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Under Eye Bags Surgery Cost

Remove Bags Under The Eye: Comparing Eyelid Surgery Vs Eye Fillers

How Eye Bag Removal Surgery/ Lower Blepharoplasty is Done More Safely

Under eye bags are one of the visible signs of ageing we show on our face. As the fat supporting your eyes shifts into the lower eyelid, it begins to look puffy. Fluid can also accumulate, causing further swelling. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for puffy eyes.

In this article, we compare the two best approaches to removing bags under the eyes:

Is Getting A Blepharoplasty Painful

Blepharoplasty is a procedure that is only skin-deep and as a result, there is very little pain incurred during the recovery period. It is normal to feel some discomfort and irritation around the eyelids. However, this can be easily controlled with oral medication and eye ointments prescribed by your surgeon.

Price Is Right: How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost

How much does eyelid surgery cost? Check out our guide to learn about the true price of eyelid surgery.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought your eyelids looked droopy, baggy, or puffy? Did you ever feel like you look tired even after a good nights rest? Such impressions can lead you to consider cosmetic eyelid surgery.

But how much does eyelid surgery cost? We answer that question, talk about why eyelids droop, get baggy or puffy, and address how such surgery may be covered by insurance.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For An Upper Blepharoplasty

I tend to see two different groups of patients. Those who are younger, in the 30-40-year-old range who have a family predisposition for redundant skin in the upper eyelid, and then those who are older, who have undergone relaxation of the skin and have fullness or in extreme cases, excess skin which hangs down onto the upper eyelids and actually can obstruct some of their vision. For patients with a large amount of redundant skin that obstructs their vision, insurance will often pay for the surgery if they meet a certain percentage of decreased vision. The patient has to have a test called a peripheral field test, which is usually done by an optometrist, and if the obstruction is more than a certain percentage frequently the insurance will pay for this.

Unfortunately, Medicare and some other insurance will not tell you ahead of time whether or not they going to pay for it, even with a significant decrease in vision. The best we can do is perform the surgery as if it was a cosmetic procedure and then bill Medicare or other insurance after the fact.

An upper blepharoplasty can be done as an awake procedure with sedation. It usually takes 30-40 minutes to do. A light layer of antibiotic ointment is applied to the area and usually, we do not use any dressings except for some cold, light compresses the eyes to add soothing sensations and help decrease some of the swellings.

The patient can expect to have a more youthful appearance and to appear more rested.

Under Eye Bags Removal

Natural Looking Eye Bag Surgery

Under Eye Bags Removal is a simple, and one of the most common, forms of Lower Blepahroplasty that reduces the amount of excess fat and skin tissue. At The Private Clinic our Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons are highly experienced in lower blepharoplasty. In many cases they combine the procedure with an upper blepharoplasty at the same time.

When addressing excess skin or fatty tissue during Lower or Combined Blepharoplasty, an incision is made below the lower eyelash line or inside the lower lid, making any scarring barely visible following surgery.

Blepharoplasty has one of the fastest recovery times of any plastic surgery procedure. After two weeks any swelling should be very subtle, and results can be quite dramatic giving a refreshed and younger appearance.

Elevated on back for 1-2 weeks

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What Is Eye Lift Surgery

Eye lift surgery is a treatment that is used to improve the appearance of droopy and tired eyes dramatically. The treatment procedure involves the removal of pockets of fat and excess skin from the lower and upper eyelids. Most patients who undergo eye lift surgery combine it with additional cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers for crows feet treatment and brow lift to eliminate drooping eyebrows.

Procedure For Lower Eye Lid

Several surgical approaches exist for lower eyelid surgery. The approach usually depends on your goals for your undereye area and your anatomy.

Prior to the procedure, a surgeon will mark your eyelids. This will help the surgeon know where to make incisions. Theyll usually have you sit up so they can see your eye bags better.

The procedure may be performed under general or local anesthesia. General anesthesia is when a patient is completely asleep and unaware of what is happening during the procedure. Local anesthesia allows a patient to be awake, but the eye area has been numbed so they dont feel what the surgeon is doing.

If youre having multiple procedures, a doctor will likely recommend general anesthesia. If youre having just lower eyelid surgery, a doctor may recommend local anesthesia. A benefit of this is that a doctor can test eye muscle movements to reduce the risks for this side effect.

While the incision sites may vary, a doctor will make cuts into the lower eyelid. Your doctor will then remove excess skin and fat and suture or sew the skin back together to create a smoother, lifted appearance.

Your doctor may also recommend fat grafting or injecting fat to hollow areas under the eyes to give them a fuller appearance.

  • wounds that wont heal well

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How Do You Remove Eye Bags

Dark circles around the eyes or extra skin can be treated using a simple procedure under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. Many patients like to avoid the risks and expense of a full general anaesthetic and cope well with local anaesthetic. Its easier than going to the dentist.

Mr Uppal and his team are experts in helping patients who want to get rid of eye bags. Eye bags treatment is common and our practice will ensure you get a natural result so no one can tell you have had an operation. The scar is hidden and no eye lashes are lost.

