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Considering A Plastic Surgery Recovery House 9 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Stay

Woman arrested at unlicensed post-op surgery recovery house in Miami

Alix TunellSep 1, 2020Updated on Mar 18, 2022

Recovery houses are a dime a dozen in plastic surgery hot spots known for body contouring procedures. Good ones are clean and spacious, serve nutrient-rich, chef-prepared meals, and give patients individualized care and attention from a licensed nurse. But are recovery houses legal? Its a little bit of a gray area, as this is largely an unregulated space, and there are far too many that take advantage of vulnerable, out-of-town patients with promises of accommodations, perks, and medical care that never materializes.

Its incumbent upon patients to dig a little bit deeper than the pretty veneer of places that are offering you transport to and from in limousines, and all that shellac, but dont necessarily have the best reputation, says Dr. Ruth Celestin, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Riverdale, Georgia. She refers her patients to surgery centers that offer overnight stays and private-duty nurses instead of recovery houses, explaining that she has yet to find one of the latter that has such high repute that my recommendation will never come back as a problem for me.

Here are nine questions plastic surgeons say are crucial to ask the owner of a plastic surgery recovery house before putting down your credit card.

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What Happens If I Need Emergency Care

If you are paying for transport, it likely includes only preplanned trips at set times, which is why Dr. Vibhakar says you should always ask about any unexpected charges you may be held responsible for in the case of an emergency. One of my patients paid $150 for someone to drive her for an emergency visit. said a nurse would be assisting her, but it ended up being nonmedical personnel. The house should have a clear protocol for emergencies, but do your research beforehand so you know where the closest hospital or urgent care center is and how youll get there if no one is available to drive you.

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How Is The Recovery House Structured

Ask detailed questions about floor plans, room arrangements, and bathrooms in the recovery house youre looking into. A lot of places do a bait and switch, where they advertise photos of their most beautiful room but lure people in with a lower price, which portends to slightly less luxurious accommodations, says Dr. Celestin. Ask about the number of private rooms, the number of shared rooms, and how many beds are in each shared room.

Youll also want to inquire about disability access, says Dr. Dev Vibhakar, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami. If the house has more than one floor, is there an elevator? Are there wheelchair ramps? Are walkers provided? Additionally, he notes that showers and toilets should always have modifications in place, like handles to hold on to and plush seats, for patient comfort.

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Plastic surgery recovery is in inevitable part of the process of getting your dream body. While it is typically not patients favorite part of their journey, it can go by smoothly and easily if you make sure to follow all your post-op instructions and take care of yourself to the fullest. If you are traveling to Miami or Austin, Texas for your plastic surgery, one very important aspect of your recovery will be your stay at a hotel, Airbnb or Recovery House. When traveling, you must plan for some downtime in the city you are having your procedure in to allow for a safe and speedy recovery.

Below we go over the reasons you need to stay in the city of your surgery, how long you should stay, and what to expect and plan for during this time:

Why do I have to Stay in my Surgery City After my Procedure? During the first few days after your recovery, you will be sore and uncomfortable. You will be asked to walk a lot in order to reduce the risk of blood clots, which can be deadly. Being on a plane or in a car for a long period of time after surgery can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous for your health. To minimize these risks and ensure the best healing, surgeons encourage you to wait until your swelling has gone down and for your body begin healing to travel after surgery.

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Officers Find Unlicensed House With 6 Post

MIAMI A woman appeared in court on Wednesday after detectives arrested her at an unlicensed post-op-surgery recovery house in Miami.

On Tuesday, Kenia Julissa Reyes-Duron told investigators there were patients in the house at 1170 SW 18 St., in Miamis The Roads neighborhood, near Brickell, according to the arrest report.

Officers questioned and arrested Reyes-Duron just as she was helping two women to get into a black Toyota sports utility vehicle that was parked outside of the house, police said.

Miami-Dade corrections officers booked Reyes-Duron, 47, shortly after 5:20 p.m., on Tuesday, at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, records show.

Reyes-Duron then appeared in front of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy S. Glazer on Wednesday during a virtual bond hearing on Zoom.

You cannot run an ALF or any type of assisted living facility unless you are properly licensed by the state of Florida, Glazer said in court.

The Miami Police Departments secret intelligence service unit worked with the Miami-Dade Police Departments medical crimes unit and the states Agency for Health Care Administration on the case.

Reyes-Duron is facing 57 counts of operating an assisted living facility without a license. Glazer set the bond at $10,000 for two counts and released her on her own recognizance for the other 55 charges.

