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Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery West Ashley

My Breast Lift Experience: Savannah @bohoandbows

Cast Removal Aftercare and Nasal Taping Discussion with Ashley – RHINOPLASTY Q& A WITH DR. BUONASSISI

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery offers patients a comprehensive, lifelong approach to self-confidence and beauty. Founded and led by award-winning surgeon dr. Dennis Schimpf, this practice is one of the best known in the state of South Carolina and is comprised of a group of surgeons and medical professionals. With personalized one-on-one attention, the team helps patients achieve their beauty goals using both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic plastic surgery. Embracing a state-of-the-art facility, the team utilizes the latest technology and precise surgical techniques that consistently deliver surprising results for patients.

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery has three offices located at 900 Island Park Drive in Daniel Island, 102 West 8

North Street in Summerville and at 265 Gardeners Circle on Kiawah Island. Learn more about our approach to confidence and beauty at As many of you know, I had a breast reduction last summer . You can read all the reasons why I chose this procedure in a previous post here, but in short, my goal is to remove as much breast tissue as possible to mathematically reduce my risk of developing breast cancer, or at least I do. The first diagnosis of each bone is easier.

More Life Lately + Lulu Shorts Difference

I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the cancellation so I didnt have to wait long and had both procedures done in February at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in Summerville. I had almost no anxiety before this surgery. I wasnt terribly nervous before the last hour, but the anticipation leading up to the day of my surgery made me nervous at times. I dont have that this time, but I honestly feel like Im visiting old friends again when I get to the hospital for surgery. Its almost a social event for me, with a good nights sleep in between.

Everything went incredibly well. Ph.D. Schimpf always visits his patients before entering the office to make sure everyone is on the same page and to ensure there are no changes in the clients wishes. We said that one of my eyelids was a little lower than the other, and he pointed my eyebrows upwards. I also showed him pictures of some very flat chested athletes to make sure he understood how low I was willing to go with my reduction. I recommend doing this with each surgeon, as words can leave a lot to interpretation. Definitions like small C or full B cup can mean something a little different to everyone. Where the visual reveals what is intended.

I am happy with my results with both methods. I wanted to post this little update now for those who arent on instagram, but when I get to six months post surgery Ill share my before/after photos as my wound has a lot of healing to do. until then.

Jenna Haines Patient Care Coordinator

Jenna was born and raised here in the low country. There is nothing she adores more than being a mother to her two children, Harbour and Remley. When shes not at work you can catch her doing activities with them or anything outdoors and in the sun. Youll see Jenna primarily at our Nexton and Summerville locations with her wonderful smile greeting you at the front desk.

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Charleston Sc Plastic Surgeons & Plastic Surgery Articles

It is recommended that you perform your own physical exam and consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering any plastic surgery procedure so that he or she can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with Sweetgrass to discuss your options. They really have such an amazing staff and top notch surgeons! From dermal fillers and injections, to chemical peels and laser treatments, to body and face contouring pampering yourself and your skin just got a whole lot richer on Daniel Island. But you can bring your favorite time

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Lea Cates Licensed Esthetician

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Lea was born and raised in Columbia South Carolina where she received my esthetician license back in 2015. Most of her practice has been done in spa settings where she gained the knowledge of care for patients through healing hands, beauty, and skincare. Although, Growing up with family in the Medical setting Lea knew thats where she wanted to end up. She started that goal by moving to Charleston as a medical esthetician and working here at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery. Leas passion is to make people feel confident in their own skin. She lives a lifestyle of being healthy and active and likes to educate her clients on how to incorporating that lifestyle with good skin. In her free time you can find Lea working out, spending time with family, and her German Shepard.

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About Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Charleston

Charlestons rich history, well-preserved architecture, distinguished restaurants, wonderful beaches, vibrant theater scene, and well-mannered residents have made the city a popular tourist destination. Internationally known as the most polite and hospitable city in America, or Americas Most Friendly City, residents of Charleston enjoy a city replete with many historic buildings, art and historical museums, and other attractions.

One of the unique amenities of living in Charleston is Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery, which can be found at 900 Island Park Drive, Suite 104, between Seven Farms Drive and Central Island Street, just by the Circle K. Sweet success starts for our patients with a free consultation, so why not schedule your session today.

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Daniel Island20 Fairchild Street, Suite 104 Daniel Island, SC 29492

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Italian Festival Summerville, Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in Summerville wants you to come and join the fun at the Italian Festival in downtown Summerville on Saturday, April 26th.

Italian Festival Summerville, Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in Summerville wants you to come and join the fun at the Italian Festival in downtown Summerville on Saturday, April 26th.

