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What Is The Best Spine Surgery Hospital

How Is Spine Surgery Done Abroad

Patient Testimonial | Spine Surgery | Best Hospital In Bangalore – Manipal Hospital

Earlier, spinal surgery was done through a long incision in the back. But now spine surgeons abroad carry out operations through a minimum incision of 2-3 cm. At the same time, the surgeon does not dissect the muscles of the back but gently pushes them apart with a retractor, which also reduces the volume of surgical trauma.

For better visualization of the operating field, the surgeon uses a special microscope with multiple magnifications. Thanks to this, it is possible to better identify the structures of the spine: cartilage, nerve roots, small vessels.

During the operation, an endoscope can be used, which allows one to look into an area that is closed for direct viewing. In addition, during the operation, doctors use modern intraoperative imaging systems . The image from the scanner is processed and displayed on the screen. The doctor, seeing on the screen a detailed image of the spine, will be able to remove worn-out anatomical structures with maximum accuracy or install a fixing structure.

Do The Spine Surgery Hospitals In India Have Any Certifications

NABH and NABL are the top healthcare center monitoring organizations in India whereas JCI is the international one. The Indian spine surgery hospitals are accredited both by the Indian and the international organizations which prove the medical excellence of the hospitals, their service and patient care.

Famous Spine Surgeons In Israel

  • Dr. Zvi Lidar: Dr. Zvi Lidar is a neurosurgeon with a particular interest in the treatment of back and spine issues. He uses techniques like cervical and lumbar spine fixation surgery, lactumectomy, and discectomy for spine-related issues. Dr. Lidar is a member of professional organizations like the Israeli Association for the fight against diseases of the spine and the Israeli Association of Spine Surgery
  • Dr. Kandel Arye Leonid

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Why Choose Uhs For Spine Surgery

UHS is a JCI accredited hospital offering distinguished spine surgery services amidst sophisticated and patient-friendly amenities. The Spine surgery specialty at UHS is vested with erudite spine surgeons that are experts at some of the most innovative spine surgery practices. Our goal is to help patients swiftly alleviate their spine-related ailments with minimal pain.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai

Microdiscectomy  NJ Spine Center

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is a super-specialty hospital founded in the year 2009.

It is one of the best spine surgery hospitals in India that provides the most comprehensive treatment for all the spine and musculoskeletal disorders.

Further, their team of expert surgeons has performed more than 1864 spine surgery in India also 1668 joint replacement surgeries, and 4753 arthroscopic surgeries.

Besides, they are specialized in Ortho-biologics such as:

  • Autologous chondrocytes for articular cartilage repair
  • Autologous osteoblasts
  • Stem cells therapy for bone repair in avascular necrosis
  • Platelet Rich Plasma for musculotendinous disorders

The center has committed operation theatres advanced with computer-aided navigation systems for joint replacement and arthroscopic surgery that dispense accurate and superior eternal results.

Moreover, they offer extensive expertise in spine surgery, arthroscopic surgery, sports & paediatric orthopaedics, joint replacement, and rheumatology.

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai is one of the most advanced and multi-specialty hospitals in the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai zone. This hospital is accredited with JCI & NABH certifications. Also, they offer integrated and comprehensive super-specialty services under one roof.

Their team of neurosurgeon in India consists of extensively experienced doctors of national and international prestige with a huge team of well-trained nurses, technicians, and other support staff.

  • Minimally invasive

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Top Spine Surgery Clinics In Turkey

  • Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

One of the most developed and demanded sectors of the hospital is the spine surgery department. The use of modern methods of treatment makes it possible to achieve success even in the most severe cases. The clinic offers minimally invasive surgical interventions for the treatment of spine disorders with the help of robotic surgery.

Liv Ulus is a multidisciplinary clinic that opened its doors in 2013 and is equipped with the most innovative equipment. The percentage of complications and infection of surgical wounds in the surgical treatment of disorders is very low at the hospital. For spine operations, the latest methods of laparoscopic and robotic surgery are used.