Read the arrest forms narrative


Who Will Drive Me To And From Surgery And Follow

Many recovery houses advertise transportation to and from the airport, surgery, and follow-up appointments, but Dr. Lakin says that they arent required to offer this. If yours does, check whether transport is an add-on service or included in the cost of the stay and how many drivers are available .

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What People Say About Us

Absolutely hands down the best place to go! They have all been nothing but great. Been treated like family since I walked in the door. Great food, great service, great hospitality. They definitely get They go above and beyond for you. Check them out, you will not regret it! And within minutes they try to get back to you and explain everything !! I have been here two days and I already got so much love for them all!

Ramona Ortiz

Best recovery house ever! I have stayed at a recovery house before and when I say Divine recovery is the best itâs such an understatement! They treat you like family, care for you like you are one of their own. I got surgery and ended up in the hospital due to an underlying heart condition I didnât know I had and everyone at divine recovery checked up on me to make sure I was ok. Helped me with anything I needed. Even the surgery dolls were so amazing! You leave there with friends and family, not just people who run a business. I have never felt more comfortable in my life!

Sam N Seli

Vivian Lucio

I had my surgery back on October 21,2021 and let me tell you how great this place is , the staff are very friendly , helpful and they are very welcoming !!! I felt like I was in my own home!!! The place was always clean !! I was heartbroken when I had to leave !!! I recommend this place !!! Everyone there was so sweet !! The food was on point !!! Love ya all and thanks for taking good care of my needs !!!

Arlene Jimenez

Lakeshia Laws

Kendall Roberson

What Other Unexpected Charges Could I Be Responsible For

FOXY Recovery House, After Surgery Care, Roxy Plastic Surgery

Dont reserve your stay unless you have a breakdown of everything that is included in the daily rate and everything that is offered à la carte. For example, are you responsible for the cost of gauze and bandages? Do the advertised on-site massages cost extra? Can you upgrade your meal plan? You also want to have a clear understanding of the cancellation policy, should anything come up at the last minute that would make you ineligible for surgery.

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Cosmetic Aftercare Of South Florida

is the premier aftercare recovery service for cosmetic surgery patients. It is not a coincidence that many of the top cosmetic surgeons in the South Florida area continually refer their valued clients to this team of caregivers. This is much more than routine or standard care, this is precise, detailed and personal one-on-one care with a deliberate purpose deliver the level of care that ensures and emphasizes safety and a recovery process that promotes proven healing measures and techniques.

The Dream Vision And Goal Of Cosmetic Aftercare

When you book with Cosmetic Aftercare you have a front row seat to observe, inspiration, dedication and unparalleled passion for a successful recovery.

Family isnt always blood even when our branches grow in different directions we are all from the same roots. Assisting you with your cosmetic surgery aftercare is our passion and the genuineness of our staff keeps us close together. Family means the world to us, so remove the idea of starting out as strangers and lets focus on recovery together, as one big happy family.

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Plastic Surgery Recovery Care

With over 18 years of experience in post-op care, well see you through the healing process. Our experienced nursing staff will check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen levels, and more.From ADLs , drainage care , arranging Lymphatic massages, patient education and family updates, we do it all.

What Are The Visitation Rules

Miami Recovery House

Too lax a visitation policy can be a red flag, says Dr. Vibhakar, since outside guests create excess noise and violate the privacy of those patients who are trying to rest and recover. If you have friends or family you cant stay with but still want to see while youre in town, its best to wait until youve recovered enough to meet them outside the recovery house.

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Will There Be A Licensed Caretaker Available 24/7

In terms of safety, this is the most important question to ask before booking a stay at a recovery house. Dr. Gregory Lakin, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, says that staffers should have patient-care experience and be licensed as a medical assistant , licensed practical nurse , registered nurse , or nurse practitioner .

Sometimes, youll have a nurse or another health professional who owns the house and serves as the face of the company but doesnt necessarily do the postoperative care, says Dr. Celestin. In some instances, Ive heard of patients being cared for by someone who is not a medical professional at all, which can be a surprise.

Once youve confirmed that the caretaker has the proper certifications, ask how many other patients they are responsible for. I wouldnt want to place my patient in a situation with a caregiver who has more than one or two patients. Theres no question that three or four individuals who just had surgery are going to have pain, medications to take, and different allergiesall that is going to be too much for one person to take care of, says Dr. Celestin.

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Request A Consultation To Help You Plan Ahead

An in depth consultation with our team will provide you with everything you need to know!

Post-op Preparation

Whether your are a plastic surgery vet or this is your first experience, we want you to be prepared. If you have speical requests, let’s talk!

