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Recovery From Hernia Surgery With Mesh

When Should I Call My Doctor

Can a Hernia come back after Mesh Repair? – Dr. Sathish N

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined below, call your doctor right away.

  • Fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or greater
  • Increased swelling or pain in your abdomen
  • Severe pain that cannot be relieved with painkillers
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Chronic cough or shortness of breath
  • Trouble urinating

How Many Days Of Bed Rest Is Needed After Hernia Surgery

It is a myth that after one major operation, one has to be under complete bed rest and should not move out of the bed. It is a myth and, it does more harm than good to the patients. In fact, we strive very hard to achieve early mobilisation of patients. Even on the same day of surgery, we make the patients get out of bed and get them walking. Thus, the advantage this has is that, when the patient starts walking, his breathing improves, the blood flow from the leg starts flowing to the heart and thereby, the chances of any blood clot developing in the lower limbs, which is called as Deep Vein Thrombosis, is less. The patients intestine starts functioning earlier, and their appetite is returned earlier. It also gives a lot of psychological strength to the patient to be able to recover faster. Thus, one advice that I always give to my patients is, You do not need absolute bed rest. Of course, they should not be doing any strenuous exercise, but all patients after a hernia operation, be it laparoscopic hernia surgery or open, should be encouraged to get out of bed as much as possible and move around.

Absolute bed rest is no longer recommended for hernia operations. We give adequate pain relief in the form of painkillers when the patients go home. Hence, that should take care of the pain factor ,and they should encourage themselves to get out of bed and be on the move and thereby, they shorten their recovery time.

When Can I Exercise After Hernia Surgery

You should be able to return to gentle exercises, like walking, shortly after your hernia repair surgery. Low-impact and low-strain exercises can help your body to heal properly over time. However, more strenuous activities like running and weight lifting should not be attempted until several weeks following your hernia repair. Below is what you can expect during the weeks that follow your hernia repair surgery.

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Is There Recovery From Hernia Mesh Removal Surgery

As with any surgery, you will need time to recover from your surgery. Healing takes time, and it takes rest. This time and rest often mean missing even more work and other activities you would otherwise undertake.

Without the hernia meshs failure, either because it was defective or improperly applied by your doctor, you would not need hernia repair surgery.

Will Mesh Removal Cure My Infection

Recovering from hernia mesh surgery typically takes about three to six ...

Once a surgeon takes out all of your hernia mesh, the cause of infection is often removed. Many products, such as Gore Medicals Gore-Tex DualMesh, have large pores which allow the bacteria to grow more rapidly as compared to other products. 3

In many cases, the surgery also removes the sutures, tacks, or other device used to attach the mesh to your bodys tissue. It is often the case that these attachments not only cause your pain but are the breeding ground for dangerous infection.

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Who Is Eligible For Hernia Mesh Removal Surgery

Whether you undergo mesh removal surgery is ultimately between your surgeon and yourself after a full discussion of the benefits and risks. However, patients may be eligible if they suffer from:

  • Long-lasting pain that is severe and cannot be treated with medication.
  • Severe or life-threatening infection which cannot be treated with antibiotics.
  • A patient who has suffered a recurrence of his or her hernia.
  • A patient whose hernia mesh has eroded or adhered to his or her organs.
  • Organ perforation which causes pain, infection, or other serious complications.

Why Mesh And No Mesh Hernia Repair Are Performed

A hernia develops from a weakness in the abdominal wall that compromises the integrity of the muscles and forms a gap. This weakness allows abdominal tissues, or sometimes the intestines, to protrude into this opening. If left untreated, hernias can cause serious health complications, such as infection and/or loss of blood to the intestine.

The repair method used to treat a hernia will be decided based on the patients symptoms and the specific diagnosis. Mesh may provide necessary reinforcement when no mesh repair methods are not able to, either due to the size or the complexity of the hernia.

Hernia experts at MedStar Health are committed to tailoring hernia repair surgery to each patient. Our surgeons are highly skilled in mesh and no mesh repair techniques for even the most complex hernias. Each hernia diagnosis is unique. For this reason, we take a comprehensive approach to hernia repair. We personalize treatment for each individual based on his/her symptoms and the complexity of the hernia.

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Nzags Position Statement On Mesh

There has been much controversy in the media recently regarding transvaginal mesh prolapse repair and its potential associated risks of infection, erosion and chronic pain. Unfortunately, the media have portrayed the outcomes of this one gynaecological procedure to include all surgical use of mesh for hernia repair. It has caused unnecessary widespread patient stress and anxiety throughout New Zealand. The use of mesh in General Surgery to repair hernias of the groin or the abdominal wall is well established internationally and is considered the procedure of choice.

I am a Consultant Breast and General Surgeon in Tauranga, with subspecialty training and expertise in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. Skilled in further general surgery procedures, with expertise in laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic hernia repair, melanoma and thyroid operations.


One Week After Hernia Surgery Walking As Necessary Only

How long is hernia surgery recovery?

