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Toe Shortening Surgery Recovery Time

How Can I Book An Appointment Online With A Doctor For Toe Shortening Surgery


Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find doctors for Toe Shortening Surgery and book appointments instantly. You can search for doctors for Toe Shortening Surgery or any other visit reason. Then, enter your desired appointment location and choose your insurance plan. Based on that information, youll see a list of providers who meet your search criteria, along with their available appointment slots.

How Much Does Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost

How much is the toe lengthening surgery cost exactly? Of course, the price will vary on a few factors, such as the experience and skill of your surgeon, the complexity of the case, and even the state where youre having the procedure.

On average, this procedure costs around $2,500. It can be more, but it can be less, as it all depends on each individual case.

You should be prepared for the possibility that your medical insurance wont cover toe lengthening, even when its medically necessary. If were talking about a strictly cosmetic procedure, you surely wont be compensated for it. If you have more than one toe fixed, the price will be higher, logically.

Walking After Toe Surgery

Walking after toe-shortening surgery will depend greatly upon which toe received the surgery.

If it was performed on the 4th or 5th toe, mobility and a return to normal shoe wear is usually assured rather quick because these toes are not integral to the propulsion process involved in walking.

In the case of the second toe, recovery is certain to take more time because it is vital to maintaining momentum while walking.

In Conclusion

Our specialists are always here to help!

Our collective caring and highly professional staff offer treatment plans that are customized to suit the individual needs of all of our patients.

We understand and are constantly challenged by the fact that all feet are unique as is every patient that passes through their doors in need of professional attention.

We are dedicated to eliminating foot pain and restoring the quality of life that everyone deserves!

No matter where you are throughout Florida, the country or the world, schedule an in-person or virtual consultation today and let our minimally invasive, surgical procedures reshape your feet and your life!

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Consult With Your Doctor Before The Surgery

If you have painful feet, contact your doctor and ask about potential treatment. At Luxe Foot Surgery, we can help you cure your hammertoe and walk again without any pain or issue.

We perform minimally invasive foot surgery in the office and provide various medical services that improve patients health and well-being.

Our doctors will show you how to properly care for your feet before and after surgical procedures and in general. Contact us for more information via a form on our website or phone. Were open Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM and Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

What Is A Long Toe

Recovery for Hammer Toe/Toe Shortening Surgery: Day 1

The most common cause of the long toe is genetic issue. The second toe is one of the most common long toes convincing the patients to undergo toe shortening surgery. The most common complaints of the patients include pain encroaching toenails and pain at the top of the toe. The long toe continuously hits the inside of the shoe, causing friction and inducing continuous pain.

Patients having long toes may also have hammer toe problems. In this condition, the middle toes are usually bent in an upward direction leading toward calluses or corns. Long toes affecting the second and third toes are known as Mortons toes. The most common problems arising from this condition are as follows:

  • Digital deformities
  • Difficulty in finding accurate shoe sizes to accommodate long toes
  • Shoes rubbing over the joints cause frictional pain and may also cause callus, swellings, or corns.

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Toe Shortening And Straightening Surgeons

We have invited a selection of the country’s very best consultants to join us at the Cadogan Clinic so that you can be sure that whatever the nature of your treatment, you will be seeing one of the top practitioners in the country.

How long is Toe Shortening Surgery Recovery?

Recovery from toe shortening surgery, or any other type of toe surgery, varies depending on which method was used and which toes were operated on. You should keep the leg rested and elevated for 48 hours after surgery and mobilise when advised by your consultant. This will help the healing process.

You should be able to return to day-to-day activities, such as normal walking and driving, from two weeks, although this may take longer. The total healing process takes in the region of six to eight weeks. However a full recovery may take as long as six months. Factors that may delay the healing process include smoking and drinking alcohol. Keep wounds dry and clean.

It is vital that you follow all the aftercare advice issued by your surgeon. Failure to do so may delay the healing process or affect the final result.

As part of your toe shortening surgery at the Cadogan Clinic, you will have access to comprehensive, 24/7 post-operative aftercare courtesy of our specialist cosmetic nurses.

How soon can I walk after toe shortening or straightening?

What footwear will I need following surgery?

What are the causes of a long toe?

There are several causes of a long toe.

What Causes A Long Toe

Compared to other foot conditions that are the result of lifestyle choices , long toes are a consequence of genetics. So, its a hereditary condition.

The toe in question might be significantly longer than the rest of the toes, but there is also the case where the adjacent toes are shorter than normal, making the long toe appear drastically long, even if its regular-sized. Another possibility is the presence of a bunion deformity on the big toe, which can make the second toe functionally longer. In that case, there might be a complication in the form of crossing the big and the second toe.

