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Plastic Surgery For Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks: Plastic Surgery Hot Topics with Rod J. Rohrich, MD

If stretch marks are causing you to be self-conscious and forcing you to cover your body up, learn more about Infini RF and how it can remove your stretch marks for blemish-free skin.

At Neaman Medi Spa, we want to help you feel comfortable in your skin and have you leave feeling like the best version of yourself. Please contact us to schedule your consultation with one of our highly trained aestheticians. We welcome patients from Portland, Salem, Eugene, and across Oregon.

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Can Mommy Makeover Surgery Reduce Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

There is no shortage of side effects when it comes to pregnancy. From nausea and heartburn to postpartum hair loss, carrying a baby can certainly take its toll on a womans body. In addition to these temporary side effects, pregnancy can also result in permanent physical changes such as stretch marks that may make a woman feel less feminine, less attractive, and less confident after having children.

Renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jerry Chidester and the exceptional team at Jerry Chidester, MD Plastic & Hand Surgery believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin and is proud to offer the most advanced and effective body contouring procedures in Draper, UT to help patients restore their pre-pregnancy body and feel like themselves once again. Learn more about one of the most transformative cosmetic procedures, mommy makeover surgery, and how it can help reduce stretch marks and other pregnancy-related side effects.

What Are Stretch Marks

You may be asking yourself what are stretch marks? These marks can be found in adult men and women of all ages and skin colors. Even though stretch marks are not physically dangerous, they are a cosmetic issue for many. Stretch marks have a characteristic visual appearance and often look like elongated lines and streaks across the skin. Based on their placement and how they were formed, these marks can be temporary or permanent.

Stretch marks are easily diagnosed during a simple skin examination and a review of your personal medical history. Unfortunately, they are a real source of self-consciousness or embarrassment for many people in Houston, TX. You may even avoid wearing bathing suits or your favorite outfits as a result. Although over-the-counter creams and drugstore products promise to treat stretch marks, there is little evidence to prove the effectiveness of these treatments.

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What To Do About Stretch Marks

For many, stretch marks are a fact of life. In fact, up to 90% of women report having them. Most of us develop them during puberty when our bodies undergo dramatic changes. As the skin stretches to accommodate for a growth spurt, it becomes susceptible to developing the striae we see as stretch marks.

When stretch marks first appear, they can be quite red or purplish. They may indeed look rather dramatic. But over time they turn lighter and fade. Thats why stretch marks weve lived with since we were teens generally dont tend to bother us.

Beyond puberty, women may find that new stretch marks appear following rapid weight gain or weight loss, as well as during pregnancy. For whatever reason, these stretch marks generally seem to cause more consternation than their puberty-induced counterparts. Know that they will indeed fade with time, however if you are very bothered by them or dont find them fading to your satisfaction, there are new technologies that can greatly improve their look.

How many treatments you require depends on the individual patient, but we tend to see good results in 3-4 sessions done every 4-6 weeks.

Can I Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for stretch marks

While no one stretch mark removal surgery exists there are multiple plastic surgery procedures available to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks based on the area of the body where they have occurred.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is the most effective way to target abdominal stretch marks. During a tummy tuck, the majority of the skin below the belly button is removed, therefore the stretch marks in this area are also removed. If stretch marks are present above the belly button, these will be pulled down and repositioned to the lower stomach towards the suture line. This creates a smoother, sleeker appearance overall.

This 37-year-old patient came to see me following over 50kg weight loss. Pictured here 6 months post breast reduction, uplift and tummy tuck, you can see most of her abdominal stretch marks have been removed.

This 30-year-old patient came to see me following two pregnancies. Pictured here 5 months post tummy tuck, I have been able to remove a significant amount of stretch marks along with her excess skin.

This 32-year-old patient came to see me following two pregnancies and 55kg weight loss. Pictured here just 4 months post tummy tuck, I have removed majority of the effected skin, creating a sleek appearance overall.

Breast Reduction or Lift

Other excess skin removal procedures

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How Is Infini Rf Laser Treatment Performed

Infini laser treatment is performed using a handheld device that contains tiny little needles. The device is gently glided across the surface of the skin making tiny micro-injuries. Unlike traditional microneedling, Infini allows you to control the depth of the needles. This allows for controlled and precise delivery of radiofrequency energy.

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If stretch marks are causing you to feel self-conscious about your appearance, laser treatment with the Boston Plastic Surgery Specialist can help. Dr. Seckel is a top cosmetic surgeon in Boston, MA, who has helped many patients enhance their appearance and self-confidence. Learn more about your laser treatment options by contacting to practice to schedule a consultation today.