  • Acibadem Hospital Group

Spine surgery is performed under the neurosurgery department, they provide accurate diagnoses and excellent treatments. To treat disc disease and degenerative spinal disease the doctors perform procedures such as cervical, lumbar, thoracic discectomies, vertebrectomy, laminectomy, spinal stabilization surgery.

They also treat spinal traumas and injuries such as spinal fractures by providing facilities for urgent surgeries like spinal cord compression. They provide surgical management of spinal AVM and also deal with spinal tumors.

Best Hospitals For Spine Surgery In Chennai India

Chennai is the home to many reputed and affordable spine surgery hospitals with high levels of medical expertise, professional ethics, and transparency to healthcare facilities. The Spine Surgery hospitals in Chennai are equipped with the most advanced and innovative technologies to handle all sorts of spinal problems with a high level of precision, care, and expertise. Here is a list of 10 best hospitals for spine surgery in Chennai, India:

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Transforaminal Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

It is a revolutionary spine surgery method to treat herniated lumbar disk by decompressing the lumbar disc space to remove the nucleus pulposus using a posterolateral approach. PELD is the minimally invasive spine surgery technique implemented to ablate the herniated part of the lumbar disc. It is advisable for patients with a non-sequestrated lumbar disk hernia with an intact dorsal longitudinal ligament. This technique preserves 100% posterior back muscle only use small hole on the flank.

The procedure of PELD requires local anesthesia. Considering its sophisticated nature, it holds an edge over other surgical techniques such as:

  • Minimal paraspinal muscle trauma.

Best Spine Hospital In Delhi

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

The spine is made of 33 individual vertebral bones stacked one on top of the other, with an intervening intervertebral disc between two individual vertebral bones. This spinal column provides the main support for the body, allowing us to stand upright, bend, and twist while protecting the spinal cord from injury. At the same time strong muscles and bones, flexible tendons and ligaments, and sensitive nerves contribute to a healthy spine.

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Spine Surgery Success Rate In India:

The success rate of spine surgery in India varies from 80% to 90% depending on the type of treatment you opt for your spinal problems. The surgeons pay prime attention to diminishing the patients severe back pain and enable them to live a healthier life.

Hospitals in India offer the latest and advanced treatments for all types of spinal disorders.

India has emerged as a leading healthcare destination and is renowned for treating patients with high-end applications and expert professionals skilled in robotic and laser technology.

Lumbar Fixation And Fusion

In this surgery we fix up teo or more vertebrae through pedicle screws and rods to provide stability to the spine and to eliminate motion between adjacent vertebrae. The spine fusion may be done because to treat a problem such as spondylolisthesis , or it may be done because of the extent of other surgery .

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Why Develop A Certification Programme

  • The European community seeks to promote excellent health care across all member states in spite of differences in the various national health care systems.
  • Value-Based Healthcare – quantity is replaced by quality and the measurement of patient outcomes will mean drive pay for performance
  • Quality, satisfaction and value in spine care goes beyond the qualifications and treatment chosen by the spine surgeon, it involves the complete delivery of spinal services to a needing patient and payer.
  • Educating spine surgeons is a good first step however, EUROSPINE would like to support the sustained improvement in costs and patient outcomes in spine surgery

Dr K Karthik Revanappa

Best Spine Care Clinic/Hospital in Brookfield Bangalore

MBBS, MS , MCh Neurosurgery Expert Spine Surgeon in Bangalore12 Years of ExperienceApollo Hospital, Bangalore

With over 1000 spine surgery procedures to his name, Dr. Karthik Revanappa is a paragon of excellence in spine surgery in Bangalores Apollo Hospitals. His tenure as an Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences at CMC Vellore. Over the years, Dr. Karthik Revanappa has built expertise in spinal stabilization and spine injury treatment. He is a skilled spine surgeon in Bangalore who also brings a lot of expertise in orthopedic surgery to the table as well. He has also been published in multiple journals and presented at conferences like NAILSCON 2005. His areas of expertise are:

  • Cranio-vertebral junction surgery

Dr. Karthik can be consulted for spine treatment and surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore.