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How Do I Know If I Need Toe Shortening Surgery

If you have a toe that is longer than the other toes and sticking out, it may be causing pain on the tip of the toe, thick calluses, and open wounds. It may also interfere with wearing shoes comfortably, walking, or other activities. If you would like to keep your toe from deforming further or simply improve its appearance, then you might want to consider toe shortening surgery.

What Conditions Can Toe Shortening And Straightening Help


There are three common foot deformities that can be helped by toe straightening or toe shortening surgery.

Crooked toes

There are several different types of crooked toe, including mallet toe , claw toe , overlapping toe and adductovarus toe .

The cause of crooked toes varies, but they may be caused by tight or poorly-fitting footwear, joint damage, nerve damage, obesity or an hereditary condition. Crooked toes can also be the result of previous injury or trauma, for example, caused by a broken toe that did not heal properly.

Crooked toes dont always hurt and, depending on the type and the cause, they may correct themselves. Simple lifestyle changes, such as changing your footwear or losing weight, can also help. However some crooked toes, if left untreated, can cause pain, inability to move the toe and further foot injury and deformity, including corns, calluses and open sores. Crooked toe surgery may involve cutting or removing some of the toe joint and rotating the toe to make it straight.

Angular toes

Angular toes, when your big toe is pointing towards the other toes on the same foot, are often caused by the presence of bunions on the side of the big toe.

Toe straightening surgery can return the toes to their natural position while getting rid of the bunion which caused them to deviate in the first place.

Hammer toes

If you are unable to flex your toes then hammer toe surgery is the only option to restore movement.

Words from our clients:

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When To Seek Treatment For A Short Toe

How do you know it is the right time to seek treatment? First and foremost, if youre experiencing any level of pain , theres no reason to put up with it reach out to your doctor and get a consultation to find out more about the surgery. Of course, pain isnt the only significant problem discomfort while walking, weight-bearing, or during any activities is also a sign to get medical help. You might also notice that the deformity is worsening over time or that your regular shoes can no longer fit due to the toe elevation.

In some cases, there may be none of these symptoms, but the short toe will still be a cosmetic problem. Can you treat it simply because of its looks? Of course, you can medical advancements have gone so far that this wont be a complicated procedure, so the result will be well worth the trouble you go through. Minimally invasive foot surgeries for aesthetic reasons are quite common these days.

The Toe Shortening Surgery Procedure

This minimally invasive outpatient procedure takes up to three hours due to the effects of anesthesia or sedation.

The surgeon is likely to use one of two methods to remove a piece of the bone in the toe in order to shorten it.

These are joint resection , which concerns the removal of a piece of one of the small toe joints, or bone mending that shortens the toe by removing an entire small joint, which allows the two bone ends to heal into a shorter position.

The surgeon may also utilize a wire or implant to maintain bone stability throughout the healing process, after which it will be removed.

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Toe Shortening Surgery Recovery

Recovery after toe shortening surgery, is the same as recovery from hammer toe surgery. Recovery depends on the method of surgery performed. In all cases, healing takes about 6 weeks in healthy people and there is no way to speed up that process. Patients often return to normal activities and shoe gear by 2 weeks to 3 months depending on just how severe the toe deformity was preoperatively. Simple toe surgery can recover very quickly, and return to a shoe in two weeks. Factors that may prolong healing are age, smoking, poor nutritional status, and some medical problems.

Toe Shortening Surgery Miami

Recovery for Hammer Toe/Toe Shortening Surgery

A foot deformity, such as a long toe, is a common problem that requires treatment. Have you been considering the possibility of having a toe shortening surgery? If you have, you need to get familiar with the basics of this surgical procedure who is a candidate for it, what is to be expected after the surgery, and how long is the recovery time? All of these are questions weve explained in detail in this text.


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Uncomfortable Unsightly And Utterly Inconvenient

Sometimes called a claw toe, a hammer toe happens when the toe becomes buckled, contracted, or crooked. They can cause pain on the top or tip of the toe, in the ball of the foot, or both. Pressure from shoes can also lead to the formation of a hardened portion of skin, known as a corn, on the knuckle of the toe in fact, corns or calluses are often the first indication that a patient has a hammertoe. The toe might be irritated, red, warm, or swollen. The pain can be dull and mild, or severe and sharp. And even without pain, hammertoes can make it impossible to wear your favorite shoes.

Left untreated, hammertoes can cause severe deformity and pain.

