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Prayer For Surgery For Friend

Prayer To Heal A Friend

Prayers for Surgery to Go Well

Dear God, friendship is a beautiful thing. Let us now remember the sickest friend, the one who is hospitalized and awaiting surgery. Reduce his pain and anxiety. Give comfort in ill-health & reduce suffering. We ask for your intervention, with the understanding that healing is not possible unless You want it.

We are gratified by Your compassion. We know you love our friend more deeply than even we do, and we ask for your divine Hand upon him. We ask that you guide the doctors and nurses as they go about their daily tasks.

We also hope that You bless our dear friend with Your care and give him renewed strength. Our lives have always been in your hands. Every disease comes upon your command and goes on your say-so.

Thank you, Lord! You are our redeemer and the life of all mankind. Thank you for showing us love and gentle mercy. In the name of Jesus Christ our lord, Amen.

A Prayer Before Surgery From Catholicism

O Jesus Christ, Messiah and Lord, grant me joyful acceptance of the surgery which awaits me,

and let this be the relief and cure which I seek

In the New Testament, Jesus performed many miracles. Though Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity, asking for guidance and trusting your medical professionals is also important. Giving up control to those who have your best interests in mind may relieve some stress with hope and faith.

Prayer For A Safe Surgery

Almighty God,

We give You thanks for bringing our friend safely to surgery and we pray that You will be with them throughout the procedure. Guide the surgeons hands and give them wisdom in their work. Protect our friend from any harm and bring them healing and comfort after surgery is complete. Amen.

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Prayer During Hospitalized Of A Friend


Grant them the peace of mind that they need. Cast away all anxiety that prevents them from seeing through the cloudy water and recognizing your mighty prowess. Help the nurses have patience in attending to my friends needs and restore my friends full health, that he may perform their duties as your steward.

Healing Prayer Of Surrender From Catholicism

20 Short But Effective Prayers for Surgery

Dear Lord Jesus, it is my will to surrender to you everything that I am

As mentioned before, giving up control and letting others guide the way for you can be scary but also a way of trusting the process. One of the main themes of the Bible is belief in the omnipotence of God. Surrendering to God is a way to demonstrate your faith in that omnipotence.

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Prayer For Gods Presence

Dear Lord, I am about to undergo surgery and Im a little nervous about it. Help me, Lord, to realize that the hospital is a place of health and healing. I know that my doctors and nurses are here to help me get well. Instead of experiencing pain and suffering, may I instead find Your healing power and Your love in the actions of those around me. But above all, may I hear Your footsteps along the hospital corridors and feel Your presence by my bed, day and night. May I face this surgery without fear and in perfect confidence. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

A Prayer For A Friend To Receive Healing

Dear God, we come together today to lift up in prayer before surgery. We know she is exhausted and feeling low. We know she needs this surgery, Lord, but it looks like a rough road ahead. We ask that as she enters the hospital, you reach out with your healing touch. Give her strength to get through the surgery. Give peace as he awaits the results.

1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all our cares on you, and that is what we are doing as we bring our requests to you. Let her work through your strength to come out of surgery with flying colors and face the days ahead. It is in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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Prayer Before Surgery From Catholicism

Loving Father, I entrust myself to your care this day guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name

The fear of surgery is tied with literally venturing into the unknown, as you are often put under anesthesia and unsure of where it may take you. Praying to a higher power to guide others who are helping you is a great way of placing trust in medicine and the skill of your surgeons.

Prayer For Healing Power


Father God, many of us need healing. I need healing for past hurts, random physical pains that I allow to waylay my days and Spiritual healing for various reasons. I reach up to You to receive this healing so that I may be whole and that I may be able to then minister to others in a way that brings You fullness of glory. How wonderful to be able to worship You without stain or blemish and to be totally healed. Show others Your healing power so that they may also be healed and walk in wholeness. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen! – Dawn Mast

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A Prayer For A Rapid Recovery

Dear Lord,

As I prepare for surgery, I am filled with both excitement and anxiety. I know that you are with me every step of the way, watching over me and guiding my care team as they operate on me. Please give me strength and courage during this time. And please bless my recovery so that I can return to my normal life as soon as possible. Amen.