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Post Graduate Institute Of Medical Education And Research Chandigarh

Since its inception in January 1962, PGIMERs Department of Neurosurgery has come up with new advancements and solutions regarding spine and brain disorders.

The department has implemented advanced minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery in India under local anaesthesia to avoid risks of general anaesthesia.

PGIMER is among the best spine hospital in India which has achieved several goals such as:

  • Successfully performed Spinal Cord Stimulation implant on a patient confined on a wheelchair from past 8 years due to severe lower limb pain.
  • It is the first SCS implant done in Chandigarh by their team of expert spine surgeons.
  • Furthermore, their team of neurosurgeons have evolved minimally invasive surgery to deal with large spinal cord tumours.
  • Across the world, this technique is the first neurosurgical minimally invasive spinal endoscopy for tumours larger than 7cm in diameter.
  • Besides, it is the first hospital in north India to perform joint replacement surgery.

Address: Madhya Marg Sector-12, Chandigarh-160 012

Maxcure Hospital founded in the year 2011 is one of the leading healthcare providers to introduce quality medical facilities in India and a prestigious healthcare brand in the UK.

The hospital comprises a large team of extensively experienced doctors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest technology, and has received NABH accreditation. Besides, they have achieved the following goals:

Spinal Tumour Surgery: Treatment Is Based On The Location Of The Tumour

  • Vertebral Column Tumours: both primary, as well as secondary/ metastatic tumours, are found in the vertebral column. In fact, the spine is the most common site of skeletal metastasis . Stabilization and decompression surgery is often required along with the need for Radiation and chemotherapy, depending upon the type of tumour as revealed on Biopsy.

  • Scoliosis and Kyphosis Deformity Correction Surgery: These are complex surgeries, which are performed to straighten the crooked spine to achieve a balance and pain-free spine.

  • Instrumented fusion Vs fusion less surgeries:

  • Instrumented fusion: Instrumented fusion is a gold standard surgical procedure for correcting scoliosis deformity. Screws, hooks or wires are put in the vertebrae and slowly connected to rods and with some maneuvers deformed spine is corrected. A bone graft is then placed over the back of spinal bones to obtain a bony fusion. Fusion simply means fusing together two or more vertebrae so that they heal into a single, solid bone and maintain the deformity in the corrected position.

Provocation Discography: Provocation discography helps to find out the location and source of back pain. The intervertebral disk is stimulated and pressurized by injecting a liquid into the nucleus pulposus of the vertebral disk.

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Famous Spine Surgery Hospitals In Israel

  • Sheba Medical Center

One of the best and largest hospitals in the world is known for its affordable care, treatments, and advanced research. It is known as the Israel city of health. Spine Deformity Center at Sheba Medical Center Israel is known for its best services in transforming thousands of lives.

They provide all the top-notch medical facilities and perform various advanced procedures known to the world to treat different types of spine disorders.

  • Hadassah hospital

It was opened in 1934 and has around 1000 hospital beds. Hadassah spinal surgery is not only famous in Israel but all around the world. The Spine surgery department at Hadassah hospital is experienced in all the procedures of spine surgery.

Many international patients choose this hospital due to the expertise of its spine surgeons plus the staff helps the international patients with accommodation and transportation. Also, the hospital’s international service center helps the patients with their visa processing and travel. Around 3500 patients from around the world get their spinal surgeries done at the department.

Conditions That May Require Spine Surgery:

Your Hospital Stay after Spine Surgery

Scoliosis: It is a neuromuscular condition that usually affects children of 10 to 14 years. Scoliosis is a spinal deformity that alters the curvature of the spine. The bone ailment caused by a three-dimensional change in the alignment of the spine can occur at different points of the Spine and be of varying degrees, such as 15 degrees or more than 50 degrees.

