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Why No Gummy Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery

The Best Vitamins & Supplements To Take After Bariatric Surgery

Vitamins for Life: Taking Supplements after Bariatric Surgery

Post-surgery vitamins and supplements will become an important part of your daily routine for the rest of your life. This new routine will provide your body with the nutrients needed for healthy and safe weight loss. At the UC Health Weight Loss Center, we provide patients with a plan that fits their unique needs.

Since everyones post-surgery supplement needs vary depending on age, sex, nutrition history and procedure type, our registered dietitians will provide guidance and support when choosing a daily routine. We offer two options:

Option 1: Bariatric Multivitamin + Calcium

Taking a bariatric multivitamin can help to minimize the number of supplements you need to take every day. Bariatric multivitamins contain all the appropriate nutrients and amounts for someone after their bariatric surgery. In addition, calcium chews with vitamin D are also recommended. Both supplements can be purchased without a prescription online or in-store.

Calcium supplements should be spread out between two to three doses throughout the day, because your body can only absorb a limited amount of calcium at one time. It is also recommended to separate your multivitamin supplement from your calcium supplement for around two hours for best absorption of both.

Option 2: Over the Counter Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

Gastric Sleeve Vitamin Schedule

Choosing the best vitamins for gastric sleeve patients is not enough. For best patient outcomes, it is essential to take these bariatric vitamins in the right proportion at appropriate intervals during the day. Your weight loss surgeon will recommend a gastric sleeve vitamin schedule, which you should diligently follow for best results.

  • Nutrient absorption will reduce if you take all vitamins at once
  • Chronic disregard of the VSG vitamin schedule will cause deficiencies
  • Skipping vitamins after gastric sleeve may lead to serious illness
  • Choose calcium citrate instead of carbonate in your gastric sleeve vitamin schedule
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages for at least one hour following your vitamin dose
  • Adjust your gastric sleeve vitamin schedule if you have kidney, liver, or heart disease

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Best Vitamins To Take After Gastric Bypass

Best vitamins to take after gastric bypass surgery include vitamin B12, vitamin C and iron, vitamin D with calcium, and vitamin D. However, some of the critically important minerals and other micronutrients may not be supplemented just with these vitamins after gastric bypass. Therefore, your surgeon may recommend the best bariatric multivitamin to plug the gaps in your nutrition.

Here are the things to consider for your gastric bypass multivitamin.

  • Take one to four bariatric vitamins chewable or pills depending on your needs
  • The bariatric multivitamin should include minimum 18 mg of iron
  • Folic acid 400 mcg should be a part of vitamins after gastric bypass
  • It should include thiamine at least 12 mg
  • Minimum 2 mg of copper should be included in your multivitamin
  • Vitamin D minimum 800 IU should be included

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They Can Be Hard To Digest

Weight loss surgery patients do not digest the same way as before surgery. Patients have a smaller pouch and their digestive enzymes are affected.

Gummy vitamins, made with either gelatin or pectin, can cause problems if theyre not chewed well. The lack of stomach acid may not be enough for the body to break down the vitamin and absorb the nutrients.

Best Bariatric Multivitamins For Bariatric Patients

Why No Gummy Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery

Taking multiple micronutrient pills, tablets or liquids daily in the precise amounts and as per the exact schedule may not be easy for some patients. To ensure compliance, your surgeon may recommend the best bariatric multivitamins, which are an all-in-one solution for your daily nutrition supplement needs. Here are some of the key ingredients which are included in the best bariatric multivitamins.

  • Vitamin B12: This is vital to regulate your nervous system activity and brain function. A deficiency may cause a memory slowdown and other risks.
  • Vitamin D + Calcium: These are critical to maintain your bone health, strong teeth, and energy levels. Severe deficiency can cause osteoporosis.
  • Iron: Oxygen supply in your bloodstream is regulated with iron. Weakness, fatigue and acute anemia may occur if you have a deficiency of iron.
  • Folic acid: In combination with vitamins B12 and B6, folic acid will help in mitigating your risk of stroke and will work to improve your heart health.
  • Zinc: This is a strong immunity booster, which will help you ward off infections after bariatric surgery, and minimize the risk of pneumonia.