A Prayer For Comfort In The Face Of Bad News

Jesus, the news I heard about my friend just seemed like the waters were too strong for any human to bear alone. Please let him know he is in our prayers. Tell him not to fear what is brewing in front of him. Let him feel your healing power, Lord, let him know he can move forward without this pain and heartbreak. 2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Help him remember to lean on you every moment.

Lord, keep in touch with your promise of healing. Even when I know that youll remain with him, give him a tangible reminder about you today, and that youll faithfully help those hurts heal. He trusts you are here with him, Father, and walks with the Holy spirit. Please give him the healing touch that only you can offer. It is in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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How Do You Pray For Someone In The Hospital

There are a few things you can keep in mind when praying for someone who is in the hospital.

  • First, remember that God is sovereign and in control. No matter what the situation looks like, God is ultimately in charge.
  • Second, pray for the persons physical healing. Third, pray for the persons spiritual health.
  • Fourth, pray for the persons emotional well-being.
  • Fifth, pray for the persons family and friends.
  • Sixth, pray for the doctors and nurses who are caring for the person.
  • Lastly, trust that God is working in the situation and will ultimately bring about His perfect will.

A Group Prayer For Those Waiting For Healing

Pin on Prayers

Father, we lay this prayer at your feet to bring healing to these, your people. We know it is within your great power and might to bring on a miracle of healing. We pray that these, your people, will be healed in mind and body today, including chronic disease, severe illness, sudden failure, addiction and severe handicaps. We ask that youd be willing to fix these physical conditions, both known and unknown. Where those are requiring surgery, we ask that you heal them so that there is no surgery required.

Lord, we know that you hold your ocean in place while our planet spins and that you created everything above and below us. The Bible tells us that you knew each of us before we were born you know us intimately. You see each of our needs. You alone can bring on total healing and recovery.

Also, the death of Your Son on the cross gives us access to spiritual healing. We believe in Christ Jesus and connect with him in prayer and in presence. Give our hearts faith in You beyond the limits of our mind. Strengthen our faith if we can not walk with you daily. Heal us, O Lord, the ones who need more faith receiving more the ones who walk with you, a sense of peace.

Above all, grant us the grace to accept your will. We go with the knowledge that whatever you do, you do it because You love of us.

We ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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Catholic Prayer For The Sick From Catholicism

Omnipotent and eternal God, the everlasting Salvation of those who believe, hear us on behalf of Thy sick servant

Praying to keep those sicker than you in the eye and guidance of a higher power is a large part of Catholicism. This prayer can feel more powerful when you ask others to join you to pray as well.

How Do You Pray For Someone Going Into Surgery

There is no one right way to pray for someone going into surgery because God knows what is truly on your heart. He knows before you ask Him . So the best way to pray for someone going into surgery is to pray what is truly on your heart.

For example, if youre nervous, tell Him! Then ask for Him to remove the nerves and replace them with Gods truth. Finding Bible verses about anxiety and digging into Gods Word can help with that.

Overall, pray for anything that you are feeling, then find the best truth of Gods Word to help you through the time.

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A Prayer For An Acquaintance In The Hospital

Dear Father God, We come to you today to pray for who is hospitalized and awaiting surgery. We ask that you give her strength to get through the surgery, and stamina for the days after. We ask you to touch her with your healing hand, Lord, and if it is your will let her be made whole. We ask for her patience as she heals, and that she has openness to the kindness, compassion, and care she will be offered during her long convalescence by us and others.

Help us to be aware of what she needs and give unselfishly, and communicate among ourselves to offer the best care possible.

Let feel your presence and be aware of the wonders you are offering her. Give her beauty and joy as she rests. Thank you Lord for your peace, which passes understanding. In Jesus Christ our Lords name I pray, amen.

Prayer For Surgery Success

Prayer For Fast Recovery From The Surgery | Prayer After Surgery For Successful Healing

Dear Jesus, please surround me with the healing power of Your Holy Spirit. Im having a surgery on Monday morning. You know all that I have been through, Lord. I pray to you Lord with my entire heart that my surgery is a success. Please guide the Surgeon and medical team. Please heal me and restore me to health. Amen.