After one week has passed since your hernia surgery, you should still be taking caution with how far you are moving. Walking around your house as needed is okay, but you should not be going to work or driving during this part of your recovery. You should even avoid small tasks like making your bed as much as possible during this week of recovery.

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When Should I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

If you suffer from complications after undergoing surgery for hernia mesh removal, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. You should not suffer from the defective products of manufacturers or from a doctors negligence.

If you or someone you know has been harmed by a doctor, nurse, or other health care providers negligence or by a defective medical product, contact our personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation. Call us or fill out our online contact form on this page.


Exercises To Optimise Recovery

There are several things you can even do before your surgery to aid a swift and successful recovery:

  • Improve your cardio-respiratory health

  • Any kind of exercise that gets you out of breath and gets your heart pumping faster will help improve your general health and aid recovery from any kind of operation. This can include walking, light jogging or swimming

  • Strengthen your limbs

  • Making small differences, like standing up from a chair without using your arms, or doing a few bicep curls with a lightweight can make a big difference in feeling stronger post-operatively

    Exercising and strengthening in a gym is a great way to improve your fitness, but doing small things at home can also make a massive difference if the gym is not suitable. Talk to your doctor for more advice regarding exercise before your operation.

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    Inguinal Hernia Repair 101

    Hernia repair is among the most common surgeries in the United States, accounting for more than a million procedures each year. A full 80% of those procedures or four in five hernia repair operations are done to correct an inguinal hernia.

    Although inguinal hernias are sometimes repaired via conventional surgery, theyre usually repaired laparoscopically, using small incisions, specialized instruments, and a high-definition camera to get the job done without causing unnecessary trauma to surrounding tissues.

    In over 90% of inguinal hernia surgeries, the repair itself is made using surgical mesh, a biocompatible implant that helps strengthen the abdominal wall and reduce the risk of recurrence. Using surgical mesh to repair a hernia is also associated with decreased operative time, minimized recovery time, and improved patient outcomes.

    When You Can Go Home

    Hernia repair

    In addition to eating, drinking and being steady on your feet, youll have to be able to urinate before you can go home. And youll only be released if you have a responsible adult to drive you. You may also need to have someone staying with you for the first night. Its a good idea to have someone stay with you for the first several days if possible, so you can ease back into activity.

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    How Much Compensation Can I Expect

    Compensation varies from case to case. Hernia mesh surgery-related complications are traumatic enough, without getting the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will be able to estimate how much compensation youre entitled to by looking at the following factors:

    • How much has your surgery cost? This includes the original hernia mesh surgery and any further procedures i.e removal surgery.
    • Any further medical attention required, like doctors appointments and rehabilitation.
    • How much income you may have lost out on due to your side. And how much income youll lose in the future.
    • Punitive damages.

    How To Prepare For Mesh And No Mesh Hernia Repair

    Before any hernia repair procedure, the doctor will analyze the type and complexity of the hernia using diagnostic imaging techniques such as an MRI and/or CT scan. The diagnosis will dictate the type of surgery appropriate for repair as well as which procedure will produce the best results for the patient.

    Pre-procedure instructions will be given to the patient by the surgeon, but will typically include refraining from eating or drinking at least eight hours before the operation. Patients who smoke will be asked to stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery. Smoking restricts oxygen flow in the body and impairs the bodys ability to heal itself.

    Patients should discuss all current prescription medications with their doctor. Certain medications can affect the bodys ability to clot blood, which can lead to complications during and/or after surgery. The surgeon may provide specific instructions regarding medications for the days preceding the operation.

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    How Long Will It Take For Me To Recover From Surgery

    Straightforward hernia repair is usually performed as a day procedure. You will be discharged once you are fully mobile and comfortable. Most patients require 2-3 days of simple pain medication but should be fully functional during this period. Some patients return to work after this, but it will depend on the type of repair and your occupation.

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    Can I Go To The Gym After A Hernia Operation

    Patient Experience with No Mesh Hernia Surgery

    There are no significant restrictions to these activities after three months. They can do cycling, all outdoor exercises, activities and sports, three months after the original operation. Now, coming to an open hernia operation, the recovery time might take slightly longer. However, the patients are encouraged to start doing abdominal exercises three months from the time of surgery as the abdominal muscles become weak when they have the hernia. After the hernia repair, it is essential that these muscles must regain their strength to get a very good success rate in the long term. When we do open operations for large abdominal hernias, we generally advise them not to go for any heavy weight lifting exercises, but we encourage them to do abdominal strengthening exercises and cardio exercises. Thus, by the time of three to six months, patients who have undergone large hernia repairs can resume their exercises, jogging, and breathing exercises too.

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    Is There A Risk Of Further Pain

    As with any surgery, there is always the risk of more pain as a result. That pain may be temporary, or it can last a great deal of time. Long-term pain is one of the leading complaints in those who have had to undergo a subsequent surgery to remove their defective hernia mesh.

    If your surgery failed to relieve the pain you felt before, or is the cause of new pain, it may be the result of the damage done by the hernia mesh.