When To Get Surgery

blepharoplasty (under eye bags ) SURGERY | first 24 hours

Commonly associated with aging, eye bags and droopy eyelids are often caused by weakened and stretching muscles that support the eyelids, which can cause fat to collect above and below them. Sagging skin around the eyes can make you look older. It can also impair your peripheral vision, as the excess skin can pull down your eyelids, making it harder to open them all the way.

Surgery for eye bags can remove the extra fat tissue and excess skin, tighten it up, and give you a more youthful look while also improving vision that is impaired by droopy, sagging eyelids. You may consider a blepharoplasty if you have:

  • Drooping or sagging skin under your eyes and eyelids.
  • Extra skin above your eyelids.
  • Noticeable bags under your eyes.
  • Extra skin around your eyelids that is impairing your field of vision.

A consultation with a surgeon before the procedure can help you to decide if surgery is a good option for you. You will need to be in good health.

Mayo Clinic reports that the majority of people that have surgery for eye bags feel that it makes them appear more youthful and alert. They are typically satisfied with the results.

A blepharoplasty can last 10 years or longer. It does not halt the aging process, but it can promote a youthful appearance for longer.

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Blepharoplasty Risks & Complications

Blepharoplasty, like every procedure, comes with a small chance of potential complications. Selecting a highly experienced, trusted surgeon is paramount to minimize the likelihood of complications. The team at TPS has years of experience performing blepharoplasty. Significant complications are uncommon and, in the rare event they occur, are expertly managed.

  • Infection and bleeding: Although rare, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons still take every precaution to ensure that the surgery is a smooth, seamless experience.
  • Mild Discomfort: While patients experience mild discomfort during the treatment, the recovery period is virtually painless.
  • Discoloration of skin: A Blepharoplasty can potentially lead to a slight discolouration on the skin surrounding the eyelids. However, the color should return to the area in the days following the procedure.
  • Excessive swelling: In rare cases, the procedure may result in swelling that lasts several days

Am I A Good Candidate For Blepharoplasty

In general, after age 40, people start to notice signs of aging around the eyes. The eyebrows and eyelids start to get heavy and begin to sag, bags develop under the eyes, and the surrounding skin becomes thin and crepe-like. If you have any of these signs of facial aging and are in good general health, you may consider eyelid surgery. A final determination is made after a full consultation and examination by your surgeon.

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Can Eye Bags Come Back After Surgery

Eye bags can come back after surgery, so you should choose the right procedure and heed your doctors recommendations.

  • Surgical options are the most resistant: Incisional eye bag removal surgery, albeit the most expensive, is best suited for all eye bag cases because it permanently removes under-eye fat tissue. Your eye bags will disappear forever unless new fat tissue is collected in your lower eyelids again.
  • Non-surgical options like scarless eye bag removal are best for mild cases: The doctor will use a laser to melt the fat tissue in your lower lids. So, if your body does not store new fat cells in that area, your procedures results will be durable. By contrast, hyaluronic acid fillers last up to a year other non-surgical topical procedures are effective only for mild cases of swelling and not excess fat accumulation.

Warning: Even if your procedure eliminates excess fatty tissue, smoothing your skin, your eye bags can return in the form of wrinkles as you age. If you inject hyaluronic acid to remove those age-related eye pouches, your collagen production will be slowed. As a result, your eye bags can become more prominent in the long run, requiring additional dermal fillers.

How To Choose The Best Blepharoplasty Surgeon For You

All About Eyelid Surgery

Selecting the right eyelid surgeon for your individual needs starts with thorough research. A board-certified plastic surgeon is typically the best place to start . Additionally, you should review the surgeons credentials to ensure they have been properly trained and have experience with blepharoplasty. Things to look for include memberships in professional organizations, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Aesthetic Society . A surgeon who belongs to these groups must maintain a certain level of continuing education in order to hold membership, meaning they are knowledgeable about the latest advancements in eyelid surgery techniques. A blepharoplasty surgeon with this level of education is more likely to produce high-quality results for their patients. It can also be helpful to look at reviews from other patients, to get an idea of what you can expect from the plastic surgeon you are considering. Lastly, it may be helpful to schedule a consultation with the surgeon, to see if you feel comfortable with them. A one-on-one consultation can also be an excellent opportunity for you to see before-and-after photos of cases similar to yours, so you can envision what your eyelid surgery results could look like.

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To Schedule Your Eyelid Surgery With Dr Proffitt

When youre prepared to discuss eyelid surgery with a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mobile, contact our office for a consultation. You can reach our friendly and helpful staff by calling 251-344-0322 or by sending an email with the online form. Our plastic surgery practice is conveniently located at 6317 Piccadilly Square, Mobile, AL 36609.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost

  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • How Much Does Eyelid Surgery
  • One of the first body parts that exhibit the signs of aging in the face and this is obvious in the area around the eyes. Sagging upper eyelids and under-eye bags are the common signs of aging. However, these signs can be corrected through eye lift surgery. Eye lift surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a kind of cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure that can be used to eliminate sagging and under-bags from your face, rejuvenate the appearance of your face and make you look much younger.

