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Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Cost

Infographic: Things To Consider Before Getting Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks

Plastic Surgery Update: Stretch Mark Removal for Men & More

Laser treatment for stretch mark removal appears magical at first glance and is largely effective. However, the procedure isnt always suitable for everyone, and the results may differ. Moreover, you must consider a few practical concerns before opting for the procedure. See the infographic below to learn more.

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Laser stretch mark removal is considered an effective treatment option to fade the stretch marks. If you have severe or old stretch marks, you may opt for laser treatment. However, consult a doctor to determine your suitability for the treatment and understand its pros and cons. They can guide you about the results to expect, aftercare procedures, and what else can be done to improve their appearance . This will help prevent unwanted side effects and other complications and ensure that you get the best results.

How Long Will The Results Last

Results vary depending on the gravity of your stretch marks and how early you have stretch mark removal treatments. Patients can expect a 20%-60% decrease in the appearance of stretch marks and experience the benefits permanently. To note, laser stretch mark removal does not stop the formation of new stretch marks, and patients should maintain a healthy weight, lifestyle, and diet after their stretch mark removal treatment.

See You Later Stretch Marks

While stretch marks arent harmful or painful, they can make it hard to feel confident about your body, especially when it comes to wearing bathing suits and other skin-baring styles. Luckily, the frustrating marks on your skin can be minimized. We can reduce red stretch marks, diminish white marks, improve the texture and make them look better, even in some cases so that you cant see them very easily, says Dr. Brian Zelickson, Director of the Zel Skin and Laser Center in Minneapolis.

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Stretch Mark Procedure Costs

“Treatment prices will vary from $300-500 for micro-needling to several thousand dollars for laser and bio-volumizer injections,” says Dr. Shah. “It is important to note that most patients will need multiple treatments to get the best results, and they should budget accordingly.”

While they aren’t cheap, the good news is that these procedures have a pretty short recovery time. “Most recovery takes less than 1 week, and full results will be seen in 6 months after treatments are completed,” says Dr. Shah.

Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks Cost In India

SM10600CCa Laser Stretch Mark &  Scar Removal Anti

The cost of stretch marks removal in India ranges between Rs 3,500 to Rs 5,500 per session. However the overall cost varies based on factors like area of the skin to be treated, skin type, strength of stretch marks, experience of dermatologist and underlying health condition.

While stretch marks can tax on an individuals aesthetic appeal, laser treatments can be effectively used to tackle the issue putting you back on the track of flawless skin.

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How Stretch Marks Form

What you may not know is that a stretch mark is a scar. While they typically diminish over time, they never completely disappear. During a period of rapid growth like puberty or pregnancy, the dermis can not produce enough fibroblasts to support the stretched skin. This leads to dermal and epidermal tearing. When the dermis tears, it forms scars or stretch marks.

Tips For Effective Stretch Mark Removal

A lot of people are looking for effective stretch mark removal methods to get rid of those ugly marks. There are many stretch mark removal solutions and methods have been recommended in recent years but remember that not all of this solutions may be effective for you.

Permanent stretch mark removal is not realistically possible but you can use various methods and home remedies to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and prevent them from developing.

One of the most effective stretch mark removal methods is laser treatment, which involves a beam of laser light that focuses on the affected area in order to eliminate the thin layers of the skin. This results to the elimination of the scar tissue that produces stretch marks. After the laser treatment, the skin starts to heal and the production of new tissues happens that replaces the eliminated scarred layers. Laser treatment for stretch marks usually takens about twenty minutes to one hour, depending on the extent of the condition. In addition, you may need to undergo a series of laser treatments if your stretch marks are severe. Negative side effects are uncommon but change in color or swelling may occur temporarily.

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The Stretch Mark Removal Procedure Process

Dr. Beauty uses high-end laser technology to effectively reduce the appearance of striae and smooth the skin. A provider will numb the area with topical anesthetic then emit concentrated rays of light on targeted stretch mark areas to stimulate new collagen growth and expedite the scars natural healing process. Icon, PicoWay, and our Icon Three For Me fractional laser stretch mark removal is considered a skin resurfacing treatment and effectively smooths, tones, and promotes healthy skin in problem areas.

What Are The Post

Does This Stretch Mark Removal Procedure Work?

After abdominoplasty, doctors always encourage petients to engage in light work after a few days’ rest. Patients should do work to keep themselves active but must be careful to not strain themselves. This ensures that the blood keeps circulating in the legs. Patients should also sleep on their backs for a week or two after the surgery. Patients have to wear an abdominal binder for a few weeks to minimize the swelling and ensure a compact shape of the abdomen.

