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Reviews On Lasik Eye Surgery

You Might Not Need Glasses Or Contacts

Lasik Plus Harrisburg PA Review

Over 90 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision after surgery. These patients usually dont need to wear contacts or glasses anymore.

Over 99 percent of patients achieve 20/40 vision. These patients may or may not need glasses for reading or driving.

Even if you dont get perfect vision, your reliance on glasses or contacts should be decreased dramatically by LASIK.

Questions about LASIK? to speak with an experienced Patient Counselor who can answer all your questions and set up a free consultation. No commitment required.

You Have Realistic Expectations

LASIK success rates are very high, but expecting perfect vision may not be realistic. Your surgeon cannot perfectly predict how your eyes will heal after surgery.

Also, its possible you might need to wear glasses after surgery, especially for reading or night driving.

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The Staff Was So Helpful Patient And Honest It Was A Smooth Experience From Beginning To End

I was wearing contacts and glasses for years and wanted to get vision correction for a long time. By profession, Im a designer so my eyesight is extremely important to me because its my livelihood. I did a lot of research and decided to just go with it. The SMILE procedure at MLC was life-changing. The morning after the procedure I woke up being able to see so clearly. I was so excited to see with my own bare eyes that I almost cried. Honestly, its the best thing thats happened to me in 2020!

Lily L., SMILE Patient

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Thank You For Giving Me A Sense Of Peace While Undergoing Eye Surgery And Equally As Important A New Outlook On Life

This has been something Ive been wanting to do and now as a new mom, I wanted to experience life with my son with corrected vision. I was able to take photos for his 1st birthday just 4 days after my surgery and it felt amazing being able to see everything that was going on! Dr. Buchsbaum gave me a step-by-step, hand-holding experience and I am forever grateful. My surgery was fast and pain-free. Just to put things into perspectivewhen he told me he was done performing surgery on my right eye, I couldnt believe it. I felt even more confident, having Dr. Buchsbaum perform my left eye. My only regret is not getting it sooner.Andreina R., SMILE Patient

I Cannot Believe How Easy This Entire Process Has Been

Have you been turned down for vision correction with LASIK? You could ...

I am one day post-op from the SMILE procedure and I CAN SEE! Huge thank you to Brad and Dr. Niksarli for taking such good care of me and keeping my mind at ease through the actual surgery. It didnt take long at all and I was shocked I was able to see the next day + wear eye makeup! I havent had any pain and I cannot recommend this enough to anyone considering it!

Dana K., SMILE Patient

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Lasik

Most individuals who are dependent on glasses or contacts to see well are candidates for LASIK, says Dr. Shamie. The age during which LASIK is an excellent option with lasting effects is when the prescription has stabilized but the aging of the eye hasnt yet started, which typically is between age 21 and ones early 40s, she says.

LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, with the degree of correction differing for each category.

Smile Benefits And Advantages

Research is showing SMILE produces virtually the same visual acuity as LASIK for the correction of nearsightedness, without the need to create a LASIK-style corneal flap.

In one study of 328 people who underwent the SMILE procedure, all but one had uncorrected visual acuity of 20/40 or better after surgery, and 88% had UCVA of 20/20 or better.

Also, it appears there may be less risk of dry eye symptoms after SMILE, compared with LASIK. SMILE does not require a large corneal flap like LASIK, so fewer corneal nerves are affected by the procedure. This may be why there is less risk of dry eyes after SMILE vs. LASIK.

The very small SMILE incision may also enable the cornea to maintain more of its strength and resistance to traumatic injuries after the procedure, compared with LASIK.

Also, research suggests SMILE eye surgery may be able to correct high amounts of nearsightedness than LASIK, with less risk of needing an enhancement procedure to attain a perfect correction.

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Lasik Surgery Reviews Come From Satisfied Patients

QualSight is committed to providing our patients with superior service while saving them money. We help to reduce the cost of LASIK for our patients by contracting directly with qualified LASIK surgeons across the country. That’s why we receive great LASIK surgery reviews. Today, 3 out of 4 Health Plans use QualSight as their LASIK Plan Manager. Please contact us for additional information or read some of the additional LASIK eye surgery reviews.

Results Couldnt Be Better

Lasik Eye Surgery Review 12 Years Later In Houston Texas

Dr. Niksarli and Brad are both fantastic people. I walked in having worn glasses for 17 years and walked out with 20:15 vision! Follow the instructions, take the eye drops, rest your eyes. I literally rode my motorcycle 1,636 miles a week after having LASIK done by them the first time Ive been able to ride without having to wear glasses under my helmet! Highly recommend them!

Brian A., LASIK PatientChief Executive Officer Alister & Paine Magazine

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Smile Eye Surgery Cost

Most U.S. refractive eye surgeons charge about the same price for SMILE eye surgery as they do for all-laser LASIKâ somewhere in the range of $2,000 to $3,000 per eye.