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What Is The Stretch Mark Removal Recovery Process

After an Icon treatment, patients may notice immediate redness and swelling of the skin that usually subsides within a few hours. During the recovery period, new skin cells will form, and stretch marks will become smaller and thinner. Because the Icon stretch mark removal treatment helps soften the skin, the affected area should become smooth.

Surgical Solutions For Stretch Marks And Scars

Can Plastic Surgery Remove Stretch Marks?

Surgery causes scars. Even plastic surgery, which is designed to improve the appearance, will result in scars. Deep scars can be treated through skin grafts and other surgical procedures, but these are typically designed to restore lost function, not aesthetic perfection.

Stretch marks may be removed through various lift procedures. A thigh lift can address stretch marks on the upper legs and buttocks, a tummy tuck can address those on the belly and hips, while arm lift can remove stretch marks underneath the arms.

It is important to remember that surgical excision of skin to remove stretch marks will result in a surgical scar. At Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery, every care is taken to ensure these scars are minimal and as hidden as possible.

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Can Plastic Surgery Make Stretch Marks Look Worse

Some patients with severe stretch marks wont be an eligible candidate for certain plastic surgery procedures based on the quality of their skin. For example, a patient with extremely thin, stretch-marked skin post weight loss is generally not a good candidate for breast augmentation. In this case, a breast augmentation may actually worsen the appearance of the existing stretchmarks, and the skin may not be strong enough to accommodate an implant for a long period of time. More information about stretch marks after breast augmentation can be found here.

Can Plastic Surgery Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are often a concern for pregnant women and people who experience significant weight fluctuations. While stretch marks may form on any region of the body, the abdomen is one of the most notable areas. If you have unwanted stretch marks, you can seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Rolando Morales can listen to your concerns and create an appropriate treatment option at Morales Plastic Surgery.

So what causes stretch marks, and can a tummy tuck get rid of stretch marks? Also called an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck may significantly reduce or eliminate the appearance of stretch marks from your belly. At our clinic in Houston, TX, our experienced professionals can let you know what to expect. Learn more about plastic surgery for stretch marks by scheduling an in-person visit or online consultation today.

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Stretch Mark Removal In London

Do you have stretch marks which you dislike the appearance of?

Stretch marks are a common occurrence on the skin and there are many non-surgical options available such as creams which claim to help improve the appearance of stretch marks. However, if you are looking for a more long-term solution, you may be interested in laser stretch mark removal.

Scars Wont Be Replaced With Slightly Less Noticeable Scars

plastic surgery for stretch marks: Is plastic surgery actually removing ...

Experts designed the technology behind laser scar removal to have the maximum effect of removing unsightly scar tissue. These scars develop during weight gain, weight loss and pregnancy. The worst case scenario for scar therapy tends to be a small mark that looks nothing like a scar and thats for the most severe cases.

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Can Breast Revision Surgery Minimize Stretch Marks

There’s no one “cure” for stretch marks on your breasts but breast revision surgery along with other, less invasive therapies may help.

Breast revision surgery is actually one of a number of approaches that can be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on breast skin. Stretch marks can occur anywhere on your body due to rapid expansion of the skin that outpaces collagen formation. Hormones play a key role in the formation of stretch marks and there is a strong genetic component involved. If the other women in your family have stretch marks on their breasts, it is likely that you will develop some as well.

These blemishes can appear at any age. Some teens get stretch marks on their breasts during puberty. Pregnancy is another common life event that leads to the development of stretch marks. These lines are not harmful, but they can be unsightly. If you are concerned about the appearance of stretch marks on your breasts, there are several treatments you may wish to explore. Seek the opinion of a specialist at a center for plastic surgery to help you decide which option is right for you.

Are There Any Ways To Reduce Costs

Laser stretch mark removal can end up becoming quite costly, considering the fact that insurance doesnt cover it. Still, there are some ways you can potentially reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

First, talk to your provider about payment plans and discounts. Many offices offer no-interest financing for these types of procedures. Some medical spas even offer discounts for multiple sessions. Such offers vary by providers, so you may need to shop around.

Theres also the possibility of manufacturer rebates. This can help offset a small fraction of the overall cost of treatment. Ask your provider if they know of any current rebate offers.

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Take Advantage Of A Non

  • Vascular diseases, varicose veins and thrombosis
  • Cardiac problems
  • High blood pressure

Every procedure should always be consulted with the attending physician who will discuss and propose an optimal and effective solution with you and assess a patients eligibility for the given procedure. If you choose to undergo the scar and stretch-mark removal procedure, its necessary to protect your skin from sunlight with high-quality, highly-protective creams for about 3 weeks before the procedure. In the case of treatment of scars and stretch-marks with a fractional CO2 FRAXIS laser, its necessary to limit exposure to UV radiation before and after treatment for at least 3 months.