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How Is Stretch Marks Removal Treatment Done

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as tummy tuck, is the surgical procedure that is used for the removal of stretch marks present on the belly. There are no surgical techniques to remove stretch marks from other parts of the body as of yet. In abdominoplasty, excess skin is removed from the middle and lower abdominal regions. This tightens the abdominal muscles and all the stretch marks go away with the excess skin.

Another technique that is employed for the removal of stretch marks is laser therapy. In laser therapy, a precise and high-intensity beam of light is shined on the layers of skin around the stretch marks. The laser therapy does not do away with stretch marks completely like abdominoplasty but makes them significantly lighter.

How To Avoid Stretch Marks

There are several ways you can help to avoid stretch marks:

  • Avoid rapid weight gain
  • Eat a diet rich in Vitamins C, D, E, zinc and protein. These are all building blocks of collagen and can help decrease the risk of stretch marks

There are several creams that can be effective in preventing stretch marks:

  • Trofolastin cream

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Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

The procedure is amazingly simple. The laser is actually a handheld device about the size of a microphone, with round treatment areas of 10, 12 and 15 millimeters. Laser strengths can range from 3 to 70 millijoules, depending on optimum settings and hand piece. The device has a rolling, cooling feature that coincides with the laser pulses. Dr. Rubinstein or one of his highly skilled laser staff will apply the laser tip to the site. You will hear a click and possibly feel a small pinch as the laser fires. Then the process repeats until the area has been treated. Over the course of several treatments, the dermis consistently repairs itself with fresh, elastic, voluminous skin.

How Do Laser Stretch Marks Treatments Work


Laser stretch mark removal is ideal for people seeking to minimize the appearance of stretch marks associated with pregnancy, hormonal changes, fluctuations in weight, or even certain medications that can make a person more susceptible to stretch marks. We use the ICON1540 fractional laser it works by using fractional laser light to break down stretch marks and naturally trigger healthy, new tissue growth, collagen and elastin. This process helps improve the skins texture, resulting in healthier and smoother-looking skin. Laser stretch mark treatments are safe for all skin types* and have little to no downtime.

*Darker skin tones may require more laser stretch mark treatments due to being prone to hyperpigmentation.

An average stretch mark treatment session usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area being treated. After your treatment, you may notice some redness or sensitivity similar to a sunburn, but you can plan on returning to your normal daily routine right away without any downtime.

Alternatively, we may recommend the Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment for those who have skin laxity and stretch marks from prior pregnancies for example. The Morpheus8 has the added benefit of skin tightening.

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What To Expect From Your Laser Treatment

It is essential to know that for the laser skin treatment for relieving form stretch marks, you need to plan on several sessions that can help you gain more significant outcomes. The number of sessions you require will depend on the nature of your stretch marks and the kind of laser used. 4 treatments with a couple of weeks between every therapy is good.

It is also good to gain expectations that will not witness the complete removal of the stretch marks after the end of the laser treatment sessions. According to the reports, about 20-60% of positive results in removing stretch marks are visible. The laser treatments are generally are outpatient processes and should be performed by certified professionals.

You can start by consulting your doctor, where your health history and current medications will be checked, and your desired outlook noted. Then, the doctor will numb the area to be treated with topical anesthesia when you return for your session. You can feel discomfort as the laser beam is moved over the troubled area.

What To Expect After A Laser Stretch Mark Removal

The treatment will often induce a bruise in the target area, so red marks can appear darker for 1-2 weeks before they start fading. The patient might experience some temporary redness and swelling of the stretch marks for a couple of days but can immediately return to regular activities.

The new approaches to laser stretch mark removal sees a 30- 75% improvement in red, white, or silvery mature stretch marks after a series of treatments. Patients usually require 4-6 sessions over a four to six month period.

The improvement in stretch mark appearance from the program should last one or more years. In order to indefinitely maintain the improved appearance, a simple maintenance program with a fractional radiofrequency or laser device is recommended once every 4-6 months.

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Stretch Mark Treatment Options At Bella Medspa

We offer two stretch mark removal options at Bella Medspa: CO2 laser treatments and microneedling. Our medical esthetician will recommend the option thats right for you based on your skin type, medical history, and the extent of your stretch marks. Contact us at 484-341-8239 to schedule a free consultation with one of our staff members.

Cost Of Treatment In India

How to Treat Scars and Stretch Marks – Dr. Anthony Youn

The cost of stretch mark removal can be different depending on various factors. The approximate expense of fractional laser therapy for stretch mark removal will cost around 5000-15000 INR and it can vary from one to another. The approximate cost for excisional surgery for stretch mark removal may cost up to 130000 INR in India and there are different factors as well.