Factors that contribute to the fee surgeons charge for SMILE include:

  • The surgeon’s experience

  • Whether follow-up exams and enhancements are included

If I Could Give It More Than 5 Stars I Would

The most professional yet personable experience from the start to the end! Nicole was my first contact person and she was very thorough with information and she had so much patience answering my questions. On the day of the procedure, the entire staff and all of the Doctors at the center were so friendly, courteous, and extremely professional. They were all attentive and concerned about my well being and ensured my experience went smoothly.

The SMILE procedure was super smooth and painless. Dr. Buchsbaum explained every step to me and it made me less anxious knowing I was in good hands. I highly recommend this life changing procedure at Manhattan LASIK Center. Thank you Dr. Buchsbaum, Dr. Niksarli, and Staff for a professional, top notch, life changing service!

Ana M., SMILE Patient

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For Lasik Go To Georgia Eye Associates

LASIK has changed my life. I lead a very active lifestyle with my family and LASIK has removed the stress and the mess of dealing with contacts and glasses when Im out in the water or in the woods or even at the office all day. I love waking up in the morning and seeing my alarm clock. I dont worry about whether I have my glasses when driving at night or whether my eyes will be dry and tired from wearing my contacts all day. LASIK has made my life so much simpler!

Dr. Poland at Georgia Eye Associates explained everything about the procedure, and the staff made me feel extremely comfortable during the procedure. Because of the time and care Dr. Poland and his staff showed me, I would recommend Georgia Eye Associates to anyone interested in doing LASIK!

Jennifer C., TeacherLawrenceville, GA

What You Should Know

Lasik lasek prk smile ... what do they all mean?

It’s not easy to sort through the evidence about vision-correction surgery. Much of the research comes from surgeons who do the procedure and may be more likely to publish positive results. Critics have emergeddoctors and patientswho have expressed concern about the safety of the procedure. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration says on its Web site that the long-term safety and effectiveness of Lasik surgery is not known because there’s insufficient data. The FDA recently convened a panel that identified a number of concerns, and urged consumers to be aware of the risks and report problems with the surgery to the agency.

Currently the evidence shows that:

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Standard Lasik Vs Custom Lasik

These two laser eye surgery procedures will be offered to you before surgery, but which one to choose?

I personally went with the custom procedure because I wanted to reap the benefits of better night vision. Ive always had trouble driving at night, as oncoming traffic lights would practically blind me. If you go with the standard LASIK procedure, you may experience glares and halos around lights at night.

And then of course, cost comes into play. The price for the standard procedure can be less than the custom. But keep in mind that the prices for standard LASIK fluctuate depending on your personal prescription.

Youll know after the initial consultation and testing whether you are a candidate for eye surgery, and from there, youll know what the final costs will be. I highly recommend speaking to LASIK MD first hand and completing their patient approval process to see if you are a potential candidate for LASIK.

They were able to let me know my rate of regression which was around 10%. That means after the procedure, that is the rate my eyesight could decline again and it isnt very high. This percentage will help you choose whether or not youd want lifetime coverage with the company, if say you needed another procedure in a certain number of years after your initial procedure.

I Didnt Feel The Laser And The Procedure Was All Done In 7 Minutes

I had a 4-day recovery! I was nervous and excited at the same time. Dr. Buchsbaum was amazing not just because he laughed at all my jokes, but also because this was a life-changing procedure and my eyes were in his hands! I didnt feel the laser, and the procedure was all done in 7 minutes! I appreciate the comfort and all my questions being answered, and most importantly, my eyesight!

Melody H., PRK Patient

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What Could Go Wrong

A recent review of Lasik complications organizes adverse events as follows:

  • Problems that occur as a result of the flap that is created in the eye surface.
  • Problems that occur as a result of the laser application to the cornea.
  • Problems related to healing, infection, and inflammation.
  • Other problems.
  • Complications can be sorted into common , somewhat common , or rare .

    Occur more than 10% of the time
    Dry eyes
    Inaccurate measurement for glaucoma screening or treatment
    Somewhat common
    Occurs 1% to 10% of time
    Abnormal healing reaction
    Occurs less than 1% of time
    Bacterial infection
    Optic-nerve problem

    Choosing A Surgeon: Questions To Ask

    LASIK Eye Surgery Review (1 week Post-Op)

    If you want to be happy with your outcome, pay more attention to the surgeon who will operate on you than on the fanciness or convenience of the surgery center itself. In our nationally representative survey of 793 U.S. adults who had laser vision-correction surgery in the past eight years, satisfaction with one’s surgeon was one of the strongest predictors of overall satisfaction. Respondents who thought their surgeon conducted the proper tests and thoroughly counseled them on the risks and benefits were more satisfied with their surgeon.

    When you choose a surgeon ask if he or she is board-certified and experienced in performing procedures that involve the same equipment and technique that will be used in your surgery. Your surgeon should be able to discuss results, both short-term and long-term, of the surgery he or she has done. Specifically, find out how many patients no longer need glasses or contacts to do most of their daily activities, and how many complications patients have experienced.