Medical Conditions

We value your privacy and any medical conditions that you may have. We will discuss them during your consultation.

Pain Management

It’s important for us to learn what you can tolerate so that we can customize the package you choose and tailor to your specific needs.

Client Expecations

Your expectations matter. We will combine our expertise with your expectations to provide you with a memorable experience.


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About Us: Lush Recovery 305

Recovery Retreat House

Lush Recovery 305 is a safe and relaxing place where individuals can come and relax after any pre-op or post operation here in the Miami area. Having cosmetic surgery can be stressful and nerve wracking and that’s where we step in. If you are travelling to the South Florida area alone or with a friend, we offer individual post surgery and buddy packages geared towards cosmetic surgery patients.

Our retreat is not a medical facility, but rather a place to heal, obtain a piece of mind and to relax amongst others who share the same experiences with one another. We provide trained caregivers who will assist you with all of your post-op aftercare needs. Caregivers are first aid and CPR certified. Your health and safety are our top priorities. You are in good hands with us at Lush Recovery 305.

We accept all cosmetic surgery patients ranging from Breast Augmentations, Mommy Makeovers, BBL, 360 Lipo and more. Become a Lush Doll today!

What Exactly Is Included In The Meal Plan

Unlicensed ‘medical’ Airbnb advertise to plastic surgery patients in need of recovery

Three meals plus snacks is standard, says Dr. Vibhakar, but you should go a step further and ask the recovery house what a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like and then read reviews from former guests. Dr. Celestin says, Ive heard horror stories about some local recovery houses. They talk about how theyre going to give you three meals prepared by a chef, then the reviews say it was almost prison-stylesome gruel on a trayand you only get one or two meals. Make sure that the reviews about the food line up with what theyre selling in the package and on their websites.

Post-surgery, Dr. Celestin says, patients should avoid salt-rich meals, which can increase swelling. Its a safe bet that if the house is serving canned vegetables and microwavable foods, youre getting too much salt. Because my patients are likely going to be taking narcotics, I always recommend that they have a diet thats rich in leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables, to help prevent constipation. In addition to meals, there needs to be a lot of water being given to these patients. I wouldnt want them to run into a situation where theyre dehydrated simply because theyre given an allotment of three or four small bottles of water.

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Outpatient Surgery: Avana Plastic Surgery


8700 West Flagler Street Suite 250 Miami Fl 33174

Please take a look at the below guidelines, very important to keep in mind when making your travel and lodging arrangements:

One or several follow-up appointments with your surgeon are required to ensure prompt healing and recovery.
Eyelid Surgery 5 days Recovery is based on the type of procedure, whether it is local or general for upper or lower eyelids.
Labiaplasty 3 days While this is not an extensive procedure, patients are required to stay for at least three days before flying back home.

Will Someone Help Me To Shower Change My Dressings And Launder My Garments

It may seem obvious that the staff would help with these post-op needs, but you shouldnt assume thats the case. You want to clarify and have it in writing that all these things are included in your package, says Dr. Celestin. Basic details tend to fall through the cracks when there are too many guests and not enough caretakers doctors say its not uncommon to hear of patients having to assist other patients with garments and bandageswhich can lead to strain, injury, and infection.

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About Our Miami Recovery Suites

Our Swanky Airbnb RECOVERY SUITES provide Non-Medical assistance that promotes stress-free recovery from surgery. Located in the heart of the affluent area of Miami in the Coral Gables, Kendall, Doral, Downtown and Edgewood Miami neighborhoods. Our recovery suites are near some of the top cosmetic surgical centers in the country i.e CG Cosmetics, Premier Center for Cosmetic Surgery, 305 Plastic Surgery, Avana Plastic Surgery, Allure Plastic Surgery, Careaga Plastic Surgery, Mia Aesthetics and Seduction Cosmetic Center. Whether you are recovering from a lipo 360, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or a BBL Flirt & Flutter has you covered.

  • Recover faster with fewer complications.

  • Receive personalized care from a dedicated nurse (assistance with seroma care and drain if needed, recovery assistants, and massage therapist.

  • Avoid high costs and the risk of infection

  • Just focus solely on your beautiful results

Your stay includes a private 1 bedroom w/bathroom, 24 hour assistance after surgery, light meal prep, washer/dryer, assist w/dressing and bathing and lymphatic massages w/packages. Book our suite for a minimum of a 5 nights at $1750 for the entire stay. Includes two lymphatic post-lipo massages. Looking for a longer stay with a great price? Checkout our 6 night stay and get the 7th night free along with 3 complimentary lymphatic massages. Therefore book 6 nights plus one free for only $2100.


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