Myth: Stretch Marks Are Only An Issue For Women

Watch how Dermapen treats stretch marks | Hunter Plastic Surgery

Truth: With naturally thinner skin and more hormonal shifts throughout the life cycle, women are more likely to get stretch marks and are particularly vulnerable to them during pregnancy. However, men are not immune to stretch marks. Males frequently get stretch marks during puberty, as well as after gaining significant weight or rapidly increasing muscle mass.

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Is Laser An Option To Remove Stretch Marks

Laser is not an effective technique to remove stretch marks, however in some cases may reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When stretch marks are immature, they often demonstrate a pink or purple hue. Vascular lasers may be effective in these cases to help the stretch marks fade closer to skin tone. Applying sunscreen regularly to sun-exposed regions with immature stretch marks may also reduce ones risk of developing permanent pigmentation changes.

Am I A Good Candidate For This Procedure

Laser stretch mark removal can work on many skin types, including very light and very dark skin. Contact a provider to find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Laser stretch mark treatment can be used to enhance the results of other procedures such as body contouring, abdominoplasty, breast reduction and liposuction.

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Faqs For Stretch Mark Reduction

Q: Can you permanently remove stretch marks?

A: No, stretch marks cannot be removed permanently. However, they usually fade away or become less noticeable with time, provided you take good care of your skin and health. Apart from this, you can opt for many procedures like fractional CO2 laser, micro-needling, laser therapy, etc. performed by a dermatologist for removing your stretch marks.

Q: What treatment removes stretch marks?

A: Stretch marks can be effectively removed by various dermatologists performing procedures like microdermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical peeling, micro-needling, and surgery. There are few home remedies that you can try for mild cases, but they do not provide long-lasting results.

Q: What is the most effective treatment for stretch marks?

A: The most effective treatment for removing stretch marks depends on your condition. There are many home remedies that you can try but these remedies do not stimulate collagen production. Procedures like laser therapy, micro-needling, chemical peeling, etc. are performed by an experienced dermatologist to help in collagen production. Your dermatologist will help you decide what treatment method will suit you the most.

Q: Is laser stretch mark removal painful?

A: No, laser therapy is not painful for most people. The procedure lasts for 30-40 minutes, therefore you will get free very quickly. During and after the procedure you might experience minor discomfort, which is temporary and goes away soon.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Prevent Stretch Marks

Pin on Plastic surgery

Stretch marks can only be prevented to an extent. Unfortunately, some women are predisposed to stretch marks based on genetics and hormones. Maintaining a stable weight without major fluctuation is your best bet for avoiding stretch marks.

Keeping the skin hydrated with products like Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid may also help to combat stretchmarks. Stratamark is a product available at many chemists that is formulated to help prevent stretchmarks.

Ready to begin exploring your surgical options for stretch mark removal?

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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Almost everyone especially women has stretch marks. Theyre nothing to be ashamed of, but still, stretch marks are the source of major insecurity for many people. Maybe youre tired of seeing your stretch marks every day in the mirror and youre considering laser stretch mark removal or other cosmetic treatments. But how effective are various cosmetic procedures and home remedies for removing stretch marks? Is stretch marks removal even possible? Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daneshmand answers these questions and more below.

To schedule an initial consultation at our Bakersfield Med Spa for stretch marks removal and other skin concerns, call today.

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Use Proper Sun Protection

Sunscreen alone cannot prevent stretch marks, but it does improve the skins overall health and appearance in general.

Sun exposure may make existing scars and marks more noticeable. It also significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. Use an effective sunscreen when out in the sun.

In addition, , making a person more at risk of stretch marks.

A range of sunscreen products is available for purchase online.

What Are Stretch Marks And What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Them

Does a Tummy Tuck Remove Stretch Marks? | Plastic Surgery

Stretch marks are a type of scar to the skin, sometimes referred to as “striae” by doctors. They are caused by a tear in the dermis, or the deeper layer of skin, often from abrupt stretching of the tissue. This rupture of the collagen and elastin leaves a permanent scar when it heals, and from the surface, this develops into a visible stretch mark as we know it.

When they first appear, stretch marks are very dark in color, often purple or red. They can be raised above the skin and slightly puffy and itchy. The good news is that the appearance of stretch marks improves with time. Over a year, the color fades from red to a pale color, and the marks flatten or appear slightly depressed below the level of the surrounding skin.

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