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Psych Eval For Bariatric Surgery

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Mental Health Aspects of Bariatric Surgery

Keep in mind that bariatric surgery is just the beginning of your weight loss journey and it make take up to two years to reach your ultimate weight loss goal. You will not suddenly wake up out of surgery a thinner person.

And while many patients experience bariatric surgery success, every patient is different. Your personality, mental health condition, and variety of life experiences and behaviors all influence bariatric surgery outcomes and long-term weight loss success. Were here to help you mentally prepare for bariatric surgery and adapt well to your new body and image of yourself.

Enhancing Healthcare Team Outcomes

Management of obesity requires an interprofessional team from the moment the patient presents to the bariatric surgery clinic, and following after the procedure is done to monitor weight loss outcomes. This team consists of nurses, dietitians, psychologists, case managers, patient care coordinators, and physicians in multiple specialties, allowing a holistic approach to the management of obesity. Psychologic and behavioral evaluation, nutritional evaluation, medical clearance, and anesthesiology evaluation are mandatory during the pre-operative work-up of the patient undergoing weight loss surgery. Additional testing should be tailored to individual patient needs this includes EGD, sleep apnea testing, radiology studies, bone density tests. Glycemic control should be achieved before any bariatric intervention to ensure the best outcomes. While a preoperative weight loss plan should be in place, the inability to lose weight or weight gain during the preoperative period should not disqualify the patient for a weight loss procedure. Pharmacists may assist the team with guidance in selecting weight loss medications, medication reconciliation, and being available post-surgically for pain control. Nursing needs to assist in counseling the patient in the procedure’s preparatory timeframe. They will also assist during the procedure, and in the surgical followup until the patient can be sent home.

The Psych Eval Before Bariatric Surgery

The first thing you have to keep in mind isthat the information you share with the doctor performing the psych eval isconfidential. It will NOT result in you being committed to a mental hospital,and unless the issues are serious, it will NOT immediately disqualify you fromsurgery if you have mental health issues in your past.

Every office will perform a slightly differentversion of the psychological evaluation, so dont worry about the specifics ofthe test.

You may be asked about your alcohol and druguse. This is to identify potential sources of addiction and issues that mayimpact ones ability to stick to the post-op restrictions .

You may be given an MBMD test to assess how prepared you are for bariatric surgery.

You will be asked about your weight losshistory and your eating patterns. Its expected that bariatric patients willhave tried and failed at losing weight after trying several different diets andexercise regimens.

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What Mental Health Conditions Would Cause Problems With Weight Loss Surgery

The issues noted above, and others, are a concern to bariatric professionals. Some patients find it is better to sort out their personal problems before undertaking bariatric surgery. The psychologist is a professional skilled in helping patients assess their decision. It is not unusual for a patient to be accepted for bariatric surgery who also accepts a referral to a therapist as a support system before or after bariatric surgery.

Why You Need A Psych Evaluation Before Weight Loss Surgery

Endoscopic Suturing for Transoral Outlet Reduction Increases Weight ...

If youre interested in havingweight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, you undergo several types of evaluations before the procedure.

Your health providers thoroughly analyze your medical health with a series of checkups and tests. And you also receive a psychological evaluation to assess your emotional health.

Why so many evaluations? Because the people who do best with weight loss surgery and the lifestyle changes necessary for long-term success are those who are physically, medically, and emotionally ready to take on the challenges involved in bariatric treatment.

Ourcare providers at Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics in Atlanta, Georgia, are fully committed to doing everything possible to make sure your surgery including Lap-Band® and gastric sleeve is a success.

That includes performing psychological evaluations beforehand, as well as providing you with a full range of support at every stage of your surgical journey.

We believe in doing everything possible to ensure that our surgical patients have a constructive experience and a positive outcome. Guided by those values, we believe that every patient should undergo a psychological evaluation.

We recommend testing for several reasons, which we explain here.

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How To Pass A Pre

That is the main question most patients have before their pre-operative psychological testing. But the truth is if you dont have severe psychiatric disorders, there is no room for extra worries. And it is not like they want to fail you for no reason but they should be sure you are ready. For instance, if you have not controlled bipolar disorder, the aim of this evaluation is not to exclude anyone from the weight-loss procedure but to make sure they will be mentally healthy during their post-operative life.The psychiatrists who are responsible for evaluation prior to bariatric surgery are usually specialized in health psychology and do their best to help you maintain healthy in the future and experience the best postoperative outcomes.So, you only need to do one thing: tell them the truth. Do not hide your psychiatric history from your surgeon and bariatric psychologist. Even if they identify you are not ready for surgery, they will do their best to help you complete all the stages of preparation for surgery and become mentally ready for the procedure.So, no worries. Just tell the truth and be yourself. Tell them all the difficulties that are affecting your life because of extreme obesity, all the psychosocial stressors that do not let you be as happy as you deserve.And be sure everything will be ok!