What Anesthesia Is Needed For Toe Shortening Surgery

Toe Shortening surgery is performed as outpatient surgery . It may be performed in a hospital, ambulatory surgery center and even in the doctors office .

The surgery can be performed under a local, regional, spinal or general anesthetic. Local and regional blocks, with monitored anesthesia care are most commonly performed. This means that the foot will be numbed with an anesthetic while an anesthesiologist provides sedation to relax you.

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When To Seek Medical Care

A slight long toe is not a problem for most patients. But if you are suffering from any of the following complex symptoms, you must consult your doctor regarding the management.

  • Pain on the tip of the toe
  • A problem in walking or performing any daily life activities
  • Toe deformities
  • Aesthetic concern

The treatment option depends on the overall health of the patient, symptoms, and severity of the problems. Your doctor will suggest the best possible option for you according to your problem.

Why Might I Need Toe Fusion Surgery


The toes will have a misshapen appearance and painful calluses develop due to friction between your toe and shoe, and also on the ball of your foot, which may protrude abnormally. Patches of hardened/rough skin may develop on the toe and ball of the foot. Left untreated, infection can occur in these calluses.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Toe Lengthening Surgery

Just like toe shortening surgery, this one doesnt have any requirements for the patient. Everyone who has a short toe and doesnt like it can be a good candidate you just have to make the decision and seek the best specialists for this kind of procedure in your area. We should note that having a short toe isnt the only indication for toe lengthening surgery. If you have previously had minimally invasive hammertoe surgery and your toe was shortened more than youd like, you could also benefit from a toe lengthening procedure. A skilled surgeon will know how to fix the mistake from your previous surgery.

Walking After Toe Shortening Surgery

Nearly all of Dr. Blitz patients are walking immediately after toe shortening surgery in a stiff soled surgical shoe. In general, walking is dependent on the method surgeons choose to correct the toe and the techniques used to stabilize the digit while mending. Also, the ability to mobilize quicker depends on which toe was operated on. In general, the 4th and 5th toe allows for a quicker return to shoes, as these toes are not needed for propulsion. The 2nd toe, however, is the most commonly longer and because this is need for pushoff gait, may prolong return to shoes slightly.

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Consult With Your Surgeon About The Toe Shortening Surgery Recovery Process

It is important that patients follow all the specialists instructions because, in the end, only this will lead to full recovery. If you dont stay calm and patient, you might cause unnecessary complications that will lead to a longer recovery. The more responsible you stay, the better your progress will be, and you can expect excellent results in the shortest possible time.

If youre curious about possible toe shortening surgery risks, estimated surgery costs, or want more details about this procedure, you can always book an appointment at Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and get all the information. One of our experienced specialists can explain all the recovery steps and how long the process might take, so feel free to contact us directly or send an inquiry through our website.

Toe Lengthening Surgery Miami

Recovery for Hammer Toe/Toe Shortening Surgery

If you have a short toe and experience some symptoms related to this deformity, the idea of the toe lengthening surgery has probably crossed your mind once or twice. When you finally decide to go for it, the first step you should take is researching the procedure what can you expect from this surgery and its recovery time? Will the results be satisfactory enough to go through all that trouble? Weve answered all questions on this topic in this text.


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This Is One Of The Most Commonly Undertaken Procedure In Our Practice And Was Pioneered By Us

These patients usually suffer with toes which are over long and complain they cause rubbing in shoes and have real difficulty finding shoes to fit comfortably as well as the aesthetic appearance. Commonly it is the 2nd and 3rd toes which are longer than the big toe and this affects men as well as women.

As well as causing some people embarrassment because they dislike the way their feet look, longer toes also commonly cause discomfort. As a consequence of not being able to find shoes which fit properly the toes compensate by clawing to keep the shoes in place. This can then cause painful corns and lumps underneath the skin called bursitis, which form over the small knuckles of the toes.

Why Do I Need To Be Non

Depending on the specific procedure performed as well as other factors, you may be told to remain non-weightbearing to prevent motion between the parts of the bone that are trying to heal together. This means you should not put any weight on the affected foot. If there is too much motion between the bones it can take longer for them to heal or they may not heal at all. Bones typically take 6-8 weeks to heal, so being non-weightbearing during this time should allow the bones to heal together.

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How To Know If You Really Need Toe Shortening Surgery

Pain on the tip of a toe that is longer than all the others and causes the formation of thick callouses and open wounds is a clear indication of the need for toe shortening surgery.

In addition to the pain, there is also discomfort in wearing shoes and walking.

Surgery will alleviate the pain and prevent further deformity to the toe.

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