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Prayer For A Friend Having Surgery

Most loving Heavenly Father, I commit my physical body to You today as I undergo a delicate surgery. Guide the hands of the surgeons as well. Thank You, Father, for giving them the skills and talents that can heal the sick and bring hope to the dying. Thank You for giving them sharp minds and calm hearts so that they can perform the operation without causing harm to my body.

Father God, as I fall into unconsciousness under the anesthetic, and as parts of my body are put under the surgeons’ knives, continue to touch me with Your healing hand. I trust, God, that You are my Healer. You alone have the power to take away this affliction I have. I believe that there is no disease more powerful than Your Name, God. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke this illness inside my body. Begone, in the name of Jesus.

After the surgery is done, thank You, God, for You will grant me restored health. Thank You for another chance at life that I may continue to serve You and give glory to Your Name. As I go on with my life after surgery, I ask You to always enable me to be salt and light to those around me. Help me to live my life in accordance with Your will.

Once again, I commit my body to You, as well as my soul. Be with me in this operation, and be with the doctors especially. In Your Name, I ask all these things, Amen.

Heavenly Father,


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the surgeons, doctors and nurses that have cared for me. Bless the work of their hands and lead them as they give out to those in need.

What Is The Most Powerful Healing Prayer

Many may think that there is not one most powerful healing prayer, as different people may find different prayers more effective. Whatever prayer brings you to feeling God the most is your best bet.

However, the most powerful healing prayer is one with great faith.

We have included some of our favorite verses about having great faith below. They can help when you pray prayers for surgery:

  • Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.
  • So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.
  • Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, Dont be afraid just believe.
  • And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
  • And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

Praying bold, Ephesians 3:20 prayers, expecting God to show up will give room for God to answer prayers above and beyond what we expect Him to do.

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How To Prepare Being In Prayer Before Surgery

Here are some ways how you can prepare before praying.

  • Take some time to calm your mind and body, and prepare to receive from Christ. You can do this by sitting or standing comfortably, closing your eyes, and taking slow, deep breaths.
  • Focus your thoughts on God. Take a few moments to think about who He is and what He has done for you.
  • Express your prayers out loud or in silence. It is up to you how you want to pray. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just be honest with God and express what is in your heart.
  • End your prayer time by thanking God for His love and care for you. Thank Him for His provision and protection, even during times of surgery.

Prayer Of Surrender Before Surgery

Prayers For Surgery Quotes. QuotesGram

We can pray for our loved ones and friends before they go into surgery. You can repeat this prayer before surgery and then pray into what God is putting onto your heart.

Dear God, I surrender my loved one to You today. Thank You for the gift that they are to me. I trust You are in control over everything and that You will be in the surgery room with them when I cannot.

You are the Creator and Author of life. Nothing is sustained without You. Our very next breath comes only from You. Keep my loved one in the palm of Your hand today.

No matter what happens, I trust in You, for You are my God. Please let this surgery go smoothly and without any complications. Let the healing process be quick, restful, and without pain. In Jesus name,


Surrendering our family, friends, and ourselves to the Lord shows that we absolutely trust Him with who He says He is and have faith that He will do what He says He will.

We must daily surrender to His plans and His ways and remain confident in Him and His promises.

Commit your way to the Lord trust in Him, and He will act.

Psalms 37:5 ESV

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Traditional Buddhist Prayer From Buddhism

May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness / May all be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow / May all never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless…

Operations may offer a moment of peace and happiness, especially if they relieved someone from stress or pain. Traditional Buddhist prayers appeal for continued happiness and living a life guided by light, so this could be a great one to send to a friend in recovery.

Short Prayer For Successful Operation / Surgery For Someone

Surgery for anyone whether a major or minor one, is not always bound to be successful. Even before the surgeon carries out the procedure, a consent form is usually signed by the parent or guardian in case of any challenge that might occur during or after the surgery.

When we raise Prayer For Successful operation surgery for someone, it gives us peace of heart and mind, and we can rest assured that God will take control of the entire procedure to be carried out.

We have arranged a list of such prayers for successful operation / surgery for someone, either a close or distant friend, relative, or someone you love that you can pray for them before they enter into surgery or during the surgery.

  • Thanks Prayer For Successful Operation
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