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Gastric Bypass Vitamin Schedule

Your weight loss surgeon along with their nutritionist consultant will recommend a customized gastric bypass vitamin schedule based on the results of your bloodwork. To improve compliance, your surgeon may suggest a few different options for your bariatric vitamin schedule.

These may include:

  • Schedule 1: A complete gastric bypass multivitamin that includes both iron and calcium may be the simplest option to follow. Depending on your needs, you may take these chewable or liquid bariatric vitamins 4 times a day.
  • Schedule 2: This gastric bypass vitamin schedule may include bariatric multivitamin with B12 and iron . In addition, a calcium citrate dose of 1500 mg daily may be recommended in chewable tablet or pill form.
  • Schedule 3: If your surgeon determines that you need more of B12 bariatric vitamins, they may recommend a gastric bypass vitamin schedule that includes a multivitamin with iron , calcium citrate and vitamin B12 daily.
  • Schedule 4: When addition reinforcement of both B12 and iron is required, your gastric bypass vitamin schedule may include multivitamin, iron , vitamin B12 , and calcium citrate per day for best results.

Why Do Bariatric Patients Need Vitamins

After weight loss surgery, its essential to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals for your recovery and overall health. After all, they ensure you can carry on vital functions like regulating your appetite, brain activity, energy, metabolism, thyroid, and more!

While nutritious foods have vitamins and minerals, as a bariatric patient, youll need to supplement your diet to keep from becoming malnourished. That is because

  • youll be eating less food,
  • your body wont absorb nutrients like before,
  • and some procedures, like duodenal switch and gastric bypass surgeries, are both restrictive and malabsorptive.

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How Much Vitamin B12 Should I Take After Gastric Bypass

Action Points. Injections of vitamin B12 are the preferred treatment for patients who develop a deficiency following bariatric surgery. Point out that that intramuscular B12 continues to be the gold standard of therapy for vitamin B12 deficiency in these patients, at a typical dose of 1,000 mcg per months.

What Kind Of Chewable Vitamins Can Bariatric Patients Take And Why

Vitamins you NEED after bariatric surgery – Scarlet Black

Right after surgery, patients will need to take capsule, liquid, or chewable vitamins and mineral supplements. This allows for easier digestion and will cause less irritation as your body recovers from your bariatric procedure. It is very important to continue taking your vitamins every day and continue with annual checkups to ensure that there are no micronutrient deficiencies.

Not sure which vitamins and minerals you need? Your surgeon and medical team will walk you through the various products you will need to take. Patients generally need to take a bariatric multivitamin, in addition to vitamin B12, calcium, iron, a probiotic, and vitamin D. It is best to take them before or after you eat a meal, to improve absorption and reduce your risk of developing an upset stomach or nausea.

When choosing your vitamins, make sure that they are bariatric specific. Certain vitamins, such as gummy vitamins, are NOT recommended after weight loss surgery.

At WeightWise, we are dedicated to walking alongside our patients to ensure they have the best possible outcome after weight loss surgery. We will make sure you have all your questions answered about your vitamin and mineral supplements and help you with a dietary plan that sets you up for success. Contact us today to learn more!

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What Are One Of The Best Nutritional Vitamins To Take After Bariatric Surgical Procedure

I began on chewable nutritional vitamins yesterday. Strive chopping them into 1/2 earlier than you eat them and chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew. Some folks have hassle tolerating gummies, however it is suggested to not throw them away as many discover them extra tolerable later down the street. Lots of people do properly with having varied types of taking their nutritional vitamins/minerals.