Degenerative Disc Disease This is the most common reason for neck pain and low back pain. Generally, it is caused due to wear and tear of a spinal disc in the vertebrae column. The degeneration of these discs can cause numbness, extreme and persistent pain in the legs or arms. Although it is often related to the natural aging process, it can affect younger people also due to injury or other factors.

Herniated Disc As the discs in the spinal column start degenerating, the soft portion located in the center of the disc may herniate or rupture, causing Disc Herniation.

Kyphosis This spinal deformity can manifest at any age and is prevalent in both men or women. It typically affects the upper back, affecting the cervical spine region or the lumbar spine region. There are several forms of this complex condition, including Congenital Kyphosis, Osteoporosis-related Kyphosis, Degenerative Kyphosis, Kyphosis, Postural Kyphosis, Neuromuscular Kyphosis, Nutritional Traumatic Kyphosis and a few others.

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Will The Treatment Really Be Affordable In India

If you visit any other country in the world for your spine treatment it may cost you approximately USD 25-30,000. But in India, though you get all the international standard facilities and services, yet the cost will even less than half of what it costs globally. Siting one example, the cost of microdisectomy in India is USD 4500 whereas internationally it is approximately USD 15-50,000.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Stabilization

As the name suggests, Spine Stabilization surgery can now be performed using minimally invasive stabilization procedures that offer patients a safe and effective alternative to back fusion with a faster recovery. It is done through a tiny incision without cutting or damaging the surrounding muscles.

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Procedures For Spine Surgery Abroad

Several treatment options are available for the treatment of spinal disorders, which include.

  • Endoscopic spinal surgery is an advanced type minimally invasive surgery that ensures a quick recovery period and less body scarring
  • Laminectomy is performed to release pressure from nerves caused by spinal stenosis. Spinal Surgeon removes part of or all of the vertebral bone in a laminectomy.
  • Artificial disc replacement is a surgical procedure where damaged discs between the gap of vertebrae in the spinal column are replaced
  • Lumbar Spinal Fusion is a procedure used to connect two or more vertebrae.
  • Foraminotomy is also done to relieve pressure on the nerves that are being compressed by foramina.
  • Spinal decompression is used to treat compressed nerves in the lower spine. It is only used under extreme conditions when non-surgical treatments do not work.
  • Discectomy is performed to remove abnormal discs present between the vertebrae.
  • Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty: In vertebroplasty special cement is placed in fractured vertebrae.
  • Physiotherapy: After surgery physiotherapy helps patients to regain their mobility.

Q Which Specialist Is The Best Spine Surgeon In Bangalore

Spine Surgery in Narasaraopet

Dr. G Balamurali is one of the best spine surgeons in India. With 24 years of surgical experience from international institutes and training , Dr. Balamurali takes an active interest in researching new techniques in spine surgery, including keyhole spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery.

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Why Are Spinal Surgery Clinics Abroad Popular

Several facts make spinal surgery abroad one of the most in-demand. Some of which are:

  • The availability of the latest surgical options like robotic, laser, endoscopic, and AOSpine surgeries, operating microscopes with 20x magnification thin spinal endoscopes intraoperative imaging systems neuronavigation systems, etc.
  • Spinal surgeons who have experience of no less than 15 years and are trained at some of the finest institutes worldwide. They can deal with any disease of the spine: from disc herniation to tumors. Also, they perform operations mainly in a minimally invasive way using modern medical technology.
  • Use of minimally invasive spine surgery options since it helps the patient to maintain the function of the spine doesnt require big incisions due to which there are no scars on the patients back and most importantly the procedure is pain-free with a quick recovery and minimal chances of post-op complications.
  • In case a patient needs some sort of rehab services the clinics offer those services which is a relief for many patients.
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    Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery Baltimore, MD
    Centro especializado em Tumores do Cérebro e Coluna Sao Paulo
    Brigham and Women’s Comprehensive Spine Center Boston, MA
    Krembil Neuroscience Centre – Division of Neurosurgery Toronto
    Brain, spine & nerves surgery service Parkville
    Helsinki University Hospital Neurosurgery Clinic Helsinki


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