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    Eye Bag Surgery: How It Works Candidates Results Cost And Alternatives

    • Under-eye bags are caused by aging, genetics and lifestyle factors.
    • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes bags.
    • Full recovery from this procedure takes 3 weeks.
    • Alternatives include laser skin resurfacing and dermal fillers.

    Under-eye bags are a common cosmetic issue that contribute to an older and more tired appearance. They present as puffiness below the eye or as excess folds of skin above the cheekbone, and may be accompanied by dark circles. This condition can be treated with lower lid blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as eye bag surgery or puffy eye surgery. Lower eyelid surgery is an effective means of permanently reducing the appearance of under-eye bags.


    What Happens During Eye Bag Removal Surgery

    i got my under eye bags removed || lower blepharoplasty vlog

    Just before your eye surgery, the surgeon will mark your eyelids. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia that numbs the eye, with some IV sedation added to help you relax while awake.

    During lower eyelid surgery the doctor will make an incision below the eyelash line, either on the outside or the inside . In either case, the incision will not be visible once it heals.

    The surgeon will then remove excess fat and skin responsible for the puffiness of eyelid bags. These orbital fat pads, as they are called, can sometimes be repositioned upward to give a more youthful appearance.

    If needed, fat can also be taken from another area of the body, and grafted into place under the eye. This is called an autologous fat graft. Dermal fillers might also be used.

    Finally, the incision will be closed. Once the eye heals, the incision wont be visible. Surgery takes from one to two hours.

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    Where Is The Incision Made To Correct Bags In The Lower Eyelids

    The incision is made through the pink tissue on the back side of the lower eyelids. Using this incision site the surgeon can remove excess fat in the lower eyelids or reposition the lower eyelid fat into the dark circle in the lower eyelid. This incision is hidden behind the lower eyelid and is not visible when healing.

    Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of Eyelid Surgery

    Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgery, they consider it as an elective procedure. Hence, if the eye lift surgery is undergone for cosmetic reasons, your insurance company may not cover its cost or its complications and you may have to pay the cost out of your pocket. However, if the eye lift surgery is carried out to eliminate the excess skin obscuring the eyelashes like in the case of drooping eyelids or ptosis, the insurance company may cover all or part of the eye surgery cost. Therefore, consult with your insurance company.

    Eye lift surgery in Houston is an expensive surgical process than you think. That is more reason why you need to consult a professional and well-experienced doctor to ensure a successful procedure. To learn more about the upper eyelid surgery cost, and the cost of blepharoplasty as well as the post-operative care, visit us today and we will be happy to provide answers to your questions.

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    The Healing Process After Surgery

    Once your lower blepharoplasty is complete, you can return home to rest and recover. You will need to arrange a ride home in advance from a friend or a family member, since you will not be able to drive yourself home.

    You will need to follow Dr. Brocks post-surgical care directions closely while you heal. This will ensure a minimized chance of complications and a shorter period of downtime.

    Your eyes will frequently be dry during the healing process. To address this, eyedrops or artificial tears will be prescribed. Protect your eyes from wind, sun, and pollution by wearing sunglasses whenever you are outside. Avoid sun overexposure, and make sure to apply proper sunscreen.

    Bruising and swelling will also be present in the area. These can be addressed with the help of cold compresses. Once all swelling has dissipated, you will be able to see the full results of the procedure.

    How Much Does A Blepharoplasty Cost

    Blepharoplasty Before &  After Treatment Los Angeles, CA

    Blepharoplasty is typically a one-time procedure done to revitalize the appearance of the upper face. Patients can achieve dramatic, long-lasting results with a single surgery. The procedure can be done for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Many patients come into our office wanting to restore a well-rested, youthful appearance and are surprised to learn just how affordable the procedure can be.

    So, what will your surgery cost? Blepharoplasties are a highly custom procedure with varying degrees of complexity. The top three expenses that go into the price youll pay is surgeons fees, anesthesia, and operating/facility fees. Well give you a starting point on what you can expect below.

    *Individual Results May Vary

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    How Much Does Eye Lift Surgery Cost

    One of the important factors to consider before undergoing eye lift surgery is the eye lift surgery cost. This will determine if you are financially buoyant enough to undergo the procedure. The eye lift cost also varies depending on a number of factors, which include the type of eye lift surgery, the type of surgical technique utilized for the procedure, the geographic location of the doctor, and the experience of the doctor. However, it is important to note that the eye lift surgery procedure is relatively less expensive than many other plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures.

    Eye lift surgery costs may include:

    • Surgical facility or hospital costs

    On average, the cost of eyelid surgery is about $3,000 to $4,000, although some doctors may charge as high as $6,000 to $7,000, while some may charge as low as $1,000 to $2,000. In respect of the type of eye lift surgery performed, a surgical procedure on the lower eye lid surgery cost about $2,400, while a surgical procedure on the upper eye lid surgery cost about $2,100. More so, laser eye lift surgery is more expensive than conventional eye lift surgery i.e. the cost of laser eye lift surgery is generally higher than the cost of conventional eye lift surgery and can be about $4,000 and $6,000.

    Please note that the average costs stated above are only part of the total eye lid surgery cost i.e. the average cost may not include anesthesia fees, surgical facility costs, or any other related cost.

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