Should I Take Vitamins And Supplements After Weight Loss Surgery

Topics in this Post

Bariatric surgery changes your digestion and limits the amount of nutrients your body receives, even while following a healthy diet. You will need to take vitamin and mineral supplements daily for the rest of your life. Begin taking your supplements when you start the blended food stage of your diet.

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What Is Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, which includes gastric bypass and other weight-loss operations, involves altering your digestive tract to help with weight loss. Weight loss surgery is an option for those who have tried diet and exercise without success, or who are suffering from serious health problems as a result of their weight. Some therapies restrict the amount of food you can consume. As a result of other therapies, the bodys ability to absorb nutrients is compromised. Some techniques are capable of performing both tasks. All weight-loss surgeries, whether bariatric or not, have substantial risks and side effects. Determining the long-term efficacy of bariatric surgery also requires making permanent changes to your diet and engaging in regular physical activity.

They Have Fewer Ingredients You Need

ACTIF Organic Bariatric Gummies with 25+ Organic Vitamins and Minerals ...

Gummy vitamins are less potent. Manufacturers use other ingredients to achieve the chewy texture and bright colors, leaving less room for the nutrients you need. It would take several gummy vitamins to equate to one bariatric multivitamin.

Another reason is that these vitamins can lose potency over time or after exposure to high temperatures. Depending on when they were made and sold, or if they were in the heat, you might not be getting the nutrients each label indicates.

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Consequences Of Not Taking Vitamins After Gastric Bypass

Vitamin deficiencies after gastric bypass surgery arent that uncommon and can be a big problem. But there are many solutions, which you should know about before and after your procedure.

Youve done all the hard work and shed what you couldnt fit into your new, slimmer body. Now its time to reap the benefits of your weight loss surgery. After losing over 100 pounds, you are likely making efforts to live a healthier lifestyle towards a healthier life. This includes avoiding junk food and eating more nutritious foods, exercising more often, breathing in more oxygen and moving at a slower pace. But what happens when you arent getting enough vitamins and nutrients? What if your body isnt strong enough to fight off all of those germs? What if you dont get enough energy because of this too?

Best Vitamins For Gastric Sleeve Patients

Bariatric vitamins after gastric sleeve usually include vitamin B12, iron with vitamin C, calcium and vitamin D, and the best bariatric multivitamin that meets your needs as per your bloodwork reports.

  • Vitamin B12: This is the one of the best vitamins to take after gastric sleeve. Your surgeon may recommend a minimum daily dose of 500 mcg. B12 bariatric vitamins chewable tablets are more popular.
  • Calcium: Best vitamins for gastric sleeve patients must be supplemented with about 1500 mg of calcium per day. Your nutritionist may recommend it in three daily doses of 500 mg each with the three major meals.
  • Iron: The best vitamins to take after gastric sleeve should include an additional iron supplement, if your bariatric multivitamin is without iron. In general, you may need a daily dose of 18 to 20 mg per day.

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Bring The Bottles With You To Your Appointment

Purchase your vitamins and supplements before surgery, so you can bring them to your appointment with your surgeon. Your surgeon can help you determine the nutritional content, serving size, recommended daily intake, and any possible interactions.

Sometimes vitamins and supplements interact with other medications or alter their potency. Therefore, your surgeon needs to review and make necessary medication adjustments. If you change brands at any time during your weight loss journey, inform your doctor, and again, bring the bottles to the appointment.

Why Are Gummy Vitamins Not Recommended For Bariatric Surgery Patients

Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery, patients often cannot take traditional vitamins and supplements due to the reduced size of their stomach and intestines. Many patients turn to gummy vitamins after gastric sleeve.

However, gummy vitamins after bariatric surgery may not be recommended for the following reasons.

1) Gummy vitamins are high in sugar content. These empty calories lead to weight gain.

2) The body does not as easily absorb gummy vitamins as other types of vitamin supplements. Thus, bariatric surgery patients may not be getting the full benefit of the vitamins and minerals they need.

3) They may contain allergens that can trigger reactions in some people.