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Options For White Stretch Marks

Older stretch marks are more difficult to treat, and the results are generally less impressive. This is because the effectiveness of your natural repair system is the most critical determinant of treatment response. This, unfortunately, cannot be quantified. On the other hand, a healthy diet, exercise, and not smoking improve your innate repair. Tixel, CO2 laser and RF skin needling are two older methods for removing stretch marks. This can be combined with Vitamin A cream, which aids in regenerating new collagen.

What is the procedure for laser stretch mark removal?

Older Stretch Marks Can Be Treated With Tixel Or Co2 Laser:

Older stretch marks have fewer blood vessels and appear as a whitish scar. As a result, they are more challenging to treat. The older best stretch mark treatment is radiofrequency skin needling combined with CO2 or Erbium laser resurfacing. These treatments can be combined with other collagen-inducing procedures, such as PRP.

  • It takes 3-5 treatments
  • Treatments are spaced four weeks apart.
  • To ensure that the stretch mark treatment is tolerated, the skin is numbed before the laser treatment.
  • Cream for stretch marks.

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Laser Options For Red/ Purple Stretch Marks

Early red stretch marks can be removed with a laser.

Early red to purple stretch marks are easier to treat with a vascular laser and Stratamark stretch mark cream. Though laser stretch mark removal does not restore the skins original appearance, significant improvement is usually achieved. It is best to begin planning for stretch mark removal while pregnant. Stratamark is safe to use during pregnancy, and once youve given birth, start vascular laser stretch mark treatment as soon as possible. Vitamin A cream on prescription can be used.

The Prices For More Stretch Mark Removal Procedures

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Singapore

It can cost $75 to $600 to get a chemical peel every time you get one. There is a wide range in price for a microdermabrasion session, from $75 to $150. It costs between $50 and $150 for a session of blue light therapy.

Multiple treatments may be needed to get the most out of any procedure. If you want to keep the results, you may need to buy special skincare products that can cost up to $750. Consult your dermatologist to find out if there is a package deal that includes multiple treatments and skincare products that you can get.

A bad idea is to let your bad credit history keep you from looking and feeling your best, which is bad. With Compassionate Finances no-hassle financing, you can get the surgery you want.

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Are The Results Of The Treatment Permanent

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes all stretch marks from the affected part of the skin permanently. Laser therapy can’t make the marks completely invisible but definitely makes them considerably lighter. The other home remedies also work but they take a lot more time than the other methods. It can be said that the results are more or less permanent.

How Much Does Surgery Cost

Undergoing a tummy tuck to get rid of stretch marks is by far the most expensive stretch mark treatment. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of an abdominoplasty is more than $5000. However, the cost of the surgical procedure can vary widely depending on the technique being used by the doctor. A tummy tuck is a wholly cosmetic procedure, so it is extremely unlikely that the procedure would be covered by health insurance.

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Which Oil Is Good For Stretch Marks

Based on the research, there are 12 types of essential oils that are known to play a key role in minimizing Stretch Marks. The most essentials among them include argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and vitamin E oil. These oils when applied on the skin topically or when consumed, do help to improve the skin elasticity as well as maintain adequate hydration of the skin. Retention of the moisture in the skin and renewal of the damaged cells is important for the growth and repair of the cells, leading to healthy skin.

Summary: Stretch is well known to be reduced by an application of different types of oils including almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil. These oils are rich in properties like moisture retention which is important to reduce Stretch Marks.

Benefits Of A Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Marks Eraser Laser Treatment | How to remove stretch mark

Reduce the Appearance of Stretch MarksThe quick and pain-free treatment can greatly reduce the appearance of unattractive stretch marks, both red and white.

Self ConfidenceRestore your body confidence and show off your new look in all the clothing you previously shied away from.

Noticeable ResultsUnlike at-home treatment, patients will see noticeable results at the end of the program.

No DowntimeThe non-invasive nature means patients can immediately resume regular activities after a treatment session.

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Nd: Yag Laser For White Stretch Marks

Neodymium laser combines high efficiency and safety. The neodymium laser principle is based on the fact that the laser beam affects the tissue directly from the inside without compromising the healthy skin integrity. Neodymium laser is considered the safest it is difficult to burn the skin using such a device, adhering to the technology of the procedure.

The best effects of the neodymium laser can be achieved when treating fresh pink or red stretch marks. And neodymium laser can reduce old, white striae to barely noticeable with this method.

This method is also called laser heating because it is based on warming human biological tissues to a certain depth with a neodymium laser. Influencing the deep layers of the dermis by systematically heating them to a temperature of 65-70 degrees, the neodymium laser provokes the stimulation of collagen fibers, which accelerate the process of tissue healing, smooth the skin microrelief, and make it elastic and firm.

Before and after Nd: YAG stretch mark laser removal

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