How Much Does The Evaluation Cost And Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of The Visit

  • EBH is in-network for several insurance companies. Please contact us to inquire about your insurance plan. If she is not in-network with your insurance plan, she is happy to bill your insurance company as an out-of-network provider.
  • If EBH is not on your insurance plan, we have reasonable fees for self-pay patients. Many patients elect to meet with us for the psychological evaluation rather than use someone else on their insurance plan because they prefer to receive a gold standard psychological examination from a highly experienced and nationally recognized bariatric psychologist. By now, you have likely invested a lot of thought, time, and money on your decision to pursue weight loss surgery. The psychologist is an important qualifier for your insurance company and for your surgeon. We understand insurance requirements, surgeon requirements, and the pre-and post-operative process much more than clinicians who do not specialize in bariatric psychology. Plus, you will receive tips and recommendations to help you with your post-operative changes.

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Discover More About Weight Loss Surgery

If youre considering weight loss surgery, we invite you to view our free online seminar, which gives many details about weight loss surgery at Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics.

We also invite you to visit our office for a consultation. To meet with one of our weight loss surgery specialists, contact us to request an appointment.

Psychologists Use These Assessment Tools To:

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery and Recovery
  • Add to the evaluations objectivity
  • To gain a comprehensive picture of a patients personality characteristics
  • To understand a patients current psychological functioning and overall openness to change.

These are not pass-fail type tests. Rather, they help determine what strengths and weaknesses may be relevant in determining a course of treatment.

For example, a patient who struggles with anxiety may need additional counseling as they prepare for surgery. Similarly, a person who has few support systems may benefit from working with a dietitian, personal trainer or other healthcare professionals after their procedure.

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What Disqualifies You From Surgery

  • Suicide attempts if you have attempted suicide five times or more, it is advisable to focus on psychological intervention before going for surgery. Find out why you have suicidal tendencies and solve that problem because the surgery may worsen your condition.
  • Active psychosis if you have had an episode of psychosis one year before surgery, you cannot have the procedure. Antipsychotic medication is lethal when it interacts with anesthesia.
  • Active substance use disorder if you abuse substance or were recently addicted to alcohol or drugs, you cannot qualify for bariatric surgery. Substance abuse use interferes with post-operation healing and weight control. You need to show evidence of psychotherapy to qualify for surgery.

If youre struggling with obesity and have been told that before taking the surgery, a psych evaluation is needed, we can help! My Psychiatrists Board-Certified psychiatrists and clinicians offer pre-surgery evaluation, which will bring you one step closer to being healthier physically AND mentally!

For your convenience, My Psychiatrist is proud to offer top outpatient psychiatric care at four Florida locations. My Psychiatrist Oakland Park, My Psychiatrist Sheridan, My Psychiatrist South Miami and My Psychiatrist Boca Raton, FL are here for you!

Get Help. Anywhere, Anytime.

Talk to a therapist or psychiatrist when youre feeling anxious, stressed, down, or not like yourself

How To Pass A Mental Health Evaluation

If you want to pass the bariatric evaluation, there are some easy steps you can take to improve your chances:

  • Make sure you read up on what the psych eval will entail: since youre already reading this article, youre on the right path. By learning the reasons for the psych eval and what it entails, youll be less nervous and better able to respond when the time comes.
  • Take care of your mental health starting today: since the biggest impediment in front of you not passing the psych eval, you should make sure you take care of your mental health right now. By learning to regulate your mood better and getting a better handle on your disorders, youll substantially increase your chances of passing.
  • Make sure youre mentally prepared and arent nervous before the eval: as with most tests, being in the mindset and adequately preparing does influence whether you pass the test or not.

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Preparing To Support You

Finally, one of the most important reasons to have a psychological evaluation is so that we here at Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics can gather the information we need to fully understand how we can support you before, during, and after surgery.

We treat every patient as an individual, and it is our honor to offer each patient personalized care.

What Does A Pre

Gastric Bypass Gal

While this sounds frightening and intimidating, we ensure that it will not be.

  • You will first fill out some paper forms about your weight, eating, drinking, alcohol use, and feelings.
  • You will meet with us for 50-60 minutes to discuss:
  • Your eating habits. We understand that you may not have the healthiest habits. We will not judge you. Many people have unhealthy eating habits and this is NOT a reason to deny someone surgery! We will discuss these habits with you so that she can make recommendations for a more successful transition into your new lifestyle.
  • Your mood and emotional stability and psychological history. It is normal for people to have ups and downs at times as well as normal bouts of sadness or anxiety. This is not a reason to deny someone surgery!
  • Your understanding of the weight loss surgery procedure, any risks involved, and the necessary long-term behavioral changes that you will have to make so that you are most prepared for success. Having surgery is serious we just want to make sure that you have done your homework, are prepared for surgery, and understand what to expect!
  • It is also your chance to ask questions and express concerns and we will address them.

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Whats In The Report My Surgeon Gets

The report is a summary of findings from the tests and your interview. It addresses your readiness for surgery and may or may not include recommendations for counseling or other support to help prepare you for weight loss surgery. If you have questions about the recommendations, you may ask during your appointment.