4) Gummy vitamins can stick to teeth and increase the risk of cavities.

5) Gummies after gastric sleeve may interact with certain medications that bariatric surgery patients take.

While gastric sleeve gummy vitamins may be convenient and taste good, there is evidence that they are not a great choice for those who have undergone bariatric surgery.

West Texas Bariatrics is Your Trusted Destination for Weight Loss Surgery in West Texas! At West Texas Bariatrics, we ensure that our patients receive the best care possible. We offer various weight loss surgery options, as well as post-operative care and support. We aim to help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health.

Contact our seasoned practitioners to schedule a consultation if you are considering weight loss surgery.

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What Else Do You Need

Bariatric surgery is just the beginning of the journey. As a bariatric patient, vitamins and minerals are not your only

concern. Bariatric procedures require you to make some substantial changes to your lifestyle.

Protein intake is another important aspect to consider after surgery. Protein is important in maintaining muscle mass, promoting metabolism, and assisting in the healing process. It can be very difficult meeting your daily protein goals after surgery, so you may want to consider a high protein meal replacement.

You might also want to consider taking bariatric probiotics to replenish good bacteria that can be diminished after bariatric surgery. The good bacteria in your GI tract can promote weight loss, absorption of nutrients, and even regulate bowel function. For more information on probiotics, you can check out this article.

Why Do Bariatric Surgery Patients Need To Take Vitamins

Bariatric surgery causes weight loss by creating restriction of calorie intake, malabsorption of nutrients, or a mixture of both. You will be required to adhere to lifestyle changes, including changes to your eating habits. With restriction of food intake and possible malabsorption of nutrients, fueling your body with necessary vitamins and minerals will be almost impossible solely through food sources.

This can lead to several complications like anemia, organ failure, fatigue, and increased risk of infections. Some doctors even recommend starting a multivitamin before undergoing weight loss surgery.

Why, you may ask? Obesity itself can cause many vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to poor food choices. Theres a high chance that your body is already lacking in several vitamins and minerals even before surgery. Its important to catch these low levels or deficiencies before undergoing weight loss surgery to prevent serious complications in the future.

by Lauren Armstrong | Sep 3, 2021 | Diet |

This article was written by Stephanie Moore MS, RD/LD, and updated on September 3, 2021.

They are not uncommon questions. I hear them in my office all the time? Why not a gummy vitamin? Are gummy vitamins bad for you?

Vitamins can be tough on the stomach. Even the chewable bariatric vitamins can sometimes give people fits. But before you switch to a gummy vitamin, lets try a few other options.

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What Happens If I Dont Take Bariatric Vitamins After Surgery

Bariatric vitamins exist for a reason. When your body lacks sufficient nourishment, youll often notice side effects. After weight loss surgery, every single nutrient becomes vitally more critical.

Weight loss surgery changes the way your gastrointestinal system works as well as the level of vitamins and minerls in your body. Not taking bariatric-specific vitamins after gastric bypass and gastric sleeve regularly can cause permanent memory loss and nerve damage.

So, what happens if you dont take proper vitamin supplementation and minerals post-bariatric surgery? I am glad you asked.

Consider Taking A Chewable Multivitamin

Best Turmeric Curcumin Extract Supplement with BioPerine...

Initially following bariatric surgery, you will likely be recommended a bariatric specific chewable multivitamin. Chewable vitamins are well absorbed, tolerated, and help during the healing process. A chewable multivitamin can provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs after weight loss surgery.

It can be intimidating being told to take a multivitamin for life. Most bariatric supplements on the market require multiple supplements throughout the day. So, what if you could get all of the vitamins and minerals you need in one product?

Bariatric Fusion Complete Chewable Multivitamin is a great option for bariatric patients looking for great taste, affordability, and an easy daily regimen. By taking 2-4 chewable tablets per day depending on the procedure you had and recommendations made by your healthcare provider, this product can likely provide everything you need.

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