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Monica Eisemann Insurance & Patient Care Coordinator

Monica loves the change of scenery after being in Denver, CO for the past 5 years. After working in Medical Spa management for 10 years, Monica was thrilled to take a position that puts her back in front of the patients. On a daily basis you will find her explaining procedures, answering questions, offering guidance, quoting fees and scheduling Dr. Bosserts patients. Working as the Insurance and Patient Care Coordinator combines her love of medical aesthetics and achieving patient satisfaction on a personal level. While she is not at work, Monica is out exploring her new home with her teenage son, husband and their 4 dogs.

Rentia Rose Cosmetic Surgery Scheduler

Ashley’s Full Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr. Buonassisi | 8 West Clinic, Vancouver

Rentia was born and raised in South Africa where most of her family still resides. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelors in Psychology. Rentia enjoys traveling overseas with her teenage daughter, trying new restaurants downtown and hitting golf balls at the driving range. Rentias background is in luxury spa management and aesthetics has always been an interest of hers. Rentia meets with patients following their consultation with one of our 3 surgeons to give price quotes, discuss financial options, answer questions and schedule surgeries. As Surgical Coordinator, she serves as a personal contact for patients through their surgical process. Her primary focus is to educate patients, assist them through their surgical journey and put patients at ease.

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Alyssa Fankhouser Cst Operating Room Manager

Alyssa grew up in Greenville, SC and made Charleston her home in August of 2019. She graduated with her Surgical Tech degree in November of 2012 bringing almost 10 years of experience in the operating room. She loves being able to help take care of others and truly loves scrubbing in on surgeries. Alyssa enjoys going to the beach, traveling and cooking. She is so excited to be a part of the Sweetgrass team!

Vicky Tolbert Mba Practice Manager

Vicky is a true Charleston native. She graduated from the College of Charleston and also has her MBA with concentration in Health Care Management. She has over 20 years experience working in healthcare. She previously worked with Dr. Schimpf and Dr. Blum at the Medical University of South Carolina before entering into private practice. In her free time, Vicky is busy with her twin girls that love to play at the beach, pool, and park.

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Dennis Schimpf Md Mba Facs

Dr. Dennis Schimpf is a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who helps people discover their own definition of beauty every day. He and his team perform more than 2,000 face and body enhancement procedures every year.

Dr. Schimpf is the founder, CEO, and managing partner of Loopit, a platform that gathers physician reviews from real patients. Hes also a sought-after speaker and author.

Coming Soon to West Ashley 1014 St. Andrews Boulevard Charleston SC, 29407


Excellence In Plastic Surgery In Charleston Sc

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At Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery, we deliver aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic surgery solutions to the residents of Charleston County and the surrounding communities, with offices in Charleston, Summerville, Kiawah Island and Daniel Island. You deserve to look and feel your very best, and our staff of compassionate caregivers focused exclusively on your needs. Our primary goal is to enhance, rejuvenate and invigorate your sense of self-confidence by identifying, addressing and treating any cosmetic issues and concerns you may have. Our practice is known for precision, particularly when it comes to helping our patients achieve their aesthetic dreams through advanced facial and body contouring solutions.

Meet the doctors

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Lindsay Harris Licensed Aesthetician

Lindsay recently joined us after moving from Atlanta, Georgia but is originally from Northwest Ohio. She has been a licensed Aesthetician since 2009. From there she worked for spas and a luxury cosmetic line, until she found her true passion in Medical Aesthetics, working on both the face and body. She loves all aspects of the Aesthetics industry, yet prefers the ability to use advanced technology to achieve the best results on her patients. She also values nutrition and fitness, and encourages her patients to radiate the best version of themselves. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and two terriers.

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Opens Operating Room On Daniel Island & Announces Plans For New State

The practices second operating room and future surgery center will enable award-winning surgeons to meet patient demand while conveniently serving patients throughout the Charleston Tri-County

Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery has opened a new operating room in the Daniel Island office located at 900 Island Park Drive. This is the practices second operating room , with the original OR located at the Summerville office. Sweetgrass is also set to open a new state-of-the-art surgery center in West Ashley later this year.

We were maxed out and operating five days a week at our Summerville operating room, said Dr. Dennis Schimpf, award-winning surgeon and owner of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery. It was clear we needed to add a second operating room to meet the patient demand, and we chose to expand at our Daniel Island location to make it much more convenient for patients located East of the Cooper and in the surrounding areas.

At Sweetgrass we are proud to have patients with extreme satisfaction and incredible results post-surgery, added Dr. Schimpf. Our surgical team and entire staff are highly educated and tenured medical professionals. We utilize the most modern, cutting-edge treatments and precise surgical procedures that keep the length of surgery and down time to a minimum, continue to become less invasive for better healing, and help our patients reach their beauty goals.

About Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery:

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About Dr Dennis Schimpf

I am very happy with my results after the surgery. My eyes have healed well and my breasts honestly look pretty good, but having small and perfectly large breasts is not my main goal.

After a good 6-7 months of treatment, I went to another amazing surgeon, Dr. Dennis Schimpf, founder of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery, and I discussed the less invasive option of going back and removing more tissue with liposuction, but. The second time we decided to make a second cut. The second reduction will only require one incision under each breast, so in my opinion there is no risk of breast necrosis.

At the end of my term, dr. Schimpf asked if there was anything else he could do to help me, and without thinking too much, I asked him if I was a good adoption advocate. With all the mask wearing over the past year, Ive really made myself hyper-aware of my aging eyes and the crepey skin under my eyes. He took a good look and moved the skin around my eyes, probably to make sure there was enough skin to work with. He explained that while there are non-invasive treatments that can help tighten the skin, I probably wont be happy with the results as I may go through a surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty. He said we could do both reduction and eyelid surgery at the same time, and he suggested we do the upper lid as well, and Im glad he did. It was not clear to me at the time how my upper lid was a covering, as I was well adapted to my cpeey under the skin.

Storm Alexis Gandy Rn

My Rhinoplasty Experience | From Surgery to Recovery

Storm Alexis comes to us from Columbia, SC. She graduated from the University of South Carolina Upstate with a bachelors degree in nursing. Her nursing career started out in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit before making the change to Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery. Storm Alexis couldnt be happier with her decision and enjoys getting to interact with patients throughout the consultation process in clinic and then seeing them in the OR. It is her favorite part of the job! When she is not working, Storm Alexis loves spending time at the beach and hanging out with friends!

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Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Opens New Luxury Medical Spa On Di

From dermal fillers and injectables, to chemical peels and laser treatments, to body contouring and facials pampering yourself, and your skin, just got a whole lot more plentiful on Daniel Island. And you can bring along your favorite seasonal latte or nitro cold brew. The new Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Spa is officially open for business, right next door to the Starbucks at 20 Fairchild Street.

This location is going to solely cater to cosmetic aspects of skin care, with some non-invasive body contouring, things that can be done without surgery, said Dr. Dennis Schimpf, a board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery.

And selecting a site in the heart of the communitys town center area was intentional. One hundred percent it was about exposure, noted Schimpf, who liked the visibility the location offered, as well as its convenience and accessibility for clients.

The practice also has a separate medical office and operating room on Daniel Island, at 900 Island Park Drive. In addition, they have practices in Summerville and Kiawah, and are planning on opening a new full service location in West Ashley. The Daniel Island spa is designed for a specific type of clientele.

Facilities like this that are efficient and sleek, not very big, but set up in the right way, they can be very comfortable and can do a lot of things without the feeling of being in a doctors office, said Schimpf.


Natalie Garber Medical Assistant

Natalie was born and raised in Ohio. She graduated from THE Ohio State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree. She always dreamt about escaping the cold and after getting married, her and her husband moved to Charleston. Natalie worked in veterinary medicine for 8 years before deciding to make the switch to human medicine. She is currently pursuing her degree as an RN. Outside of work and school, Natalie enjoys exercise, including Crossfit and weight lifting, being outdoors, traveling and spending time with her husband, friends and dogs. Youll find Natalie at all our locations at different days of the week assisting your provider with your consults, pre-op, and post-op appointments!

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Dennis Schimpf Md Mba On Linkedin: #goloopit #loopitreviews #healthandwellness

In another practice on Daniel Island, the surgeons lead, dr. Dennis Schimpf, Ph.D. Craig Blum et al. Clayton Crantford, will be able to complete 10 to 25 IV anesthesia surgeries per month as his use increases over time. The addition is one step closer to the practices goal of opening a state-of-the-art surgical center with multiple offices and procedure rooms. The office will be located in West Ashley and open before the end of 2019. Once complete, Sweetgrass will have offices in Summerville, West Ashley and Daniel Island.

At Sweetgrass, we are proud to have patients who are extremely satisfied with their post-surgery results, said Dr. Schimpf added. Our team of surgeons and all staff are highly educated and medical professionals. We use modern treatments and precise surgical techniques that prolong operations and reduce downtime to a minimum, continue to break ground for better treatments and help our patients reach their beauty goals.

Unlike a typical medical facility, the surgical facility at Sweetgrass Plastic is designed with an elegant reception style to make patients feel comfortable from exam to procedure to surgery.

Follow @SweetgrassPlasticSurgery on Facebook and Instagram to see amazing patient results and learn more about Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery and Drs. Dennis Schimpf at

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