    Here are questions we recommend you ask when consulting a surgeon about laser vision correction.

    What’s your training?

    Look for a board-certified ophthalmologist who has done at least 250 procedures a year, including many that involve the same equipment and technique that will be used in your surgery. Other credentials to look for are fellowships in corneal and refractive surgery, a related teaching position, and being published in professional journals.

    What’s your rejection rate?

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    It Was Worth Every Penny And Ive Never Been Happier

    I had been using glasses for over 20 years and it was time for a change MLC made it happen! During my consultation, the team made me feel very comfortable and secure about my decision to do the SMILE procedure. During the procedure everything went smoothly and the recovery till this day has been great.

    Miguel M., SMILE Patient

    How Does The Laser Eye Surgery Survey Compare With Clinical Studies

    Clinical studies usually include objective diagnostic measuresa blood test, a biopsycombined with a physical exam to assess whether treatment is effective. Clinical studies may also follow people over time. The results from the laser eye-surgery survey are self-reported accounts collected at one point in time How people recall experiences is inevitably shaded by their current disposition and things that have happened since the surgery.

    Clinical studies may be randomized controlled trials, considered the “gold standard” in medical research. They may permit comparison between relatively similar samples randomly assigned to treatment alternatives. They are the most definitive method we have for determining whether a treatment really works. Our medical team reviewed the limited data available from clinical trials on the topic of laser vision correction. But there are inherent limitations to these investigations, including small sample sizes, inadequate length of the study, and high dropout rates, as well as potential biases due to the source of funding for the trial.

    Our respondents were generally quite satisfied with their experiences with laser eye surgery since 2001. As with all surgical techniques, laser vision correction is an ever-changing field. In our data, the year of surgery made no difference in satisfaction, but it’s important to recognize that techniques change. These results are of laser vision correction procedures that have been available since 2001.

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    Can This Survey Help Me Decide Whether To Get Laser Eye Surgery

    This survey provides a real-life account of what it is like to have laser surgery to improve your eyesight. It sheds light on how people make decisions about laser eye surgeryShould I have it? Where should I have it? Who should perform the surgery?and how those decisions affect their vision outcomes and satisfaction. The survey also gauges how people’s lives are changed by their surgery. For instance, 60 percent of our respondents said they saw a marked improvement in their leisure time after their surgery, while only 28 percent found their relationships with people were better or much better.

    Are There Risks With Having Lens Replacement Surgery

    Lasik eye surgery has the number of benefits, you can get rid of ...

    Yes, this is a surgical procedure and there are always risks involved. This includes the rare risk of infection and inflammation that can lead to some reduced vision, a detached retina, or night vision problems.

    Talk to your surgeon about the risks for you, as they vary for each individual.

    Want to find out more? What you get from every company is very different so we’ve put together what you need to know about Laser eye surgery costs.

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    Concerned Contact Lens Wearer

    I was concerned about the effect my long-term contact lens use might be having on my corneas. This and the convenience of not having to worry about finding my glasses motivated me to have the procedure. Dr. Poland was very attentive, and the procedure went very smoothly. I would recommend Georgia Eye Associates to others interested in having LASIK.

    Kathie W, Nurse AnesthetistLawrenceville, GA

    The Next Day I Got Up At 8am And Ran 18 Miles

    I chose SMILE because I have an extremely active lifestyle, so it was very important to me that I get back to my lifestyle as quickly as possible. The procedure was extremely fast it was over for both eyes in 10 minutes. Having SMILE has been life changing. I no longer have to worry about my contacts when I am being active, and in the morning its a five minute ritual that I no longer have to do. Thank you MLC!

    Jarwei F., SMILE Patient

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    How Long Does Lasik Last

    Dr. Diaz notes that the effects of surgery on distance vision are permanent for the majority of people. In eyes with high refractive errormeaning more severe cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatismthere can be some regression over a period of years, though the vision rarely gets as bad as before surgery, he says.

    While LASIK is effective in improving vision for those who are nearsighted, Dr. Diaz points out that it does not prevent presbyopia, which is the age-related need for reading glasses. Patients should be aware that even though the distance vision will be good, they may still need glasses for up-close vision.

    When To Get A Second Opinion: Look For These Red Flags

    Laser eye surgery review. The LASIK Vision Institute LVI

    If your surgeon minimizes the chance of complications, assures you that the surgery will enable you to get rid of your glasses forever, urges you to proceed as soon as possible, or is vague about the procedure or laser, be sure to get a second opinion.

    Ideally, a conscientious surgeon will explain the risks and benefits to you rather than have someone else or a video do so. Videos are usefulpictures can be worth a thousand wordsbut it’s up to your surgeon to make sure you have a full understanding of what the complications could be well before your surgery day.

    Prospective patients should watch for the following warning signs that they might be in the wrong center or have the wrong surgeon. Hit the brakes if staff members or doctors say or imply that:

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