    Can Removing The Mesh Prevent Future Recurrence Of My Hernia

    For some, the main reason for their surgery is because the defective product failed to prevent their hernia from returning. If this is the case, a skilled removal surgeon can not only remove your failed hernia mesh but also repair your hernia.

    This can be done with more mesh, although many doctors do not advice replacing mesh once it has failed. It can also be done with newer medical techniques which do not use hernia mesh to support the tissue surrounding your injury in an effort to prevent future complications.

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    How Can I Report Hernia Mesh Complications To The Us Food And Drug Administration

    One way to make the regulating agency aware of adverse events or complications from the use of surgical hernia mesh is by asking an attorney to file a hernia mesh lawsuit against the manufacturer of the allegedly defective medical device.

    Once a complaint is filed against a manufacturer, the company has the responsibility of reporting the lawsuit to the FDA.

    And more lawsuits filed mean more chances of the agency having a second of third look at the medical device as well as the complications that a certain patient reported against it.

    In case of a defective hernia mesh implant failing three years after surgery, if the same surgeon who implanted the mesh also removes it, then they should report the injury caused by the medical device to its manufacturer.

    And if these surgeons continue on filing reports of serious injuries or side effects to companies, the manufacturers have a legal obligation to inform the regulatory agency about the situation.

    If you or your loved one has suffered from serious injuries with the use of hernia mesh implants, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact us today and we can provide you with the legal blueprint that comes with the next steps you can take in fighting for your rights.

    What Else Can Occur During The Removal Surgery

    Hernia Mesh

    During your surgery to remove the hernia mesh, your doctor may also have to repair whatever damage was caused by the defective product. This could include:

    • Remedying infection
    • Sealing puncture wounds
    • Repairing damaged nerves or blood vessels.

    Any time a surgeon is required to open you up to remedy issues caused by your hernia mesh, there are benefits and risks to the procedure.

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    What Should I Know About Recovery From Hernia Surgery

    As with any surgery, most patients experience post operative pain in the area of their hernia repair. Most patients will also experience some level of swelling and bruising in the area. We discuss with patients that it is not uncommon to feel occasional pulling, tugging, burning, and other unusual sensations in the groin for up to year.

    These occasional feelings are considered normal after any surgery, including hernia surgery. Each person will recover differently. The most important aspect of recovery is to listen to your individual body: if it hurts stop, if its sore ice it and take a day off.

    When Can I Return To Sports After My Surgery

    This is one of the most common questions for athletes to ask. Just as returning to work will depend somewhat on each patients pain after their procedure, returning to sports will be dictated by the ability to recover after the activity. From a surgery healing point of view, there are a few important time-lines to follow.

    The day after the surgery we encourage patients to walk as much as tolerated including trips to the store, mall, or the beach. By day 3-4 patients who feel like they are able to participate in light cardio activities can engage in easy jogging, stretching, or some forms of yoga. By week one, athletes can slowly increase their activity as tolerated but without lifting anything greater than 20 pounds. At the 3 week point after surgery, most patients are cleared to resume all of their pre-surgery athletic activities. This could include swimming, cycling, distance running, lifting heavy weights at the gym, and other contact sports.

    Athletes may find that they are sore or stiff after resuming their activities. Anti-inflammatories such as Motrin or Aleeve are helpful. Using ice in the area of the hernia after engaging in heavy sporting activities can also help with this discomfort. If the pain with athletic activities is severe, patients should take at least one day off to recover or until their pain resolves.

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    Serious Complications Can Result In Hernia Mesh Revision Surgery

    Hernia repair with surgical mesh can lead to complications. Surgery is the only way to correct some of the most serious hernia mesh complications.

    A surgeon may have to remove healthy tissue to repair damage. Surgeons may also have to remove part of the intestines if tissue adheres to the mesh.

    Hernia Mesh Complications Reported to the FDA Include:

    • Mesh adhering to internal organs
    • Bowel obstruction

    What Can I Expect During My Inguinal Hernia Surgery Recovery

    What is meant by Hernia repair with Mesh? – Dr. Sathish N

    Every patient will have a different recovery scenario that will be based on the extent and technique of their hernia repair so the guidelines given below are given in general.

  • On the day of surgery, you will need someone to drive you home and most likely stay with you for about 24 hours. Most patients are very sleepy and it often takes time for your judgment and reflexes to return to normal. Many patients only require Tylenol or Motrin to help alleviate discomfort but if you have been prescribed opioids to alleviate pain after a ventral hernia repair with the mesh you will not be able to drive until you are no longer taking them
  • For the first 3 or 4 days, you should only rest and follow the aftercare instructions related to your surgery such as icing down the hernia location every several hours. Do not plan any work or family activities. Staying home and resting helps minimize post-surgical pain and swelling. You may need to enlist help with children or pets for at least these first several days
  • For about three weeks after your hernia surgery, you will need to avoid strenuous activity and lifting anything heavier than about 10 pounds. You can perform light activities at home and at work but nothing that puts too much strain on the abdominal muscles. When repairs are made to the mesh it takes about three weeks for the mesh to heal in place to sufficiently support the area
  • No Mesh Hernia Repair – IBI HEalthcare Institute

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