don’t know how to properly do it, and Taylor knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. . While it’s too soon to see complete results, I’m very happy I chose this practice and I can’t wait for my next appointment.

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