Can I Continue To Come To Skaneateles Psychiatry For Therapy After The Evaluation Is Completed

Yes! In some instances, additional psychotherapy services may be a requirement for a recommendation for surgery. Irrespective of the surgery recommendation, patients are encouraged to ask about Skaneateles Psychiatrys services. We are committed to helping clients live more purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding lives. We draw upon evidence-based cognitive and behavioral principles to help clients identify and change counterproductive thoughts and behaviors. We offer individual psychotherapy as well as pre-op and post-op support groups in a comfortable, supportive, and nonjudgmental atmosphere so you can achieve the emotional and physical well-being you are striving for.

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The Importance Of Psychological Evaluation For Bariatric Surgery

Through our bariatric program, you will be evaluated by a psychologist who is specially trained in obesity and weight loss surgery and the associated psychological and emotional effects. Psychiatric treatment before surgery may include a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy , trauma-based therapy, mindfulness, presurgical counseling, and in some cases, medicationall to help ensure you are in good mental health before having bariatric surgery.

Our psychologist will also explore your attitudes, behaviors and expectations to better understand your weight loss surgery goals and support you on your journey towards permanent, long-term weight loss. Keep in mind that having a psychological disorder does not disqualify you from getting bariatric surgery if you are otherwise a candidate for this type of procedure. We will work with you to help manage your emotional and mental health throughout the process.

Many patients also benefit tremendously from our , which meets monthly to explore a wide range of topics and work through challenges with others who are having the same kinds of experiences.

How Long Will An Evaluation Take And What Does It Typically Entail

Bariatric Surgery Seminar – Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery (Part 5 of 9)

Evaluations start with a clinical interview with a licensed psychologist, which typically take no longer than forty-five minutes. Patients will also be sent a short assessment through a secured provider. This assessment takes about twenty-minutes to complete and is one of the aspects of our evaluation that separates us from other clinicians. Our patients often report that the information gathered during our interview and through our assessment tools provide invaluable knowledge that they refer to throughout their weight loss journey. A written report is provided to your surgeon and to the patient for reference. A follow up informing conference is also scheduled with patients typically within twenty-four hours. Some patients decide to continue to work with our clinicians following surgery. This is not required by surgeons or insurance companieshowever, it can be beneficial.

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What Conditions Can Disqualify Bariatric Surgery Patients From Undergoing The Weight Loss Surgery

A failed psych eval for bariatric surgery mostly happens due to the patient suffering from a specific disorder. If you suffer from any of the disorders below, you wont be considered viable for the surgery:

  • Substance abuse: substance abuse makes it harder for post-op recovery to be successful, so people who suffer from substance abuse cant qualify for the surgery. Seeking help months prior to seeking surgery will improve your chance of passing the psych eval substantially.
  • Recent history of suicide attempts: the surgery can put substantial strain on you both mentally and physically, and if youve attempted suicide in recent history, you cant undergo the surgery. Again, seeking help prior to the bariatric psych evaluation and making sure youre no longer vulnerable will improve your chances.
  • Having psychosis: people who have psychosis generally cant think clearly about life-changing decisions, which makes it harder for doctors to get their informed consent on such an invasive surgery.
  • Being admitted to a psychiatric hospital recently: most cases of people who have been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the last year are disqualified from taking the surgery.

How Psychologists Prepare Patients For Surgery

How psychologists prepare patients for surgery

Vol. 51, No. 6

Monitor on Psychology51

Learning objectives: After reading this article, CE candidates will be able to:

  • Describe how presurgical evaluations work.
  • Discuss the research on ways presurgical evaluations improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery.
  • Describe efforts to improve the accuracy of surgical assessments.
  • For more information on earning CE credit for this article, go to CE Corner.

    A patient at the Medical University of South Carolina needed a liver transplant. Two barriers stood in his way: his alcoholism and other substance use and his undermanaged bipolar disorder. At his initial behavioral medicine evaluation, he had many psychosocial contraindications for a transplant, says psychologist Wendy Balliet, PhD, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at MUSC.

    Uncovering and addressing such problems before surgery is the primary reason for presurgical psychological assessment, says Andrew Block, PhD, a clinical health psychologist at the Texas Back Institute in Plano and a pioneer in presurgical assessment.

    The point is to identify both patients strengths and vulnerabilities and then let the surgeon take those things into account and make the decision about whether to proceed, says Block. With patients with a lot of risk factors, you want to do what you can to mitigate those and build the strength factors.

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    Increased Risk Of Depressive Symptoms

    Bariatric Surgery In Mexico and the post-op diet will reduce the amount of carbs youre able to eat. A lower-carb diet will affect your insulin response, which in turn affects your serotonin levels. You may experience a severe drop in serotonin levels which can result in depressive symptoms and anxiety.

    Patients who have a history of depression arenot excluded from surgery, but they are at increased risk of depressivesymptoms even compared to the normal population.

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